Visit Nick Mangold and Mike Nugent this Week in NYC!!!

The Ohio State Alumni Club of NYC is having an event next Tuesday, June 19th at a restaurant in the city where 2 Jets players, Nick Mangold and Mike Nugent, will be speaking and answering questions for alumni (they both graduated Ohio State) and guests. Tickets for non-OSU members are $60. They've got a few more spots left and thought it would be a good way to reach out to fellow Jets fans!

Payment and forms must be received by June 16th. For inquiries, please e-mail Megan at megankiel@gmail.com or call (212) 565-7147. Register at http://www.osunyc-alumni.org/ and click the Mangold/Nugent Event.


Blotter style.

Daunt Culpepper - nothing without Randy Moss

Trent Green- welcome to the Big Bad East. No cushy little passing teams, and 'zone' blocking, and run-up-the-score philosophies.


Sam Adams and Jimmy Kennedy (and a litany of other free agents and draft choices, minus two dead dudes) join the Broncos in what appears to be an AFC Arms Race between the Patriots, Broncos and Colts. Let the fireworks fly, and the ramparts we watched, and such and such.

Mangini tied to Mob figures, thus gaining influence with unions and that includes referees. Cheer up Jets Nation, watch next season when Mangini looks sideways at the refs. Methinks some blatant replays against the Jets will go the other way, especially against the Pats.

Chad Johnson races a horse. He ran a hundred yards and the horse ran a quarter mile. Hmmm, that sounds like a fair contest. I almost choked on my breakfast reading that Chris Collinsworth did it twice and got toasted both times. He runs worse than he commentates.

David Blaine reportedly working with Eli Manning on the art of the play fake. And he spent a good deal of time with big brother this year, which is only going to help. Shockey and Plaxico made it up to some voluntary workouts and are showing some warming to the young quarterback. Giants are flying nice and under the radar and I am loving it. Defense is a mystery as of yet. Spagnolo comes from a great system with the Eagles' Jim Johnson, it remains to be seen how he will call the games though. He'll be better than Tim Lewis though.

What up, Jersey?

Mets sliding a bit right now. Losing a lot of close ones, it happens. Hopefully this means they will heat up at the right time.


Something funny that has nothing to do with the Jets

I know this has nothing to do with the Jets but I am sure the Jets players would think its funny. It is actually off the hook. Check it out and comment!