Our First Pick of the 2007 Draft: Darrelle Revis

You got to give it Manninbaum to have some balls. They felt this was a weak draft and decided to go after quality vs. quantity. They started the day with 8 overall draft picks, including 4 in the first three rounds. By the end of the day, they ended up having only two picks in the first round in which they picked up Darrelle Revis, CB Pittsburgh with the 14th pick. And also traded picks to select David Harris, MLB from Michigan in the second round (47 overall).

Both of these guys were not on my draft boards, only because I didn't we'd position our other draft picks. But I am happy non-the-less.

Revis is a big smart guy from Pitt who can help our weak CB position. We had a revolving door on the other side of Dyson at the CB spot. Revis is well built and tough at 6.0 and 197 lbs. He also can return punts as evident in the video below. He had been critisized about being slow but at the combine he ran a blazing 4.39 40. You watch this video and tell me if you think he is slow.

I like the David Harris pick as well. He's a second team All-American and shared the Bo Schembechler Awared Most Valuable Player Award with Michigan's tailback. He's 6'2" and 239lbs. The reason they got him is to help Vilma and crew to stop the run. This pick will also probably help Schlegel, a 2nd Round pick in 2006.

Schlegel is an Ohio State boy who didn't live up to the expectations. In fact, the Jets privately admitted they made a mistake by drafting him at all (according to nj.com). I hope this lights a fire under his ass and helps to keep everyone honest at the LB position. Especially because him and Harris are college rivals. But according to the scouting reports Harris will eat Schlegel up for breakfast.

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Another headache for Vick

The Off-The-Field issue is really coming to a head. Reports have come out that Mike Vick's cousin was living in a house under the Atlanta quarterback's name. The house was raided by police in a drug search. Instead they found 60 dogs in various states of hunger, squalor and injury but suffering all.

Illegal dog fights.

Cruelty to animals is abominable, especially to man's best friend. Each and everyone of those dogs was born eager to please their human pack leader. Dogs remind us of important lessons about loyalty and unconditional love.

And when certain people you know are into such things as dog fights, as a professional athlete you have to steer clear and disassociate yourself from them. I know it is so easy to say. If I somehow made it big and I gladly gave a guy I've known all my life a house, I can understand that situation.

The NFL has to have mandatory meetings for all players drafted, and then those who make a team undrafted later. They are at the pinnacle of American money-making sports. BILLIONS of dollars are made every year off of it, legal and illegal. The athletes themselves suddenly become flush with money every week during the duration of their season. They are young men, pushing the envelope of human physical prowess, and they don't always come from nice backgrounds with lots of opportunity, work ethic, stable families or many role models. This in no way gives them an excuse though. You are playing a man's game now.

Counseling for incoming and young players should be implemented. Mandatory for rookies and available by choice thenafter throughout their careers. Seminars on managing their money, free agency, the salary cap and risk factors in social circles. Make the orientation in smaller groups so their attention is better. Pose such questions as: "You discover that your cousin, whom you love and have known all your life, is operating a meth lab out of the house you purchased for him and is still currently under your name. You had no idea he would do such a thing? What do you do? "

Take that Jamal Lewis business a few years ago that he had to serve time for. He just got paid from a new contract and threw his boy a couple hundred grand to go make himself some money off of. Quickest route? Buy some dope, push it all, make a nice profit and hope not to get sucked into that life. I think the big problem was that Jamal Lewis gave the guy his cellphone, or Lewis was on the phone. I don't exactly recall. Regardless, the sirens should have went off.

Give your cousin the money and then get the hell out of Dodge! You then can clear yourself of involvement because you had no part in what he did with it.

I hope to Hell that Mike Vick didn't know about the dog fights. If he did know, I lost all respect for the guy. I'll still be amazed by his abilities on the field.

