Happy New Year Jets Fans!

from New Yorkers,

Elaine and Kramer


AGAIN. Report from America's Siberia

Goddamnit. If I weren't already a yeti, this winter in Colorado would be really inconvienient.

Nothing to do but sit in the house with three feet of snow outside. Second blizzard in 8 days, we hadn't even fully gotten out of the first one. Contrary to popular belief, Colorado experiences a good amount of snow, but we actually have more days of sunshine than Florida. My buddy was skiing off his roof last week. He built a snow ramp in his backyard and made his whole yard into a little course. Videotaped themselves skiing off the roof and into a jump, like little homemade Warren Miller films. But this time 'round, this shit is boring. Nothing to do but hang out with the little Christmas trees.

And on a green note: The Jets recipe for beating the Raiders will be simple: keep the clock moving. The Raiders Defense might put up a fight initially, but they have a lame duck head coach, a lame duck offense in the middle of a lame duck season that they can't wait to be over. Randy Moss probably won't even play. Andrew Walter or the horrendous Aaron Brooks will turn the ball over, either via fumbles from sacks or by interceptions.

The Jets need to warm up for a grind-it-out type game that they will surely face the following week vs. the Colts. Fifty to sixty running plays will help Chad out immensely. I see him doing something efficient like 11-14, 205 yds and 1 td. Medium and short passes, his throws hang in the air or seem to take a while to get there sometimes.

Warren Sapp and the Raiders D is a prideful bunch, but by the third quarter they will be throwing in the towel and celebrating will be happening in Giants Stadium. 23-10 Jets, and the defense or special teams gets a score, another tune up for the second most necessary ingredient in a play-off run. Run the ball and play good defense.

It's like The Day After Tomorrow outside right now, hopefully it will melt by April and I can make it out to that eastern seaboard state from which I came.



While my blogger buddies cry to each other about which celebrity is politically stupider than the next and weather or not Eddie Vedder is Canadian or not, I am going to try to bring this blog back to what it was made for...THE JETS!!!
The Raiders are all that is on my mind. The Jets delivered an awesome Christmas present for all Jets fans last week when they squeaked out a win for us with 10 seconds to go.
Now we need to ask the Jets for a Happy New Year's Eve present in a win over the Raiders. We will take another one down to the wire if need be. A blow out would be great. But a win is all we really want and need.
A win means we are in the playoffs. A loss means we still might get in but we will need a bunch of teams to lose. We win next week and we are either facing the Colts or the Pats in their houses.
But lets not get that too far up the road. We need the Jets to beat the Raiders first. The Raiders Defense is really good, despite their crappy season. Their offense has a lot to be desired about. But Leon Johnson will be coming home so he might be amped up to face his former team, that let him go.
At any rate, I think we will win but I declare a close one. I think it will come down the the foot of rocker Ted Nugent again. It could be a shootout between him and Seb Janikowski.
I say Jets 15 - Raiders 12.
Happy New Year
PS: Feel free to post but if you want to post about Eddie Vedder, South Korea, the Iraq War, Celebrities that have graduated from Harvard, or anything else having to do with anything other than the Jets, go to another blog. Simply put your desired topic in the Blogger search engine and you will find the blog of your taste.


Eddie Vedder Isn't Canadian...But He Should Be

But he isn't from California either...He's from Chicago. In fairness to Figgy's assumption as to Vedder being from the Leftist Coast, he did slide out West twice during his lifetime. Once when his mother married the man whose seed created Vedder (after he was born and already in his teens) and later on in his life when he wanted to start his rock and or roll career. I am also of the opinion that every few years the Earth shifts and anything not tied down slides out west. So in fairness to my assumption as to Eddie being a Canadian, he is sort of a nimrod. He has fronted for such bands as My Morning Jacket (Canadian), chums around with Neil Young (also Canadian), and subsequently Neil was good friends with The Band (who had 4 Canadian members). In concert he likes to wax philosophical about current events but mainly about politics. Since Vedder is a high school drop out, I have to liken this kind of behavior to a gym teacher expounding on fusion vs.'s fission. It makes me sick when celebrities think we need to be taught by them about our world...our culture or lack there of...for this reason I am officially changing Eddie Vedder's name to Canadian Eddie Vedder. Hey, it's better than Wikipedia. In their synopsis of Pearl Jam's frontman's life, they have him pushing up daisies. I just think he's a communist. I don't want him dead or anything.

