My Favorite Martin!

Thank you Curtis Martin for all the memories. Thank Curtis Martin for being a Jet. Thank you Curtis Martin for always being a work horse all those years. Ok I am about to cry.

I also want to thank the Jets for strategically arranging all the other players around Curtis Martin that brought all of those Superbowl rings to our beloved Jets. Curtis, seriously thank you a million times for giving it your all. I am embarrassed that you had to end your career as a Jet and no rings.

OK, lets move on...

...because we have Leon Washington baby! And he is the only real thing to tune in on Sundays for.

And if in two years he doesn't work out...

...the Jets can draft two time Hiesman Winner (by the time that draft comes) Ray Rice from Rutgers.


Not quite bullshit, and Chad, put your fucking arms down.

Chad Pennington held his arms up in a "TD" pose after throwing a pass to Chris Baker on the Jets' last possession yesterday and he wouldn't put them down. It was almost as if he was trying to will the officials to call it a TD. Guess what, they didn't. Put your arms down, it's embarassing. But not as embarassing as the way Chad played during 3.8 quarters of the game yesterday. Or as embarassing as the Jets' defense played for every Browns' possession but the last two.

Yes, the play at the end of the game should have at least been reviewed, it looked like Baker could have come down in bounds and it's horseshit. But, why are the Jets struggling to TIE this game on their last possession? They should have won, straight up, no theatrics necessary. Chad, again, played like complete shit. The defense let Drougghns (sp, I don't feel like checking) run all over them for most of the game. Then, at the end of the game, they managed to stop the Browns twice (coupled with an awesome punt by our new favorite Jet). The announcers and the crowd didn't like the conservative play-calling by the Browns on their last two possessions, but you know what? I think it was smart! They probably thought, let the D stop the Jets, because their offense is just God-awful! The Browns were playing the odds that Chad was going to fuck up or get sacked. Granted, Chad made a great move to avoid the sack and threw a good ball, but where was all that in the first three quarters?

Another question, how many times are the Jets going to depend on a Justin Miller touchdown? They must all pray everytime he touches the ball that he scores because half the time they are desperate for points. Thank God they have him!

It was an awful game, and I don't know what else to say about the Jets' defense. Obviously, the new scheme is not working. Maybe when they get two other All-Pro LBs besides Vilma and a D-Line that can pressure the QB it will work. Unfortunately, that's not the case this year.

So, into the bye week with this loss hanging over their heads. They need to win the games they should win. And God forbid when they play games that they should lose, it's going to be a blood bath. (Bears, anyone?)

So, like I've said before, it's not a surprise to me when the Jets lose a game like this. I am a negative bastard as it is, so I expect them to lose games like this and I'm really happy when they win. So, it may be bullshit about the ref's call at the end of the game, but it's not bullshit they lost, that's for damn sure.

Random Notes

Rugters? Since when do we care about Rutgers? Because they are from Jersey? Please, don't get me started on Rutgers. I went there for one semester and it is the stupidest set-up in the world. Buses to other campuses? I loved riding the bus with a bunch of smelly kids and being late to classes that the school schedules too close together. Then, parking was a nightmare because they don't give you passes to all the campuses, so you get a bunch of tickets! Fuck Rutgers and their awful football team. I have three predictions for Rutgers football:
1. They are going to get destroyed by both West Virginia and Louisville (I am still in shock they beat Pittsburg).
2. Rice is not going to come close to a Heisman, and he showed that he couldn't do shit on the prime time stage, (not saying he isn't a good back, he is, but come on, a Heisman???? Anyone can pile up yards against Navy and fucking South Florida and whatever high school teams Rutgers plays).
3. Coach Schiano will be coaching the University of Miami by next season. (If not next season, the following, the guy thinks he is a good coach).

Bonus prediction - if they play anyone halfway decent (a team with more than 7 wins) in a bowl they are going to lose that as well.

"Write that down" as Jeremy Shockey would say. I'll eat my words if that isn't the case at the end of the college football season.

Beat it, Mondays blow.



The Jets did not deserve to win this game with the atrocious play of Pennington and the horrendous play calling. But this was a touchdown according to the NFL rule book. The referee's fucked this one up!


Mangini Names His Running Back!!!

With the success Leon Washington is having, reporters hounded Eric Mangini this afternoon if he would be considered for the starting job this week vs. the Cleveland Browns. Here's how the press conference went:

Reporter: Coach, In the last three games Leon Washington has nearly 300 yards rushing vs. Kevan Barlow's 100 yard rushing over the same time frame. Is it safe to say that Leon Washington is your starting running back now?

