Vinny's Coming Back...to the Pats.

Courtesie of the Boston Herald...

Vinny Testaverde is taking part in the Patriots passing camp this week, and it's not merely for kicks or to help out coach Bill Belichick.
According to Mike Azzarelli, a close friend and associate of the quarterback, the 43-year-old Testaverde has not hung up his cleats, nor does he have any plans to do so. He's looking for work. He's looking to add a 21st season to his distinguished resume.
``He's not retired. I doubt he'd be hanging out,'' Azzarelli said when asked about Testaverde's appearance in Foxboro this week participating in passing camp, which is part of the team's Organized Team Activities.
``He's intent on playing.''
Was anything in the works in terms of a contract?
``I can't comment on that,'' said Azzarelli, who had previously served as Testaverde's agent. Azzarelli is no longer an agent, per se, but continues to work for Testaverde.
Testaverde was signed by the Pats last November, serving as the third quarterback behind Tom Brady and Matt Cassel. Given his vast experience, having played in the NFL for two decades, he provided veteran counsel for Brady.
After Brady and Cassel, rookie free agent Matt Gutierrez is the only other quarterback on the roster.
Testaverde's locker has remained intact through the off-season, sitting to one side of Randy Moss' new stall in the Pats room, with Brady holding down the other side.
As of last week, there were still several game balls in Testaverde's locker. One of them, no doubt, is from the 6-yard touchdown pass he threw to Troy Brown in the December 31, 40-23 victory against the Tennessee Titans. That gave him at least one touchdown pass for the 20th straight season, breaking his own record.


...And To Hell With Clinton Portis Too.

I saw a news clip of Clinton portis, Washington Redskins RB, commenting on the recent situation with Atlanta Quartberback Mike Vick and the home he owned being used for illegal dog fighting. While smirking into the camera and beside a smiling friend, Portis lamented that the public should ease up on Vick, and said Vick was a 'good role model'. Portis asked rhetorically; what was wrong with dog fighting? He seemed to not even realize that it is illegal.

He called it 'no big deal' and filled us in on a little of his upbringing, remarking that he is from Mississippi and he knows the back roads and could go see a dog fight if he wanted.

What a fucking idiot.

I knew he wasn't that smart when he left the Denver Broncos after two breakout seasons. In the Denver running scheme, he could've been a 2,000-yard talent. He had games where he scored 5 TD's. When he chose Rosenhaus as his agent and dismissed any type of deal in Denver, I knew right then he was dumb. To choose the much more physical NFC East over the finesse offenses of the AFC West as a running back? Leaving a team that had a 6th-round draft choice become a 2,000 yard rusher? For a few more dollars (that gets sucked right away with the taxes and cost of living in DC) and a lot more injuries, frustration and losing and coaching changes in Washington DC?

He can wear his orange suits and ridiculous costumes and give himself stupid nicknames, all of that was just 'media personality', but you can see in that interview his true colors. Another spoiled athlete who thinks that the law doesn't apply to him.

The list of superstar punk-asses in the NFL grows, much to the chagrin of the Commish and the League. I have now soured on two of the standout players in the NFL and they have lost my support. Shit, I hate the Redskins anyway, so I lost all love for Portis when he skidaddled out of Denver. But I feel remorseful for not wanting to watch the human highlight, Mike Vick, work his magic.

I don't think the bad publicity is going to hurt the NFL financially though. It is as fixed a national economic expenditure as gasoline. The League just looks as if it employs criminals, however, and the role modeling for the legions of adoring youth is the real tragedy about this. Kids are 'Monkey See, Monkey Do' about such things, and now they glorify that life of an NFL baller as getting bitches at nightclubs and bars, watching dog fights, having firearms, doing drugs, financing illegal deals like a big shot crime boss, etc.

Like life is some movie.

There was this big 'Scarface' craze with kids recently, T-shirts, rap albums, they talk about wanting to be like Tony Montana. Professional athletes reference Tony Montana in interviews. Shaq has a Scarface-themed birthday party, Ron Artest has mentioned him. And I just want to ask all those people who think that Tony Montana had it all:

Did you see how the movie ended?


