An Interview with a NFL Agent

Rob Roche, president of RSR Sports in Chatham, NJ, sat down with Just NY Jets Fan Site to give NFL fans a Birdseye view of the life of a player's agent. Roche has been a licensed NFL agent for 8 years and represents players such as Neil Rackers of the Arizona Cardinals, Josh Brown of the Seattle Seahawks and Shayne Graham of the Cincinati Bengals. His most recent accomplishment securing Josh Brown a one year deal worth 2 million dollars when the Seahawks tagged as the Franchise Player. We are grateful he took time time away from speaking with general managers and player personal wrap with us. Enjoy!

1) This past weekend you attended Hugh Hefner's birthday party in Las Vegas. How did you get invited?
Josh Brown, one of my clients is friends with Joel McHale, host of E Channel's The Soup Show and he was hosting a comedy show at the Palms Resort and Casino where Hugh Hefner’s birthday was taking place. Joel invited Josh and some of his friends to take in the Comedy show and attend the party afterwards at the new Play Boy Club at the top floor of the Palms.

2) Who was in attendance that surprised you the most?
Paris Hilton seemed nice as well as some of the cast from the O.C. T.V. show. I was unaware of the O.C. guys because I never really watch that show.

3) What about being an NFL player agent would shock most people?
My clients are really good guys. They come out to New Jersey in the off-season to play golf and they play with my kids. Even though they are Pro Bowl NFL players they are good quality guys. They are not like the guys depicted on the ESPN show a couple of years back.

4) What was your "Welcome to the NFL" moment?
When Neil Rackers was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in 2000. He was literally on the phone with the Chicago Bears telling them what jersey number he wanted because they were going to select him next when the Bengals selected him.

5) How hard is maneuvering around such NCAA rules as taking a player for dinner and not being able to pick up the tab?
It is not hard at all, you just have to know the rules and live by them. I tell players and their families the rules up front. I actually send them the NCAA regulations with my brochure.

6) Is it harder dealing with the parents or the players?
It depends on the particular situation. Sometimes the parents are great to deal with and then you meet the player and you can tell that the parent may or may not have much of an influence on who the player is going to sign with as an agent. Each recruit and each client of mine is different, has different personalities and needs. I think that is what makes my job interesting is that I have the opportunity to meet so many different people from different parts of the country and I get to make a living out of it.

7) With the NFL draft coming in a month, are you still actively recruiting for this year?
No, this season, I made a conscious effort to sign a specific number of players and once I reached that goal, I shut it down. Now my time is spent marketing my draft eligible players to the NFL teams.

8) What is it like in your house the moment the announcement is made that your player is drafted?
It is always exciting. I am watching the draft and my players are watching the draft just like everyone else. I must admit, no matter how long I have been doing this, it is always exciting to hear your players named called during the draft.

9) In years past you've had players drafted higher than others. Is it a let down for an agent if a player is drafted low or not drafted at all?
Sometimes it can be disappointing if a player is not drafted because you know how hard the player has worked and how hard you have worked to the goal of being drafted. However, there is not much time to feel sad because I then have to get to work to work the phones and have them placed as an undrafted free-agent, negotiate their signing bonus and steer the people to the best team where he will have an opportunity to make a 53 man roster.

10) What can players expect when they sign on with RSR Sports?
Personal attention, professionalism and as long as the player performs on the field, RSR will deliver a great contract for them.

11) Would you prefer a player to be drafted by the Jets or the Giants (careful here)?

Both the Jets and the Giants are stellar organizations and they are both run by top notch individuals. However, with the Jets moving close to my office in Chatham, New Jersey, I would love to have a player on the Jets.


Shocking Rumor

Whoah. Opened my paper this morning, went right to sports section first as usual. Front page (beneath the college basketball), Al Wilson - middle linebacker extraordinaire could be headed to the New York Football Giants.

First of all, Wilson has been my favorite player on the Broncos since about 2001 or so, have a jersey. But where does Antonio Pierce go though? Pierce is great in his own right. I am kinda hoping it DOESN'T happen, because Al is the leader of that defense.

The Giants have a good number of DE's. Justin Tuck and Kiawanuka are probably the tradeable ones, I think that Osi and Mike are staying no matter what to bookend that D line.


Beware of the Broncos

Wow. What an offseason for the Denver Broncos thus far. Starting cornerback Darrent Williams is senselessly murdered in the wee hours of New Years day, hours after losing to the 49'ers and Denver missing the 2007 NFL playoffs for the first time in 4 years. Backup running back Damien Nash collapses and dies after 10 minutes of light basketball at his St. Louis charity event for his older brother, who himself had a heart transplant a year ago.

Two funerals the team has collectively been two in less than three months time. Nearly 4 percent of last year's team has DIED, both at 24.

Dre Bly is acquired to take the cornerback spot opposite the incredible Champ Bailey, replacing the slain Williams. Bly is a Pro-Bowler himself, and Lord knows how much action he is going to see this year. They're going to HAVE to throw at Champ, and that is going to be awesome.