Mangini: Well, we also have Cedric Houston and Derrick Blaylock to consider too. Every week our runningbacks will have an opportunity in practice prove who will be the starting runningback.

Reporter: Yes, but coach, Washington is electric out there and provides the spart it looks like the Jets really need.

Mangini: You also need to consider what a professional Kevan Barlow is and how he manages the game and how tough a back he is. There are a lot of factors other than yards and "spark" as you say. Plus Houston and Blaylock are in the running as well. It will be a game time decision.

Reporter: How close is Curtis Martin to coming back?

Mangini: He is fairly close. He needs to be cleared by the doctors and then we'll work him out and go from there.

Reporter: Hypothetically, if Curtis did come back and he was in the same condition he was say, in the 2002 season where he rushed for 1,600 plus yards, would he be considered the starter?

Mangini: Well, with Cedric Houston coming along, Barlow's tough running style and the success of Washington we'd have to see who would battle it out between the two. Plus you cannot forget about Blaylock. It would have to be a game time decision.

Reporter: What if Martin comes back, he is 2002 condition and he has bionic legs, would he be considered the starting runningback?

Mangini: It would between Houston, Washington, Barlow, Blaylock and Martin again.

Reporter: Consider if Houston was not on the roster, Leon Washington and Kevan Barlow are dead, you got Curtis in 2002 condition with bionic legs and he is morphed with Barry Sanders, would Martin be considered the starter?

Mangini: We'd have to create a paper mache runningback so Curtis would have someone to compete for the starting job with. And only after a week of practice would we consider a starter. We had a paper mache running back up in New England and he was a pretty tough competitor. Plus I wouldn't put it past Barlow to come back from the dead. So between Paper Mache, Curtis and Back from the Dead Barlow, it would be a game time decision.

Reporter: Who would start if the only two players you had were Back from the Dead Barlow and Paper Mache, who would you start?

Mangini: Well, considering coming back from the dead is usually not that easy to bounce back from, I would have to say Paper Mache.

Reporter: So it is Paper Mache as your running back?

Mangini: Yes, Paper Mache.


The Ghost of Leon (Hess)!

These Jet wins are getting hard to watch! Especially at the end. I mean I will take the win, don't get me wrong. But we are making shaky offenses look like the 1989 49ers.

But we Jet fans do have a lot to cheer about. Especially in a season where sports writers didn't pick the Jets to finnish with more than 2 wins. So here we sit in second place in the division.

Currently the Jets are 2-1 in the division. Here's how the rest of the division looks: The Pats beat the Bills yesterday to stand alone at first place with a 4-0 division lead. Bills drop to 3rd place with a 1-3 division record. Miami lost yesterday to the Packers, despite Joey Harrington's 62 throws. The Dolphins fall to 1-6 overall and 0-3 in the division.

Below are yesterdays Game Ball Awards:

Most Consistent Quarterback Award - Chad Pennington: Chad went 16-22 with 189 yards and 1 TD. He also threw 1 pick. You can't beat him up too bad, but it would be nice to see him throw for more than 200 yards if we want to put teams away. That is only one part of what we need to do to finnish teams off earlier in games. The other part is to play defense. However, Chad did what he does best in this game, and that is not screw things up.

Stellar Running Back Award - Leon Frickin' Washington: In last weeks blog I criticized Mangina that he should be getting Leon the ball 18-20 times a game. Mangina gave the ball to Leon 20 times this week. I am glad Eric reads my blog! The rookie responded by carrying the ball for 129 yards and 2 TD's. His longest was a 23 yarder. That is over 6 yards a carry!!! And he looked EXPLOSIVE at times. He really should be getting the ball 22-25 times a game. Plus, they should throw it to him out of the backfield more (that is another thing that will put teams away earlier).

Hot Receiver Award - Jerricho (The Crotch) Crotchery: The Crotch caught 7 passes for 79 yards yesterday afternoon. I also have to give kudos to Mangina credit for throwing it Crotchery's way. This kid is looking good. He is coming into his own and looking better and better with every passing game (no pun intended).

Defense Award - Eric Coleman / Dwayne Robertson: Coleman had 9 tackles and 1 assist. He is good. Seems to be the only guy making tackles in the defensive backfield. Robertson actually gets some props this week too. He only had 4 tackles but also added 1 sack and a fumble recovery. It feels good to see Robertson get on the stick a little. Although, he still plays like a 6th round pick, not the 3rd pick in the draft (not that I am harboring any resentments).

