You call yourselves Jets fans?????????

A Giants fan is the one keeping the Jets blog moving along. What, Fakehead is too depressed about the Mets?

The Unruly Jet Fan is too busy providing for his family and moonlighting as the Mendham football beat reporter. What's next, he changes his name to the Menacing Mendham Minuteman Maniac?

I'm just going to start writing Giants blogs here, I could go on for hours about that. Since I'm all alone in here, why not? .....So, Eli Manning is panning out nicely now that Phillip Rivers is no longer the golden b.........................


Monday's Monologue

Ah, Sweet Victory!

Despite the fact it was a shoot out with the lowly Dolphins doesn't diminish the win. The Fins are deadly division foes and never a gimmie game.

Here are five things we can take away from the contest:
1) - Chad Pennington has answered the call yet again. Another Comeback-Player-of-the-Year performance by Mr. Game Manager. Everything about Chad just told me that the Jets would win the game, despite whatever fireworks occurred - his body language, the fire he played with. He knew they would win the game too. I thought the icing on the cake was his QB sneak touchdown run. Just look at the guy. No quarterback shy of Brett Favre had more fun out there on Sunday, not even the McNabbapalooza they had in Philly.

2) - Statistics can lie and Special Teams can win games/Leon the 3rd-down phenom.That's not a real sentence and this is a tangental point, nonetheless, the Jets are a middle-to-bottom-of-the-pack team according to the numbers. Just look at last year. And yesterday, without that TD on Special Teams by Leon the Phenom , the Jets would have lost the game. More importantly, I think there needs to be a mandatory Leon appearance every third down, even in short yardage. He is the change of pace guy and the last one the defenses want to see in the 4th quarter after having Thomas Jones run into them all day. I think they should do a minimum of three either screen of passes in the flat to Mr. Washington per game.

3) - Thomas Jones is the thunder to the Jets attack and through him the whole offense, defense and complexion of the game resides within the Jets control. Ball control. Smashmouth. Between the Tackles. Slobberknocker. All buzzwords associated with TJ's game. Or at least they should be. The man will find a crease and give you 3.5 to 4 yards on 1st and 2nd downs. Chad's short-passing acuity and Leon's shiftiness can take it from there. Move the chains. Chew the clock. Win the game.

4) - This Ronnie Brown guy is the real deal. The pundits all talk about the way new Dolphin head coach Cam Cameron is going to awaken Ronnie Brown's slumping game. After all, didn't Cameron give LDT his wings in San Diego for all those years? Yesterday's game was the first hints of that. Man, Brown is going to be good and a pain in the Jets' ass for a while. After watching the game my suggestion would be to play a nickel package against the Fins, deploying instead of your third best cornerback your backup safety on Ronnie Brown. The thinking is that the extra speed of the safety over a linebacker and the extra muscle over the cornerback is the ideal match to tie Brown up until help arrives.

5) - The Jets displayed that same spirit they had last year:

G!-U!-T!-S!!! Guts, Guts, Guts!

There may be more talented teams, but these guys in green are gamers, they believe they have the edge in being more prepared than the other team, so that when it gets close the J-E-T-S are never out of it (provided they are within one score).

As for me, my esteemed Editor-In-Chief remarked that I was starting to sound like Jets fan the other day. The simple truth is that, being a lifelong Giant fan, I never had anything against them, so why would I not like them? It's not like its a rivalry or anything, the two teams are in separate conferences so they don't collide much, only for an annual pre-season match-up that is more for convenience's sake than anything. But because I have allegiance to who I have allegiance to, I have to write this piece in Big Bad Ass Blue!
And I just love football. If I lived in Arizona I would pick up stuff and root for the Cardinals. I guess the reason that Jets fans hate Giants fans is because they got our hand-me-downs. Instead of your older brother's pants you got Bill Parcells.

Oh, and you're welcome.


Jets 31 Dolphins Zip itty

opportunity hardly knocks louder than this.... Finish the Fins.
With a win today, the jets could move to 1-2, a necessary first step if they want to finish their first month of the 2007 NFL season at .500.