Well, I have finally come out of my writer's block...sure it had nothing to do with football but what can you say when the Jets said it all on the field. I know the Jets only beat Miami but it was a must win in what has always been a hostile environment for the Jets. Pennington played well enough to win. Will it be enough to beat Indy or the Pats? No, he needs to play better than he did as does the defense and the offense as a unit. But can we beat those two in the playoffs? I think the win against the Pats in Mass. showed us we can beat them. We lost to the Colts but we played them tough in their building. Plus since then the Colts have shown the league their achilles. They cannot defend the run. Cannot. When we played the Colts Cedric Houston wasn't getting the carries he will if & when we play them again. So all is good in Jets land...no complaints here. I even got some new Jets gear for Christmas just in time for the playoffs and that's something I didn't think that I'd see when the season started. January football, even if it's just one or two games, will be sweet.

So remember two things:

Eddie Vedder is now Canadian Eddie Vedder.


The Jets will partake in playoff football this year.



Ho, Ho, Ho!

Chad gave all Jets fans a big present last night in the form of a big W. With a little help from his friends, namely the entire defensive squad and rocker/kicker Ted Nugent.

I set it up perfect last night. I put the kids to bed. I put the wife to bed. Then I put my Chad Pennington jersey on and put the game on in time to see the opening kickoff. I painstakenly watched three scoreless quarters and then must have fallen asleep to see all the action.

When I woke up at 1am I saw the highlights on Sports Center. However, in my half asleep and delusional state, I thought I saw a 14-0 win. I went to bed smiling. But when I woke up in the morning I saw that I missed the best quarter and the final score was 13-10. I no reason to stop smiling.

I saw enough highlights and read enough articles this morning to peice the whole game together. And I am giving three game balls away.

First one goes to the Jet Defense. These guys are playing awesome. The Dolphins really didn't make too many mistakes, but the defense still held the Fins to 10 points. Great job guys!

Second one goes to Ted Nugent. Nugent had another perfect game. You couldn't even blame him nor Ben Graham for that muffed snap. It was wet and Ben is an Aussie so you don't want to say anything bad about him otherwise he will hunt you down and chop your head off.
The third goes to Sir Chad Pennington. When Pennington plays well, the Jets win. Chad was extremely patient last night. He waited out the defense and struck when the timing was right. And some of those passes were threaded in there so perfectly.
I am really suprised he is not picked off more. He threw zero picks last night and the Jets won.
Go Jets! Thanks for the Christmas present!


Fuck the Dolphins and go Teddy Nugent!

I don't have much to say, other than "Merry Fucking Christmas!" The Jets pulled out a much-needed win yesterday, and looked okay (in the second half) doing it. All they need to do is beat Oakland and they are in. If that happens, I'm going to have a playoff party at my house.

There is no reason why they shouldn't beat the Raiders. They are awful. They are traveling across the country to play a game on New Year's Eve that means nothing to them. Their coach is being fired this year. Their whole team should be gutted and replaced.

That being said, the Jets have a history of disappointing their fans and the Raiders could always want to spoil the Jets' playoffs hopes. (I know, they can still get in if they lose (with some help). Regardless, there is no way the Jets should lose to the Raiders.

Kudos to Teddy Nugent, he is really playing up to his potential, and that's great for the Jetropolitans.

On a side note, I came in third place in my FF league. Cotchery's TD helped me carry the day. (How did the field officials miss that, he was in by a mile?!).

GO JETS!!!!!!!

My new prediction:

Jets 24

Raiders 10

Why the Underdog Jets Are National Darlings

I could sense the cumulative consternation of Jets Nation Christmas night. Monday Night Football, in the thick of the bottleneck of the wild card race in the AFC, on the road in late December in Florida against a mightily-struggling Dolphins team and controlling their own destiny, the New York Jets waited until the end of the third quarter to display a pulse.

