First of many important posts from #1 Jet fan Living in Beantown - Tough , Real Tough

If your reading this blog then your either a die hard Jets fan like myself, die hard Jets hater, a huge NFL football fan like myself who can't wait for training camp to begin or just someone who came across this link by surfing the web. Well either way. I hope you enjoy.

Let me first state that I have been a NY Jets fan for as long as I can remember. Starting out in the early 80's going to the Meadowlands on my birthday with my dad, uncle and cousin to go see my first NY Jets game, a preseason game vs the Denver Broncos. I can remember like it was yesterday. Sitting a couple rows from the front row and their they were, just like on TV, #14 Richard Todd, #24 Freeman McNeil and a bunch of guys who I had no idea who they were and remembering asking my uncle who was the huge Jets fan and his reply was their trying to make the team. Good chance they won't be here when the season starts so don't bother trying to remember their names. All I can remember from the 80's was my main man Ken O'Brien. Guy could have had hall of fame #'s if he didn't spend half his career on his back. I remember shutting off the TV when Kenny O and Wesley Walker single handedly led the Jets come back in dramatic fashion in what would be one of a couple Miracles at the Meadowlands , Jets vs Dolphins.

What can we say being Jets fan. I think I can sum it up like this. We are the team of , would have, could have and should have. If this didn't happen or that didn't happen. I must say like my colleague Unruly Jets fan I am a very excited Jets fan. If your any wheres near my age and you grew up in NJ than you remember how tough it was being a Jets fan. It was always about the Giants. The Jets are like the Rodney Dangerfield of the NFL / football teams in the Metro NY area. They get no respect. And even when they do something bad usually happens. Can you say, 1999 Vinny T goes down in the home opener. I believe Tom Tupa a punter made it in as our backup at one point in time. I remember sitting in the parking lot of the Meadowlands with my neighbor who if you could do a google image search of a Jets fan he would most likely show up. Shirt off, big belly hanging out, drunk out of his mind and why because like everyone in that parking, we were all saying, this is the year. Well as you know or can search the record books, we have some good years, a bunch of bad years and never " that year ". I'm really hoping it happens some time in my lifetime. Living up in Boston, being a die hard Jets fan as my name states is " real tough". Yes, the Pats have picked up a lot of talented free agents, have a foundation that's built of brick and mortar, coaches, players, owners and fans and every odds maker in Vegas saying their the favorites of winning the Super Bowl, but I really think we, the Jets are headed in the right direction, again. After watching many disappointing seasons, either because we have lost in the playoffs, most recently Oakland, Pittsburgh and New England to name a few. This 2007 team has a couple intangibles that I will happily point out to you.

1. An owner that has a ton of money, keep buying JNJ products folks, who listens to the football experts. Mangini and his coaching staff, Tannebaum and their scouts.

2. A coach, yes young, but wise beyond his years. If your a huge Jets fan, yes it hurts but admit it Parcells and Belichick know the game of football and what it takes to win. How to take charge of a bunch of guys making good or great money for a game they love or once loved.

3. A smart talented leader on the field, who has been under allot of pressure since replacing Vinny T and is due " for that breakout year " if he stays healthy.

4. Finally, a hard nose, fast , powerful running back that can take those 25 - 3o carries a game averaging more than 2.5 yds per carry. Instead of the dink and dunk 2 yard swing pass that could potentially blow up in your face which wasn't tricking anyone. Not even my 89 yr old grandma.
Can you say change of speed back, Leon Washington, enough said.

5. LC, just shut your mouth and go to camp. That's what we pay you to do. Such a talented, player who plays at 150% all the time. Definitely no fear crossing the middle. J. Cotchery, thank you Tannebaum. Well deserved extension as well. McCarreins, the apitamy of this is his year. Keep hearing great camp, now just show us.

6. O-line, give Kendall the extra $$ he's looking for. One of the young cornerstones goes down, we don't want to be scrambling looking for a talented fill in. Has shown hes a leader on and off the field and can play center, G, and T.

7. Defense, still nervous. All I can see is L. Moroney and Corey Dillion getting 8 yds on their first down carries, T.Brady completing timing pattern after timing pattern and a D-back biting at the wrong time, TD bad guys. Only time will tell with the new defense, one year in, and our new bunch of new D-ends, LB's and DB's. All I can say I hope it works. I remember doing that switching people frequently thing and still getting burned. LB's, what can you say. Tough when your D-linemen can't stuff the run. Young and talented, great pick up of Harris. I think Kiper was sporting wood on draft day with that pick. DB's, lots of supposed talent, just need them to mature and develop some shut down capabilities.

8. Special teams, good day mate. Ben Graham, great weapon. Nugent continues to get accurate. Need more touchbacks on kickoffs.