Running Back Travis Henry is acquired from the Tennessee Titans. Henry, a small and physical back, will have a 1400 yard year barring any injuries or suspensions. Running backs barely get touched in the Denver running game, Henry will chew it up. With emerging youngster Mike Bell as the relief back, Denver will be a top rushing team again. Which only opens up the pass, which brings me to:


That's right, Daniel Graham and Brandon Stokely have been brought in also.
Then we get to the subject of the EXISTING players:

Javon Walker is the shit, he made some unbelievable plays last year. The change at quarterback disrupted him for a few games, so did Plummer's lack of production early in the year. He's a Pro-Bowl claiber reciever though. And supplementing him in the No. 2 slot is a phenom that you probably haven't heard of:
Brandon Marshall. 6' 4", 225 lbs, 4.4 speed. He showed tremendous ability in some limited opportunities last year. I go to Broncos camp at least 3 times a summer and I saw him put on some shows, the above picture is one of the many. Big time up-and-coming guy. Then there is ol' reliable:
Future Hall-of-Famer Rod Smith. An impeccable possession receiver. Rod, go find the hole in the zone and here comes the ball on 3rd down, nice catch, thank you very much.

There is also a crazy-sick pass-catching tight end named Tony Scheffler who will be a big fantasy sleeper, so pay attention fellas:
And all will be delivered by a huge fantasy sleeper next season, a cannon-armed cat named Jay Cutler.
They say that this LaMarcus Russell kid from LSU that is supposed to go in the first pick of the draft can throw the ball 80 yards, 50 on his knees. I shit you not, Cutler is fuckin' close to that, and I have NEVER seen a football travel so fast! Not Marino, not Elway, maybe Brett Favre.

Watch out for the Broncos and the Patriots, AFC. They attacked this offseason like no two other teams. The draft is going to be real interesting, I can't wait already. It always happens on or near my birthday (April 30) , so the Giants pick is always my present. Some years more so than others.

Why I hate the lottery, and other stuff...

Lindsay Lohan will never have to play the lottery.

Speaking of the lottery, I fucking hate it. I cannot stand it for a myriad of reasons, most of which have to do with me an impatient, pessimistic bastard. What are the chances that you will win it? A billion to one? You have a better chance of getting hit by lightning or being killed in a plane crash at Teterboro Airport.

And day after day, these fucking people buy their lottery tickets, hoping for a miracle. You have a better chance of banging Lindsay Lohan. The worst part is, over the years, they probably have spent thousands of dollars on this bullshit chance, while instead they could have made that down payment on the trailer instead of living in a rooming house, or saved some money for their kid so maybe he or she could be the first in the family to go to college. No, instead, they fucking go to Quick Check or FP Pizza and buy their stupid fucking lottery tickets. And those fucking commercials about the lottery, so annoying. And that fucking stupid song by Barenaked Ladies, "If I had a million dollars..." Remember when that was their theme song? If I had a million dollars I would hire a hitman to kill Barenaked Ladies for selling out so badly.

Don't get me wrong, people win money with the lottery, but mostly they win 5 or 10 bucks every once and a while, to keep them hooked and buying tickets. And look at these god-awful office lottery clubs that buy tickets every week. God forbid you aren't part of the group, or you forget your dollar that day! You are fucked! I feel especially bad for the suckers who get in the office pool every week and then wise up and stop doing it and the pool wins the next day. Those people should just kill themselves. God hates those people.

Anyway, you're probably wondering what made me write about the lottery and why I hate it so much. Well, I was in Quick Chek today trying to buy some Diet Mountain Dew and some Animal Crackers and this stupid fucking old lady was holding up the entire line because Quick Chek decided to put a fucking lottery machine in their stupid fucking store. So here are people trying to buy their coffees and porn mags and whatever else they need to get them through the morning and this stupid taco is cashing in her fucking 2 dollar ticket and buying another 5 tickets. The cashier was clearly not up to speed on her lottery machine skills and the whole transaction was taking forever. Meanwhile, the fucking sandwich lady couldn't drop the fucking nasty rag she was cleaning the condiment area with to open the other register, so I had to stand there, waiting.... and waiting....

Now you might say, "Dude, relax, so you were delayed for 4 minutes today." I disagree. It seems every time I have the misfortune of walking into a store with a lottery machine, there is some old, usually poor or homeless-looking dickhead or twat buying stupid lottery tickets. It's so annoying! I've never played the lottery, but why let the machine pick your numbers? Do you think you are going to win that way? "Quick Pick" or "Box Set" - what the fuck does that shit mean? Most of the time it just means I have to wait to pay for my pizza while Joey Scumfuck spends his kid's allowance money on pipe dreams. Nobody wins.