By halftime the Jets-Dolphins game score was a (jets) tittilating 0-0. Panic was that burning, runny feeling deep in the sinuses of Gang-greenies everywhere. Even I, a relocated and self-loathing Giants fan, was strenuously hoping that Pennington & Co. would get it together, dispatch the Fish (who played like they were out of water) and grab that dream of the playoffs dangling right over their heads. Tack on the fact that the Jets recently chose my hometown of Florham Park, NJ as their headquarters and that a good deal of my old friends from there are fans and you get my Bandwagon Vote.

I know that sounds like a sell-out, but I don't experience the bitterness of the Giants-Jets rivalry. I talk shit to Jets fans because of some unfortunate facility-sharing circumstances, but when it comes down to it, I like the Jets as long as they are not conflicting with my team's progress. And I believe that this is a distinction that the Jets enjoy with football fans across America outside of their division rivals, of course. That firefighter guy and the best crowd chant in the NFL has given the Jets some catchy and sentimental attachment to the nation's psyche, especially post-9/11. Throw in the classic, simple jerseys and a top-5 running back of all-time in Curtis Martin and the Jets had a great niche in the expanding exposure of the National Football League. That's great marketing, not from a billboard standpoint, but every NFL fan knows the 'J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets' chant. Commentators and nationally televised Jets home games further the endearment of it all. The rest of the league's fans are left to chant 'D-fense' and that's it. Here in Denver they chant, 'In-com-plete' but really, it pales in comparison.

Well, I think the Jets finally got to sensing that national underdog adoration in the 2nd half against the Dolphins. I sat there in Denver, watching with other transplants from Boston and Rochester and noticed them- having no allegiances at all- just start rooting for the Jets. The Boston guy was a Patriots fan! Why would he want them to win and possibly have to play them for a third time this year? The Rochester guy grew up with all Bills fans, but likes Cleveland. Sure enough, as soon as the Jets kicked a field goal to go up 3-0, they did the Jets chant.

Then the Jets seemed to notice there was game going on and they were in it.

The Jets defense should've been making Dolphins QB Cleo Lemon look like Strawberry Shortcake. The Jets offense knew it was going to have a time with the always tough Dolphins defense, but I expected their running-back-by-committee approach would move the chains, chew the clock and wear down Jason Taylor, Zach Thomas & Co. Fortunately, they did enough to win. The conditions were wet and sloppy, so that bears some reason for the ugly game.

When the game finished we started playing cards and I thought about the appeal of the Jets to the rest of the country. Jets fans got what they wanted for Christmas, a win and the driver's seat to the wild card pending a win next week over the woeful Raiders. Congrats Jets fans, the Cinderella season continues and here's hoping you that pumpkin coach doesn't show up any time soon.


All I want for Christmas is ...

Sure, I would like the above and 4 million bucks. (hey, I'm not being greedy, 4 mil is enough).

Seriously though, what I really want for Christmas is the following:

1. 2 Jets Victories and a playoff birth for our boys in green.
Can the Jets accomplish this? Of course they can! The weather in Miami will help out Chad and if the passing game is consistent and the running game gets a few yards, then they will beat the 'fins. They need to stop that dickhead Taylor from ending Chad's career as well. The Raiders scare me, because if the Jets will they will need to beat the Raiders to make the playoffs (in all likelihood) and that alone could mean the Jets' demise. We all know the Jets lose games they should win (i.e., Cleveland), and the Raiders game is, without question, one of these games. I put the pressure of winning this game on.... Mangini himself. Yes, he needs to get the players' minds off the pressure and focus them on winning. It will be a true test for the Penquin.
My predictions:
Jets 27 - Miami 14
Jets 20 - Oakland 6

2. Some goddamn respect for Jets' players.
Justin Miller is the only Jet to make the Pro-Bowl?? Ummm... hello, Laverneous Coles anyone? Kerry Rhodes??? What the fuck? That is horseshit! These two guys should have made the team, and it's bullshit that they didn't. It only shows that nobody is taking the Jets seriously this year. Fuck them. All the more reason why the Jets need to make the playoffs this year.

3. A playoff victory for the New York Jetropolitans.
This would shock the shit out of everyone and prove the Jets have more heart in their pinkies than the Giants do in their whole soulless (besides Tiki) team. On any given Sunday, anything can happen, and in my opinion, unless the Jets are playing the Chargers or the Ravens (with McNair), they have a legit shot to win.

