Something funny that has nothing to do with the Jets

I know this has nothing to do with the Jets but I am sure the Jets players would think its funny. It is actually off the hook. Check it out and comment!


Laughing like I was figged said...

That was fucking great.

And I'm SO happy that both gay guys were named Mike. You did that on purpose you bastard Unruly Jets Fan. You scoured YouTube for 'videos mimicking David Blaine starring two fags named Mike'.

Those guys were obviously straight dudes acting gay. Like Bill Romanowski in that movie that's about to be in the theaters. They were funny as shit. I'd like to know how they did the roof thing.

David Blaine was too good, that funny stare into the camera. Cracked me up.

Unruly Jets Fan: said...

I found it originally on Funnyordie.com which is Will Farrell's website.

There is another video with the same people where Blaine abuses the same gay guys. It is really funny too.

Funnyordie.com is pretty funny. There are a lot of skits like this one.

fakey said...

My fucking volume doesn't work. Unruly, do you know that my wife's foot got impaled on my deck, she had to get surgery to remove a 10 inch piece of wood from her foot, and now, after spending a day in the hospital, she has pnuemonia? She can't drive for 3 weeks. It is insane.

Unruly Jets Fan: said...

I am sorry man. I cannot believe the shit you and Devin endure. Hang in there my friend. And be there for your wife.

Figs said...

My God, what kind of wood did you use for the deck, driftwood?

I can't imagine a 10-inch splinter. I do, however, remember sleigh riding and climbing up a hill behind Unruly and he kind of yelled. He held up his foot and there was the head of a rake sticking out of it. I grabbed the rake head and pulled it out. I think later I went through a little wooden fence face first.

Gosh, tell Dev I'm sorry for her. How did she get that spike in her foot? Did she bleed orange soda?

fakedouch said...

Thanks guys. She got the spike just from walking on the deck, it was sticking up like a snake in the grass, waiting to strike.
It's not good.

In other news, check out this website, it is pretty funny, stupid but funny
No affiliation, except that I am a douchbag.