Unruly's Notes and Rants

The Jets signed a rookie wide receiver named Jesse Pellot-Rosa this week. The Jets think highly of him for a guy who didn’t even play a down of football in college. Pellot-Rosa was a 6’4” power forward for the Virginia Commonwealth basketball team. He was instrumental in helping his team to eliminate Duke out of the first round of the NCAA tournament this year. But that is not why the Jets like him. Apparently he has good hands and quick feet. He was also heavily recruited for football after deciding to play hoops at VCU. Let’s hope picking up a b-ball player works out here. It is panning out for the San Diego Chargers who drafted former b-baller Antonio Gates, a few years back.

John Dockery, former Jet defensive back, is being sued by a former secretary for sexual misconduct in the work place. Dockery, 62, who put his secretary in uncomfortable situations with lewd jokes and even asked his secretary to type an “ode to a penis” is being sued for $300,000. I didn’t realize asking your employees to write poems about penis’s is considered sexual harassment. Fakehead, remember when I encouraged you to write poems about penis’s and post them, as long as something about the Jets was tied into it somehow? Well, pretend I never said that. In fact, forget when I asked you to not wear a shirt to work. We need to keep it professional here. Actually, the no shirt thing is still on.

The Giants / Dolphins game at Wimbly Stadium sold 40,000 tickets in 90 minutes this week. The international event is supposed to be played in front of a sold out crowd of 90,000 people and tickets range from $90-180 US dollars. I am not certain who I want to win in this game yet. It would be great to have a AFC East team to have a check in the loss column. But if the Giants do win, we’ll have to listen to Figgy the Mick’s smack talk for a freaking week.

I have decided to officially back http://www.nj.com/ ‘s Jets beat writer Eli Gelman as my candidate for best Jets writer. I also like Andrew Goss from the Jets Journal. Rich Cimini is good too. Actually Cimini is pretty thorough too. He is good because he has all the details on the major stories. My knock on him is he is informative about the big topics but only glosses over the back room topics that I want to know. But Gelman thinks like a true Jet fan. His scouting report of Darelle Revis and David Harris from Rookie Camp is just what I am looking for. Goss is good too. Goss writes almost every day so he keeps you in the loop. His posts are usually short and sweet. The other knock on Cimini is that he writes for the New York Daily News whose website is cluttered with pop up adds. The site is always slow too. That alone is enough to drive you nuts. It actually prevents me from reading his blogs because I know by the time http://www.nydailynews.com/ comes up, I would have already read his blog, posted a comment and would be on another blog. Go Eli, if you can't do it no one can! By the way, if you are reading this I am curious how your dad likes working with Regis and Kelly.

Chicago Bears coach, Lovie Smith is moving special teams sensation Devin Hester to offense. He will be plugging him into a wide receiver role along with some running back time in certain situations. Good move Lovie! Why not put your best athlete in the spots that can best help your squad? I have always felt the Atlanta Falcons should use Michael Vick in a way that could maximize his talent. Like line him up as a WR on some plays and RB on other plays. I don’t know how you do it, but it seems you are just wasting that talent by keeping him as a QB.

By the way, just for the record, I think Michael Vick is a retard and should be severely punished for his dog fighting house. If I were Goodell I suspend him for a year. My boy Fakehead summed it best in the comments section of the post below. The gist of his rant is that Vick and his loser brother are being abused like little puppets from their gangster "friends".

Newark airport closed down last night due to thunder storms. I normally wouldn't write about this but I was stuck in the Charleston airport trying to get back home. I was in the air port for six hours of being notified my plane was being delayed four different times until they ultimately cancelled the flight. It wouldn't have been fine if they just told me when I got their that the flight was cancelled. But I had to hang around for a long time before they told me that. So I went back into town for the night and wrote most of this blog. It's ok, since I was on assignment for this blog, I can write the trip off on my income tax return next year. Plus, I got some good content out of the deal. Stay tuned.