4. Some new to look at my blogger profile so I can get past 24 "views."

And lastly,
5. World Peace.
Yeah right, I'm just hoping my son isn't drafted for WW III. Let's just hope we don't get nuked first.

That's about it. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

As always, LET'S GO JETS!!!!!!

Buried By Blizzard, A Faded Football Fan Looks for the Answer

Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas! I know all you Jet fans out there are sleeping soundly with images of playoffs and green gumdrops in your heads. Well, allow me the first to say, good luck! As my pathetic team has now marginalized themselves, I look forward to my other love, basketball.

As you can see, I have some time on my hands. Denver received over two feet of snow in the last 24 hours and it is still snowing! Fortunately I still have heat and electricity, or I'll have to burn books and eat my dog. Either that or send my girlfriend on foot for help. Just kidding.

But seriously, Christmas came early for Denver basketball fans. By now, I'm sure you all have seen the Nuggets/Knicks brawl footage. Growing up, unquestionably, the Knicks were my favorite team. But since I have lived in Colorado for eight years now (and have watched the Knicks deteriorate into a laughingstock) and access to games is so easy for me, I became a big-time Nugget fan. It has been fun watching Carmelo change his game and attitude ever so slightly over the last three years, but all that went into reverse during the Knick game. Did anyone see what a pussy Melo really is? Suckerpunches Mardy Collins and the RUNS AWAY to his bench. If you are going to throw a punch, be a man and face the guy you are hitting. Collins wasn't even looking at Melo, his back was to him, and Melo comes with a roundhouse suckerpunch? Frankly, I thought he'd be gone for half the season. Here were a few questions during the aftermath of the Garden Brawl:

  • What were the Nuggets going to do in the very strong Western Conference without their best player?
  • Why did he do it? Melo currently leads the NBA in scoring, has the Nuggets chasing the surprising Utah Jazz for the division lead, was a LOCK for the All-Star game and was having an MVP-type season.
  • How stupid can you be? Five seconds of anger resulting in losing nearly $750,000? According to my figures Melo earns almost $53,000 per game, which equals $1086.50 every MINUTE of the game, whether he is playing or not. There are 82 games a season, not including bonus money for playoff appearances.
  • What kind of image fall-out would this precipitate? Melo was opening youth centers, and donating millions to Syracuse, and the shoes and the good commercials...And what about the Nuggets catching the Jazz and making the playoffs? What about the scoring title, the All-Star game, the playoffs?
Lots of good questions were left in Nuggets fans' laps. Fortunately, Nugget management came up with the Answer:

Allen Iverson!

To quote the immortal Flavor Flav, "Yeeeaaaahhh, boyeee!"

I, for one, am very excited about this move. I realize that there may not be enough basketballs to go around initially, and I worry about players' egos. But we have a strong coach in George Karl who I think will find a way for Melo and AI to co-exist peacefully and successfully. Our backcourt of AI, JR Smith, Earl Boykins and Melo at small forward is as formidable as any in the NBA. Billups, Hamilton and Prince from the Detroit Pistons is the only other backcourt that appears as dangerous as the one in Denver right now. And they play slow-down, post-up basketball. The Nuggets are going to run so much the Phoenix Suns will look as swift as a trailer park. Boykins and AI would be IMPOSSIBLE to trap with pressure defense. And now we have THREE guys who want that last shot, Melo, Iverson and Smith. With our hustling big men, and Camby playing at an All-Star level, I'm saying that after an initial 'get-to-know-you' period the Denver Nuggets are going to take off. Wait and see.

As for football, good luck to all you Jet fans! You guys got the best schedule going in to wrap up the year. Take care of business in Miami, and I think the Broncos will beat the Bengals at Mile High, and I think I see Gang Green sneaking in there. I feel bad for you though, the AFC playoffs will be murder, hopefully you get the Pats in the first round, because its pretty damn tough the rest of the way.

I'll be pulling for you out here. Despite being a life-long Giants fan, here in Denver I root for anything New York or close to home. Plus, Florham Park became the Jets headquarters! Maybe I'll paint the building blue as a joke.



