Why Ralph Nader Is Not A Wasted Vote and other musings

Voting for who represents your views is never a wasted vote. Unfortunately, American society is so competitive that people get sucked in to thinking that an election is like a horse race, and you are trying to bet on a winner. Not so, policy can never shift if people's views aren't expressed. Special interests have their ears, as do senior citizens, because they contribute the most to the campaigns. But in the end, those special interests are banking on American voting apathy to carry them on Election Day. If only half the population shows up to vote, and half of that are seniors and older Baby Boomers, then the special interests just need to win those demographics to win the election.

I realize this is all elementary. I voted for Ralph Nader in 1996 and 2000. I voted for Kerry in 2004 and regret a little for doing so. But really, my cause at that time was to somehow just get Bush out of there. I hated becoming a one-issue voter, another powerful segment of the voting population. Now that I think about it I kinda am a one-issue voter: environment. But you can divide that into many areas, preservation, recycling, alternative power, education, incentives for new efficiency ideas, etc., etc.

In any case, vote for who represents you! You know Nader is not going to win, but there is something to be said by standing to be counted. Denver passed legislation last year to decriminalize marijuana in the possession of an adult of up to one ounce. For those of you who don't realize, an ounce of weed on your person is A LOT. And we're talking Colorado here people, local growers galore, you would stink to high heaven. If someone were to splash you with tomato sauce it is because they think you were sprayed by a skunk.

So it can happen. Jesse Ventura! That's my kind of politics! Grassroots, numbers showing up in unexpected droves of younger voters and previously indifferent eligible voters. Sure Jesse was ground up by the media and an uncooperative legislature, but it can happen. And his bad-ass jungle warfare buddy, my boyhood idol...an IMMIGRANT who could barely be understood in English, went on to create widespread fame, fortune and influence in bodybuilding, then became the biggest action movie star in the world, and THEN (for free) becomes the leader of one of the top economies in the whole world - Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Come on, seriously - if someone told you in 1993 that Arnold Schwarzenegger would be the Governor of California and (a stretch but a POTENTIAL), though not legal yet, Presidential Candidate - would you have believed that? Or, if some drunken, drugged up clairvoyant haze you were in Vegas and placed a BET that in 2002 Arnold would be the governor, how much money would you have made? The odds must've been ridiculous, like 10,000 to one.

America, vote for who represents you.


This week in baseball (and basketball, and football, and the news, and a little horse racing too)

1) Bill Parcels is reportedly in talks with the Jets as becoming a consultant for the team in 2007. Sign him up Johnson & Johnson!

2) In San Jose, a 64 year old man was sentenced to 150 years in prison for molesting a reported 100 children since 1969. What a sicko! One question though, 'After the 150 years is up, how can our judicial system just let this guy free?' Fakehead Esq, that one is for you.

3) I said the Jets are talking to the Tuna baby!!!

4) Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro was put to sleep yesterday after a series of ailments. However, they did not put his balls to sleep if you know what I mean.

5) Ojani Noa, J. Lo's first husband is writing a tell-all book which also tells about J. Lo's "many affairs". First of all, how many times was she married? Secondly, dude you are a total loser and probably a faggot (not that there is anything wrong with that). And I am not talking about a gay person to be honest. I mean the kind of faggot that gets beat up on the playground just for being a tool.

6) Los Angeles police want singer Brandy charged in a case of vehicular manslaughter. Did you hear about this? On December 30th, Brandy was driving on the freeway at 65 MHP and she did not notice that the cars in front of her were slowed because of traffic. She slammed into a car in front of her, killing a 38 mother. I seriously hope her celebrity does not get in the way of her getting a proper punishment. Just because she is an idiot doesn't mean that she should walk away without any repercussions.

7) What is a 'consultant' do in the NFL? Actually, who cares. I don't care if 'consultant' is another word for nose tackle, we'll take the Tuna anyway we can get him.

8) Does anybody know why Kobe changed his jersey number from 8 to 24? I hate it when these NBA players do that. The only reason they do that is because MJ did it after he played baseball.

9) It is reported that there might be other missing children linked to Michael Devlin, the MO man who was found with two missing children in his apartment. Authorities said that Devlin's computer had indicated that he used many different user names which made it hard for police to track him while visiting child porn sites. On that note, since this story broke has anyone heard from Gadfly (aka: Shea Gadfly, Paddy O' Gadfly, Mookie Gadfly, Mookie W. O'Maolchathaigh-Fly, Paddy Maolchathaigh)?

10) According to Dennis Dodd of CBS Sportsline, Rutgers own Ray Rice is the front runner for the '07 Heisman Trophy. Not for nothing, I am officially a Rutgers fan now. And this site will soon be selling Ray Rice jersey's. And my goal for 2007 will be to turn Fakehead into a Rutgers fan, despite his hateful feelings toward the school. You will be wearing red and white (and black I think too) by the time September comes.

11) New Rutgers rival, Louisville will be having their starting QB Brian Brohm back for another year which will make that match up a big game. Seems he must like getting hollered at on the side line by his brother so much that decided to stay, despite being ranked as the number one QB in the upcoming NFL draft.

12) I turned on CNN the other day and found Paula Zahn's look had changed. I couldn't figure it out and then I could tell she had he teeth enlarged. It was sort of weird. But to be honest, I really don't care. I just thought it was sort of weird.

13) I wouldn't care if Bill Parcels got his teeth enlarged. As long as he was wearing Jet green.

OK folks, thanks for reading. Feel free to comment.



What is going on with Basketball officiating lately? The end of the Duke-Clemson game was atrocious! The referees completely missed the fact that the clock was not running while Clemson made a hoop, stole an errant Duke inbounds pass and made another a three to go up by one (I think). The clock ran but stopped at 1.6 or something like that and THEN the refs decide to give Duke 3 additional seconds. Wham! They inbound to guard who flings it down the court to David.....who? David what? Oh, that's right, David McCLURE. Anyway, McClure's dunk won the game for Duke with no time remaining and they stormed the court and had a pile-on. But really, Clemson should have ended the game right around their last shot to win it for the big upset.

The reason why I bring this up is that I just finished watching the Nuggets-Jazz game at Utah. The Nuggets were really taking it to them, Carmelo wound up with 37 and Iverson 33 or so and the referees either ignored, missed or were completely and thoroughly threatened or bought off. I was so outraged at the calls in the 4th quarter that allowed the Jazz to get back in it. That fucking Boozer was THROWING EVERYONE DOWN and the refs were calling fouls on the Nuggets. The replays are totally contradictory to the calls. The commentators were astounded, the fucking Mormons resounded and I sat confounded. The Jazz are the team we are trying to catch and to have it just undeniably stolen away from us by the fucking worst calls. That whole referee squad should be axed. NBA refs make 150,000 a year. I think I might want to be an official like Faker's dad. It is fun.