My solution is simple - make lottery stores, where people go in and the only thing to buy is lottery tickets and maybe coffee. That way, all these wackcos can go to the store and waste their money and I don't have to look at them or wait for their Random Box Sets or whatever else they do. Make these places open 24 hours, you will find Indians to run them. I would say make a special line for lottery purchases in regular stores, but there is no point because they don't have enough people to work in these types of places and eventually you will have a guy manning the lottery line and nobody to work the food/drink/candy/porn line.


What the fuck is wrong with Menu Foods? They recalled a bunch of dog and cat food because it is making animals sick. I of course spend extra money on dog food to make sure that my dog gets good food and that was the food that is recalled. Thankfully, my dog is not showing signs that she is sick, but what the fuck? How the fuck can they fuck up dog food? It's stupid. They should be beaten or be forced to eat their product, or maybe even fed to wild dogs. Those cunts. Them and Paypal should fucking get testiticular cancer and an equally awful form of cancer for the women that work there.

I really like Apple Cinnamon Rice Cakes. In fact, I am eating some right now.

Are we really donating money to charity if somebody buys Jets shit from this site? Do I have a vote in that? If so, I say fuck that. Charity begins at home, my home.

Everyone should read my movie review and the other postings on Overfloater's blog.

Where is Mooks?


Why Biff's Powers Would End Up Sucking....

Remember when Brittney Spears used to be normal and hot? Now she's a fucking mess.

Speaking of messes, my NCAA Bracket is a mess, and full of "shoulda" "coulda" "wouldas". One year I picked Maryland to win it all and they did, and I won third place and $158. Ever since then, I feel like I know what I am doing, despite the fact that I rarely watch college hoops during the regular season and pay attention to teams outside the Big East/ACC even less.

I see some people on the Internet have perfect brackets, and my only question is, how the fuck do they do that? I feel like they can go back in time like Biff in "Back to the Future II?" and they looked up all of the sports scores and returned to the present time to bet for a living. I don't know how else you can explain it. It actually isn't that amazing this year, where more higher seeds than not are winning. But people do it every year, even when there are a slew of upsets. I don't get it. These people should fucking gamble for a living, if they don't already.

Then I think about what I would do if I went in the future, and Biff was a 100% right, getting a sports almanac and bringing it back to the present would be the smartest fucking thing to do. Of course, I don't think I would tell ANYONE about it. I would move to Vegas, get a suite at the Palms and maybe (a big maybe) go on those betting shows and make predictions (a la Matthew McCaughney in that dumb movie with Al Pacino - the name escapes me, oh yeah, "Two for the Money" A dumb movie made worse by a retarded title). But I would probably avoid the publicity and just straight up gamble for a living, fuck helping others.

I see it going one of two ways if I had this magical book. Well, first things last, I would have to be careful, because I could see Michael J. Fox or somebody like him trying to steal my fucking sports book. Although, in reality I doubt MJ Fox would do it. However, I would have no choice but to ban Michael J. Fox from the Palms, just in case. (This would include any Parkinson's Disease Benefits there).

Anyway, the first of the two ways I see this going is that I would basically hole up in my suite at the Palms and go on binges. I would end up drinking, doing coke, banging countless whores, etc. I wouldn't even have to watch the games because I would know who won. People would say, "Mr. Kenney, how do you know so much about gambling when you don't watch sports?" And I would reply, "Shut the fuck up you stupid whore, now get me some coke!" Basically, I would just sit in my suite and have no friends and just spend money until they found my bloated, decomposing body surrounded by coke and drug paraphernalia and empty whiskey bottles in the bathroom with self-inflicted gun shot wound to the head.

The second way to go about it would be to move to Vegas, get a suite and just place sports bets and train to become a professional PlayStation player. If I make enough money gambling I could train for a few years on the PlayStation circuit. After losing the Madden Championship year after year I would turn to the bottle. Because no bookie would take my bets anymore (because I always won), I would be left to simply entering every NCAA Bracket I knew of in order to make money to survive, but alas, other people would be perfect in their brackets (did they have access to my magic book? I'll never know... did fucking Michael J Fox got to me somehow?) so I wouldn't win that much money. That would lead to me losing my suite at the Palms, drinking more and eventually to the police finding my bloated, decomposing body in a cardboard box in an alleyway off the Strip, surrounded by empty whiskey bottles with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Either way, this magical book would likely mean my downfall. Another downside to this special book would be that I would be able to look into the future for Jets/Mets World Championships and know when they were going to win/not win them. It would take the fun out of being a fan I think. (However, by then I would be so addicted to coke and whores I wouldn't even probably root for any team).

Soooooo, it seems like having a sports almanac from 2050 wouldn't be all that it's cracked up to be, for me at least. I like to watch games and not know the outcome, especially because I am not a professional gambler. In closing, I think that we should send Michael J. Fox out to investigate these people with perfect NCAA brackets, because something isn't right there...