A few years back when Jim Mora Sr. was asked about his playoff chances during a dismal season he created one of the most famous playoff time sound bites in reacting with an aggravated, "PLAYOFFS? PLAYOFFS?"

At the beginning of the season, one of my die hard Jet fan friends announced to me that if the Jets make it to the playoffs it would be a good year. I mimicked Mora and told my friend that we would be lucky to win 5 games. A sentiment that most level headed Jet fans shared. But guess what Jet fans? My hopeful friend must have had a premonition.

Believe it or not, the playoffs are looming for our beloved. We obviously need a few things to happen and need a little help from some friends/foes around the league. But here are some quick scenarios for you to keep in mind so you can root for and against different teams in upcoming weeks in an effort to make our Jets playoff hopes greater

The best thing for the Jets is to make it into one of the two Wild Card spots, which it looks like 4 teams are fighting for them right now. The Jets, Bengals, Jaguars and Broncos are vying for the Wild Card. The Jets are probably sitting the best spot out of any of them.

New York Jets: The Jets are 8-6 and have two games left. They play a 6-8 Miami team and a 2-12 Raider team. If we win those two games, we should be in the playoffs. However, a few losses amongst the following teams would only help.

Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals are currently 8-5, and have won the last 4 in a row. However, they face Indianapolis tonight. Then they play Denver and finish up with Baltimore. In my opinion, if the Bengals get past Indy tonight they are going to be the team we need to root against more than anyone. Denver and Baltimore are not doing so hot these days. The Bengals are hitting their stride a little bit and could very well win the next three.

Jacksonville Jaguars: The fact that the Titans caught them with their pants down this weekend was huge for the Jets. However, I hope karma doesn't work against us on with Jacksonville, since we forgot to show up when we played them earlier this week.

Denver Broncos: Figgy's team is currently 8-6 as well. However, they have their hands full against Cinci and Al Gore and the San Francisco 69ers. What we really need the Broncos to do is beat the Bengals and then lose to San Fran. They are starting a rookie QB and have the chips stacked against them the most out of any of these Wild Card contenders.

What we really need to focus on our side of the street. And that means we need to win this weekend against Miami, in Miami.

This will not be an easy task. I predict a low scoring game. Lets hope Mangini's game plan includes shutting down the run and confusing blitz packages against Ron Farrington.

Jets 16 - Dolphins 10


Jets Playoff Hopes...

Courtesie of Yahoo Answers:

The loss to Buffalo derailed the Jets' plans to make it to the playoffs this year. While they are not mathematically eliminanted, the plug is about to be pulled. I will assume that they will not catch NE for the divison lead. Fighting for the final two playoff spots, they have two teams ahead of them in record, and two teams tied with them for the same record. Of these four teams they own the tiebreaker only against KC (better conference record). Jacksonville has a one game lead and has beaten the Jets already this year, so essentaily the Jags have a two game lead with three to play. Barring a complete meltdown from NE and assuming the Jags are in, the Jets need to win out and hope that Denver and Cinncy don't make it to 10-6. Denver and Cinncy both play in week 16, so this makes it even more challanging for the Jets. Denver needs go 2-1, Cinncy needs to go 1-2, and/or the Jags need to go 0-3.Also if NE goes 10-6 (1-2) or 9-7 (0-3) and the Jets win out, the Jets will win the East.

First of all, thank you to the person who did that work. I was trying to figure it out on my own and had the Jets winning their division. But that was the good olde Jets fan in me trying to will a playoff birth for my Jets. Sometimes I think the NFL powers that be rely on this blog for their processes and procedures. So in my delusional Jets fan mind, I think that if they rely on this blog to see who is in the playoffs then I could put the Jets as having home field advantage all the way through the playoffs and they would beleive it. I was going to have them playing the Raiders every week of the playoffs and then having them playing the Raiders in the Superbowl.

Ok sorry, now back to reality. The Jets are in a weird spot right now. They basically need to do their part and win all of their games here on out. That is all they can control so they need to focus on what they can control.