The Jets running game and defense need to get going, then they could pull a game out. Too bad about Justin Miller, one of the fastest guys in the NFL - gone for the year.

Well, GreeN Geo GillS, it shall all play out in a few...Gooooo Jets!!!!!!! Here is a Jon Vilma's cousin sifting through the battlefield in a few hours:


10 Thoughts about the Jets

So you were waiting 10 separate thoughts that come off the top of my head? Your in luck! After further ado, here you losers go...

1) Bin Laden has a new CD out. You can down load it off iTunes for .99 cents. In his tape he call so for Alkaida to retaliate against Pakistani president Mohamad Whogivesashit for being an ally of the U.S. I think I am going to have to go with Bin Laden on this one. I never really trusted that guy anyhow and as long is is trying to kill people outside the US has to count for something.

2) Wayne Cherbet came out today in the Newark Star Ledger that he has post partem depression after playing 10 seasons with the Jets. Wa wa wa...come on Wayne! You only played good on 3rd down and now we are supposed to feel sorry for you. How many rings did you bring us you baby!

3) I can't beleive the summer is over!

4) It is Fakehead's birthday! No idea how old he is but I feel bad I didn't get him a card because the S.O.B. always gets me a card. Hey Figgy the Mick, if you get him a card put my name on it please. I'll get your back someday somehow.

5) My new favorite writer is Joe Hofmann from the Daily Record. He covers High School football. And now I am totally involved Hofmann become my top resource for Morris County Football.

6) I am running out of things to talk about.

7) 2-0 Mendham faces 2-0 West Essex tonight. West Essex is favored by two touchdowns in both papers. But I think it will be tough, but Mendham does have the goods to get it done. I say they win by a point.

8) Mookie McFly has an awesome story about Fred Stubeaus and his brother Joe. I literally almost cried...but then I laughed and started calling Mookie blasfamist for ripping a picture of the Pope on SNL in the 90's. Some people say it was some bald woman singer, but I know it was Mookie. Sorry, I am struggling to come up with ideas.

9) A polish iron worker, working on a 18 story building is about to eat his lunch. But before he opens the bag he says to his co-worker. "If there is peanut butter and jelly one more time in my lunch box, I am going to jump off this building". Sure enough, it was PBJ and he jumped. At the funeral every one was whipering around his wife about how could she had made PBJ so many times that it just made him crazy. But she turned to the scoffers and politely said, "He made his own lunch."

10) Sorry, only 9 today. Smell ya later!


Tuesday's Topic

What do you do when your team starts out 0-2?

Reactions range from the unlikely to the downtrodden. Some fans might already be throwing in the green towel and gearing themselves up for another Jets season of yesteryear. I'm talking the days of Mickey Schuler and Al Toon and Kenny OB. Instead of Dan Marino and John Elway hogging all the glory and the playoff games, now its Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Still, other fans are blithely wagering that the hand of God will descend and that the Jets will run the table all the way through.

Me? I think it might be one of those years for NY. The way it is shaping up now is that they better become second half of the season monsters or they are done. Now, the NFC is CONSIDERABLY weaker and you can possibly get a playoff shot at 8-8. That's right folks, .500 ball. The AFC is a much taller task, friends. 10-6 is probably the low figure for the playoffs, you basically need an 11-5 record to nearly guarantee a spot. Then there is the daunting task of punching your way through the Patriots and the Colts. Then you look down at your roster, think back to the games on Sunday and realize............

Here is the upside! Each NFL season is like A Tale of Two Cities with the first half of the season and the second half. Anybody remember the Steelers a few years ago drop a few games early on, are 5-5 at Week 10 and then never lose again -mind you, on the road almost the whole time-and become a buzzsaw of a team that rampaged its way to the Super Bowl?

The kicker to the Jets is that there is a genuine quarterback controversy going on. Chad is one of the best game managers in the NFL, he is by far the most underrated NFL quarterback, he is year-in and year-out ranking among the most accurate QB's with well-over 100 rating at his position. So, what's the controversy?
The savior with the gun.