I would not be surprised to see new Commish Roger Goodell tag Vick with a game or two off for the rash of episodes he has had recently. Remember the Atlanta Airport incident, in which his water bottle (Duh! They only tell you a hundred times with signs and recordings on the security line that you can't bring your water bottle!)? Vick said he hid his jewelry in the secret compartment, but reports were that it smelled like weed. The security tapes have disappeared.

Cover-up City. Good thing they don't want his ass in jail, but on the field, even the cops, security at the airport, etc. He's the franchise and a once in a generation talent.

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Oh Tittilating Saturday

As the draft approaches the news wires have been going crazy with chatter, as expected. How much of it is real or rumor though?

Teams like the Patriots never leak shit, e.g. the Jets will not leak anything either.

Then there's an organization like the Broncos. Mike Shanahan has got the greatest job, just playing with someone else's money, spending like a drunken sailor, tearing down and rebuilding as if an NFL franchise were Lincoln Logs in his childhood living room. Shanny is manically maneuvering to acquire WR Calvin Johnson.

Now it appears the Raiders would rather go with a veteran QB and take Johnson with the No. 1 pick. JaGottamakefunofmypeanuthead Russell would then get snatched up by someone else, Detroit through Tampa Bay. I still like Brady Quinn to the Browns, but like any good Belichick disciple, Romeo isn't letting on what Cleveland will do with that No. 3 pick.

Both New York teams are behind-the-scenes angling for Chicago disgruntled LB Lance Briggs. But Tightass Bears GM Angelo isn't budging, expecting Lance in uniform come training camp.

I think both New York teams could go with an Offensive Line pick in the first round on Saturday. The Giants may take a LB or S or RB (if Marshawn Lynch is still available), but we lost out on the Left Tackle free agency wheel and there are three great prospects for the first round in Joe Thomas, Levi Brown and Joe Staley.

We all know who the Unruly Jets Fan is 'grubbing' for:

Ben Grubbs, Guard from Auburn.

Solid, solid selection. I think the Jets should go for Troy Smith, QB and Heisman Winner from Ohio State in the second round. He is small, but he is a gamer. Drew Brees barely measures 6 feet and he's a pocket passer and having MVP-type seasons. Smith's mobility is a plus, opening up bootlegs and QB sneaks for the Jets offense. He could even do a little Slash duty and create opportunities for trick plays, end arounds and WR passes. Mangini learned from the trickiest, remember.

I think there will be a LOT of movement this draft. I expect a decent shake up of the top 5 picks. Ahhh, football.

In the meantime:


N U G G E T S !

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I can't wait for the NFL Draft Saturday April, 28th.

I think there will be a good deal of movement and surprises too. I think the Raiders might trade the top pick and let Calvin Johnson go number 1 to Tampa Bay. Detroit would then decide on #2.

Who the hell knows what Matt Millen would do. I always thought he would be a meat-and-potatoes guy, but instead he has gone WR's the last three years in the first round. Only Roy Williams was worthy of that selection, Charles Rogers was let go while Mike Williams languishes in the doghouse. I think the Lions should take a QB. JaMarcus Russell is a sick talent, but Matt Millen would probably pick Brady Quinn. The reasoning being that Quinn might be the better pick to manage the games and give you a chance to in a few games in the relatively weak NFL North.

That would leave Cleveland at #3. Russell or RB Adrian Peterson? I think Cleveland should take Russell to light a fire under Charlie Frye. Russell to Kellen Winslow and Braylon Edwards for the next couple of years would sit pretty with most Browns fans. The Raiders may just as well keep the #1 pick and have Russell to themselves though, and then I would think the Browns would take Quinn (if he's still there), Peterson, or T Joe Thomas.

But if the Raiders trade with the Bucs that #1 pick, they land at 4. Who would Al Davis pick here? Joe Thomas must go here, and he could wind up the best pick of the draft. I think either the Bucs or Raiders would select him.