NY Jets Draft Blunders

Notice the Jet fans Boo the players that later become good and they cheer the players who end up sucking!

Notes from the Mountain Time Zone

More free agents are on the move. A couple of important notes:

Hats off to the Cleveland Browns and Romeo Crennel. The acquisition of RB Jamal Lewis and OL Eric Steinbach will greatly improve this team. Every time Jamal sets foot in Cleveland with a football in his hands he freaking destroys the place, let's see if he can make that happen for 8 home games next year. OL LeCharles Bentley will be returning from a bizarre injury that occurred on the first play of the first practice at training camp last year. The Browns also have OL's Joe Andruzzi and Hank Fraley to add some quality depth.
Plus, the Browns own the #3 pick in the draft that many believe they will select Adrian Peterson with. If QB Charlie Frye steps up to just manage games and utilize his possession receivers in Kellen Winslow Jr. and Braylon Edwards. Then that Offense would chew some clock, wear on some defenses and the Browns would sneak into respectability. They have a Defense that is young and nasty with MLB Andra Davis and LB Kamerion Wimbley playing opposite the veteran Willie McGinist. Romeo is playing this year great so far, and unless he gives up that #3 spot for some more picks, will get another playmaker. Browns are over .500 next year, 9-7 or even 10-6 provided they stay healthy.

Randy Moss to the Packers for the Retirement Tour? I hoping that happens, Green Bay has a promising young defense and Favre is excited about his offensive line. They would snatch the NFC North from the Bears and possibly represent the weak NFC in Super Bowl 42. I'm hoping this happens just to see #4 have fun while playing. He will own almost every meaningful passing record by next season and can temporarily enjoy it for a few years, that is until Peyton Manning finishes up and will be almost untouchable. Who doesn' t love Favre the Gunslinger though, he plays like it's us on the Gazebo, forcing all kinds of crazy darts and bombs. Randy would have 15 TD's, if not more. Say what you want about his production at Oakland, I think this pairing would work and revitalize the careers of both future Hall of Famers.

Rueben Droughns to the G-men. I like it because I know Droughns from his Denver days, I liked him. He can be a real positive locker room force, doesn't demand carries and whatnot, likes special teams. Droughns is a physical guy at 5-11, 220. Jacobs is 6-4, 260 but needs to not stand so straight up and not to try and deliver a big hit every time, he will knock himself out and shorten his seasons and career. He looked good between the tackles and around the edge in relief of the irreplacable Tiki Barber last year, and we all know he is a good goal line guy. Defenses are going to really feel it after playing the Giants. If they can get some help in the god-awful secondary and at linebacker (hello Lance Briggs) and actually get some sensible fucking playcalling and less mental mistakes, the Giants could be the Under the Radar Team next year. Which is fine by me, get to the playoffs and jell goddammit!

Willis McGahee to the Baltimore Ravens is big, but the Ravens are totally loaded anyway. Looking back, I don't know how they didn't beat the Colts in the Divisional Round. You would think that if you limited the vaunted Colts Offense to 5 Vinatieri field goals that you would definitely win. But man, the Ravens didn't even play bad, the Colts just wanted it more.
But McGahee will do awesome next year behind that thunderous offensive line, the Ravens are still a primary back team and that will mean McGahee as a fantasy bonanza next year.

What the hell is up with Chicago LB Lance Briggs? He is going to sit out the year if the Bears don't trade him (hello Giants)? Crazy. Good for the rest of the NFC though, we gotta break up that Defense. But peyton showed how to beat them in the Super Bowl - stay underneath, run the ball, tire 'em out with no huddle.

Seahawks TE Jeremy Stevens stopped for being PLOWED in Arizona. Drunk as hell and blazed. Almost fell over taking his sobriety test for the cops, probably looking like those funny episodes of cops from the dashboard cam that show drunk people all retarded. He is on thin ice and will be lucky if Holmgrem doesn't cut his ass. Stevens is a punk and it would serve him right, his shit-talk during games is annoying as hell.

And more news from Arizona....Jets Great Fullback Richie Anderson was fired from his assistant coaching position with the Cardinals for a citation of soliciting a prostitute. Doh! But the Cardinals loss should be the Jets gain, come on home Richie and coach with Mangini and Co. Fuck it, he's a New York legend in Arizona, does he have the time to go out and meet women regular-like and date them and go through all that shit? He probably works 90 hours a week and just really, really needed to get his pipes cleaned. I say the Jets overlook that mishap and get him back to NY helping out with Jet running backs, then they get him a slush fund for a classy, New York escort service or whatever.



Hey everyone -
First of all the Jets are really great and I'm glad Chad doesn't have to fight for the starting job next year. Now that the Jets part of this posting is out of the way, I want to tell you why Paypal is a fucking joke and there should be a class action lawsuit against those cocksucking fuckjobs.