But godamn it, I hate losing on shit like that. The NBA is so weird, the officiating is WAY inconsistent, and I think that comes from Stern himself. Don Corleone is so interested in his global hype machine. It's working though, basketball is a big deal almost all over. It is huge in Europe and Asia. I have to admit, I do love the NBA though. I know that there is a lot wrong with it, but it is getting cool with the foreign influence. The Spurs are awesome to watch, when they ain't playing your team. The Suns are incredible. And the Mavericks just morph into whatever the opponent's greatest weakness is. The Mavs play slow, they play fast, they can run up the score with anyone, they can play a low scoring defensive game. They have key components at all of the positions.
The Nuggets can just go off. If we could have gotten a fair deal tonight it would've been 6 victories in a row. We went 7-8 in Melo's suspension, which is better than I thought we would be. And now the firepower is tantalizing, Melo and AI went off for 70 points tonight. No one should be able to over come that. Problem was that the bench decided to take the night off. The Nets come to town tomorrow night. I am going. I probably see 10-15 Nuggets games a year, I love it. I could walk to the stadium in 25 minutes, ride my bike there in 10. The Rockies are even closer to me, 10 minutes on foot, like 12 blocks, not even a mile. The Broncos stadium is a 40 minute walk and about 20 on bike. This is from my FRONT DOOR, gentlemen. 300+ days of sunshine a year. 13 inches of rain a year. This is my definition of quality of life. Fucking Colorado is a powerful mistress.


Am I really talking about this? You bet your ass I am. (Plus there is no football this weekend).

Why would I want to do that?
One main reason - to abuse the hopelessly mentally disabled individuals who "audition" and get away with it.
What do I mean? Well, my wife watches this show and over the years I have gone to hating it with a passion to hating it with a purpose. First, there is no question that the show, to me, is fake. It's so contrived and rehearsed it is a joke. Even the alleged "voting" seems like bullshit to me, if I were a losing contestant I would subpoena the fucking voting records (it would be two monkeys in a back room picking a name out of an old school bingo machine). Second, something makes me love to hate this trash, and that something is the scope and depth of America's fascination with celebrity and the insanity and mental instablity that accompanies same.
I would say that 95% of the individuals that want to be the next "American Idol" are just attention-hungry whores that are looking for their 15 minutes of fame by being the most awful singer/dancer/human being during their "audition." Never mind the fact that people audition before they go before Simon, Randy and that fucking taco who sang "You're a cold hearted snake" and those three only see the people who Fox wants them to see to put on TV. These fucking people travel from all over the country to get on TV and make themselves look like gigantic asses. It's amazing. It speaks volumes as to how fucked up our society is.
The worse the singer, the more air time that person gets. The more fucked up or disrespectful or angry that person is, the more the camera will focus on them and wait for "what happens next." It encourages mental retardation in our Country.
Yes, I believe that 95% of the people who audition for American Idol have mental disabilities. Sure, maybe 5% think they can sing and aren't half bad at doing so. The rest are out of their minds and should be publicly beaten for being so fucking dumb and/or crazy.
That leads me to think that having Ryan Seacrest's or Simon Cowell's job would be one of the best jobs ever. Right now, Seacrest has his marching orders and is too much of a pussy (or maybe he doesn't have enough security) to really call those wackos out. Simon is the best part of the show when he abuses the awful contestants, but even he could go further. This is my favorite part of the show. I enjoy watching these mentally-challenged people get verbally assaulted. The problem is, after the assault and they say "Fuck you Simon" and storm out, they still act (or actually believe, which is scarier) that they are great singers and that none of the judges knew what they were talking about. And Fox loves that and they these people go on talk shows, get record deals (anyone remember William Hung? I hope he is dead by now, he probably died eating sushi and surrounded by young Japanese boys chained to his bed) and so and so on. One little psycho who recently auditioned and was told that he looked like a monkey by Simon was on the "Today" show saying how the judges were "too cruel". How come monkey boy can get away with saying that? I saw this cocksmoker sing and I'm sure he is a lot better at swallowing cum than singing. But even though he was the worst singer in the fucking universe, the fucking Today enables his bullshit and insanity by bringing on so he could talk about how poorly he was treated. Not that I have time to watch TV in the morning, but I'll never turn on the fucking Today show for as long as live from now on.
If this were a perfect world I would love Seacrest's job and I would ask people "Are you under the care of clinical professional" "What meds do you take?" "Do you realize you are too fat/ugly/ weird/stupid-looking etc. to be the American Idol?" "Do you know that America is not ready for a Asian/Middle-Eastern/Indian/Spanish American Idol and you'll never win?" "Do you really think you can sing and explain to me why?" "Tell me why you are a 'superstar' if nobody has heard of you and you don't earn a living by performing - and pennies in a hat on the street do not count." I could go on and on, but Seacrest doesn't get to see the idiots audition, so he can only go so far.
Simon sees the maniacs audition and really gets the chance to nail them. But it would be so much better if he could over the top. I would lay into them. I would curse at all of them if they sucked. For example: "You fucking suck." "Why don't you lose some weight you fat fuck, oh, and you fucking sucked." "Why don't you leave here, go home, and cut your fucking wrists because the world would be better off if you were dead." "I would rather be listening to the sounds of your family getting stabbed to death for supporting you and brining you into this world than you singing." Imagine how great that would be to see? Plus it would open up the fan base to more men. Granted, you lose the kid element but kids don't buy shit, their parents do. Start advertising porn on the commercials, and guns, and whorehouses in Las Vegas. Why protect children at this point? Is it worse to see a commercial for dildos or to see a flaming homosexual prancing around with a dead animal around his neck pretending to dance and sing while making anti-british, anti-immigration slurs and telling everyone to fuck off after he is told he sucks.
By making the worst of the worst famous (even if only for 10 minutes - that is all it takes for these people) it enables them to try again next year or be more insane on their auditions. What they should do is execute the worst ones or bring them into a side room and beat the living shit out of them. Then I bet you won't see as many fucking idiots show up to "audition." It would be great. Fox could make another reality show on right after "American Idol" called "American Beatings" It would be the most-watched show ever.
In the end, I think that I am just mad at myself that I watch and see how all of these people are so fucked up in their own heads. I cannot stand when people think they are better than they are or are so self-delusional that they cannot see that they suck at something. It drives me so insane! But it also drives me crazy that my wife got me to watch. I will never, ever believe that any reality show is real. THEY ARE ALL FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOTHING IS REAL (except for "Cops", because no cop would be stupid enough to do illegal searches on TV if it weren't really real, every cop would adhere to the US Constitution if it were a fake reality show).
That being said, that is the one good thing about sports. You can't fake it, you have to back it up. You can't just say, "I am great" and walk out of the gym and be on the news the next day saying how you were robbed at the try-out, because if you are that good another team would offer you a try-out. You can't stay famous if you start to suck. You can't start if you're not good. There is no mercy, there are no famous sports figures who didn't make the team, there is no William Hungs of the NFL. Either you are good and you play and you perform or you are sitting the bench, on the practice squad or sitting on your porch talking about how you ran for 104 yards against Par-Hills in 1992, drinking a beer and waiting for your fucking welfare check to arrive.
Random Notes:
I recently discovered the following blog site: http://overfloat.blogspot.com/ I can't believe I'm not on this site as a blogger. Do you guys not like to read the work "fuck"? I feel like I've been cheated on by all of you. Bastards.
Way to go Willie! I think he deserves some cash and it brings some stability to managerial position for some years to come so they can focus on the team. Go Mets!