Keyshawn Johnson is looking for some work. Normally I wouldn't care so much but I think he would not be a bad option for us to pick up, as long as we could get him cheap. He would be a great leader for our young receivers and be a good complement to Coles. Who knows though.

Ricky Williams was going to be released from the Miami Dolphins before he failed a routine drug test. He would not be a bad guy for us to pick up, if it weren't for that failed drug test. If I were Goodell, I would slap him on the wrist. It is not like he is killing dogs or anything.

Thanks for tuning in!

Blog format was completely plagurized from Ed from Westchester. Don't worry Ed, no one reads out blog except us.

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How To Squander Supreme Success...nice blunt too

It is appearing that Mike Vick not only had knowledge of the dog-fighting operation at a home he owned that he gave to his cousin, but that he was an ardent supporter and regular fixture there.

This makes me mad and sad for a few reasons.

I'm mad because I look forward to the NFL season like its a waiting lottery ticket with its number about to be called. My buddies and I, we are going on out 5th year of the NFL Ticket, which everyone knows is needed so that you may watch any and every game. Never any commercials.

So there are several designated stops that are required each week. All favorite teams get screen time for the group. So that means there is a lot of Cleveland Browns, New England Patriots and New York Giants going on. In addition, us Romans living in Rome over here have obtained a taste for the Denver Broncos. After that there were only 2 other mandatory stops.

One was the Indianapolis Colts.
-Dr. Manning, please report to the 33-yard line for open field surgery.-

And the other was the Atlanta Falcons. We never wanted to miss the human highlight pull off another jaw-dropping play. But I tell you this:

No more. This dog fighting business is a despicable one. As a dog owner I see on a daily basis the character of these animals. Self-sacrificing, wanting to please, eager to learn and work, would give its life for yours with nary a thought. There was a story in Australia or New Zealand about a couple of marauding pit bulls that came upon a 7-year-old boy and his pet Jack Russell Terrier. The pit bulls jumped the boy and the Terrier, from the reports of rescuers on the scene, was fighting like an animal possessed. And in some way, that Terrier managed to distract the pit bulls enough and inflict enough damage that the boy was rescued and the dogs were killed. The Terrier died there on the scene from its severe mauling at the jaws of the pit bulls.

Dogs are Man's Best Friend. Voyeurism of a fight to the death by sweet animals is despicable. And now I kind of despise Mike Vick. The fucking Taliban does shit like that.

I could live with all the other incidents; the hash in the secret compartment of his water bottle (duh, they don't let you on the plane with water bottles anymore), the crabs episode where he checked in under the name 'Ron Mexico' (hmmmm, pretty good), etc.

It's such a shame because he is the most talented player in the NFL. He signed a new, huge contract and this is how he spends some of that money. A dog-fighting operation.

Mike Vick is hurting the NFL with this type of stuff. When he plays like he does and is capable, he is one of the crown jewels of the NFL product out there. Everyone makes money when he is on the field. And only the NFL does when he is not.

Mike, don't waste your one-in-billions luck and opportunity. Get some therapy.


Scouting Report on David Harris

This is an encouraging article about our second draft pick, David Harris, linebacker from Michigan. This guys sounds like just the guy anybody would want on their team. He also seems like the type of guy that will light a fire under Vilma's ass.

Article courtesie of Eli Gelman from the Star Ledger.

Harris shows Jets he has a 'presence'

Monday, May 14, 2007

BY ELI GELMANStar-Ledger Staff

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. -- It's the simple things in life that make David Harris smile.
He couldn't care less that he was stuck in a corner of the tiny auxiliary locker room with other prospects during Jets rookie minicamp this past weekend.

It's just a bit smaller than the one he was used to at Michigan, where he starred at linebacker.
"It's a locker room," said Harris, the Jets' second-round (47th overall) pick in last month's draft. "I really don't care about that stuff. It serves the purpose to fold your stuff, get dressed and get ready to go out and play.