Ted Nugent Award - Mike Nugent: Mike Nugent will get this award every time as long as he doesn't screw things up. I personally have no faith in this kid at this point, and I know I am not alone in that thought. But he went 1 for 1 with a 33 yard fieldgoal and 3 for 3 in extra points. I feel this kid is shaky so I try to build him up with this award every time. Great Job Ted, I mean Mike!

The Vagina Award - Eric Mangina: Even Eric Mangina deserves an award this week. Although I would love to see him finnish teams off better, something he hasn't done yet, he is doing a pretty good job. As the season was about to start and he was being so secretive with his QB starting job and all the hub bub about that, I began to get very skeptical. However, I have been pleasantly surprised by Mangina's winning ways. Overall, I couldn't ask for more, given what the expectations were at the beginning of the season.

Great Job to all the Jets!


The Chad in You!!!

A few Sundays ago, the Jets had 8 seconds left against the Colts trailing them 31-28. I stood up in my living room and uttered toughly, "C'mon Chad!". My almost four-year-old son, responded "Whose Chad?". I briefly thought to myself, "One day son...one day I will tell you about Chad." But I was too fixed on the dwindling clock and what the Jets were going to do to respond at all.

Then Pennington took the snap. He lightly scampered back to the pocket and flung it over the middle to Leon Washington. "What's this!", I thought. Leon Scampers to the right side of the field and was about to get tackled but flings it backward to Brad Smith. "A trick play!", I announced in exuberation (as if to shake loose some more of the 'Same Old Jets' powder that all Jet fans are doused in). I couldn't believe it. Brad Smith runs a few yards. As he is about to be tackled, he turns to the left side of the field and throws a sideways bomb. On the receive end was Chad Pennington.

As Chad came into the picture, I squealed, "Chad!" As if to say, "HOLY SHIT, I LOVE THAT GUY!". My kid again says, a little bit louder this time, "Whose Chad!" Chad ultimately threw the ball to Coles, and Coles to Nick Mangold who ultimately fumbled and the Colts recovered and the game ended. But I almost was taken back by the Jets on that play. And I was even more taken back by my own admiration to Chad Pennington.

Then last week, as me, my trusty little Jet fans (my son & daughter), my wife and my brother all watched the Jets Game, a funny little conversation came up. A conversation that I noted comes up every time the Jets are on, no matter who is there. My wife started by saying, "You just have to like Chad Pennington." My brother added by saying, "Chad is just a total professional. A true leader. The guy is the ultimate team player."

Then I replied, "How can you not like Chad!" Then I sat there and thought to myself how funny it is that I have never really heard anyone trash Chad Pennington. Even in the papers, on talk radio or on TV. Everybody seems to like Chad.

And it is funny. He is really not that great. I mean he is known as not throwing very hard. He really doesn't have great stats at all. This is his seventh year and he has only thrown more than 10 TD's in three seasons. Even in college, he played for Marshall in what many consider a weak college division.

So why do we all like Chad Pennington so much? I will tell you why. Chad reminds us of us. There is a little bit of Chad in all Jet fans and there is a little bit of all us Jet fans in Chad.

I remember when Vinnie Testerverde was the starting QB and sort of mentoring Chad. Vinnie would throw a TD pass and Chad would be on the sideline, pumping his fist, like he threw it. Then when Testeverde came to the side line, Chad would be high-fiving him in congratulations.

And I remember his press conferences in those days. He sat in the wings like a total professional. There was a time when Testeverde was slipping and it was clear Chad's time had come but the couching staff was still holding him back. Chad still stayed professional and waited his turn. And when his turn came, he made the most of it.

Chad is also a fans player. No one seems to be more amped up for games than Chad. I love it when I see Chad flailing his arms and the side line, trying to get his teammates all fired up. It is just great! He is doing what we fans are doing at home and in the stands. There is nothing like seeing your team leader down there doing everything he can to win, even when the defense is on the field.

Now again, Chad is not Joe Montana. I would love it if he were to get even close to that point. But at this point, it doesn't look like it will ever happen. But I and most Jet fans love Chad. And there is no one at this point I would have out there then a healthy Chad Pennington manning the helm.

This week we face the lowly Lions. The Jets better stick it to them hard. Especially on Defense. And they are without there stud Defense Lineman. So we have a few things going our way already. I hope the Jets will show up this week. But I know, Chad will show up!