Racism at the Superbowl!

A while back I called Stephen A. Smith on his radio station about a topic that had come up in the news about Bryant Gumbel calling someone a racist. Actually I had initially called to talk some smack about how crappy the Knicks were doing at the time. But the topic changed while I was on the phone and I had to stay on topic according to the producer.

So I made some points about how sports are a great equalizer of racism and how the topic of racism is actually boring in my opinion and from what I speculate to many other Americans. Stephen A. told me that racism is a huge issue and he said that people need to keep talking about it and then it will go away somehow.

However, I completely dissagreed with Stephen A. I don't disregard his feelings that racism is still bad or that perhaps he still needs to talk about it. But I think the more Americans talk about it, the more of a reality it is. We need to stop talking about it.

Some readers might be saying, "If we need to stop talking about it, why is this guy writing about it? And didn't he write about it a month or so ago?" Well perhaps I did. But guess what? It is a fabulous topic because it gets everyone excited.

But the real reason I am writing about it is because the topic is in the news again. The head coach for both Superbowl Teams are black. The reason I am writing about it is that if Stephen A. Smith doesn't announce it to the whole freaking world every day on his show, no one would care. No one would even know they were black.

I think it is really great for both those coaches. They both have worked hard and deserve to be in it. The fact that Stephen A. is blabbing about how monumentus this is actually degrades what these men have done.

Hard work, smarts, ass kissing, etc. got these two to the Superbowl. NOT because someone opened the door for few poor little negro boys. But because they deserved it on their own merits.

Dr. Martin Luther King said that he "had a dream that his children would grow up to be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." Well Dr. King, what is really great is that America has come a long distance since you gave that speech. And two African American coaches in the NFL made it to the Superbowl, not but the color of their skin but because of the content of their character.

However, you have these little chatterboxes like Stephen A. Smith who feel the need to point to the color of their skin and remind everyone of something that doesn't need to be discussed anymore. It's over Stephen A. Get over it.

Morgan Freeman said on 60 Minutes over the summer that racism will end when we stop talking about it. It is true. It doesn't exsist if we don't talk about it.

I am sorry to bring this up and even honor this topic because it forces us to move backwards. But hopefully in this case we can take one step back to take two steps forward. Help the cause Stephen A., and stop bringing it down.

I really hope little African American children will watch the Superbowl this year and see those coaches and say, "I can be coach of an NFL team one day!" And I am sure they will.

But what does that same kid say to himself when he listens to Stephen A. Smith? "I want to get on radio and tell the whole world that I blame all my problems on racism".

Again, sorry for the rant! On another note, who will win the Superbowl? I betchya a black coach wins!



The AFC Championship Game was one for the ages. Everyone knows the history between the Patriots and the Colts, the disheartening losses in the playoffs year after year by the offensive-minded Colts, victims of a more-physical defense and mental frustration. The subplot was obvious: Belichick's schemes disrupt the Colts wideouts, hassle Manning into hasty throws and the turnovers begin to mount up, while Brady is usually cool as a cucumber directing long, game-ending drives with unhurried precision.

By the middle of the second quarter it was 21-3 Patriots. Peyton threw an interception, which was an exceptional play by Assante Samuel, that was returned 30+ yards for a TD. The whole football-watching nation thought, "Here we go again," including this disbelieving writer. Through my fingers I was able to watch the third quarter, little did I suspect that I was about to witness the greatest comeback in Championship history. The Patriots simply don't give up many second half points and their secondary was on the top of their games. Samuel, in addition to the INT-for-TD, knocked away several balls and kept Marvin Harrison quiet. Playing across from him, fellow defensive back Ellis Hobbs had probably the best game of his young career. I had no idea how fast he was, and he knocked away several good throws to Reggie Wayne. After all, it seemed even the ball was just bouncing the Patriots way- as evidenced by the crazy fumble by Lawrence Maroney at the 4-yard-line that squirted somehow through three Colts defenders before winding up in the arms of Patriots offensive lineman Logan Mankins in the end zone for a New England TD.

But that different look in the demeanor of the Colts in the playoffs this year returned. They became more physical, the offensive line blocked their butts off for Manning, the defense was flying around, Addai and Rhodes ran the ball hard. Their effort was rewarded by some unlikely characters. Jets Fans had to love to see Dan Klecko (son of Jet great Joe Klecko) catch a TD off a play action. And in an even an unlikelier turn, Dominic Rhodes fumbled on the goal line and it was recovered by Colts center Jeff Saturday. Right then it was evident: this game was coming down to 'an eye for an eye'.
The Colts tied the score in the second half three times - at 21, 28 and 31 - before taking their first lead of the game with 1:00 to play on an Addai TD run.

I leapt off the couch but settled down soon because I saw Tom Brady on the sideline throwing a football with a very determined look on his face. Brady had played a great game, so many times he was just a fingertip's grasp away from a sack, knockdown or fumble. But give him all the credit, he got that ball out of there quickly and avoided a turnover until he was forced to squeeze one in there on the last drive. He quickened pulses and soured some stomachs before Colts DB Marlin Jackson picked Brady off and sealed the game.

He still has one more game to win to complete his legacy in just his 9th year as a professional quarterback, but it was great to see Peyton Manning rise above his personal nemesis in the biggest game of his life. He is the best quarterback in the league because he makes great throws, rehearses his routes with his WR's maniacally, studies like no other, prepares like no other, changes plays and blocking assignments to win and will do whatever it takes for his team - but it is nearly safe to assume that he will own every meaningful passing record by the time he is done. We are watching what could be the greatest of all-time. I just remember when everyone said Michael Jordan would never win a championship, and then when he finally broke that seal he won every year he played for the Bulls after that, 5 more times. We could see a similar uncorking of dominance in the NFL with Peyton Manning and the Colts.

The Bears will make a nice rug in Peyton's cabin when he retires. He will reflect on his stellar career before a roaring hearth, penning his memoirs and nuzzling his feet into the soft, luxuriant hide of his first Super Bowl prey.

Mini Post - FUCK REGGIE BUSH (and Bellijerk)

What a fucking jerkoff.

Yes, the guy is talented and I'm sure he is going to be a great NFL player, but his little theatrics and dance number made him look like a classless cockknocker yesterday.

Top Three Reasons Not to Celebrate:

1. Your team is STILL FUCKING LOSING, despite your Touchdown.

2. It's the fucking NFL Playoffs, not some fucking highschool football game.

3. You're not at home, you're in a city where NOBODY wants to see you dance around like a fucking clown at the circus.

4. Pointing at the arguably the best LB in the league who has been playing for over 5 years doesn't do anyone on your team's offense any favors, i.e., it makes people on defense angry.

Sure, that was 4 reasons, but how fucking lame was that move???? I couldn't believe my own eyes. The pointing, flip and dancing, when he is away and losing a playoff game???? Unreal. His only saving grace is that he apologized after the game, but what's done is done. He needs to learn. Hopefully, he will.

