Due to popular demand, I have decided to resurrect this Jets blog. Yes, if I'm lucky 2 or 3 people will read my postings, mostly to make fun of me I'm sure, but the important thing is that I continue to profess my love of the Jets, and men in general. Kidding (about the Jets part).

Regardless, the Jets are 2-2 and Brett Farve (Something About Mary and Levis commercial fame) is the new QB. This Farve person also played on a football club in Wisconsin, and from what I hear he is pretty good. (Of course, he has thrown a lot of passes to the opposing team over the years).

Anyway, I have a bet with one of my buddies as to who will have more victories, the Giants or the Jets. The loser has to give the winner oral. Kidding, 40 bucks is on the line, and I personally think the Jets will win 9 or 10 games this year. The problem is, the fucking Giants are probably going to win 11 or 12. Fucking Giants.

That is really it for now, because I blew my creative load on my fantasy football board post. I can never stop laughing when I write that shit. Of course, I'm probably the only one who thinks it is funny.

Go Jets!


I bid thee farewell....

I honestly think it's a mistake and I hope they got a first rounder for you (as of press time it was "undislosed round").

I don't see why the Jets insist on using a defense that doesn't fucking work just because Bellicunt used it. Regardless, I honestly loved watching Vilma play, I have his jersey (as does my son) and I am going to keep rooting for the guy. He is fucking good. I think that Vilma and Harris would have fucked shit up, but we'll never know. Not to mention the fact that Vilma would call the FAN's Joe Beningo every fucking week and listen to Joe bust his balls when the Jets were playing like shit and he would still be a gent. I am sorry to see him go.

Good Luck Mr. Vilma!

In other news -
Kris Jenkins? Why did we trade 2 draft picks for him? I doubt he'll be worth it but the Jets never learn when it comes to the D-Line. Dwayne didn't play that poorly last year, but now he is the odd man out. We'll see.





I hate the NFL but I'm glad the Giants won for NY's sake. And because I hate New England. I mean there teams used to be cute. Awww, Boston is so cool. Not anymore...they shall receive no quarter from me from this point forward.

But I digress...

It's just gotten ridiculous. Football teams can have like seven guys (starters mind you...not borderline bench players) fail drug tests on the same team and yet the media only wants to talk about Clemens' wife's breast augmentation & baseball's supposed "black eye". God forbid they say anything about the holier than tho' NFL. Who, mind you, is officially the most greedy sport in America. Oh, how's that you say?

Well, for instance, their NFL network is just a blatant money grab. They're trying to make the cable companies look bad for not picking up the package and putting their costs on the rest of us who couldn't care less about replaying the Arizona Cardinals vs the Detroit Lions from the week before last. Now the satelite companies have announced that they are cutting the regions that receive the NFL network in half. This all means that out of the 300 million homes in America that have televisions only 3 million of them feel the need to pay for the NFL network. But the cable companies are a bunch of meanies for not wanting to put that cost on their customers. That's a crock of shit in my opinion...

The NFL already swindles their players (past and present) but altogether with their tax exceptions from the government, their insane antics from players and coaches, and all the ridiculous self promotion it has become completely unwatchable to me. Look at the NBA...I see a league at a crossroads and they aren't exactly that far off from deserving a similar type of derision, a similar type of attendance, and a similar type of unwatchability.

Baseball has it's problems, I know. But at least I can see them and they've stopped trying to sell me on how I'm lucky to be a part of it like the NFL. Or do you guys like watching doogans prancing like peacocks? I know all about Jose Reyes last year. It killed me but it also killed him. People were willing to give him away after his antics last season. He admitted an error. When was the last time you saw an NFL player act like an idiot without getting rewarded for it? Or apologize for bad sportsmanship? You can almost predict the penalties but the guys still do it. Fines? Who cares...I'm going to pull out my cell phone after a TD, call my ho and still get a deal pitching NIKE. Yuck, I just can't stand the NFL.

Sorry for the rant...but...
I just watched a great Seton Hall road win last night. With Coach Gonzalez, the Pirates are a step away from becoming the premier basketball program to go and watch in the New York area (they have the #6 best player in the nation locked up for next year, the reigning Big East rookie of the year in Eugene Harvey, a first team All Big East player in Brian Laing, the next big scorer in the league in Jeremy Hazzell, etc., etc.). And yet I turn on the FAN for my morning commute and I have to listen to idiots talk about what they think of the Jets releasing Justin McCaraeins. It really just stuck all up in my craw. And if I called Fatso & the Angry Puppy and told them how I was excited about the program and the growth SHU has shown you know what they would say? It's not relevant because they aren't as good as Louisville or Georgetown, how UConn is better, blah, blah, blah.