Kellen Clemens really showed that he was a gamer in that spunky performance at Baltimore. Justin 'Doghouse' McCairens blew chances to advance the team and tie the game late in the 4th quarter. Clemens has a live arm and can make every throw on the field, most importantly to waking up the offense: sideline routes with velocity and the deep ball. In Clemens, on has a sense that the wide receivers would undergo an awakening of sorts. The Jets have very athletic wide receivers, neither the biggest nor the fastest in the league, Coles and Cotchery and even McCairens have a nice mixture of size, athleticism, route running ability and good hands.

An awakening in the passing game would do everything for the running game to get going. Which does everything to help the offensive line, which does everything to help the defense and special teams with field position.

Me? I live in Denver and just witnessed the Broncos draft and supplant a starting QB who won 70% percent of his games in his 4-year duration and took his team to the playoffs every year, advancing once so far as the AFC Championship game and becoming the first guy in history to beat Tom Brady in the playoffs. Why would a team that is a year-to-year contender do that to the most crucial position on the field and jeopardize a tried and true thing?

Jay Cutler, that's why. Jets fans, go with the youth movement now. Give Chad a few weeks to heal his ankle and see what Clemens can do. If he drops the ball, Chad trots back on the field with a healthy foot and dinks and dunks the Jets into some wins and re-energizes the team, fans and the highlight reels.


The Disgrace!

There are two kinds of Jets fans. No, check that. There is one kind of Jets fans...and then there are idiots who are retarded and should not be operating any kind of heavy equipment.

There is rumblings all over forums, blogs and talk radio shows would are calling for Coach Mangini to start Kellen Clemmens for the rest of the season over Chad Pennington. These "Jets fans" are basing this call on yesterday afternoon's fourth quarter.

Granted, Clemmens looked good. And he has got a talented arm. But he is young, inexperienced and not in the position to do anything for us this year. Putting him in will be throwing away the season.

We are 0-2. Big crap! We also played the best two defenses in the league back to back. I am not willing to watch Kellen Clemmens take his lumps while going 3-13.

Chad gives us the best shot. I don't care if he can't throw like Elway. He is smart, patient and knows how to win. We are a young team. Chad will be playing another 6-8 years in this league.

These "fans" are embarrassing our team. We have a new regime that blows away anything we have had in a while. Herm was all lip service. These guys have principals for the good of the team. We need to ride them out. We don't need to be calling for Chad's head in the middle of a game while he is lying on the ground in pain.

That is not how a true Jets fan works. Our team needs us to support and back them up. Clemmens will get his due. Just let nature take its course.



Tough Guys

To play quarterback in New York, you better be a hero.

#10 for both New York NFL teams are bravely trying to start their respective temas games here in a few hours, despite serious injuries to each.

Chad Pennington got his leg twisted up last week against the Pats and bravely tried to get to the sideline to save his team a time out and he was booed for his efforts. Yet here he is doing everything short of getting a new leg sewn on to make the start and help the team.

The-One-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named is also gamely trying to play for the G-men against Green Bay, despite the zillions of stories between a separated shoulder and a bruise.

Well, Football Fans...we shall see in a few short hours.......


An Interview with Brandon Tierney of ESPN Radio

This week Unruly Jets Fan (a.k.a. Steven George Muha), had the honor of sitting down with one of the most knowledgeable and entertaining Jets radio personalities, Brandon Tierney. Brandon, who hosts "The Audible" directly after the 5th Quarter show on 1050 ESPN Radio, has been a Jets fan all his life. On his show, Brandon's fandom comes through with stats and facts flowing off his tongue while giving shock therapy to callers who are mostly driving home from the game.

Brandon discusses in depth his early days as a Jets fan, who his favorite Jets players are and what it was like working with Stephen A. Smith.
Enjoy the interview...

Unruly: Have you been a NY Jets fan your whole life?