Number 5 is Arizona, who could really use T Joe Thomas. But if they don't make a deal I would be surprised if he was still on the board by this pick. The Cradinals could go defense, but T Levi Brown would be a surprise pick this high. Arizona has the skill positions nailed with Edge, Boldin, Fitzgerald and Leinart. Ken Whisenhunt is an offensive guy, but he was with the Steelers all those years and he could easily go defense. Gaines Adams, Amobi Okoye and LB Patrick Willis, as well as S LaRon Landry and CB Leon Hall, are all candidates to go here.

The biggest movers and shakers I suspect will be:

Denver Broncos - Mike Shanahan has been firing from the hip this offseason. We all know how many Broncos have died this year. There is a strong chance that the Broncos will deal for a Top 5 or 10 pick instead of waiting for 21. If so, look for Adrian Peterson, Joe Thomas or Adams or Okoye to go to Denver.

Minnesota Vikings - I don't know why I feel like the Vikes will come from nowhere and take a shot at one of the darling QB's of this draft, Russell or Quinn. They have the #7 pick so they may not have to give up the farm to get one of them. Tavarus Jackson starting at QB for the Vikings in 2007? Yeah right.

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It took awhile but I finally have my NFL Draft Round 1 wish list for the Jets. It actually only consists of one pick, Ben Grubbs Guard, Auburn University. This is the guy the Jets should pick up. This will give the Jets one of the most solid offensive lines for a long time. With a line solidified with Nick Mangold at Center, D'Brickashaw at Tackle and Ben Grubbs at Guard it wouldn't matter who is carrying the ball. Below is a little bio of Big Ben Grubbs courtesie of NFL.com. Enjoy...

One of the most unheralded players in the collegiate ranks, Grubbs has that old-school mauler's mentality combined with the new-school athleticism that saw him become even more dominant during his senior year, filling the leadership void on the Auburn front wall. Not since the days of Alan Faneca (1995-97) at Louisiana State has a Southeastern Conference guard displayed that perfect blend of power, intensity and athletic ability that Grubbs brings to the field each week. Originally recruited as a defensive lineman, he moved to tight end during his redshirt freshman year before becoming a dominant force at the demanding left guard position for the Tigers during his last 32 games. Playing a variety of positions is nothing new for Grubbs. At Elmore County High School, he competed as an offensive lineman, linebacker and fullback during his four-year career as a starter. Super Prep rated Grubbs one of the state of Alabama's top 10 prospects, according him All-America honors. He was a Class 4A all-state selection as an offensive lineman by the Alabama Sports Writers Association, adding all-county and all-metro accolades as an outside linebacker. The Prep Star all-region choice registered 150 tackles and six sacks while also coming up with an interception as a senior. He rushed for 130 yards on 28 carries, scoring twice, and caught seven passes for 50 yards that year. As a junior, Grubbs posted 110 tackles, four sacks and an interception. He also lettered four times on the basketball team as a forward. Grubbs redshirted during the 2002 season at Auburn, competing on the scout team as a 251-pound defensive tackle. He appeared in eight games during 2003 as a 281-pound blocking tight end, but did not have any receptions. Grubbs continued to fill out his impressive frame, as he again shifted positions, taking over left guard duties as a 289-pound sophomore in 2004. He started every game, producing 76 key blocks, including 16 that resulted in touchdowns, and finished his first year as a full-time starter with a 90.38-percent grade for blocking consistency. He extended his string of consecutive starts to 25 in 2005. Grubbs teamed with tackle Marcus McNeill to form one of the best left-side blocking tandems in the collegiate ranks. He registered 64 key blocks, including 22 that produced touchdowns for the Tigers. For the season, Grubbs averaged 89.67-percent for blocking consistency. With McNeill and five other starters having graduated, the young Tigers' team looked to Grubbs to fill the leadership void in 2006. He simply dominated the action in the trenches during his final season. Courtesy of NFL.com

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The Media should be ashamed of themselves...

I would have posted this on the Overfloater site but I am not invited there again yet.

Regardless, I'll be quick...