It's really sad. In my opinion, It's the NFL and it's glossy magazine cover self image that has distorted people's perspective on what is rational and reasonable dialogue and what should be news. People want fries with that shake. They're sad and shallow. I'm not saying that SHU should be the lead story in the sports section today. Or that it should be headline news that we have two of the three best high school basketball teams in the nation playing in our backyard (St.Benedict's and of course St.Anthony's). Maybe that is what I'm saying. And as always, that's why I will take baseball or hoops over the NFL. I'd rather read a good novel than a glossy magazine.

PSS - I think this means that I won't be blogging about football too much in the coming months.

PSSS - If I shat a turd that looked like LaDamian Tomlinson, do you think Roger Goodell would try to sell it to you guys? Do you think you'd have enough to buy it? If you did, do you think he'd still keep a share of the aforementioned crap because it was part of his league? Yeah, that's right...I called you guys a bunch of dorks for still supporting the NFL. I still love you though...


Remember Barry Sanders?

Look at this fucking photo from his college days below. I remember cutting this thing out of Sports Illustrated and taping it to my wall, where it lasted until well after I finally moved out of my house.

I just put a copy in my office at work. The guy was awesome (although no Eric Dickerson) and could have probably been the best if he just kept playing. I wonder if never having won a championship bothered him. I bet it did. Fucking Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl and Curtis Martin never did? The list could go on, but the Jets better do something and start winning again, because I want to see some of those guys holding a trophy like the fucking Giants did as soon as possible.

Fucking Go Jets!


Enjoy Jets Fans

Pictures courtesy of Val Halla who had to smuggle these photo's out of Patriot Nation!


Thoughts of Green

Ah, we have entered the long off-season of discontent. Except for me.

Eric Mangini certainly has his work cut out for him this upcoming NFL season. He is going to have to do some lights-out coaching and preparation.
The AFC East is already humming with activity. The Patriots are just picking their heads up from their shocking defeat in the Super Bowl. Bill Parcells cut 9 guys yesterday including veteran QB Trent Green and will probably pull off another unbelievable draft this year. I think the only guys on the Miami roster over 31 will be Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor. And you know something about Buffalo? They have a damn good core and a suddenly deep and respectable roster. The Jets?

Well, when is the last time anyone even heard from them? I hope Mangini is locked away somewhere drawing up some grand designs because the challenge will never be greater for Gang Green next year.

The draft will be very important, your cross-town and stadium-sharing brethren managed to win the Super Bowl with major contributions from 10 rookies. I am advocating for Offensive and Defensive line help. I suppose some good news is that Vilma doesn't appear to be going anywhere, so if the Jets pick up a quality DT, that frees up Vilma to play like Ray F'ing Lewis. However, the Jets running game was sorry this last year and that has to be a huge concern. The ability to run the ball takes the pressure and the coverage off of new QB Clemens (who I think is a gamer). RB's Thomas Jones and Leon Washington are a more than adequate 1-2 punch, they just need the hogs up front. So where do they go with their pick? Right Guard (not the deodorant)? Left Guard and potentially put together one of the best left sides in football, with Mangold, draft pick and D'Brick? Ball control solves a lot of problems with your defense, they won't be on the field as much. Ball control also helps out the QB immeasurably: Managing the game with throws under 20 yards instead of being forced into trying to make big plays.

Ball control is the way to beat the Patriots, even with that prolific spread attack that Brady orchestrates so well. Parcells COVETS ball control and the power running game and he tries to assemble behemoths up front, e.g. the Dallas Cowboys offensive line. The Buffalo Bills have a good one-two combo with RB's Marshawn Lynch and Anthony Thomas and very unheralded O and D lines.

I'll tell you what free agents could help the Defense out: Jared Allen, Terrell Suggs, Assante Samuel, Albert Haynesworth.

I'll tell you what free agents could help out the O: Rueben Brown, Ryan Lilja (guard from Colts), Alan Faneca, Max Starks, Flozell Adams. It is an EXTREMELY rich year for Offensive linemen in free agency this year. Pete Kendall defecting in Training Camp hurt the Jets a lot this year.


Eighteen and DOH!

One of the most shocking Super Bowls in history transpired last Sunday. And, the New York Giants upset the heavily favored and undefeated New England Patriots 17-14. We are out there, but there are very few of us Big Blue Rootin' Crew that actually thought that the Giants could do it.