"I just brought my clothes and a couple pairs of cleats (to camp) and I'm ready to go out and compete."

It's the attitude of a player who battled back from a ligament tear in his left knee during his freshman season to become one of the top linebackers in the country the past two years. Harris closed his collegiate career by earning All-America second-team honors and a share of the Bo Schembechler Most Valuable Player Award given to Michigan's top player.

His ability to close down the inside rushing lanes was a key to the Wolverines leading the nation in rush defense last season, allowing just 43.38 yards per game.

Harris' work against the run is the main reason the Jets traded with the Packers to move up in the second round to select the 6-2, 243-pounder. Harris will likely compete with Eric Barton for the starting inside spot alongside Jonathan Vilma as the team tries to improve its 24th-ranked run defense. Harris learned under Jets linebackers coach Jim Herrmann -- Michigan's former defensive coordinator -- and played in the 3-4 scheme his sophomore season.

Of course, an NFL system -- especially one as fluid as Jets coach Eric Mangini runs -- is a bit more advanced than the college game. Harris is hardly thinking about a potential starting job and is more concerned with getting his head around the huge amount of information thrown at him over the weekend.

"There's a lot more that they're throwing at you in the playbook," Harris said. "It's the NFL. There's a lot more checks and adjustments, a lot more fronts and different formations. You just have to be prepared for it.

"You have to be ready for everything. One time it might be 3-4, another it might be 4-3. You never know. I'm trying to work on my overall game and compete for a spot. It's a big challenge and I look forward to it."

Harris quickly caught the attention of teammates and coaches through the first two days of camp. They can see how he anchored the nation's top run defense.

"I can see it. I pay attention to him," said cornerback Darrelle Revis, the team's first-round pick. "You just see this big cat in the middle. You can tell. He's a competitor, works hard and I'm happy I'm his teammate."

"I really liked his inherent leadership, his presence," Mangini said. "He's showing some things in those tackling drills and those punt return drills and even as he's getting a better feel for how the runs are, how they hit, how the blocking scheme works. You can see some of the positive traits that he showed in college."

While Harris refused to talk about the prospect of starting, he said he'd like to pick the brain of Vilma and other veterans.

"You always learn something from the older guys and (Vilma's) a great player," Harris said.
Harris is also looking forward to chatting with Jets linebacker Victor Hobson, a fellow Michigan alum. Harris was redshirting when Hobson was a fifth-year senior. Hobson was the big man on campus at the time.

"I knew him, but back then they really didn't talk to freshmen coming in," Harris said. "I was a redshirt and just watched him handle himself. He's a heck of a player."

Chances are Hobson might now clear a few minutes for Harris.

Eli Gelman may be reached at


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Globalization Hits the NFL

I read a post on ESPN.com a few minutes ago about the National Football League expanding its regular season schedule to 17 games. Now, we all know that the current season is 17 weeks long and each team enjoys one bye week, bringing each team's total of regular season games to 16.

The catch is, the NFL wants to take away the final pre-season game and make it a regular season game....except it is played in a foreign country.

Rightly so, the NFL doesn't want to take away a home game from 8 cities each season which would alienate the rabid fan base. But the League plainly wants to follow the international appeal of other sports for financial reasons. For example, a little known but scrappy reserve on the Denver Nuggets is a guy named Linas Kleiza, a second-year player originally from Lithuania. His fan base in Lithuania is huge, they love all Lithuanians who make it to the NBA, Ardonis Sabonis to name another.

The appeal of Yao Ming, Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki cannot be denied. They make their countrymen proud and sell TV rights and merchandise in untapped markets. China, Canada and Germany now tune in on a regular basis. Look at the San Antonio Spurs - Tim Duncan is from the Virgin Islands, Manu Ginobli and Francisco Omberto are from Argentina. Francisco Elson is from the Netherlands. Tony Parker is from France.

Major League Baseball is the same way. Players from Asia are all the rage these days. Latin players have enjoyed success and popularity for a long time in the sport.