As for all the other scenarios, lets put that in a Higher Powers hands. So lets say a prayer, "Baby Jesus, if it be your will, please let the players and coaches from the Jags, Cheifs, Broncos and Bengels get sick and lose all of their remaining three games. Perhaps a good way would have them eat at Taco Bell and get E-Coli that way nobody would know you were involved. And Baby Jesus, it if be your will, perhaps you can turn Chad Pennington into a young Brett Favre or Joe Montana. 1989 Montana would do or 1995 Favre would be nice. And if you are bringing back 1989 Montana would it be at all possible if you could bring back 1983 Joe Klecko and 1985 Mark Gastinau. And perhaps after we win the Superbowl, Baby Jesus, could you arrange to have a Death Match between 1985 Gastinau and 1977 Rocky Balboa at Madison Square Garden and donate all the proceeds to the Unruly Jets Fan Fun for Retarded People? Please make the check out to Unruly Jets Fan, I will make sure it gets to the right place. Thank you baby Jesus!"

Listen Jets fans. We have a lot to be grateful this season with the way the Jets have exceeded all of our expectations. So lets not get too crazy if the Jets don't make it to the playoffs. AND LETS GO NUTS IF THEY DO!!!

We need to go into it one game at a time. Next up, Minnasota. Now lets buckle down and go into the land of 50 lakes and fuck some shit up!!!

Jets 31 - Mini-Assholes 10

Write it down!!!!


NFL Predictions, everyone!

It is that time of year. Time to lay it all on the line for the big playoff push in the National Football League. And if you are lucky enough to have a team in contention, even better. That does, however, skew your ability to pick with neutrality. Case in point:

Figgy the Mick's playoff predictions! Take it to the bank, sell the farm and kick the bucket, even Berman's picks aren't this good.

In the AFC, these are the division winners:
West - Chargers
South - Colts
North - Ravens
East - Patriots

wild cards-Jacksonville and Cincinnati

In the NFC, division winners:
West - Seahawks
South - Saints
North - Da Bears
East - ughh, Cowboys

wild cards - Atlanta and the New York Football Giants

Here's how this biased commentator sees it shaking down:

Cincy goes to the Colts (who fall to the 3 seed) in which Indy wins a close one. Cincy runs for 175 yds and two TD's but Palmer throws a late pick to seal the deal.

Jacksonville travels to New England where Tom Brady performs his usual playoff magic. Jax is eliminated for the second year in a row at Foxboro.


Colts go to the Ravens and Peyton winds up running for his life. Jamal Lewis and Mike Anderson pound the ball, keeping the Colt offense off the field. Still, its a close one that the Colts lose. Baltimore is headed to the AFC Championship.

The Patriots go to play the San Diego SuperChargers, who finish the regular season as the NFL's best team. The Pats push them to the limit, but San Diego squeaks by thanks to NFL MVP LT. Expect a trick play from the ever-dangerous Patriots.


Baltimore travels to San Diego and lets everyone know who the dominant defense is. The Chargers D can't penetrate the massive Baltimore O line and Steve McNair plays an efficent game, no turnovers. San Diego turns it over twice, Rivers not ready yet, and Marty chokes down the stretch one more time.

Now for the woefully outclassed NFC:

The Falcons travel to the Cowboys, but Mike Vick puts on another amazing performance. They get one running back healthy, but still the Dallas D does just enough to win the day, Cowboys by four points.

The Giants start their revenge tour in Seattle, where they had the most horrid performance of the season in Week 3. Revenge for Eli, Tiki and company. Giants by 7.


The Cowboys travel to the Saints....and get blown out again by the league's best offense. Saints by 17!

The G-men hit the Windy City to take on the Monsters of the Midway. THIS time Rex Grossman is yanked by halftime, but to no avail. Griese can't win the day, the Giants win by one point capturing a massive upset. Plaxico and Shockey have a TD each.


The Saints prove too much for the Giants. Reggie, Deuce score and Brees has two TD's. Saints win by 10.


Ravens bring the Saints back down tom Earth. Ray Lewis gets another ring and Steve McNair gets his (well-deserved) first. Ravens 20, Saints 17.


Playing quarterback in New York is dirty business. Because both professional football teams from the Big Apple are suffering from highly schitzophrenic seasons I have decided to do a background check on the Giants' and Jets' field generals.