Ok, We'll Take It!!!

I didn't like the way the Jets finished this game. I am not crazy about the fact that Leon Washington is not getting more carries. I wasn't agreeing with Magina's play calling at times. But guess what? WE WON!!!

So I am not going to get that crazy. We did do a lot of good things which I will address below in the Game Awards section. But we Jet fans do have something to cheer about. We are 3-3 and 2-1 against division opponents. Buffalo lost to Detroit yesterday. New England had the day off.

Our division will really start to materialize in the next few weeks. Next week, Buffalo faces New England. The Jets play Detroit, followed up by Cleveland and then a Bye week. Then we come out of the Bye against the Pats. Then after the New England we have to face the Bears. I don't want to get too much ahead of myself. But after the Bears we have a bit of a cush schedule facing teams like the Texans, Green Bay and the Raiders. We could be looking really great at that point.

At any rate, I really have to calm down. If I really be honest with myself, with all things considered, the Jets really had five very suprising games this year. The only game that really shouldn't have been a surprise given what we had coming into this season (i.e. New Coach, Sore Shoulder QB, No Runningback, etc) was the 0-41 game vs. the Jags. So before I go into a blog that I will convince myself that the Jets will end up 13-3 this season, let me back track a little and get to the game we just played.

Here are the GAME AWARDS:

GAME BALL: This is a no brainer, Leverneas Coles. Coles had 5 catches for 106 yards and 2 TD's. If it weren't for L.C. as me and Chad like to call him, we would be 0-6.

CLUTCH PLAYER: Leon Washington gets this one. He is electric. He averaged 4.4 carriers on only 11 carriers including a 12 yarder and a 9 yarder. Those are the type of runs that keep the offense on the field and avoid 3 and outs. I am baffled as to why he isn't getting 18-20 carriers a game.

CONSISTENT AWARD: This is a new category especially developed for Ted Nugent. Ted went 2-2 on field Goals and 2-2 on extra points. This kid is much more of a head case than he lets you believe so we need to feed him with pats on the back as we can. So we will try to award him as much as possible for the rest of the season. When the season is over, then we can blog about how we want his head on the chopping block.

AUSSIE AWARD: This award goes to Benny Graham. I have always loved this guy. I thought this ex-rugby player would be the first to lay out the punt returner after he punts the ball. But the guy is 33 years old and kicks the hell out of the ball. So you still got to love him anyhow. He averaged 43 yards per punt on 7 punts. Although, I do not like the fact that we punt that many times, at least he isn't shanking them a la every other punter we ever had. At any rate, the runner up for this award is Brad Smith. I don't think Brad is an Aussie but he is kicking ass on special teams. Although, he is making some stupid penalties on the Jets trick plays. He is still going to be good.

CHAD PENNINGTON AWARD: This award goes to Chad Pennington. If nothing else for doing what Chad does best, playing mistake free for the most part. Although, he did get sacked twice and did this turn around things after he fakes the snap a few times (which I don't get) which takes about an extra two seconds, he didn't throw any picks and did a good job.



Vilma needs to step up to the plate now more than ever.

I'll just state the obvious - The Jets need to win this Sunday. If they don't, their season will take a turn for the worse. The Dolphins are not good, despite every "expert" picking them to go to the Super Bowl (along with the Giants, ha ha) in the preseason. That being said, they are not a bunch of push-overs. No, that term could be used for the Jets "defense" at this point though.

Indeed, the Jets D needs to step it up, and that means Vilma needs to get the troops organized. Like Ray Lewis, Vilma has the opportunity to go down as one of the best defensive players ever to grace the field (minus the murder charges, we hope!). Vilma needs to take control of the D, get them pumped up and prove he is their leader. If he does that, then maybe they will play better than they actually are. Shit, if a bonafide leader told me I was fucking awesome and nobody could run over, block, or stop me from getting to the QB I would believe it. By that, I mean if Vilma leads by example, so the other players will have no reason but to follow him.

Vilma's gotta be that guy. Vilma can set an example by being everywhere on the field. Jevon Kearse used to be that guy, he ran all over the field and tracked down ball carriers like he had GPS on those bastards, no matter where they were on the field, Kearse tracked them down. Vilma has to be like that, and if he can't be there, he has to instill the belief in this montly crew that they can fuck up any offensive player the other team has.