BT: Since Day 1, for as long and as far back as I can remember. I vividly recall racing back from Church when I was 6, 7 years old, and while I didn't even fully understand the game or the rules at that time, I knew the team with the green helmets were on TV. More importantly, I knew that that was the team I was rooting for. Every single Sunday.

Unruly: What moment in Jets history did you say to yourself, "This is why I am a Jets fan!"?

BT: True Story...I'm sitting in our basement in January of 1983, watching the end of the Jets-Raiders game at the Coliseum, and my Dad's honking the horn for me to come outside so we could leave for dinner at my Grandma's house. I remember saying to myself..."Pops, you can honk all you want, I'm not moving from this chair until this one's in the bag." After Lance Mehl sealed the deal, I flicked off the TV set (no remote) and ran upstairs and jumped in the car. I was nine years old, and I made the hole family wait. That's when I knew. And with God as my witness, if that game goes to OT...I'd still be in that chair. Spaghetti and meatballs can wait.
Unruly: Who is your favorite all time Jet?

BT: Loved Wesley Walker growing up and always called out his name when I caught a pass in the street. Freeman was the man in the open field, and while the D-line got all the attention (and rightfully so) Lance Mehl was my favorite on the other side of the ball. Al Toon was insanely gifted, Kenny O was better and tougher than most people think, and most recently, Chrebet and Vinny really brought genuine pride back into the stadium. Right now, I feel something brewing with Cotchery.

Unruly: What was your re-action to hearing the boo's/cheers when Pennington went down with an injury last week and Clemmens came in?

BT: I've never been so disgusted, or so embarrassed at the fans. I actually replayed the incident three times, and every time...I felt more and more ashamed. Sad. Let's hope everyone learned a lesson, but I hate to say it...it was a low point for this team, at that venue. One of them, anyway. Utterly unacceptable.

Unruly: After seeing how the first week played out, do you think Tannenbaum dropped the ball with the way he handled Pete Kendall?

BT: You bet, yet, I understand Mike's position. No one is above team policy, and for a second year GM, it's important that he establish continuity within the franchise and handle things consistently. Sure, they'll miss Kendall, they already do. But to compromise what you believe is right, especially for an aging player...not good business. I know what Mike was doing. This year, it will come back to bite him, but down the road, this situation could serve him and the franchise well.

Unruly: In your radio show "The Audible", do you find yourself amongst your own people when the callers call in or do they scare you at times?

BT: Scare me? Come on now. Half the time, I probably scare them, especially when I'm fired up. Listen, I sat in the stadium for years, rooting my ass off for this franchise, and like many Jet fans, I've had my heart stepped on more than a few times. I love when callers are fired up, as long as they keep perspective. Don't waste your time, or my time burying Chad when in reality, he was one of the only players to show up against the Pats. Know what you're talking about, because I certainly will. Actually, immediately following a game is one of the best times to be on the radio, at least for me. It's an extension of shock-therapy. Eventually, you walk away feeling a little better. Bloodied and battered and dazed, for sure. But ready for the next game. It's the evolution of emotions, and it's a beautiful thing.

Unruly: Out of this year's rookie class, who do you think will make the biggest long term impact to the Jets?

BT: It has to be Revis. I love this kid, loved him at Pitt. Love him in coverage, love him tackling in the open field, love him on special teams with some room in front of him. He is legit, and will be around for a long, long time. Great draft pick. He can run, he can cover, he can hit, and he's smart. Add that up, and you're looking at a future Pro Bowler. SOON.

Unruly: Do you consider this a re-building year for the Jets?

BT: It depends. After going 10-6 last season, would you consider a 7 or an 8 win season an effective rebuilding process? I don't. It seems that for whatever reason, just when the Jets show signs of progress, rather than advancing forward, they regress a bit. Sometimes it's injury, like Vinny in '99, sometimes they lose key players to free agency. Whatever it is, it's frustrating. If they really want to rebuild, they should start with some players that actually fit the 3-4 scheme. They're playing the wrong defense for the personnel they have, and have basically turned Vilma from an athletic dynamo, into an average, under-sized player. It makes no sense.