With all this said, I hope I convinced you I am a die hard Jets fan. I have lived through many tough seasons, have had times where I have cried for joy and with great sadness. I leave you with this, my next blog will be of my breakdown of the this years upcoming schedule with predictions. In the past, I have been either spot on or 1 off, besides 2 seasons ago disastrous year. Not even Nostradamus's could have predicted that. I hope you enjoyed my first brain dump of my trials and tribulations of being a long time Jets fan and my thoughts of this years team. J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS. #1 Jet fan Living in Beantown - Tough , Real Tough


An Interview with Chad Pennington

In an off season break between mini-camp and training camp, New York Jets quarterback Chad Pennington took a few minutes to answer some questions with Just NY Jets' own Unruly Jets Fan.

Reports out of Spring camp have indicated that Chad is looking better than ever and he seems to be recovering just find from his two back to back shoulder surgeries. All indications point to Chad having one of his best seasons yet.

Chad talks about his off-season workouts, his relationship with Randy Moss, the Jets chances this season and much more as he discuss's life as a Jet with Unruly. Enjoy!

Unruly: How awesome is it being a star quarterback in the greatest city in
the world?

Chad: It has been a lot of fun, and jet fans are the best fans in the NFL.

Unruly: What would surprise people about being an NFL player that most
people would not know?

Chad: I think people would be surprised by the amount of hours we work during the season. For me, I put in about 55-60 hours between Monday and Saturday to prepare for Sunday. It is definitely a grind for 6 months.

Unruly: This spring, Coach Mangini has reported that your throws have been
stronger and crisper than he has ever seen them. How do you feel about
your shoulder coming into this season?

Chad: I have been working hard this off-season, and I have enjoyed working with my teammates on and off the field.

Unruly: What in the off season that you do, do you think helps you out the
most for the upcoming season?

Chad: Reviewing last year’s films helps me the most mentally because I can analyze the things I need to do better to help us win.

Unruly: How do you feel the Jets did in this year's draft?

Chad: I am excited about the young players we have brought in this year. I hope they will play a major role in helping us win.

Unruly: What did the signing of Thomas Jones do for team morale?

Chad: We are excited to have Thomas on our team. He is an exciting player who has been very successful in the NFL. He works extremely hard and is very versatile.

Unruly: How is it for you having a head coach that is almost the same age as

Chad: At first, it was weird, but Coach Mangini is extremely smart and very detailed in his preparation. He is always looking for ways to get better.

Unruly: Do you have any feelings about facing your college buddy Randy Moss
two times this season when you play the Pats?

Chad: I look forward to facing him and I am glad he is in a better situation.

Unruly: How great would it had been if he ended up as a Jet?

Chad: I enjoyed playing with Randy in college. He is an amazing athlete. Our receiving corps is extremely talented and will be very exciting to watch this year.

Unruly: From a Jets fan perspective it seems many of the stars are aligning
for the Jets; the tactical head coach, the QB is feeling healthier than
ever, the big FA runningback is looking awesome, the cornerbacks are big
and tough, the offensive line is full of young studs, Brad Smith's
trickery, etc. I know this may appear to be a loaded question, but do you
see this as a Superbowl caliber team? (please say YES!)

Chad: Every year brings about different challenges. As a team, we know that last year’s success has no bearing on the 2007 season. We must work extremely hard and stay healthy to have a chance to be successful.

Chad also spends time working to help build better communities in New York City, West Virginia and Tennessee. His foundation, The 1st and 10 Foundation raises money help children and families in those areas. The 1st and 10 Foundation proudly boasts that every dollar that gets donated to its foundation goes right back to the community and all costs to run the foundation are paid by Chad and his wife.

Just NY Jets would like to thank Chad Pennington and the folks at The 1st and 10 Foundation for their time and courtesies in making this interview possible.


(Somehow) The Best Time Of The Year (We're All Champions)

And here we are. At the most tantalizing time of the year. Everyone's team is that darkhorse-in-waiting. The team on paper is looking damn good.

The schedule looks like Omaha Beach, but you can visualize how your squad is going to pull it out. Sure, you are but a second-tier power who could only hope to ascend through a fortunate tumble of circumstances, but every year some team does - see the 2006 Saints.

This past offseason there was a noticeable arms buildup, so to speak, in the NFL's best Conference - the American Football Conference. Three teams stood out, though there were other many notable moves by other quality clubs.

The New England Patriots. Like it or not, simply the best organization in the business. Perennial contenders, a reputation I think they share with only one other club - their nemesis - the Indianapolis Colts.