Question - what does every psycho who goes on a rampage want? Publicity? You got it! Whether they are dead or alive, they just want to be recognized, on earth or from hell (every once and a while when this shit happens or after 9-11 I hope that hell exists, even though according to my religion I am headed there too).

The fucking media should be ashamed at themselves for using that crazy cunt's "Media Manifesto" to boost their ratings last night. This jerkoff kills 32 people and the media celebrated him by putting his image and rantings on every fucking station in the country (and probably world). Oh, but they say they were doing it to "try to figure out why he did this." BULLSHIT!!!!!! Who cares why he did it? I have a guess, because he was fucking insane! Do we need a further explanation???? What normal person does something like that? I don't give a shit what his motive was, because it doesn't help anyone or give hope that "we can prevent the next one." More bullshit. It just gives the next crazy fuck more reason to load up his glocks and hit the hallways. "I can be famous like that crazy Asian guy!" "I will send my manifesto to every network, not just NBC!" This media coverage does the opposite of helping prevent future rampages. It encourages. It lauds and almost deifies these crazy cocksmokers.

The media played it (and I'm sure NBC execs creamed their pants when this package showed up at their headquarters) because they wanted ratings, and you can't beat morbid curiosity for fucking ratings. It's why there are traffic jams for rubbernecking. This society has a need-to-know when it comes to sensational cases (be it murder, teachers fucking students, etc.).

I have to wake up and get my newspaper and see this stupid crazy fuck pointing two guns on the front page, as did probably everyone in America. I have an idea, put a fucking picture of the Professor who blocked the door to his class with his body so his students could escape when he got executed (after surviving the Holocaust, no less!!!!!). He is a hero. I would appreciate the fact that the media tried to put a good spin on this story. Instead, I see this stupid fuck looking at me, like I had to deal with watching it (if I wanted too) all last night on every station.

The media is destroying our society. They fucking flocked to V Tech like vultures to a carcass the day it happened. It is a fucking travesty. But last night topped it all. I leave you with this, how would you feel if you lost a child in this massacre and you wake up today and see your child's killer staring back at you on the front page of every newspaper in America? Or you have to hear or see this cunt's nonsensical rantings about how "they made [him] do this." Would you want to see that? It's insult to injury. It's a slap in the face to every single victim and their family. It's this cunt rubbing the fact in that he killed all those people. It's a fucking joke and every goddamn fucking media outlet should be ashamed of themselves. Fuck them.

A Sleeper Kicker

by Mel Kipir Jr., EPSN.com 4/19/2007

Eight years ago, in the Italian Alps lived a 14 year old farm boy named Vincenzo Maggiulli. Outside a little bit of home schooling from his Grandfather he had none. He was a simple boy destined to be a farmer.

Living at 4,000 feet had his ups an downs. For one, there were not many other kids his age to play with when he wasn't plowing the fields. So he had to entertain himself. One of his favorite activities was tying on his steel toed boots and kicking a 25 ounce coffee can over a big Elm tree branch that stood in the middle of the field.

He would spend hours back there. He would line up his coffee can about 30 yards away and kick, almost always getting it over the big branch which stands about 12 feet high. After he would make it he would back up about 10 yards and kick again. Sure enough making it. And backing up 10 yards, again he kicked. At the altitude he lived at, that ball would sail. Sometimes 80 yards. He was known in the village as the "Pasta Va Sul", which is Italian for the "Crazy Kicker".

That same year, Montclair State University football coach Brian Ficticihed was vacationing at a near by ski resort when he read a local newspaper that talked about this boy who was kicking coffee cans 80 yards with his steel toed boots. He made a few phone calls and before he knew it, Maggiulli was being scouted by the coach.

That day Maggiulli kicked 10 prefect kicks from 70 yards away right over the Elm tree branch. If Coach Ficticihed could have brought him home that day he would have. But instead he guaranteed him a spot on his football team in four years.

The coach arranged for a full time tutor to get Maggiulli up to speed in the class room and sure enough he was suited for his first varsity football game as a 18 freshman. That first year he went 34 for 34 in FG's, including 10 60 yarders. Over his whole college career he never missed an extra point going 122 for 122 and only missed one FG which was a 90 yarder which bounced off the uprights.