I know that football is more physical than mental, but if the Jets defense has a strong leader who fucks people up and gets them amped up, then maybe the mental will make up for the physical. Because from what I've seen, the Jets D doesn't have the talent to stop Rutgers' offense. I know that isn't the case, but they are just not playing up to their potential.

Leaders can really turn things around. It's obvious on offense, but the same can be said about defense. As I mentioned, Ray Lewis is a leader. Vilma needs to first play his balls off on every play. From there, the other guys should want to be like him or at least not disappoint him by fucking up. If they make good plays Vilma should be the first to congratulate them, or at least make sure he does in the huddle. I know there are a lot egos on a football team, but if Vilma can make it so his teammates look up to and/or are afraid of him then he can turn this defense around. He needs to balance by having them fear and respect him. They should fear his wrath if they fuck up (I'm not talking a beating, but he should express some verbal disappointment in them). And they should respect his take on the offense and his senses about every play. If he tells a player to move a few feet to the right that player should listen. I know the coaches are suppossed to coach the guys and yell at them for screwing up, but coaches don't play the game. As Yogi probably once said, "Only the players play the game." That being said, Vilma can do what a coach can't do, he can say to a teammate, "Man, you let me down when I got blocked by two guys and you missed that tackle. You need to step it up." Vilma needs to be the Field General that Ray Lewis was and still is.

Let's hope this week Vilma sets the tone and the Jets stop the potent offense (right) of the Dolphins. God knows the competition is only going to get better as the season goes on. Let's not forget that the Jets offense isn't going to score 30 points a game, especially with a QB who has a fucked up shoulder and no running game of which to speak.

I sincerely hope that Vilma takes command the Jets Defense starts stopping offenses, or it could be a long season.

By the way, Let's Go Mets!



Man, where do I begin? In a way, I almost have nothing to say. It's really the same old story. I feel like my girlfriend broke up with me for the 400th time. Why am I even surprised. She has disappointed me 399 times before. Why do I think this season will be any different. Because she has a new hair style? Or because she lost a few pounds? Her ass is looking a little better?

I seriously must be a glutton for punishment. Before I decided to give it one more try, I thought "Ok, she has a new General Manager. A new coach. And she made some really good draft decisions in the Spring." I don't understand it, how is it that she makes a few changes to herself and all of a sudden every blemish she ever had dissipates.

I immediately forget that her quarterback has had back to back Tommy John surgeries on his throwing shoulder, that her running back is an old man who is not even going to play, but most of all I suddenly dismiss that she has disappointed me time after time after time.

Of course I am talking about the Jets. Yesterday was disastrous!!! 41-0, what??? We could have put tackling sleds in place of our defense and the Jaguars would have scored less. I am afraid to look in past NFL stats to see if a team ever lost by that much. That is horrendous! I am simply appalled.

What kills me even more is that I am not done being punished, because in my true Jet fan heart, I know we are still in it. There are like two people talking in my head. One is saying, "Stop killing yourself and become a Chicago Bears fan or something." The other is saying, "So what we lost 41-0, look at the schedule. We can win 8 out of the next 11. We have a good chance to win the division." Am I crazy or what. Being a Jets fan has some sort of an addictive agent involved in it somehow.

But, I am going to roll with my Jet fan side right now...We actually can win the next 8 out of 11, which would make us 10-6 on the season. Here is how it is broken down. Right now we are 2-3 and 1-1 in the division with a loss to the Pats and a win against Buffalo. Next week we have Miami, who is sort of struggling. We can win that one. That makes us 3-3.

Then we got Detroit at home. A slam dunk, 4-3. Then we travel to Cleveland, 5-3. Next we take the bus up to New England. Ok, that's a loss, 5-4. After that we host Chicago at home. I'll give the Bears that one, 5-5. Ok are you with me? Here is where we start our hot streak.

After the Chicago game we got Houston at home. Common', 6-5 easy. Then we go up to Lambaugh to face Aaron Rodgers and the beat up Green Bay Packers. You got to be kidding me. They will have given up by then and simply playing to give Rodgers practice, 7-5. Then we host Buffalo. We did it once, we can do it again, 8-5.

Then we go to Minnapolis to face Brad Johnson and Vikings. Ok, I will be a little realistic and give the Vikes that one, 8-6. Then we go to Miami. That should be an easy one. Half our team went to Miami, 9-6. Then we will take a shit on Oakland in front of our fans to Finnish 10-6 and 4-2 in our division to make the Wild Card playoff spot.