I bought some items on ebay. A month later, I received the items, and they were broken, shit was missing, shit didn't look like the photos of the items, it was a fucking disaster. (The packaging was awful, everything was awful). So I emailed the buyer, tried to work something out whereby I returned the stuff and paid for the shipback, along with a credit to him just because I knew he had to relist it and I was being nice and blah blah blah. The seller admitted that he didn't send some shit that he said he would, but still didn't want the stuff back. Sooooo, after trying to work it out, I filed a "dispute" with paypal. Paypal says they resolve claims within 30 days, and that sometimes they ask for info from the parties, etc. etc.

So I fill out the dispute form, follow up with a couple of emails, and wait. Almost 2 months go by, and still no decision. I call paypal, because I would rather talk to somebody then get a pussy email 3 days after I ask a question. After waiting for 15 minutes 3 times (2 of them I hung up) I finally spoke to a human cunt there. This stupid, motherless fuck told me that I should take the items to a person for "third party verification", meaning a third party would look at the items, write me a letter, and I would send that letter to paypal to show that I was right. This would cost me money and time, but I was considering it. Two days later I get an email from paypal, and they tell me that they resolved the dispute in favor of the seller. They never gave me a reason. They never asked me for any additional information, they never asked to see the items in dispute, they never asked for "third party verification." I of course called but I was put on hold for 7 minutes and I was so pissed I couldn't wait any longer and hung up. I emailed them and I'm sure I'll get a bullshit response in 3 weeks. I basically want to throw my computer through the wall.

The point of all of this is that paypal doesn't protect you. Ebay is bullshit, and I fucking hope that all 3 people working for paypal's customer service get testitical and/or cunt cancer and die a horrible, agonizing death, alone, because their families will have deserted them by the end because they are such worthless people to begin with. Actually, I hope they get trapped and burned but not die and that they have to live the rest of their awful lives with that searing pain for the rest of their lives, along with the pain of countless surgeries so they look somewhat like a human and people don't puke when they look at them.

Fuck paypal, it's a racket.

I think I'm definitely going to get testitcular cancer or get burned after I finish this blog, but it was worth it.

By the way, did you clowns join my yahoo group for NCAA hoops? Come on!


The Thomas Jones Interview

Q. Thomas, congratulations. Can you just talk a little bit about why the Jets are a good fit for you and just your general reaction to being here in New York?

THOMAS JONES: I'm very, very excited. I had a great time in Chicago, and it was a great experience for me playing there, making it to the Super Bowl last year with those guys. But, you know, I'm very, very excited to be here in New York. It's a great city. We had a chance to play the Jets this year, and the energy and the excitement that we felt up here at the Meadowlands and just being in New York in general was something that was special. I'm excited about the opportunity. They have a great team. They have a lot of great players on this team, and I'm just excited about being here.

Unruly's Grade: A+ He is saying all the Right things here.

Q. You're going to be coming in perhaps a year removed from Curtis Martin's tenure here. He didn't play last year obviously, but a lot of fans will connect you to Curtis as being the next in the line of featured tailbacks that can help the Jets greatly. How do you feel about moving into that same role that Curtis filled for a number of numbers?

THOMAS JONES: Curtis Martin is one of the best backs of all time in the NFL. Like I said, I'm just excited about being here in New York, having an opportunity to help this team win. They have an exciting team, they have a lot of great players like I said before. I'm just one of the guys on the team that's of the mentality to come in and just try to help this program and get to the level that they're trying to get to.

Unruly's Grade: C- Common Jones, have some balls and say something that is going to get Jets fans excited!

Q. What's your understanding of your role? Are you going to be a featured guy or are you just going to have 15 to 20 carries a game? What have the Jets told you?

THOMAS JONES: I'm here to help this team win. The best players play, and that's a great situation to be in there because it's an opportunity to go out there and compete. Competition makes everyone better. My mentality is just to come in here, do the best I can to be productive on the field and the meeting room and the weight room and just be the leader that I've been at the Chicago Bears and bring something positive to the team.

Unruly's Grade: C BORING!

Q. Do you have a preference? Are you ‑‑ some guys say that they need 20 carries before they get going. What's your approach to that? OK Good Question.

THOMAS JONES: Any time you're a skill guy and you have a ball in your hands you love the opportunity to make plays to help the team win. Obviously you want to get as many opportunities as possible.

But that will be proven in practice, and that's what I'm looking forward to is getting a chance to go into the off‑season program, getting to know my teammates. I know a couple of guys up here that came in the draft with me and I've met guys just being in the NFL. I'm just excited about getting a chance to meet these guys on this team. Everyone has said a lot of positive things about this organization and the players on this team, and I'm just happy to be a part of it.

Unruly's Grade: C+ Snooooor!

Q. Congratulations. First of all, in your mind were the extension talks, did they go fairly easily, and was everyone on the same page with that?

THOMAS JONES: As for the extension, that is between the organization and my agent. I really didn't have much to do with that. I actually just came in, met everyone, had great conversations with everyone, and I just left that up to my agent.