Unfortunately, Montclair had not been able to put a winning season together in this time. However, now with the NFL draft looming Vincenzo Maggiulli is one of the best kept secrets. He held a private workout for NFL scouts last week and is projected to be a 4th or 5th round pick at this point but his stock is rising fast.

Rumor has it that Eric Mangini is very high on this local boy who he's had his eye on all year being a local New Jersey prospect. "With the ability to kick field goals from the opposite 40 yard line, he is a no brainer."

Keep an eye on this kid. He could be the sleeper of the draft.

-MK Jr.


October's Promise

The New York Giants and Jets meet in the regular season! Come early October, this blog may be bitterly divided. United, we bring football fans cutting-edge pigskin news, divided, the blog turns into a nasty, mudslinging affair. Good for ratings, but bad for team chemistry. It will be Fakehead, Unruly Jets Fan and Mookie McFly opposed to the ever-loyal Figgythemick. Come to think of it, this sounds a little like 7th grade. But I digress...

So I propose that the Just NY Jets blog writers acquire tickets to the game and do our smack-talking in person. Of course that requires some travel arrangements for me, but I am more than willing to do it. Our press credentials should provide us with the ideal sideline perspective. I may even decline my engraved inivitation into the Mara's and Tisch's executive box seats, just to mingle in the mirth and mayhem of the crowd. Tiki may want to catch up and chat behind the scenes but, again, I will politely decline in favor of taking nonsensical abuse for three hours from my Green comrades.

And then, when the curtain falls on the contest and the white and green depart the field with their heads bowed, the classy Blue fans won't rag on our counterparts. No, when one KNOWS one is superior, one only lowers oneself to a lower level by gloating. Of course, I would expect no such gentlemanly conduct from the Jets fans, and I am sure there will be a fair share of fights.

Provided the gum, spit and masking tape that is holding Chad Pennigton's 'surgically-repaired' throwing arm together holds for the entirety the game, it should be a close one. Methinks the game will come down to a singular turnover, an unfortunate fumble or interception. Field position will be of paramount importance and field goals will be very valuable as well. The Jets have a very sound defense, but I like the Giants playmakers like Plaxico and Shockey to snag some high-thrown passes over jet defenders. I think the first half will e low-scoring and a battle of the running games. Droughns and Jacobs will be a big load for the Jets D. Thomas Jones, while good, is not the bruiser the Giants RB's are. Plus the pressure the Giants should produce from their very deep Defensive End position should harass the Jets passing game. I gotta give the edge to the G-men here, but the Jets are a dangerous team simply because their coach may have a trick or two up his sleeve. The Giants secondary is in shambles at this time, they are slow and they suck. Gibril Wilson and Will Demps are the only two decent players, and they play the safeties positions. We have no CB's whatsoever.

Giants 23 - Jets 21.


Ali G Interviews the NBA

It is slow in Jets Camp this week so I thought this might provide some comic relief as we all buckle down for the draft...

I love this guy!


L.T. to the JETS...

Updated: April 1, 2007, 2:18 PM ET
Tomlinson Off to the Big City
By Len PasqarelliEPSN.com

It is being reported that San Diego Chargers runningback LaDainian Tomlinson is off to the New York Jets, according to team officials. According to an EPSN insider, Norv Turner is looking to capitolize on what he thinks is the highest valued player in NFL history. In exchange for Tomlinson, the Chargers are looking for Jets 1st round pick (23rd overall) and their two second round picks (38th and 45th overall). The Chargers will also get the Jets next year's first round pick and a conditional pick would could include their second round pick. In addition the Chargers will get this years fourth rounder and their seventh round pick.

It is also reported that Jets LB Eric Barton might also be heading to San Diego. Even without Barton, this would be the most value for a player trade in NFL history. A final deal is said to be solidified by sundown today.