Skiing, chess, pictionary, etc.

But those sports are actually PLAYED in other countries. American football is a curiosity, if not mostly an afterthought to Europeans. I saw American Sports bars in Amsterdam however (the Dutch rule). But somehow, it doesn't sit right with me sharing this with the rest of the world.

You know, we were forced, more or less, to share the secrets of splitting the atom with our wartime allies (albeit we weren't going to tell the Russians but they had spies in the Franklin Roosevelt White House Cabinet and found out anyway. Stalin stared daggers across the table in Yalta at Churchill and Roosevelt). But we needed their continued cooperation to ensure victory over the Germans and Japanese.

It is not so in this case.

Why should we let them in? They are only going to scoff and criticize (most of them, some will dig it and those guys are cool) and use it to bash us some more. But really, where the fuck would they be right now if it hadn't been for the USA?

From 1919 on, they would've been speaking German.

Fortunately, they had killed each other so much and we weighed in and got the Germans to go back. Almost quite literally, the Germans didn't lose a battle until the last year of World War I.

So Europe got lucky we came in. Then, they use that precarious pedestal and inflated bragadaccio to levy some of the harshest penalties in history upon the defeated nation, guaranteeing that hate and warmongering would fester. But the pompous asses sat there for twenty years and taxed the shit out of them and took all their raw materials, they chuckled as hyperinflation soared and mass starvation gripped Germany.

Then Hitler came along and ran over 13 countries in 3 years. England, the island, was lucky that Hitler decided to occupy Russia first. Good thing for the Brits 'ole Adolph was on meth during those decision-making days.

WHO was secretly supplying nearly ALL England, France and Russia's wartime material to fight the Nazis? WHO contributed scientists that cracked the German Enigma transmission code and won the war? WHO REBUILT THE SHIT WHEN THERE WAS NOTHING BUT RUBBLE?


........................................................................................................My point is, football is a sacred American tradition. It is (by far and away) the most profitable of the professional sports. They make billions of dollars in the USA alone. How much more fucking money do you need?

My beloved Giants are traveling to London this season. To a stadium crowd that is rumored to number 200,000. The G-men better bring a gondola, because the Dolphins will be able to safely swim out the rivers of piss that will be flowing in those London streets that night. I saw more English guys pissing and singing in public, I couldn't believe it. And friends that live in London tell me that pissing in the streets is a huge problem. Fucking disgusting. THIS from the people that INVENTED the toilet!

Roger Goodell, if your spies are combing football blogs, hear this message:


Nice Block, Vilma

Ok, what would Chad do?

Throw away the ball!


Ode To The Fan

As Summer begins to set in
on the season's surface breaks a fin

My lurking love for American
football is deep runnin'
this itchin'
for pigskin

My steroided heroes
are in the final throes
of their vacations, time comes and goes
like the goldigging ho's
any stupid athlete knows

Peyton in Fiji
Brady in Tuscany
both awaiting the latest epiphany
from Belichick and Dungy

Popping pads, the grunts of two-a-days
are way too many months away
and alone I am not, when I say

"Do not delay!
Don't you stall!
hurry those calender's pages fall


An Interview with Chad Pennington's Foundation

Today I spent time with Jennifer Correa, Executive Director of Chad Pennington's 1st and 10 Foundation, to learn how Chad is using his stardom to help other people.

Jennifer explained that Chad and his wife Robin formed this foundation in 2003 with the mission to build stronger communities by funding programs and institutions that seek to improve the quality of life throughout West Virginia, Tennessee and the New York Metropolitan area. They assist programs like Big Brother Big Sister, Boys & Girls Club and Starlight Starbright Foundation with the money they raise. This past year they donated over $200,000.

What was really nice to hear while talking with Jennifer that in an NFL off season where people like Pac-Man Jones and Chris Henry are getting dished big suspensions for their off the field high jinx, Chad Pennington is quietly putting his superstar status to good work. Two weeks ago at his celebrity bowling event, Chad and Robin's foundation raised over $150,000 in one day.