I don't have time to write more, but I owe Miggy 10 bucks, I'm sure he blew his load when pretty boy threw that pick. I have to admit I was thrilled to see the Pats lose and Bellicunt's grimace at the end of the game. For the record, without Brady, Bellijerk is NOTHING. See Cleveland's record when he was there, it was awful. Bellicock is something like 85-40 or something with Brady as his QB. Well, Brady threw the pick, and Belly lost. ha ha ha.

Not for nothing, #29 on the Colts is blessed, thanks to my main man Eric Dickerson, who used to grace that number.

F Reggie Bush

F the Pats and Bellicunty

Let's hope the Jets pick up Samuel in the off-season, the guy can play when it matters most.


The Contributing Writers

Thought readers might be interested in what we look like!



The woman's name is Alessandra Ambrosio, and she is hotter than Giselle whats-her-name.

Regardless, this blog is not about this woman, it is about the fact that whether or not the world admits it, there are some sports that are better to watch and/or more interesting than others. Below I have ranked what I THINK are those sports. Obviously, this is my opinion, and it is open for discussion. That is why we have this blogsite, correct?

Anyway, here I go:

1. NFL Football - nothing beats the sheer excitement and pagentry of this game. It is awesome. The skills, the hits, the passes, everything about it rocks. The game itself lends to an atmosphere of fun. The tailgates, the football in the parking lot, the fact that going to a game at 1 pm means you plan on getting to the parking lot at 10:30 with beer in hand. Nothing beats it. Even when your team is done in the playoffs or never made the playoffs, you still watch. There is just something about the NFL, nothing can top it.

2. March Madness (aka NCAA Hoops Tourney) - you gotta love it. Get your bracket out and start scoring, EVERY GAME MATTERS! (That is, until there are 10 upsets in the first round and 2 of your final four are out before you get to the second day of games). Even when you lose your bracket you root for the Cinderalla teams. Two words - buzzer beaters! It is beyond fun and there are more great basketball games in that 3 week span than the entire NBA season.

3. Major League Baseball - but only your favorite team. If you don't like baseball then you totally disagree with me, you say it's boring, blah blah blah. I competely disagree, as I watched more full Met games this year than I had in the past three years. Every night I turned on SNY and played with my kid and had the game on. If you love a team, you love to watch that team play baseball. To be honest, I love baseball anyway, so I would sometimes turn on ESPN or the Skanks when the Mets weren't on, just to see the game. This of course gets intensified when the playoffs are on and your team is in them, no small feat since the season is 162 games and only 8 out of the million teams make it. (I do think there are too many teams in MLB). Nothing beats the playoffs in MLB if your team is playing. I'll never forget game 7 Mets/Cards, it was one of the best baseball games I have ever seen, except I'll still wish it ended differently.

4. College Football - great games, you never know what to expect, fun upsets, and plus, it's football.

5. NBA - boring to me, but gets somewhat interesting during the playoffs. I liked last year when Cleveland was on fire and driving through the playoffs on LeBron's shoulders. Other than that I'm sick of Shaq, Kobe and the rest of them. The game went downhill after MJ left.

6. NHL - I heard a live game is exciting, and people love it, but I have almost no interest in it, especially after I stopped playing PS2 Hockey and I have no clue who is on what team, except for the Devils (sort of).

7. The Summer Olympics - a lot of good stories and it is somewhat interesting, but does anyone really care? Swimming gets interesting every once and a while. Basketball is a joke since the USA can't even win a gold metal anymore, which makes no sense to me.

8. NASCAR - People love it. I'm not one of them. Mooks went to a race and he sort of liked it from what I can gather. It is a little too country for me.

9. The Winter Olympics - again, some good stories, but in the end who cares about fucking curling?
10. Golf - people love it. It seems to me that rich white people love it. I can't picture gentlemen in Newark gathered around their TVs cheering on Tiger Woods, but who knows. I never got into golf. It's like watching paint dry. Every once and a while there is a playoff, and that makes it interesting I guess.
11. Tennis - only because Sharpoivola (or whatever the hell her name is) is hot. I used to dig it a little more but it is boring to watch on TV. The more the player is a character, the better they are to watch. The sport must miss McEnroe and Agassi, that's for sure. Roddick seems like a company man, he needs to relax a little.
12. Soccer - please. No one in America cares. I'll never forget the Simpsons episode where they make fun of soccer and hooliganism. That episode sums up soccer in America, watch it.
I am sure I am missing some sports, please don't be afraid to let me know. But that's how I see it. To be honest, I only care about the first four.
The other question is, do you think this chic is hotter than Giselle?


Okay, lets settle down. Let's reason here. Vinny is not getting a ring. Not because he doesn't deserve one, but he should've come back to back up Peyton. One word for the valiant New England Patriots: Addai. And another word: Rhodes.

Joe Addai and Dom Rhodes are going to grind it out on that New England front line of Defense. Vince Wilfork and Rich Seymour are studs, but even they will fall victim of fatigue late in the game. The Colts wore out that Ravens D (which is definitely more lethal and younger than the Patriots). At the RCA Dome where Peyton is most comfortable. The book on what the Pats do to the Colts is they get very physical with the receivers and tight ends going out for a pass. The 5-yard no-contact rule was reinforced the last couple years specifically (I believe) after watching the Pats maul Harrison and Co. WAY off the line in the playoffs two or three years ago. This disrupts the critical timing of the WR's running routes, then you get a little pressure on Manning and he is forced to make hasty decisions. Peyton throws to a spot of the field and off of 'feel' for what Marv and Reggie are going to do in their route. When the Colts have to guess, that's when they turn the ball over.

Peyton has to take what the Defense gives him and manage the game! No turnovers! This is not a stat contest vs. Brady, it's a quest for a W. That Colts team on their turf in their dome...I know, I know - I remember Pittsburgh coming in there last year. But last year the Colts were nigh-invincible last year. This year there was a regular season Defense and a Postseason D. I know that the numbers are names on the backs of the jerseys are the same, but this is a different team.

Run the ball, Peyton! Even if they only average three yards a rush, the Colts need to stick to it. Stay in 3rd-and-manageables . Vinatieri will come through with critical points. Rest their D while wearing out the Pats with lengthy second-half drives. It will be a thrilling, close one with at least 5 field goals. Colts 20-19.

The NFC. The Afterthought. Would love to see New Orleans win and I am definitely ready to write Chicago off. Problem is that Chicago isn't. True, the Seahawks had guys come off the street to play in their secondary, but that Bears D did a good job (kinda) on Branch, Hasslebeck and to some extent Shaun Alexander. It really boiled down to that sack by the beleaguered Tank Johnson on Hasslebeck on 4th down on the final drive that won the day.

New Orleans has so many weapons and a QB who has played the poised throughout the season, a sure MVP were it not for LaDanian Tomlinson's record-setting year. Did you see how Reggie Bush woke up after that HUGE hit in the first quarter vs. the Eagles? The Saints are not soft, that's for sure. Deuce and Reggie I believe will prove too much for Urlacher and Briggs (who are best in the business at LB). Expect to see both Bush and McCallister on the field at the same time too. I think Sean Payton will throw everything but the kitchen sink at the Bears D, spread the field and run them ragged.