Unruly: Do you miss being on the radio with Stephen A. Smith anymore?

BT: I miss the daily banter, the interaction, and really...the show in general, sure. We're both very proud of the work we put out together, and to this day, we both believe that over a relatively short amount of time, we made a real definitive mark together. In radio, that's not as easy as you think. It was a unique show, different from anything else on the radio, in my opinion. Still, it was always known as the "Steven A. Smith" show, and I don't feel that I was promoted as effectively as I should have been--and Steven agrees. Listen, I'm very happy in my new time slot, doing my thing, at my pace...but that's my guy. Always will be. Who knows what's in store down the road. And for all of the Steven A. "haters", I hate to break it to you: he's one of the most generous, compassionate and fair-minded people I know. I'd go to battle for that guy, and he'd do the same for me.

Unruly: In your time in radio, who was/is your favorite person to interview?

BT: I've had the chance to interview Pete Rose a few times, and that was always a roller-coaster ride. If you listen to my show regularly, you may have heard me reference my time with Bob Feller, early in my career. Mr. Feller, while I don't agree with all of his positions, opened up so many different avenues of thought, and really impacted my career early. Herm was always fun, especially since we would go at one another quite a bit. Never anything over the line, but I don't think he enjoyed my style, which was fine, because I questioned the way he ran a game from time to time, so it was a good give and take. Listen, just because someones an athlete, it doesn't mean they're interesting. If they have nothing to say, I don't want them on my show.

You can catch Brandon weeknights 7-10 on "The Brandon Tierney Show" Weeknights, and also on "The Audible" Sundays, immediately following Jets 5th Quarter Show. He also is part of the New York Knicks and St. John's Basketball Broadcast Teams. Also, you can find Brandon on his MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/brandontierney and 1050's web site http://www.espnradio.com/espnradio.com.

We at JustNYJets.com wish to thank Brandon for taking the time to sit down with us and wish him continue success!


Tsk, Tsk (Finger Wag)

Two semi-words: Ha Ha

The New England Patriots ( as if they weren't loaded enough on the field) were caught videotaping the Jets coaches signals during last Sunday's semi-game at the parking-challenged Meadowlands. NFL Security discovered a Patriots employee with the videocamera and confiscated it. And in all the security and urgency of reconnaissance photos of Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis being whisked away to Kennedy in Washington, the Patriots camera and tape were delivered to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Goodell examined them and decided that the Patriots were indeed breaking the rules. Apparently the Patriots had been warned about this type of behavior before. All teams received notice in a memo from the Commissioner before the season.

Mark Schlereth, ESPN analyst, described how they would use such a video taping technique at at halftime during the game; Each team is allowed to take pictures before the snap of each play and after the snap of each play, to analyze what the other team is doing and how to attack them. That said, that team can correspond the videotape to the hand signals coming in from the coaches. The advantage in the second half of the game is tremendous! The defensive captain only needs to look over to the opponent's sideline to get the call of the defense.

Now, has long has this been happening? Sports Illustrated's NFL Preview edition of a few weeks ago had a prolonged interview with Peyton Manning. In the article he mentions how the Patriots like to tape him, the Broncos and other teams and shrugs it off like it's all part of the game.

Bill Parcells, the best analyst on ESPN hands down, made a remarkable statement on Monday Night Countdown. He remembered a game in 1951 when the Brooklyn Dodgers were caught stealing the New York Giants signals in a baseball game. Parcells also volunteered a few methods to beat such activity, makes one wonder where Belichick learned it from.

Stealing another team's signals provides an important competitive advantage, much like the Allies enjoyed during World War II when they were able to decipher the coded transmissions of the Enigma machine used by the Nazis. The game of football is all-out war in between those sidelines and end zones, is it not? Millions upon millions of dollars are at stake.