As you can see, I have captured them at their best. It appears that Eli Manning had a a pretty normal college experience. He's got Goldschlagger written all over his face. But where are the girls?! Dude, you are the quarterback of a major college football program! There should be bras on the ground and panties stretched over your drunk-ass head. What can you say though, I guess at Ole Miss it is still fun to draw a penis on somebody's face - goes to show the level of academic standards - even though most boys grow out of that by 9th grade.

Look at Chad Pennington posing with his illegitamite son and a Aryan afro. Just look at him. I wouldn't 'out' him like this under normal circumstances, but he is not producing for the Jets and thus the smear campaign and character assassination has begun. Jets fans expect less out of their quarterbacks, but even so - Chad's on the hot seat.

Though their fans and chants are endearing, c'mon, the Vietnam War was raging the last time the Jets won a Super Bowl. They had to borrow a Giants coach (Parcells) just to get to an AFC Championship game in 1999, which they lost. During the 1980's and 1990's managing games was enough to have winning seasons in the AFC. Not anymore. Clearly, the class teams of the National Football League are in the AFC. The Jets are going to need a smart, efficent offense (like the West Coast short passes and throws to the fullback and running back) and a punishing defense. Chad is certainly smart enough, but is his arm up to it?

Getting out of their division alone will take some doing, New England, Buffalo and Miami play each other extremely well, regardless of their records. And after that the Jets have to clear the Colts, Jaguars, Steelers, Ravens, Bengals, Broncos, Chargers and Chiefs - all perenially competitive teams. I don't think Chad has better days ahead of him, they are behind. As maddening as Eli's play is sometimes, he's still a young guy with the prime of his career ahead of him.

Both are cerebral, team players. Chad's shortcoming isn't his fault and is a physical one. Eli, however, has all the tools, the pedigree and a prestigous organization to command, now he just needs to seize permanent confidence and control. Plus, if the Giants trade Plaxico for Randy Moss and draft a complement back to Brandon Jacobs to replace Tiki, they will be competitive for years to come.

Lets Face It, We Need a New QB

I love Chad. How could anyone not. But he is just not getting it done.

I am sorry, but I cannot deal with his inconsistent play. He turns the ball over too many times. He looks like a retarded deer when he runs with the ball. He throws the ball like I do with my left hand.

We need someone who can throw different passes than a little dinker to the running back or a lob pass to the side line.

Last weekend, Favre was throwing his passes to Donald Driver like he was trying to throw it through his chest. When Chad first game up from college, he did have some zip on the ball. We need a QB who has a little bit of that.

I think Chad is done. He has had two shoulder surgeries on his throwing shoulder. He should really just hang it up and be a QB coach on this staff.

I don't know if Clemens is the man either. He reminds me of Brooks Bollinger a little. And although I liked Brooksie, he just is not an NFL franchise QB. But I hope Clemens is the man. We wasted a 2nd rounder on him. Hopefully he is a Tom Brady or a Tony Romo sitting in the wings.

Games like yesterday's Bills game just depress me. I know this whole season is a bit of a pleasant surprise. And if we lose every game from here on out, it is still a success given what we had when we came into this season.

However, we need to think of the future. We have some great cogs on our roster. Guys like Nick Mangold, D'Brickashaw, Jerrico Crotchery, Kerry Rhodes, Jon Vilma and Bryan Thomas are the solid players we can build upon. Now we need a general at the helm. We need a RB too, dont get me wrong. But we need a QB, and Chad is not it.

It pains me to write something like this about Chad, it really does. But my patience has worn out. So keep your eyes open on the Free Agent Market and listen to see if Mel Kiper thinks there are any good college QB's coming up. Chad's head is officially on my chopping block!



Let's deal with the most pressing issue. Where the fuck is Shea Gadfly? Sure, he has time to work, go to the motherland and put the occassional posting on his other great blog, but where for art thou on this blog, Gadflyeo? And I'm sure he has to spend time working for the man and earning a living, but really now, what is more important than this Jets blog? I can't write good blogs. All of the sudden Unruly is getting serious and talking about racism in America, I mean, what the hell is going on?