I pulled out all the stops, doing everything I could think of that might help the team. I wore Giants clothing to work all week, sported at t-shirt/Eli jersey/Giants sweatshirt combo at church Sunday morning (which was spent in intense meditation and visualization and pleading to God to allow the Giants to beat the unbelievably dangerous Patriots), and other rituals not fit to mention on this family blog. It all paid off, especially the church.

The game that unfurled was BETTER than when the Giants upset the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXV 17 years ago. The Patriots were UNDEFEATED. But the Giants could call their playoff run 'The Revenge Tour'.

The Dallas Cowboys had beaten the Giants twice this year, surely the #1 seed would handle these Blue Upstarts one more time.

OK, they managed to squeeze out the win against Dallas. Lucky. But now the Giants would have to go up to frozen Lambeau Field in Wisconsin, in which the legend of Brett Favre only got better as the temperature went down. Game time conditions were at -20 below zero, there would be no way the young, inconsistent Giants QB would fare better than Favre in those conditions. Tack on the spirit of the Packers playing to get Brett Favre to the Super Bowl and there was no way the Giants could win this game. The Packers also had beaten the New York in Giants Stadium Week 2.

Oh my God, the Giants are going to the Super Bowl. To face the never-before-done 18-0 new England patriots, who had set NFL offensive records all season long on their determined march to their place as the best team in NFL history.

It would take a Herculean effort for the Giants to pull off, what I consider a bigger upset than Broadway Joe Namath and the NY Jets beating the formidable Baltimore Colts in 1968. The Colts that year were not an undefeated team in a very competitive and complex era of salary caps and free agency. The Patriots were.

The Defense would have to play lights out and get to Tom Brady the way no other team had all season long.

How long, Jet fans, have you waited for images like these this season? August? September?

How about Jerry Reese, GM of the Giants? Not only did his last four drafts pay off in spades with all the contributions from young players this year, but he signed versatile D-lineman Justin Tuck to a 30 million dollar contract before the Super Bowl. All of it was worth it on this image alone:
Tom Brady got NAILED all game long. 5 sacks, a fumble, and 18 other knockdowns. When Brady tried to throw deep he got creamed on the step into his throw. He didn't complete a pass longer than 20 yards, so the big play was taken away from the best offense of all-time. Wes Welker did some damage with 10 or 11 catches but he kept out the end zone. The Giants defense did a great job with the Patriots screen game, and Lawrence Maroney had a grand total of 39 yards rushing.

The game was extremely close. That Patriots had a capable defense full of smart veterans. One play could break and the Patriots would run away with it. The game was 7-3 Patriots heading into the 4th quarter. And in the 4th quarter, a player known only in Giants circles as a stout Special Teamer, QB Eli Manning had to check down to his 2nd, 3rd and 4th options on most pass plays. The 4th option is a guy named David Tyree, who caught a TD in that critical 4th quarter to put the Giants up 10-7. However, Tom Brady is on the other sideline and there were 4+ minutes left in the game. Sure enough, Brady to Moss with 2:40 or so to go.

This is the stage that a QB dreams about. And Eli Manning, so often crticized for not being his brother, not being fiery enough, lived it. Manning to Tyree could go down as one of the greatest plays in Super Bowl history: 3rd and 5 at the Giants 40-yard line, the pocket collapses on manning, he is jostled around by various Patriot defenders as the pull at his jersey, SOMEHOW Eli gets out and scrambles to his right and heaves a desperate 32-yard pass upfield to Tyree who SOMEHOW trapped the ball to the top of his helmet while up in the air and hanging on despite a scratching and clawing Rodney Harrison :
And, is this an emotional enough QB for all the critics? Here he is after tossing the game-winning 13-yard pass to Plaxico Burress with 35 seconds left in the game.

After Brady threw 4 desperate heaves that went nowhere and the clock expired and it all hit me: the Giants won the Super Bowl! My knees got weak. Then came the shower for the much-maligned head coach Tom Coughlin.

Look at Murph over to the left. Awesome. I don't know if it has all the way set in yet. The victory parade in New York City is on the NFL Network and I will watch the game again on NFL Replay Wednesday night.

I know that I have been on an island the last four years, defending Eli, Giants management, Coughlin, the Defense, one thing after another. And now to have them as the Super Bowl 42 Champions with none other than QB Eli Manning as the MVP (sorry Defense) I think all those years on my heels are over. It's in the books, the Pats were the best team of all-time and Eli pulled off the biggest 4th-quarter comeback of all-time.