Unruly's Grade: B- OK, you can't blame the guy from staying away from that one. He's got Drew Rosenhouse who is probably going to try to take a big chunk of that $17 million in free cap space. Although, that hurts the Jets, Jones has got to eat so I would let his agent do the dirty work here too.

Q. Thomas, you accounted for more offense in the last two seasons than everybody but Tiki Barber for his team. He did??? Why would the Bears want to trade you?

THOMAS JONES: That's one situation that you might want to address with the Bears. You know, I had a great, great time in Chicago. I want to thank Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith and the Bears' organization for giving me the opportunity to come in there as a free agent. They definitely gave me a spark in my career. All the guys that I played with in Chicago, we were always very, very close, and we had a special season last year making it to the Super Bowl, and the fans of Chicago and the city of Chicago showed us so much support, showed me so much support, that it's something I'll never forget.

But in the NFL sometimes it doesn't go the way that you may think it's going to go, and you just adjust. Like I said, that situation is something that you might want to address with the Bears.

Unruly's Grade: B- I guess he answered this ok. But I am intrigued by the offensive numbers.

Q. Can Cedric flourish as your replacement?

THOMAS JONES: Cedric Benson has a lot of talent. He's a talented guy. When you move into the feature role, there is a lot more responsibility. Coach Spencer is a great running backs coach. I had a great relationship with him, not only as a coach but as a friend. He had so much advice for me just to make me a better football player, and I'm sure he'll pass that same advice to Cedric Benson.

Unruly's Grade: A I'll give him an A for that one since he basically said, "Fuck Cedric Bensen!" without sounding like a jerk.

Q. Obviously you're not coming here as a free agent. What kind of sway did you feel like you had as far as where you ended up? And if so, what did you like about the Jets that drew you here? Ok, this is a juicy question!

THOMAS JONES: Just the fact that they're a team that ‑‑ you could tell just watching them on film, I watch a lot of film, and especially I watch the offense and the defense and they had guys that played hard. I met with Coach Mangini yesterday, and he's a great guy, definitely the type of coach you want to play for. They have a lot of energy here in New York. Just coming out when we were getting ready to play the Jets, and we came out for the game, just the energy of the stadium, the fans, I mean, it was an away game for us, but just the energy that I felt was something special, and I look forward to experiencing that and being on the team.

Unruly's Grade: A There you go TJ, now you are starting to get it. Lets get us fans amped up!

Q. Mike Tannenbaum talked about how during the first four years of your career I think the percentage was 40 percent of your team's plays. At this point how young do your legs feel?

THOMAS JONES: The thing about any situation, I was at Arizona and I was sharing carries with Michael Pittman, so fortunately I didn't get beat up as the typical back would as far as getting a lot of carries. I go to Tampa Bay and there's a running back who I'm sharing with there, too, so I've been blessed in my career to be around a lot of different running backs, learning a lot of different things about offenses and learning from those guys that I played with. Unfortunately I'll be 29 years old this year, but I haven't had a lot of carries for a 29‑year‑old back.

I'm a workout warrior. I love working out, I love taking care of my body. I'm very in tune with my body and how I feel. So the way I feel right now, I could play for a long, long time, and I'm just happy that the Jets showed an interest in me to bring me here.

Unruly's Grade: B He's 29? I didn't know this is his forth team!

Q. Just to clarify, you're coming off a team that went to the Super Bowl. Why did you want to be traded out of Chicago?

THOMAS JONES: You know what, it wasn't really a situation where I wanted to be traded. It was a situation where I wanted to have an opportunity to do what I'm capable of doing, and that's going somewhere and providing leadership like I did in Chicago. Cedric Benson and Adrian Peterson, we all were running backs there and we all made plays. But sometimes in the NFL it's something that you have to adjust, and that's what I've done.

You know, in my career I was traded to Tampa Bay, and I ended up loving it in Tampa Bay, and I signed with Chicago, ended up loving it there. I'm looking forward to having that same type of experience here in New York.

Unruly's Grade: B Ok, I liked the fact that you want to do what you are capable of doing.

Q. What if the Jets arrange a situation where you're splitting the carries with Leon Washington who's a pretty talented young guy? Would you be happy in a time‑share situation? Another juicy one!

THOMAS JONES: You know what, that's up to the coaches. I'm here to play football and make plays. That's why I signed here is to help the offense be as productive as possible, like I said, on the field and off the field. The coaches make all those decisions. Leon Washington is a great back. I watched him last year, and he made some great plays for the Jets, helped them get to the playoffs. I have a lot of respect for him and all the other running backs out there. I'm one of the guys on the team that just wants to provide leadership and make plays and help us win.

Unruly's Grade: B I actually think he answered that one the right way. You don't want to trash the guys on your team before you get there.

OK, he did ok in his interview. I didn't realize he was as old as he is. But he will definately be running by committee. I think he could be a solid back, barring any injuries.