Regardless, the Jetropolitans have a huge game this week against their bitter division rival, Buffalo. Thankfully, it's home. This game is a must win. It will give the Jets more credibility (they still aren't getting their props, maybe because they don't have much of a running game and their running defense is suspect) and perhaps solidify their chances of making the playoffs. Only Minnesota, Miami and Oakland are left after Buffalo. The Jets should and can win all of those games. There is no question they have an easy schedule, but that doesn't mean they won't do something in the playoffs. Shit, crazier things have happened.

I have faith in Kerry, Chad, Jericho and whatever RB starts next week. (I don't even have to comment on Coles, the guy is solid every week). As far as the Bills go, Gore is tough and ran all over the Jets last time they played, and Losman is spotty, but you never know. Lee Evans has become a threat and their defense isn't too bad. Speaking of defense, I hope the Jets can make some tackles and play like they did last week in Green Bay. If they do, the Bills are not winning.

My prediction:
Jets 24, Bills 20

Let's Go Jets!!!!!!!


Yo, for real, you's a racialist!

A few months back I was driving home from a work event in Massachussets when I was listening to Stephen A. Smith on ESPN Radio. The topic of discussion was the Knicks debacle. Going against my golden rule to never be one of these pathetic callers on talk radio I picked up the phone and dialed the number they repeated 10 times.

Since I had a four hour ride in front of me, all I really wanted to do was have something to keep my mind off the long drive. So I was going to tell Stephen, who I thoroughly enjoy listening to, that this Knicks team is young and they need to stick with Coach Larry Browns "system".

While I was on hold for 40 minutes, and feeling like the biggest loser for calling. During that time they changed the topic from the Knicks to racism in sports. Apparently Bryant Gumble, who is a bigger idiot than these pathetic talk radio callers, had caused some sort of a stir about some border line racism thing that I cannot even remember. It was so stupid that I couldn't even believe that Stephen A. brought it up.

So as I was listening to Stephen A. rant about racism in sports I started to boil up a little bit. I could not stop thinking how pro sports is probably the best neutralized of racism in America. The producer of the radio show jumped on my phone line while I was on hold and asked if I could talk about this topic. I gladly ablidged.

Finally Stephen picked up the phone and said, "OK Unruly, what's on your mind?" I blurted out, "Stephen, there is no better neutralized of racism in America than sports." I went on to tell him that I am a middle-American white guy from middle class New Jersey and that when I watch football or baseball or basketball I do not view these guys as white or black. I just picture them as Michael Strahan or Duane Wade or Bernie Williams.

Stephen, who is a black man, replied with something to the effect that racism is alive and well and we all need to keep talking about it and then it will finally go away. Right when he was about to hang up I blurted out that with all due respect the topic of racism is boring. Not to demean any victims of racism and their feelings, but it gets way to much publicity.

But, I really thought about what he said. And respect his position that racism is alive and well. I really do not know what it is to be black and dealing with race issues. And I know racism is alive and well. And in some parts of the country I am sure it is worse than other parts.

However, I disagree with the idea that we need to keep talking about it. Perhaps Stephen needs to keep talking about it, but I really do not think that if we all keep talking about it that it will somehow magically disappear.

Last year, Morgan Freeman was on 60 Minutes. The interviewer brought up the topic of racism. Now, Morgan is a very mature, wise old black man who has probably seen it all. He casually replied, "Racism will disappear when we stop talking about it."

I think Morgan is right on target. The less we talk about racism the more it will go away. I believe people like Bryant Gumble and Stephen A. Smith publicly bringing up racism just adds logs to the fire.

Recently the Rev. Jesse Jackson publicly called out to all rappers to stop using the "n" word in their music. I thought this idea was great and right in line with what Morgan Freeman was saying. But then the next week Jackson was standing next to Al Sharpten on TV saying the NYPD are racists. He is not helping anything to do with stopping racism.

Now I know coming from a white person, victims of racism will poo poo anything I am saying. And I cannot stand before African-American people from a mountain top and say, "we cannot talk about racism any more." It still does exist. And I think some black people need to talk about it, probably in the confines of a psycho-therapist to get through their own personal issues with it.

The only person who I can control is myself. And you can only control yourself. So I stop talking about racism and you stop talking abour racism, it will eventually disappear. So stop talking about it. Now!

Plus, it is the damn Muslims that are creating all the problems in the world. Just kidding!