Still, Grossman really loves to go deep and sling it, the Saints front four needs to get him on the run and gambling. Berrian and Moose are good but I think that Chicago had a lot of guys sprain their ankles and twist their legs weird on that new sod Soldier Field had put in before last week's game vs. the Seahawks. Could be a factor in this game, because I would say that the New Orleans secondary is mediocre. A front four on the D-line makes a lot of secondaries look better than they are (see Cincy Bengals) when they get picks off errant throws.

I think the Saints are playing for more than themselves and football. It's inspired football. Saints 31-20.


The One Reason I want the Pats to Go all the Way...

...so Vinny gets his ring.

What would be the best is if the Patriots are in the Superbowl and are driving with 4 minutes left trailing by 5. Brady severely sprains his ankle on first down when Brian Urlacher falls on him weird.

Belechick looks behind him and sees Vinny standing there with his baseball cap on and says (the same way Rafiki from the Lion King tells Simba), "Vinny, it is time!"

Vinnie drives down the field and with 15 seconds left, tosses a quick sland to his left to Jabar Gaffney for the TD and the Superbowl win.

And if he does win, we Jet fans will be able to celebrate with the old man. Heck, even if he gets his ring sitting on the bench. I will be happy for him.

You just got to love Vinny. Especially if you are a Jet fan. Vinny took us further than any other quarterback has since Joe Willy. In 1998 he took us to the AFC Championship game when we lost to the Denver Broncos. He was great that year, throwing for 29 TD's.

I don't know...I just want to see Vinny get his day. He may have won the Hiesman and was the first pick of the draft, but that was 45 years ago.

Let's go Vinnie!

Also, a Side Note:

I would like to officially thank Mookie O'Whateverthefuckhisnameis for his dedication and service to our Blog. I deem him Employee of the Month for January '07. Even though he never Blogs here as he is "not that big of a football fan" and didn't respond to the comment of, "what about the keeping in touch with your old pals?", I still think he deserves this honor. It was a tough call between Mookie and FiggytheMick for his consistent comments. So Figgy gets an honorable discharge, er mention as well.


Peyton will blow it again...along with some other random rantings!

Ugh! Do we really have to sit through this media spectical that Peyton Manning always makes of himself again? Every year Manning is one of the top three QB's in the league and every year we watch him get overwelmingly dissappointed. He should just save himself the heartbreak and fain a torn rotator cuff.

I don't know what it is, but Manning just does not play well in the playoffs. He didn't even play well in this weeks game vs the Ravens. I mean, they didn't even score a touchdown.

And I am sick of the radio stations talking about it. This is not Peyton's year, sorry to say. The Pats pick Manning apart worse than anyone. So they poor bastard has no hope. He will be just like Marino, without a ring when it is all said and done.

So lets move on...how about these freaking San Diego Chargers? Marty Schottenhiemer blew it again. I would love to see his thought process: 'Let me see, give it to my running back who averages 11 yards per carry or let my first year quarterback sling it around the most complicated defense in NFL history. Sorry Marty. Are you sure your not from the Manning blood line? The Charger players have no discipline either, which boils down to good old Marty.

L.T. was upset after the game and threw some parting shots at Belechick. But, he is the only guy who should be talking anyhow. And he was just frustrated. He should be.

The Bears squeaked one out too. Too bad they are going to lose this weekend to the Saints. New Orleans is the better team here. I don't care how good the defense is, if you don't have a QB (which the Bears do not) you are screwed. The Saints will out perform the Bears on offense and I anticipate a blow out.

That's it, happy Tuesday!


Bad-Ass Boys in Blue

Saturday's NFL playoff games were exciting and close, just as they should be. The Indianapolis Colts gutted out a huge victory at the very-tough Baltimore Colts. In my view, the Ravens are one of the most intimidating teams to play. If they can shut down the opposing running game and let their playmakers fly around it's usually over. Did anyone see Ed Reed on Saturday? He was playing out of his body!

I saw a side to the Colts that I had never really seen, sheer force of will. The Defense was an absolute beast.

Vinateiri did precisely what they brought him in for. It took Peyton the better part of three full quarters to just take what the Ravens D were giving him, primarily the short stuff. He kept forcing the long ball. The colts O- line played the game of their season, the type of game that they needed to play in last year's playoff loss against Pittsburgh. Joseph Addai has shown tremendous grit down the stretch and I am glad they stuck to him. The Colts coaching staff was flexible in this game and never panicked, they stopped running off-tackle and started running inside. Chipping away with three or four yards a pop, the Colts kept themselves in 3rd-and-manageable situations which in turn extended drives, wore out the Ravens D and kept the Colts D fresh on the sideline.

Despite Mr. Manning's two interceptions, the Colts D played like they were as fresh and fast and physical in the 4th quarter as they were in the 1st. Hats off and game ball goes to Colts Special Teams and Defense for carrying the day. The Colts are very lethal. If Peyton plays within himself and takes what the D gives him to chew clock and maintain rythm the Colts are two victories from it all. No one can beat them. I believe the Colts Countdown to SuperBowldom is on.

San Diego this and San Diego that, as I write this it is still pre-game on Sunday. I feel in my gut that Belicheck is going to upset all of California. Plus, did anyone hear about the Pats fans unable to acquire tickets because the Californians are buying them up to prevent Pats fans from coming. That type of stuff will make them all look even more foolish. I don't know how exactly the Patriots will do it, but I just think they will. Then they travel to the RCA Dome to face the team that they have OWNED in previous playoff meetings. Two years in a row now in the regular season the Colts have bested the Pats, so we will have to see if Peyton is over that hump. Ty Law is gone and Harrison is out so that takes away two of Peyton's most-feared nemesi.

I'm picking so many upsets this week, 3 out of 4 games. I also like Seattle in a one-game series against the struggling NFC front-runners Chicago Bears. Run game and Run Defense wins the day and I take Hasselbeck over Grossman if it comes down to an air battle. The Seattle D will play more like last year. I think Julian Peterson played his ass off this year.

Hope you guys enjoy your playoff Sunday. Sayonara suckers!


The Week In Review

Here is the week in review, something that might be a regular depending on reviews. So here we go.

1) First of all, I have been treated like the ugly step child by Blogger. Those fucking bastards have found a way to lock me out of their stupid blog hosting site. Ever since they sold out to Google, I have had more problems. I signed up for their "New Account" and have had issues logging on ever since. Hense, my name is always in "black" lettering bc it doesn't recognize my password. I installed Internet Explorer 7 and updated my Norton Anti Virus and now I get on. But it is still sketchy. Sorry, but I had vent a little bit about it.

2) One more thing about Blogger and locking me out. FUCK YOU! Ok, I feel a little better. But only a little.

3) A judge ordered all three of the main Duke Lacross players to take a paternity test to see if anyone of them are the father of the defendant in the Duke Rape Case that was dismissed. Boy that would complicate things if one of them is the father. But I don't know why they would need a paternity test. All they need to do is see if the baby is driving a Bentley and they will know it was one of the Duke boys. OH! I am here all week. Try the veal sausages. But only eat them, Fakehead, they are not for inserting into any suspicious places

4) Pedigree horse Barbaro's recovery process is delayed by an ailing hoof. Awe common, why don't they just cut his balls off and shoot em already. That is all they are really keeping him around for anyhow.