Thanks all you jet fans for giving me this tribute on the blog the last couple of weeks. I know you are happy that the Pats finally lost, and it was really worth waiting all season for that loss, because it is when it really, really counted.

There is one media member I would like to send a Giant 'ha-ha' to:
How comical are those leadership skills now dumbass? Lets' call into questions YOUR decision-making. We are the best team WITHOUT you. YOU were the whole problem. F' off Tiki Barber, sit in it.


To Quote Bruce, "..Waitin' On A Miracle"

Before I even write anything:


That said, here's maybe a glimpse to how:

Obviously, the Giants can't turn the ball over. If they do, they somehow have to WIN the turnover battle vs. the Patriots. I don't like those odds, so not turning the ball over - period - is the best recipe for success.

Secondly, the Giants MUST get pressure from UP THE MIDDLE on Tom Brady. Brady is a killer when he steps up in the pocket. Brady's completion percentage drops significantly when he rolls out. And if he rolls out versus the Giants?

You get to run into Mike Strahan and Osi Umenyiora, and it's damn hard to keep your eyes downfield when those two guys are within arm's reach. That said, Brady gets rid of the ball in less than one second after the snap. Even unblocked, it is impossible to get to him that way. I say, delay the edge rush by ONE STEP and push up the middle, then when Brady had to take off to the his left or right - here comes the Strahan/Umenyiora surge. That might make it difficult to get the ball off to:

Wes Welker, the assassin of the short-passing game. Welker and Moss MUST GET HIT and get hit a lot. Even if they catch it. The Giants defense is going to be playing like Team Rabies. There is no tomorrow, there isn't another meaningful football game until next September, so I expect bloodthirsty madness for 60 minutes. I think the Giants are very hungry, if they can make no mistakes on offense, special teams and defense, they will win.
The Giants running game doesn't need to dominate, but that would help. I think the wild card this time is rookie running sensation Ahmad Bradshaw, whom the Patriots DID NOT play against in the last game of the regular season at Giants Stadium. Bradshaw is a GAME BREAKER. The new England defense is very good, but they are not that fast. If Bradshaw sees some green, he is gone. Jacobs brings in a tremendous dimension. The big fella can really wear a defense down. In the 2nd half, look for a lot of Bradshaw as the Pats D gets tired.
So, if all of the above manages to happen, there are still 3 other playmakers who can change the game:

The patriots will run, but only reluctantly or to wind the clock down. Brady would prefer to throw for a three-yard gain than for Maroney to grind it out. If the Giants D Line and Linebackers can shut maroney and the short-passing game down, the Super Bowl will still come down to a crazy play or two from Belichick.
You absolutely cannot let up against the Patriots. No lead is ever big enough. Only till when that clock reads 0:00 can you count on winning. I think the Giants realize that and you will see a team play with reckless abandon. I think this is going to be one of the best Super Bowls ever. It will either crown the best team ever or (hopefully) will be the greatest upset ever.
I know it will hurt, but Jet fans, you need to pull for the Giants. You hate the Patriots and at least you will get the regional pride. Good luck, Blue.

And finally, regardless of the outcome of the Super Bowl, it is real nice to see Eli finally getting some respect around the League. Also, an interesting note, Jeremey Shockey isn't even with the team at the Super Bowl, opting instead to stay in Florida.
What the f? This is a very bad sign. Some guys on ESPN were saying stuff about Shockey just having surgery and not suppossed to be flying and whatnot. That is a bunch of crap. I think he's sulking in FLA and his ego is sore because the Giants have played their best football without him. And Eli's passer rating has shot way up, no interceptions. makes you wonder how many of those picks are Shockey's fault for shitty route running. By my count this season, at least 5.


Tom Brady Owes Mo a Ring!

I am calling out Tom Brady right now to give a little credit where credit is due. Back in 2001, our own Mo Lewis laid a hit on Drew Bledsoe so hard, that the Patriots were forced to put their unknown, second year quarterback in to fill his shoes. The moment Mo laid made that hit in Foxboro, a dark cloud immediately covered the stadium. As they wheeled Bledsoe off the field on a stretcher, every Pats fan and their brother thought the next 10 years were going to be filled with futility.

On the contrary, the next 7 would bring 3 Superbowl Rings (soon to be 4). And the most dominant quaterback in NFL history.

When Mo made that hit, he was not trying to kill Bledsoe. In fact, he thought Bledsoe was going to run out of bounds. So Lewis just held his ground to protect a possible first down (that he didn't think Bledsoe would be stupid enough to try for). But sure enough, Bledsoe tried to make Lemons of Lemonade and the rest was history.