The thing I think the juggernaut Patriots are so stupid for is: get a sophisticated spy camera! How inconspicuous is it to have the freaking ball boy with a Panasonic snickering while filming across the field?! Doesn't Robert Kraft, Scott Pioli and Belichick know what they can do with micro technology? Haven't they ever seen a James Bond film? Put it in Belichick's uncombed hair and have someone controlling the zoom and whatnot. Just look at him here, scratching at his lice, who's going to look in there at some suspicious bump in that rat's nest?



New York suddenly has its quarterbacks going down like flies.

#10 must look like a target to opposing defenses. I present an image from Sunday's debacle to the not-loaded-enough-so-they-have-to-cheat-and-steal-signals New England Patriots, be warned that this is a graphic image and those of you who have weak sporting stomachs may want to avert your eyes for this part of the blog.

One of the NFL's gutsiest players limping off the field.

Chad's twisting leg looked nasty on replays. His heroism for trying to get off the field quickly, as to not cause his team to take a time-out? Cheering from the crowd that went crazy from Clemmens as soon as he trotted in to take a few snaps. Berman was really giving it to the Jet fans in the numerous postgame and Monday night coverage shows, at one point remarking that his producers were telling him and Tom Jackson to lay off the Jet fans but they wanted to remind the fans cheering that they were better than that.

DOH! A reprimand from the King!

Chad's injury is tough in one important way: he's one of the best game managers in the business. Composure can't be taught, like leadership. Clemmens may have a live arm, but putting him in there against the Patriots would have been like leaving an infant for the wolves. Clemmens may get the snaps for a few weeks any way.

On the other side, there are so many conflicting reports about Manning's injury. I don't know if ESPN is tabloidding it up because it's Week 1 and it means viewers tuning in for injury reports the next couple of days or what. ESPN says separated shoulder, which is real BAD, and then the Giants and Eli himself say it is just a bruise that is sore, which isn't so bad.

The Giants game was awesome because of the scoring. But the were mauling each other out there, Cowboys D-line stud Jason Fergusen (remember him Jets fans?) tore his triceps and he's gone for the year. (I wonder if Ray Lewis did the same thing for the Ravens in last night's Ravens/Bengals game?) Osi and Jacobs are week-to-week injuries, I expect them back by October the latest.

If we need to go with Jared Lornezen we are in deep shit. I'm keeping my fingers crossed all freaking week. I know you guys hate the Giants, but f-off I write enough on here to sneak in a thing or two, after all we're partners, right? (New stadium)



THE NEW YORK JETS NOW HAVE OFFICIAL CHEERLEADERS! No, that's not one of them, that's the Spelling-Queen Fergie, who is a piece of ass in her own right.

Even the cheerleaders couldn't get it right yesterday, as they came on the field too early at one point and had to be told to get off before a play started. Yes, they were booed. Does that mean Jets fans hate the Cheerleaders? Fuck no!!!!! And most Jet fans don't hate Chad Pennington either. He is the QB of the Jets, like it or not. I'm sure whatever shitheads booed and/or cheered when he was injured are like most NY team fans, a bunch of drunk, stupid, cunty fucks who accept nothing less than a 16-0 season with 16 56-0 victories. They are lunatics. They are the same fans who boo A-Rod when he gets 3 HRs in his first three at-bats and Ks in his last. They have no clue about sports, loyalty, or what it means to play a game.

Regardless, we don't need people like Cunt Oberman judging Jets fans. We can take care of our own. I would like to believe a few fights broke out after people cheered and/or booed. Certainly there were thousands of real Jets fans at the game yesterday. I know in my section we were yelling at two stinkboxes wearing Tom Brady jerseys, so much so (not me as much as my insane buddy) that I doubt they will ever wear that jersey in New Jersey or New York again. Was it funny? I don't know, it was at the time. Was it mean? You bet your ass it was.

Regardless, the Jets season is not over, it's not time to bench Chad Pennington, (unless he is really injured and that would be the only reason) and Clemmens (or whatever the fuck his name is), should not be starting ahead of Chad. Chad is bona-fide leader who worked his ass off to get back to the Jets, and the job is his to lose after several shitty games, not a quarter. Let's not forget he was feeling pressure all day, while Tom Brady had enough time to have visitation with his new kid or bang a supermodel in the backfield before he threw a pass. (See my comments below on that issue).