5) Many people thought President Bush blew his chance of redeeming his reputation at this weeks Address to the People. I really don't feel like commenting on this as it is too serious of a topic. But fuck it...looks like he is going to kill another few thousand troops and a few more hundred thousand Iraqi's. Great legacy Bush! Thanks for the scariest 8 years in American History. Try the veal sausages why don't you. Fakehead will show you what to do with them. Fuck you.

6) Mark McQuire was snubbed by the Baseball Hall of Fame. Big suprise! But I think it is really great that the Hall of Fame will not let anybody into the Hall who has done steriods....I am kidding of course.

7) Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnel continue to hash out their difference, much to the horray of the media. I think it is so funny when Donald calls Rosie a "Fat Pig". Because, no matter what she says after that doesn't matter bc that comment just houses her. He can just say, "You're a Fat Pig." Period. End of Story. Rosie is done after that.

8) Yvonne De Carlo, who played Lily on the Munsters, died this week at the age of 84. You had to love that show with Herman, Grandpa, Eddie, Cousin It, etc. Great programming right there. But not for nothing, I thought Lily was dead 200 years ago. OH, keep eating the veal sausages!!! Fakehead, did you really "eat" all those sausages? How did you make so many dissappear so fast?

9) Two Middlesex County, NJ assembly men are trying to pass legislature that would provide a lottery for voters. So if you are a register voter and you vote during a state election, you could win 1 million dollars. I say do it. They will definately get more people interested in the election if there is a chance to make a cool million. It is sad to say, but true.

10) The New York Football Giants are sticking with Coach Tom Caughlin for one more year. Many think they are holding off for recently retired Steelers Coach Bill Cowher. I think Cowher was always over rated. But he couldn't be worse than the Caughinator. I don't think I could take more than a year of seeing Caughlin on the side lines with his arms up in the air with this stupid look on his face.

11) Time magazine changed their delivery format this week. They are screwing me all up. Now instead of delivering the magazine on Tuesdays, they deliver it on Fridays. The move was put into place because they polled membership and found that most readers settled down to read the magazine over the weekend. At which time, all of the news stories are a bit old. So now, the over the weekend, the stories are now fresher. Those mother f'ers never polled my ass (settle down Fakehead). I would have rejected that idea. But frankly, I just don't like change. The idea actually makes sense. I guess I will warm up to it. Fuck you Blogger...I am still pissed. And I am blaming this Time thing on you too.

12) The AP this week reported that David Beckham is coming to America to play football for the LA Galaxy for a reported $250,000,000 over 5 years. I am sorry AP, but it is called soccer. And it is a girls sport for losers. Good luck Beckham, and you better start spending that $250,000,000 here in the states to help our economy you gay faggot. Hey, I don't know why I am ragging on this guy. I really don't even know him. I say, good for him. Aparently he is quite popular in European countries like China and Africa. I hope he can make soccer more popular in the states. My daughter needs a role model.

13) An article in the New York Times reported that a meteorite crashed through the roof of a Freehold Twp, NJ house, destroying their upstairs bathroom. How did this not make national headlines? I mean, space rocks are flying to earth and causing that much damage and I find it in some small article in the NY Times. So you could be driving down the road and all of a sudden your car gets hit and just bursts into flames??? I don't know, but this sounds a little crazy. The people now own this rock and all these scientists want to study it. But the house owners have not released it. Apparently they can sell it but the article did not say how much for. Didn't sound like a lot of money. But if that happened to me, I would be like, "You mother fuckers are going to have to wait." If a rock came crashing through my roof from outer space, you better fucking beleive there ain't no-studying this thing until I have a good look at it.

14) And last but not least, Ebay is reporttedly going to buy Stub Hub for $310 million dollars. Are you fucking kidding me??? Stub Hub has only been around for like 2 years. And it was probably made up by some drop out loser who is 22 years old. But this is why I created this blog. Soon, the four of us will be sort of cult hero's in the blog world (I say four because I know no one else reads this blog). And one day, hopefully sometime this year, AOL will call me up and say we would like to buy the rights to your blog for $250,000,000. And if you three guys play your cards right, you will do alright. In fact I have already drawn up the splits. I thought it would only be right if I split it evenly, so Fakehad gets 5%, Figgy gets 5% and Pacraig gets 5%. Ha ha ha, I am only kidding you guys. It would be properly...and when I say properly I mean you better not fucking piss me off or your fucked! And stay away from the fucking veal sausages Fakehead, you've had enough.

Hope this blog finds you well and have a nice weekend!



Charger mania is about to hit a brick wall. With one sound playoff victory under their well-notched belts, the Patriots are a dangerous team to play. Traveling to mild Sunny Southern Cali wouldn't seem a stretch, especially given the peculiar weather the northeast is experiencing. Consider Marty's infamous playoff track record and Belicheck's luminous one and this seems like a call from the gut - Patriots all the way. The incomparable LaDanian Tomlinson is a herculean task for a defense to nullify, but is there any better in the business in the clutch than Bruschi and Co.? Losing Rodney Harrison hurts though. But hate him if you must, Jets fans, but us Blue Bleeders remember the nasty, snarling Giant defenses of the latter-80's and 1990 that Belicheck cut his teeth on as Defensive Coordinator.

Miami and Denver are for some reason the toughest for the Pats, and against the rest of the League they are a ridiculous 30-6 in the last three years or so. The Patriots never fail to bring their best when playing a high-caliber opponent and I flat out think that they are intimidated by no one. Not even LT.

The weak link in the Chargers formidable offense is QB Phillip Rivers. Pressure, disguises and a dilligently-drilled determined defense will fell the emotional young gunner. I think Rivers is a confident, big-time player-in-the-making but this early out the gate in his starting career, Belicheck will overwhelm him. Brady and Co. will play keepaway on offense, mixing a two-back attack with the infamous dink-and-dunk passing that won them two Super Bowls without a running game. Patriots 31-24.

I realize I won't make many friends on this blog but I am also seriously rooting for that Indy defense to show up again and give the Colts a chance against the Ravens. Colts 26-21.



Alan Branch, Defensive Tackle, Michigan Wolverines

Dust off that playoff loss to the Patriots, Jets fans, and come back next year with some guys to hit Brady in the mouth. As I'm sure you all are feeling, the year was a success. Definitely an overachieving effort. Now its time to think about next year. Look at the bright side, at least one of your starters wasn't senselessly murdered while seemingly safe inside a limosuine after the loss.

I would like to hear where the Jets need to go in the draft and free agency. Mangini is back to basics football. That means building up front first. He did a masterful job with the draft last year, acquiring cornerstones Center Nick Mangold and Left Tackle D'Brickshaw Fergusen. Those are the two most important positions on the O line. Running the ball and stopping the run is a proven recipe for success in the NFL, despite all the innovative offenses and flashy packages and schemes. Mangini is a disciple of this. I am thinking that the Jets will anchor the D line this year.