Now the Colts didn't make any real moves, in fact they lost a bunch of crucial cogs in LB Cato June, CB Nick Harper, Safety Mike Doss, RB Dominic Rhodes and others. But because of the fact that they still have the greatest quarterback to ever play in Peyton Manning, the Harrison/Wayne/Clark receiving crew and emerging RB Joseph Addai, plus Defensive anchor Dwight Freeney signed long term- the Colts are now THE team to beat.

The Pats have never been more fearsome. It looks like they will get the Assante Samuel deal done, sealing up the second best cornerback in the NFL long-term. They signed the best free agent on the market in LB Adelius Thomas to really bolster an aging defense into one nasty unit. Thomas is a Terminator, the guy weighs 270+ and runs like a DB. Stronger than shit, the guy is just an animal. Richard Seymour, Vince Wilfork, Tedy Bruschi, Mike Vrabel, Rodney Harrison and first-round draft pick Brandon Merriweather round out a savvy group of defensive stalwarts.

On the Offensive side, the Pats went out and signed deep threat/speed demon WR Lance Stallworth, solid all around receiver/special teams ace Wes Welker, and the serviceable WR Kelley Washington. Lawrence Maroney is the Man at RB, and though great all-around TE Daniel Graham departed for the greener pastures of Denver, the duo of Ben Watson and David Thomas will have the TE production not skipping a beat.

Oh yeah, on a sidenote, the Patriots also signed WR Randy Moss.

"................................................................................................................oh shit" went the rest of the NFL.

The third team that loaded up the arsenal was the Denver Broncos. Travis Henry takes the reigns as the lead RB, backed by the capable and gutsy Mike Bell. TE Dan Graham comes home to the sunny Rockies to play for his father's team and the team of his boyhood allegiance. Paired with the receiving specialist TE Tony Scheffler, the middle of the field will be a productive area in the 2007 season. Javon Walker leads the wide receivers, backed by the raw but potentially dangerous Brandon Marshall, veteran free agent signee Brandon Stokely and the still-going legend Rod Smith.

The biggest upside of the Denver offense is at the quarterback position however. Jay Cutler has an arm and a half. Faster trigger and harder, further passing ability than Brett Favre even. The ball just leaves Cutler's hand and is nearly instantly upon the receiver. Denver is a smaller market team to you New York mega-people and so you don't see them much, but get the NFL Ticket or pay attention on a Sunday or Monday night game and see what I'm talking about. Also a solid Fantasy pick up for you under the radar gold finders.

What about San Diego? Baltimore? Cincinnati? The Jets?

If Cutler can settle in and limit turnovers, Denver will again be humming along with their usual early-season success. Indy will be fine tuned and running fine on offense, but the Defense is an unknown quantity at this point. The Pats are just flat out the scariest team ever on paper, but they have yet to take the field to see how it will work. I just don't see Belichick or Brady having any adjustment problems, we can all only hope for some crazy locker room disturbance, bad weather that will cause lucky bounces and superb ball control offenses from our respective teams while engaged on the field with those Foxboro F__gots.

Shanahan plays the Patriots better than anyone. Belichick's record against him is terrible, 2-10 or something, and Shanny and Jake Plummer were the first people to beat the Patriots and Tom Brady in the playoffs in their recent Championship years. It must be a mental thing with Belichick because the adage in football is "Defense beats Offense" and Belichick is hailed as the best defensive mind in football, as Shanahan is also called on the Offensive side.

Dungy and Peyton have bested their ultimate nemesi the last four times against the Patriots, playoffs included. But THESE, the Brady To Randy Moss Patriots are going to be a different story.

Is YOUR team the David to the Patriots' Goliath? Will your Defense loosens a chink in the armor and will YOUR quarterback be the one to hurl the fateful rock?

It's all possible, right now, the most tantalizing time of the year.


Unruly's Game by Game Picks

One of the reasons I am a Jets fan today is because of many years of suffering through losing season after losing season. But I feel my "story" is unique and gives me a depressing edge over most long suffering Jets fans.

The year was 1995, give or take a year (I was basically drunk every day back then). My friend Vinnie was able to buy Jets season tickets off a friend for the whole season. The Jets just hired a new coach, Rich Kotite from the Philadelpia Eagles. This was the year they were going to turn things around. And the fact that I was going to be watching all the home games that year was just the omen the Jets needed.

Well the Jets lost every single home game that year. I remember telling myself the Jets were just re-building. So Vinnie scored the same ticket deal for the following year. And we knew that this was going to be our year. And to make sure the Jets would bring victories during our second season, Vinnie and I had to buy $125.00 authentic Jets jerseys. Vinnie got his Johnny Johnson, and I got my Jeff Lageman.

And that our jersey trick must have worked. The Jets won one home game that year. Vinnie and I...actually, I wont speak for Vinnie...I was at an all time low. The Jets were stinking it up bad. And my drinking seemed to get worse during each loss.