Jennifer proudly highlighted that every dollar that gets donated to the foundation goes right back into the community. Chad and Robin pay all other expenses out of their own pocket from air fare's and phone bills to Jennifer's salary. This alone separates Chad's foundation from many other charities who automatically take a percentage of every dollar to pay for administrative costs.

In attendance at their recent bowling event were former Jets quarterbacks Boomer Esiason, Ken O'Brien and Niel O'Donnell. Former Marshal University teammates showed up as well including Jonathan Goddard, Troy Brown and Randy Moss.

I was actually pleasantly surprised to hear Randy Moss was getting in on the action with all the bad press he's gotten over the years. Jennifer, who also went to college with Chad and Robin and also Randy, stated that much of Randy's bad rap is unjustified. In fact Randy and Chad have remained good friends since their Marshall days. These two former teammates will actually be division rivals this year for the first time with Randy's recent trade to the New England Patriots.

Anyone interested in donating or wanting more information can simply email Jennifer at director@1stand10foundation.com. Or check them out on the web at www.1stand10foundation.com.

At the end of our interview, I had to ask Jennifer if Chad is really as nice as he seems on T.V. Without hesitating, she confidently said, "Yes, he really is."

Photo credit goes to Lee Weissman.

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How Well Thou Fared, Romeo

Draft grades are coming along now that the weekend is over.

I must admit, there was less movement in the first round than I thought. I was stunned that Detroit hung on to that second pick and took Calvin Johnson. Him and Roy Williams make a fearsome tandem, but I would've traded down a few spots and taken Brady Quinn.

The subject is making me sick it's so taken over the sports waves. I am happy that Cleveland got Quinn, though. They had an awesome draft. San Fran, I'm telling you, is going to sneak up on everyone this year. When the standings shake down next season I want you all to remember my 49'ers predictions.

For a minute or two there, I thought the J-E-T-S were trading up to grab Quinn. But Mangini blindsided me with the cornerback pick. David Harris in the second round is a starter. Jets went defense here, methinks that means we will see a lot of running game for Gang Green. Defense and a clock-burning running game are the only thing that can take care of the very-scary New England patriots. It almost isn't fair that Brady and Randy Moss get to be on the same team. Fantasy picks, anyone?

My beloved G-men had an OK draft. Nothing spectacular. I wanted Joe Staley, LT. We need to protect Eli if we want him to keep progressing. Though Aaron Ross I couldn't fault them for selecting. Sam Madison and RW McQuarters did not get it done last year. Ross is big, physical and fast. We don't need CB's to face off against the Colts every year, so they don't need to be Champ Bailey. Steve Smith, WR taken in Round 2, confused me- but I guess it makes sense because Eli lost a dependable option in Amani Toomer last year. The other WR's couldn't get open to save their lives, the passing game consisted entirely of Plaxico and Shockey.

I would love to jump all over the Eagles, Cowboys and Redskins. The Eagles had some very curious selections and I think that Andy Reid sent a message to Donovan by drafting Kevin Kolb, QB with their first pick: McNabb has to stop getting hurt.

I can't diss Andy Reid though, because they have the best organization in the NFC. They are like the Patriots of the NFC. Fuck Dallas and Washington though. Goddamn LaRon Landry with Sean Taylor will be a nightmare twice a year for Big Blue. But that's what running game's are for.

The Raiders had a good draft but got zilch for dealing Randy Moss to Conference-competitor New England. They will still suck next year. The Dolphins shocked everyone by selecting Ted Ginn, Jr. But I wasn't so shocked. They have to get more out of Culpepper before calling it a failed experiment. He's not rehabbing his knee so good though and may be months away from any real playing time. I think they should have taken Quinn too.

Minnesota got Adrian Peterson, but Tavaris Jackson as the starting QB? Did Brad Childress lose his mind? They also should have taken Quinn.

The Draft always gets me pumped up. We are facing the warm summer months now, when we will scour the blotters for mini-camp news.