The Jets weren't awful, but they have some things to work on. That being said, their schedule is pretty rough this year, so they better figure shit out quick or they will be 0-4 in a month. But alas, I still have faith in them, they are the fucking Jets for Christ's sake, and they are my favorite football team.
Go Jets!

Random Notes:

The fucking parking at Giants Stadium - it is an abomination!!!!!!!!!! I will never go to a game without a parking pass. It's not worth it not to. Or I will park somewhere and walk to the game. I breezed in and had no trouble parking with the parking pass (it is pre-paid for season-ticket holders only) and there were a lot of spots still available at game time. We had about 3 or 4 empty ones right near us, and we got to the Stadium at 11:30 am. Eventually most of them filled up but there were several open even as the helicopters flew over the stadium to start the game. The buses that transport people to office parking lots to park were old school buses, and you can't tailgate at the office parking lots. So you have to get on a color-coded bus to get to and from the stadium, and basically bring your cooler or whatever with you. I have no idea what people would do with their coolers when they go inside the stadium, unless they left them somewhere or met friends who got into the main lot and those friends kept the coolers for them. Insane. The lines to get on the buses reminded me of jews lining up waiting to be taken to the concentration camps. Ridiculous, sad and pathetic. Oh, and did I mention that it costs $25 to park in the satellite lots?

My advice - don't dare go to a game without a parking pass. They sell them on Ebay now, but for the Giant/Jets game they are running 140 bucks each!!!!!!!!!! I knew I should have bought them before the season started, because they were 30 bucks. I had no idea. I wish I had 20 of them, because that's a cool grand easy.

The Giants lost, which amuses me. Eli played pretty well, but their defense looks worse than the Jets. Fucking awful.

Fig's new favorite team won, (Denver) and Cutler played well, along with their new RB. I wish the Jets had the Broncos O line, because it is sick and has stretched open more holes than Ron Jeremy.

The Mets are kicking ass, maybe some of you want to visit our Mets blog as well. Go Petey!!!! Let's hope they kick the Braves' ass this week as well. Fucking cunts that they are. Losing to the Phillies was the best thing that could have happened to the Mets, because they turned it around and showed their resilience like the champs I hope they turn out to be.




So, how's it going? How's the weather where you are? Got any good jokes? Hey, did you hear that A-Rod hit another dinger today? How about the Mets all but clinching the division? How's your bother? No, the retarded one. OK, lets switch the subject. Do you have any hobbies? Are you still considering going back to law school? You still dating Joanne? Nice haircut. Where do you get your teeth whitened?
OK...lets cut to the chase, it is going to be a long season. Lets just hope Chad is too hurt to play this week and we can begin the Kellen Clemmens era. I know we have bigger problems than Chad but lets have something to cheer this year.
Smell ya later...



LET'S GO JETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been invited to the first real Jets game of the year, and I am very excited! My boss has tickets and his son invited me and a very well-known detective to the game. We will be leaving around 9-10 am to set up shop in the parking lot (because my boss has season tickets he gets a parking pass to get us into the lot, but we have to be in one vehicle) and the game starts at 1 pm. It is going to be a sell-out and I'm sure the place will be rocking. It's going to be a tough game for the Jets, and if they win it will give them a huge boost of confidence and some swagger to start off the season.

Questions that will be start to be answered (but it's a long season so we have to wait for the final answers)
1. Is the Jets D finally working out?
2. Will Chad play well and shake off a shitty pre-season?
3. Is Thomas Jones the real deal?
4. Is Revis worth the cash?
5. Will Tom Brady's off the field dramas fuck him up on the field (we can only hope).

I plan on getting pretty fucking drunk, but I hope that I don't fall off the top tier or forget what happened at the game so I can write about it later.

Go bless America, God bless football, and God bless the New York Jets!!!!!


(Go Mets too!)