Courtesie of the Jets PR department from www.nyjets.com.


The Team To Beat

Just so our audience, or writers which is pretty much the same thing, knows...we will be having a grand opening tomorrow for our new blog. It is basically my favorite time of the year. NCAA basketball has reached the tournament stage (we should do some brackets, brothers) and the best sport on the planet has peeked it's head out of the hole where it spent the winter. Six more weeks of winter? Did baseball see it's shadow? Sammy Sosa on the Texas Rangers???

Who cares! We've got seven months of baseball ahead of us!!!

Seven months of Jose Reyes hitting triples, stealing bases, dancing like a maniac...

Seven months to talk about Carlos Beltran's mole, the mole's chances at an MVP award, and whether or not the mole and David Wright go to dinner as much as they used to...

Seven months to argue about whether or not the pitching staff is good enough, whether or not the offense can carry them or whether or not Billy Wagner will give me an ulcer watching him pitch...

Seven months to watch Glavine do what he has always done which is win, to watch Pedro recuperate, return and burn those who doubt him, and of course seven months to watch one of the best young pitching staffs become one of the best period...

Seven months to watch Jimmy Rollins predictions become a source of inspiration (didn't they finish twelve games behind the Mets last year?), seven months to talk about who is the better team in New York, seven months to talk about how much I love hot dogs...

Seven months to see Lastings Milledge reach his potential, get the Republican nod for presidential candidacy, and finally high five everyone along Pennsylvania Avenue...

I could go on like this forever but you get the point...It's baseball season and it couldn't have come a moment sooner for me.

The link is in the title to our new summer home, The Dugout. It's a baseball blog dedicated to the New York Metropolitans. It might take some time to make it look as spiffy and/or obscene as this blog but I have high hopes for it's potential as well as the team's chances at the ultimate prize...a World Series Title.

So break out your transistor radio, unfold your folding chair, put up the hammock, fire up the BBQ and get ready for some baseball.

And as Always


Light Up A Stogie, Jets Fans

Frankly, I am stunned. You would have thought that a major coup such a landing running back Thomas Jones from the Chicago Bears would have been a much celebrated event on this blog- the thought repository for the die hard Green and White.

Instead, you get a two sentence blog from a GIANTS fan. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. What, you think because its the off-season that you can just lounge around and not update the current news? Where will the faithful masses go if they cannot get their insider information about their beloved team. Not to alarm anyone (and to make sure you are paying attention) but it is morning here and I recall having a dream before waking up that I was wrestling alligators. In the dream one of them got my hand and I remember the pressure and the pain from getting bit. Now I just noticed on my right thumb a big red stain. The only reason that I'm not freaking out is because I know I had cranberry juice before I fell asleep last night...let's see, all fingers accounted for, no obvious gaping wounds, girlfriend still alive and sleeping soundly in the next room. Okay, serial killer check complete, back to the football news.
The free agency opening has been fast and furious. Hats off to a couple of clubs:

First and foremost, good job Jets on the Thomas Jones deal and keeping your good draft position. Jones is a real north-south runner, not wasting a lot of time dancing around. He is also freaking huge if you see him without pads, you would think he was a linebacker. He is a perfect fit for the Jets ball control game, not a fumbler and great between the tackles, good goal line guy. You rotate Leon and someone else in there at the position and Chad will have another good year. Jets sure to have a good draft, so things are looking up for the 2007 season, despite the tougher schedule.

The Patriots have been acting pissed off ever since they lost to the Colts in the AFC Championship game, and a wild one at that. Their moves in free agency have reflected it. Adiulus Thomas from Baltimore will wreak havoc on the opposite side of Roosevelt Colvin and alongside Tedy Bruschi, just beyond Richard Seymour and Vince Woolfork. Yikes, that's a scary defense, not to mention Assante Samuel lurking beyond. Thomas Jones will be earning his pay next year, listen up Ronnie Brown and the yet-unnamed-Buffalo tailback. Plus the Pats have secured the special teams excellence for some time with the signing of the very good Wes Welker and resigning of Special Teams ace Tom Izzo. And if there is any chance that Randy moss somehow finds himself there, goodnight everyone. Another championship for the Pats.

The poor Broncos have had almost 4% of their roster DIE since their last game. But Mike Shanahan and Co. are being among the most aggressive in free agency. Weirdly, Dre Bly doesn't want to come and play opposite the REAL Defensive Player of the Year the last two seasons, Champ Motherfuckin' Bailey. This is totally crazy to me, Bly would be in the pro Bowl, if not the Super Bowl, next year. I have never seen one player take away a third of the field by himself like Champ Bailey, nobody even throws to him and he makes plays still. The paper ran a stat that Champ made an interception on 33% of the time the ball was thrown his way. DOH!