The Jets have 3 picks inside the top 60 of the 2007 NFL Draft, that is a lot of top talent with which to stock the defense and running game.

There is plenty of DT's and DE's projected for the first two rounds as well as a decent crop of RB's. I would guess the Jets will pick in the 25th slot this year. DT's Frank Okam (Texas), Alan Branch (Mich) and Quinn Pitcock (Ohio State) could be available. I wouldn't blink if Mangini went with a 'run-the-ball, stop-the-run' mentality or vice versa. DE's Gaines Adams (Clemson) and Quentin Moses (Georgia) could be available. As for RB's, Adrian Peterson (Oklahoma), Marshawn Lynch (Cal) and Kenny Irons (Auburn) could still be on the board too. The 2007 draft has a lot of receivers so I think it will be an under-the-radar year for RB's. Couple one of them with Leon and you have a decent two-back tandem there.

As for QB, I heard a rumor there's a chance Mike Vick could be shipped from Atlanta. Anyone want to touch that one? How about a run for Randy Moss?

As for my beloved G-Men, I want one person:


A Fitting Jets Poem


by Unruly Jets Fan

'Twas two weeks after Christmas, and all through the city
The Jet fans tuned into Foxboro, and it wasn’t pretty;
Magnini had set his line up with care,
In hopes that a flight to San Diego soon would be there;
Barlow and Blaylock were not in the plans,
So visions of negative yard rushes could leave Jet fans;
And Benny in his Jets jersey , and me in my Jets cap,
we turned on the tube, for an afternoon to clap,
The kickoff happened and the Pats got the ball,
we buckled down to watch, Jets D to start to maul.
Right down the field, they flew like a flash,
Dillon tore up the running game, right down the hash.

The Pats on the 10th play of the opening drive
Handed it to Corey for an 11 yard dive,
They came down so fast, I wanted to shut my young sons eyes,”
But these are the NEW Jets”, I said with some pride,
And onto the field, they came on so quick,
I knew in a moment it’s all because of Er-ic.
More than ever it seems, the Ghost of Leon has answered our prayers,
Chad audibled, and shouted, and motioned his players;
"On Baker, on Crotchery, on Coles”, he pleaded”

Just follow the game plan, and we will not be defeated”.
On that warm winter day, the Jets were ready,
Nugent got a quick three, and the defense played good too,
and for 77 yards, down the field Crotchery flew.

And then they got a first down, and then got another
It was 10-3. “We might win this thing,” I said to my brother.
And yet the Jets manage to do again for another season,
the Jets beat themselves without any good reason.
Gostkowski kicked three field goals,
Daniel Graham caught a TD despite his loose traction;
Even Assante Samuel got into the action,

But Jet fans have got to stop.
We went 10-6 in a season that was supposed to be a flop.
Oh, Superbowl hopes, dim as a Christmas bulbs glow.
The Jets go to into draft mode, that is where the Jets go.
Oh we’ll watch the rest of the playoffs, there’s no doubt about that.
But my Pennington jersey goes into the closet, and so does my Jets hat.
A year ago, this young coach made all Jet fans squirm.
Now the consensus is. “Thank God we got rid of Herm.”
I hope Tannenbaum & Mangini scout wide and far,
Because unbeknownst to them, they have just set the bar.
Tonight, when I put Benny down to bed, he looked at me with eyes that said,
“The Jets are finally on the right track dad”.
I gave him a kiss, tucked him in and whispered back, “You may be right.”
But in my true Jet fan heart what I really was thinking was,
“We could have pulled it off if only Curtiss was healthy.”
And I turned off the light.



Don't Be the Underdog. Be the Better Team.

I like the idea of heart and chemistry having something to do with winning but in the end it really doesn't matter. The Cardinals didn't beat the Mets in the playoffs this year because of chemistry. In the end they played better. The Mets lost even though as a team they were as together as any other Mets team I have ever witnessed.

I think we have a chance to win. I won't even make an outlandish score prediction like last week. There are some key areas where the Jets are better (and more importantly, younger) than the Pats. We have two distinct advantages.

1.) We have a very young O-Line who will take the pounding and protect their QB for a longer period during the game. I have actually seen them tire out defenses this year by simply outlasting them. They have kept Chad healthy and that's no small feat. The life expectancy of an Offensive Lineman is like 1 year so seeing that our guys are younger, I'd have to take them over the Pats guys (although they are very good too)...

2.) Special teams...Last time I checked we have a guy named Miller bringing that ball back up the gullet...and he's been about as good as anyone in the league. We have the edge with kickers too w/the aforementioned Nugent and our Aussie Graham. Like Figgy mentioned in the previous post I think the Jets need to play to their strengths.

I'll take this one step further by saying that I think they need to play the best game they have ever played. Remember this about the Pats. They don't lose at home during the playoffs and they never lose back to back. And when they have lost in the postseason at home, it was to the eventual Super Bowl Champs (Pitt 2005 & Baltimore 2000). I'm not ready to start talking about Super Bowls until the Jets can navigate the rough waters that are the AFC.

Chad has to be perfect...that means no turnovers. He didn't really have a great game last time against the Pats but he did keep the ball safe. The 3-4 has to work with the players that we have...more importantly the players have to work the defense they operate under. Vilma, Ellis, Robertson, Barton & Co. need a game where they leave it all on the field (hopefully leaving Tom "Marsha Marsha Marsha" Brady lying all over the field). Mangina has to make the defense work the Pats over, working in some wrinkles that no one has seen before...Bellicheck & Brady (the modern day Killer B's) are too smart. If you go back and show them what you have already shown them...you lose.

Lastly, I think we are going to need some luck...a couple of breaks...made breaks of course, like pass interference calls, etc., etc. We can't have touchdowns (like in Cleveland) be ruled incomplete passes, out of bounds or whatever. We need a tight game form everyone. The Pats have been the best team over the last ten years. Show them respect for now. After a win we can talk about how much hustle and heart we have...but we'll know deep down that a win only goes to the best team on the field. The Pats may have more to lose if they can't beat the Jets...and that will only make the win that much sweeter...

Just Some Sidenotes:

How much of a loser is Nick Saban...At the onset of the season, SI did an exclusive interview with Saban and they lauded him as a quiet genius. I love to point out just how absurd it seemed to me at the time and how completely ridiculous the article seems now. Some genius...a couple of good draft picks and a last place finish. This is the state that he has left the Dolphins in and for what? SI interviewed him at his cozy million dollar lake home built on lies and deception. How many potential players entering LSU did he promise that he'd be there to see graduate? What do you think they felt like when he took big bucks and went south on them for Miami? This is why I nominate these four people/entities as my losers of the week.

4.)Harry Wayne Huizenga/The Dolphins Organization for trying to hold on to someone who is basically character zero.

3.) The University of Alabama for hiring a liar and a person of dubious character to lead and teach their kids.

2.) Sports Illustrated for propping up someone who is a total SOB. Oh, in that same issue, they picked Miami to win the AFC East with their tenacious D & great coach. What a joke...