I remember, sitting at the last row by the score board about 12 stories up in the air (that is where our seats where), wondering if anyone just noticed that I threw up in the seat next to me. I remember being depressed because the Dolphins just killed us. Then to top it off, two Dolphin fans ran up to me, took my football out of my hands and threw it 60 yards. A fight insued and I have no clue what happened.

Then there was the time Vinnie showed up in his Santa Clause suit for a late December game vs. the Bills. At the beginning of the afternoon, it was really funny watching Vinnie sing xmas caroles and slap Jets fans high five. But after 7 whiskeys I found my hands around Vinnie's throat with the seemingly clear thought that that mother fucker never got me Atari 64 in the fourth grade.

Oh those were the days. Me and Vinnie don't go to Jets games together anymore (in fact, I dont think I have seen him in person since that choking incident). But we still love the Jets. And during those years, we earned our Jets Fan Badge of Honor. When the Jets do win, all our hard work will have paid off and it will be a really special time.

So it is with that story that I declare that this is our year. The Jets have many of the peices in order. Chad's arm is better than ever. We have a versital running game. Our defense is solid at every position. And the fact, that Vinnie and I are not at every game can only help.

Here is the long awaited breakdown of the schedule:

Game 1 - Home vs. the Pats: A win. The Pats are going to be very suprised by our rushing backs and Randy Moss will not know what to do with our rookie CB Darrelle Revis.

Game 2 - Away vs. Baltimore: A win. The Ravens are washed up.

Game 3 - Home vs. Miami: A win. The Dolphins have really issues starting with QB and ending with a crappy coach.

Game 4 - Away vs. Buffalo: A win. Sorry, without Willis Mulcahy, the can't beat the Jets.

Game 5 - Away vs. Giants: A win. This is really not an away game.

Game 6 - Home vs. Philly: A win. McNabb will be hurt and so will the Eagles. Easy win.

Game 7 - Away vs. Cinci: A loss. Ok, the Bengals are for real. They will be tough this year.

Game 8 - Home vs. Buffalo: A win. I already said why.

Game 9 - Home vs. Washington: A win. Who plays QB for them? They stink.

Game 10 - Home vs. Pitts: A win. A new coach and crappy players equals a sucky season for the Steelers.

Game 11 - Away vs. Dallas: A loss. Why not. We can't win them all. Plus, I think the 'Boys will be rejuivinated with Wade Phillips.

Game 12 - Away vs. Dolphins: A win. Because they suck.

Game 13 - Home vs. Cleveland: A win. Dude, come on. How could we lose to them? Plus, we have to payback for last years bull shit loss.

Game 14 - Away vs. New England. A loss. Bellechick will have caught up to Mangini's tactics by this late in the season.

Game 15 - Away vs. Tennessee. A win. Vince Young will not be able to handle the Jets all by himself.

Game 16 - Home vs. KC. A win. And a big FU to Herm Edwards for playing his cards close to his vest when he left us. Althought I was happy he did leave.

So I am predicting a 13-3 season this year. I am breaking out my Lageman jersey and am going to make an amends to Vinnie. And who knows, maybe I will even show up at a game or two. But I will spare Vinnie the drama. And who needs Vinnie when you have Fakehead!


Can we get the Unruly Football League to play at the new Jets training camp?

Now that the Jets are moving their operations to Florham Park, New Jersey, it is my goal to get the annual "Unruly (his real name goes here) Football League Championship" (i.e., the one game we play a year at Thanksgiving and/or Christmas) played on an official field at the Jets training facility. We were already in the local paper, we just have to send that to the Jets with a letter from Unruly saying why we should be playing there once a year.

Of course, we will have to promise them we won't sue when somebody breaks their arm, but I can draft the waiver. And, obviously, we are going to need a crew of writers to make sure that Unruly's letter is spelled correctly and uses the King's English instead of the shit Unruly learned while at Holy Family.

Could you imagine? It would be fucking awesome! And while we're at it, we'll get Marissa Miller to be the cheerleader!

Unruly, I know you are crazy enough to take this idea and run with it. Speaking of which, I think we should start a football league with pads for older people, we would make a mint off of it! Flag football is for pussies and girls. To be honest, if you just get Marissa Miller to hang out with us it is a victory for everyone! (She may have a different opinion, but cash talks my friend!)

Random Notes:

There is a new post on our Mets blog, I'm sure none of you care.

One of my friends calls women "Stinkboxes". I find it highly offensive and I use it any chance I get.

Paul LoDuca rocks and he is nuts (see footage from when he got thrown out of a recent game).

Who cares about the NBA draft (and don't defend it Migs).

Go Jets!