I won't get into the playoffs just yet...But don't tempt me! Hey, I know I am an unrealistic Jets fan, or as some refer to me as an Unruly Jets Fan. But here is the deal...Some of the games my go the other way. Like we may lose to Detroit. But then we may win the Minnesota game. It is really up in the air. To be honest, I think we have the ability to win every game...Except the Chicago game. Why not, besides Jacksonville we hung right to the end with every team we played.

I don't know how Mangini is going to respond to this loss with his team. But they better rally. I don't think this team is 41-0 bad. I think it was just a bad day, I hope. Hang in there Jet fans. This season is still early!


Redemption in Jacksonville!!!

Last year Chad Pennington re-injured his throwing shoulder taking a hit vs. the Jacksonville Jackoffs. That sort of began the spiral downward for the NY Jets last season. I say sort of because the real spiral downward last season was when they began training camp.

But last season's Jacksonville game put the nail in the coffin when Pennington went down. However, even before Pennington went down, I felt like he wasnt totally recovered anyhow. So I feel a win over the Jacksonville Dickheads will give a nice little spark to our beloved team.

There is no real rivalry between the Jets and the Jerks. But there are some little known facts. One amazing fact is that Kyle "Stone Hands" Brady is still a Jacksonville Jerkoff. Another one is Byron Leftwich and Chad Pennington went to the same college at different times together. And aparently are still freinds. One other fact, that is near and dear to me, is my all time favorite Jet, Jeff Lagaman finnished his career as a Jerkoff. Bastard!

But the NY Jetropolitans should win this one. In my eyes this is like the Titans game, a must win. Jacksonville is very banged up on Defense with a lot of guys injured or playing hurt. The RB Taylor is off to a slow start, although he is a tough back. But he is also 45 years old. The other thing is that Leftwich has thrown 5 picks this year so far.

The Jets have played tough every single game this year. And have only Cedric Houston on the injury report as out. Also Leon Washington, the first year RB, is a homecoming. He actually used to be a soda vendor at Jacksonville Stadium. So he will be looking to have a good game.

But I think Chad will be looking to erase the ghost of last year's injury this week. Look for him to be agressive on offense and the world's biggest cheerleader on defense.

Prediction: Jets 40 - Jackoffville 10.

Addional predictions: Chad - 310 passing yards, 3 TD's
Leon Washington - 60 yards rushing, 60 yards receiving
Coles - 111 yards receiving, 1 TD
Crotchery - 90 yards receiving, 2 TD's
Barlow - 1 rushing TD


Some observations on a disappointing loss...

First, GF was right on the money with his predicition, except the Colts won.

Second, as I said, the Colts were going to score 30 something points.

Third, the Jets defense shit the bed against that jerkoff Manning. If only we tricked him into thinking this was the AFC Championship game, there would be no way he would have driven down the field like that. Why weren't the Jets blitzing more, and getting up on the Colts' receivers? They lost the game. I can't believe they couldn't do what they had to do. Jesus! They couldn't make a play? They couldn't to Peyton? It is unacceptable. The game was the Jets' to win and the defense blew it. They can try to blame it on the coach all they want, but in the end, it was the defense's fault. So what if they went to OT? The way the Colts offense was running in the second half, the only chance the Jets would have had to win was winning the coin toss and scoring on their first possession.

Fourth, it is going to get analyzed all week on the FAN, the fucking fourth down call. To be honest, I was impressed with the balls on Mangina. I didn't think it was the best call in the world, because it wasn't like they were on the 1 or 2, they were on the 3rd or 4th yard line. It's a little long for risking it. That being said, the Jets knew the game wasn't over, and that the Colts could score in a minute or two (like they did and they also scored on 4 of their last 5 possessions in the second half). The Jets also converted on a prior 4th down with a great play, so it wasn't like the call was out of nowhere. So, I don't have a problem with the call. Plus, Mangina also called the on-sides kick that was a risk and paid off. So, kudos to some ballsy play calling. Mangina was like me on Playstation 2. I never fucking kick on 4th down. I kind of liked it. However, either way Mangina is going to get killed. As we all know in NY, your fucked if you do and fucked if you don't.

Finally, how about Justin Miller? One of the most exciting moments in the past couple of years. If only that were enough!

There's always next week! But I have to say, I am beginning to like Mangina a little more. I may have been wrong about calling him Manjerkoff in a prior blog. I think that a lot of fans will call him stupid for his playcalling, but as I said, it can go both ways (like Peyton Manning).