Aside from Champ Bailey's jock, the rest of Denver has been happy about acquiring Travis Henry, Big daddy Wilkinson ( a la Sam Adams, him and Gerrard Warren in the middle will free up Ian Gold, Al Wilson and DJ Williams to fly around the ball), Daniel Graham, Paul Smith and Montae Holland have been solid pick-ups. Dan Graham will really be huge, he can block and catch and the Broncos have a real emerging receiving tight end named Tony Scheffler (big time sleeper fantasy pick for next season, fellas). Travis Henry to split carries with the gritty Mike Bell and host of capable fullbacks, plus Javon Walker and Denver is a serious threat again next year. Cutler is the realest of deals, with a cushier schedule the Broncos could win 11 or 12 games next year with a solid focus on a Defensive End and Safety help with the draft.

The 49'ers are going to be a force next year. That offense was looking good, the light has gone on for Alex Smith, Frank Gore is a beast. The addition of CB Nate Clements will improve their defense by 25%. This team swept the Seahawks in their division last year. They are definitely capable of taking out the Rams and the Cardinals. Mike Nolan knows his stuff.

The addition of Tully Banta-Cain, a quality D lineman from New England and speedster Ashley lelie from the Falcons. Lelie is soft, but good on the deep ball. San Fran also got a number of lesser known players to fill spots on their rosters, their draft should be good as well. Look out NFC.

Honorable mention for Free Agency moves:

Cleveland - Joel Steinbach, OL
Washington- London Baker-Fletcher, LB
Fred Smoot, CB
and they might trade their draft pick for Dre Bly from Broncos
Miami- Joey Porter, LB
Dallas- Leonard Davis, OL
re-signing Terry Glenn (good move)
Tampa Bay- Jeff Garcia, QB



Good job Mangini, landing Thomas Jones for RB. Good things to follow next season.


Free Agent Freefall

Do you like my workout for the Denver Flag Football Combine coming up in mid-May? Pretty intense, huh?

The New York area needs to be the 800lb. gorilla in NFL free agency, starting pronto. As the biggest financial, media, entertainment, cultural and sports center of the USA I don't understand why the jets and Giants just don't go Steinbrenner or Dan Snyder and spend out of their minds. Their teams could absorb the luxury tax hit and replenish that penalty by the simple fact that they have stoked their fans fires and they will come in droves. Right off the bat their are suckers like me, who bought a LaVar Arrington jersey last summer and now look.

In the first day of free agency, ESPN was a blur to watch, with all the leads, moves and rumors. I will always hate the 49'ers because of the intense rivalry between them and the Giants in the late 80's, and because Joe Montana was so friggin' good. But I wish I was a 49'er fan right now. They have a very promising young team, head coach and the most money to spend in free agency. My prediction is that they win their division away from the Seahawks and Rams next year, that is if Norv Turner's departure doesn't hamper the strides QB Alex Smith has yet to take. What the hell is Norv short for anyway? Norvin?

Randy Moss to the Packers? Dre Bly acquired by the Broncos to play opposite Champ Bailey. Joey Porter cut by the Steelers (go Giants). Willis McGahee and Thomas Jones seeking trades at RB. Daniel Graham at TE is looking elsewhere (go Broncos, he's a Denver guy). On Defense, Dwight Freeney, Lance Briggs and Assante Samuel were all hit with the franchise tag immediately, but that could mean that one or two might not get the deal their looking forward this year and move elsewhere. Still, Pat Kearney (DE-ATL), Robaire Smith (DT-TEN), Nate Clements (CB-BUF), Nick Harper (CB-IND), Deon Grant (stud Safety, JAX), Ken Hamlin (Safety-SEA) and Jay Feely (K-NYG) could be important impact guys for other clubs.

And I know that the Jets would love to see McGahee running in green. Or Thomas Jones. My hope s that the Giants Stadium clubs get both, either or on either team would be fine by me. Jamal Lewis from Baltimore is on the down side, plus I think that prison took a lot out of him. Todd Sauerbrun (P-NE) is a hell of a kicker, but he takes steroids for some bizarre reason, maybe his leg is nothing without them, he had the dream job of punting at altitude here in Denver and then got suspended for testing positive for a banned anabolic substance.

Jake Plummer, Jeff Garcia and Matt Schaub are the best available QB's, which isn't saying much. Schaub has the most upside of all of them because he's played well in limited opportunities and is young. How much longer can Garcia perform, he's 36 I believe but he looks like a freakin' mummy-in-progress on TV. Has to be the ugliest guy in the NFL. Plummer can still do good things...then turn right around and do something crazy. I like the guy still, I kinda wish he would stay in Denver because Cannon Cutler is still young and may absorb some big hits trying to deliver a tight throw. But is Tampa or Houston offer him a starting spot, he would go.

I think that the Jets could grab a couple of guys if they can get them for the right price. I don't remember their cap space off the top of my head, but a RB should be the priority. I was happy to read that the Jets locked up Jerricho Cotchery to a long-term deal, he's good.

Football Lives!!!!