1.) Nick Saban for leaving yet another team in a lurch because he couldn't "Buddy" Hackett the NFL. The guy is a little fickle bitch and anyone that trusts in him deserves what they get...

One more thing before you guys rev it up for an extremely exciting playoff weekend. Give our QB his due. Chad was just awarded the AP Comeback Player of the Year. I think he should also be the team MVP. Say what you want about his suspect arm or him being injury prone. His toughness has shown through and guided the Jets to the playoffs. At the beginning of the season I put it on his surgically repaired shoulders. Chad did not disappoint...The guy is a winner and in his first full season in the NFL at age 30, I hope he gets the chance to win a whole lot more.

Chad said on winning the award,"The organization has been great in providing me with all kinds of special resources to get back healthy and play at a high level," he said. "My teammates have been behind me since Day 1. For us to be able to put it together out on the field would mean a lot ... it's been such a team effort."

Chad is humble. He mirrors class. He is a good guy. But now It's time for him to show the rest of the NFL what Jets fans have known all along. The guy is a winner when it counts and that's all that matters. Lets win one when it counts.



Caymus67 said...
Rushing - Advantage Patriots
Passing - Advantage Patriots
Run Defense - Advantage
PatriotsPass Defense - Advantage Patriots
Special Teams - Advantage Patriots
Coaching - Advantage Patriots
Intangibles - Advantage Patriots

Fakehead said...
Belicunt is going to fucking hell.

Gaflo O'Paddywagon said...
Chad needs to carry this team.

Ed from Westchester said...
We don't "play to win the game", we win because Herm is no longer here.

FiggytheMick said...
If the Jets follow my stradegy they will win. Trust me, I've been trapped in 10 feet of snow for the last two weeks so I've had a lot of time to plan it out.

JetTitties said...
The playoffs are the titties!

and UnrulyJetsFan said...
LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Listen up folks...we are getting closer to one of the biggest games in recent history. This is it. The Jets vs. the Pats. I know we've been talking about this all week, but I am really feeling the Jets could pull this off.

This game is the epitome of why we have this blog. This game is the main reason we link to this blog every day. This game is the reason why we love the Jets.

All year we've been posting, talking smack and researching all the stat sites to post good blogs. We've met some interesting fellows (when I say interesting I mean crazy and when I say crazy I am referring to JetTitties). We've bought into a 35 year old coach's regime. We've seen Chad come back to pro quaterback form, something none of us thought he would do. We've seen the emergence of people like Kerry Rhodes and Nick Mangold. We saw our Jets, who none of us thought they would win 4 games, finnish 10-6.

10 and fucking 6. And you know what, we are in the fucking playoffs!!! And guess what, Caymus is right on all his points above. The Pats have a far more better running game. Shit, we don't even have a real running back. And the New England passing game is far superior to ours. Our QB lofts balls that hang up there for what seems for anyone to grab. They have a better defense, coach and all around team.

But do you want to know why the Jets will win Sunday? Huh, do you want to??? For the same reason we are 10-6 in a season where we supposed to finnish dead last. Why? For the same reason Chad Pennington wasn't supposed to come back. Why? Because of the same reason a 35 year old coach who was a water boy two years ago, can be our fearless leader.

In the movie Rocky Balboa, Rocky tells his son, "Being a winner is not about how many punches you land, but about how many punches you take and keep going." Our beloved Jets have taken many big blows this year. But we keep going.

This Sunday we will be up in the ring in Foxboro. And no doubt Tom Brady and the Pats Defense will be laying some big blows on us. But this Jets team will keep moving forward. Because they beleive in themselves and in one another. It will not be pretty up there in Foxboro, but our Jets will be prepared.

Caymus and his buddy Skinner asked me to come up to Foxboro this weekend. And although, driving 7 hours, sleeping on Skinners couch and driving the 7 hours home all in 24 hours would be worth it to see the heavy weight bout, I gracefully declined. And the only reason I am not going is I am taking Mrs. UnrulyJetsFan to NYC for the night. Trust me, I seriously considered cancelling the babysitter and heading up North.

I would love the chance to go into that stadium with my Chad Pennington jersey to route my team on. However, I will settle for my couch and my bag of popcorn. But I will still have the jersey on and will be routing hard.

Lets get it up Jet Fans!!! J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS!!!


Let me stop crying long enough to send you Jet fans a recipe for success against the Patriots.

The Jets big-time regular season win (that set the Jets on the way to the playoffs) in Foxboro was due to a few key ingredients:

- The field was absolute soup!!! I remember watching the game and wondering how the Patriots could be the most expensive NFL ticket and have the absolute worst playing field? That was a total embarrassment, and Kraft was finally humiliated enough to lay the artificial grass. And that is saying something, his ass is so tight that Super Bowl MVP Deion Branch couldn't persuade him to pay a few peanuts more to keep him. Hell, tack on an extra dollar for parking and he would recoup his expenditure. But no.
And no such same luck with the field this time.

-The Jets defense really pounded Tom Brady. It is next to never when Mr. Clutch gets happy feet, but he had 'em that day. It is imperative that the Jets get some pressure this time round. If Brady can stand in the pocket it will be a long day.

-Chad managed the game, and that is something he can really do. Brady is a manager but is also a tough guy with some ego. He takes chances down the field. If Chad keeps them chains moving and the ball inbounds, the Patriots will have to press due to lack of opportunities to string together long drives.

-Hey, Mangini knows the Patriots inside and out! That is a tremendous advantage, I doubt Bellicheck changed the entire playbook. Mangini even used to do the copies for him preparing the players' gameplans.

Godspeed, Jets Fans! And if you can find it in your grinch-green hearts, send a well-wish to crosstown class-act Tiki Barber and hope that he plays at least a few more games.


In Memoriam

Congrats Jets fans,

Denver's final game became sadder this morning as we learned of a breaking story. Darrent William, who played Cornerback opposite Champ Bailey, was killed in a senseless drive-by shooting New Years Eve after the game. Darrent was a big-time baller. A 5'9" guy who was fast and could really lay some hat, sure tackler, great competitor and teammate.

I was shocked to hear of this. Darrent was 24 and had his whole life ahead of him.


Bring it on Tommy Boy!

Looks like we are going to have our hands full on January 14th. You see folks, that is the day the Jets will face the L.T. and the San Diego Chargers. There is no containing L.T. so I say we shut off Phillip Rivers and let their running game do what they want. It is a costly gamble but that team is too good.
The Chargers also have a strong defense. Definately not going to be an easy one. But I have a feeling we can do it.
And I was wrong about the Raiders game. Jets were all business yesterday shutting Raider Nation down.
As for any Patriot Fans who are reading this blog. Consider your season over. Mangini and the Jets are coming back up to Foxboro for another bitch slapping session. My suggestion is you guys forfiet the game as you will save a whole bunch of heart break that way.
I am going to keep it real simple for you. The score of next weeks game is going to be 35 - 13, in favor of the Jets. I say 13 for you losers because you will score two TD's and your kicker will miss one extra point. I am predicting he will also miss two FG's as well. That will be the "universes" way of saying fuck you for letting Veniteri go.
I am looking forward to the warm weather of San Diego already!