After that play, Bledsoe went to the hospital for a three day stay to get fluid drained out of his body and such. And in came the unknown Brady. And of course, Brady went on to take the Pats to their first Superbowl win that year. Then won two others. And is on his way to winning his third (unless the G-men pull off a miracle).

In a recent article on Yahoo (or something) Lewis said he never has spoken to Brady, except the second time they played the Pats after his hit on Bledsoe. During that game, Brady broke out of the pocket and went to run for a first.

Lewis was about 10 feet away and Brady went down into a slide. After the game, Mo went to ask Brady why he went down so fast. Brady responded that his coaches told him that if you see number 57, immediately fall down. Mo laughed.

But here we are. Brady has everything in the world. He's got the hot chicks, the big money endorsements and is on the verge of his fourth ring.
My question is this: Does he think of Mo? Does he every think of what would have happened if Mo didn't make that hit? Does he ever think of how obscure he would be right now?
He would probably be a back up journeyman right now. He'd probably be backing up Brad Johnson somewhere.
What about Mo? I think he lives in Texas or somewhere down south. He goes fishing. He helps the poor. He does charity.
But he never got a ring. After 13 years as one of the best linebackers in the NFL, he never won a Superbowl. Never even got to one. In fact, Mo will not even watch the Superbowl. It is too heart wrenching to watch, knowing that he never got to one.
So, I am calling Tom Brady out. I am here by announcing to the world (by world I mean, Figgy the Mick and Fakehead...and possibly Val Halla) that Tom Brady should donate one of his Superbowl Rings to Mo Lewis. In fact, I think he should give him his first one. That is the one Lewis really deserves.
Without Mo Lewis, there is no Tom Brady. So Brady, if you are reading this (which I know you are), give a brother a bone. And I think you should not just give him one. But rent a hall and invite all his friends. Make it a suprise. Tell him that it is a charity event, but at the beginning of the party, get on the microphone and give your speech and hand over the rock.
That is the way to do it. In fact, invite me and my buddies.
So Brady, you are making history. But don't forget who buttered your bread!


Happy Wednesday

Hola Jets fans! Let's talk about the Jets' mysterious drafting powers, how on Earth can so many drafts come up bust?

Remember this guy? Bonus points to whoever can resist reading further down this sentance to find out the answer. Hint: he's your top 1991 draft choice, suppossed to be the Franchise QB - may I re-introduce you to Mr. Browning Nagle.

This particular individual you may not recognize (but I think should be a first-round pick at DT, what a run stuffer). This furry fella came off the back of Eli Manning recently. It wasn't a monkey on there, it wasn't a gibbon, a lemur or a baboon either. That shit was a gorilla.
The level of ass-kissing currently commencing on ESPN has me in blinking disbelief. I've waited years to hear the things that they are finally saying. It felt like I was on an island defending Eli for all these years. Especially from casual football fans who could be watching a game and not realize what they are seeing. Sometimes taking a sack is a smart thing, sometimes the receiver runs the wrong route (ummm, Jeremy Shockey 1 out of 3 routes) and the ball gets picked off - but oh, wait THAT was the quarterback's fault!
Especially all the tabloid football broadcasters (you hear me Collinsworth, Costas and ESPECIALLY Tiki Barber?) who trounced this guy at every turn, every slim opportunity. The ESPN guys have been less 'sensational' about it, correctly analyzing plays and noting when an INT is the QB's fault or not. But more than not, they have always put the Kid down.

Fuck off, critics! All the hard work is paying off now.
In other news, TO's bonus option will be picked up. He's another year older and I hate that he is still in the NFC East, but at least it's not Randy Moss and Tom Brady. I have to admit that the guy is a fierce competitor though. When he was crying 'about' Tony Romo I think he was just in total shock that his season was over. The Cowboys just KNEW they were going to the Super Bowl this year. It is hard to be Lead Dog all year long and to keep it up.

Sad ro hear of Heath Ledger dying. I wasn't a big fan or anything, but it sucks when talented people die young from their own recklessness. And weird when someone who 'has it all' does that and dirt poor motherfuckers living in a slum in Calcutta drink effluence, eat rats and would never think of taking their own life.


The Snowball's Chance

Much was made about Sunday's NFC Championship Game, and all the pundits and 'experts' thought it was a foregone conclusion: the Green bay Packers charmed season would continue and everyone would get to see their favorite sentimental match-up in the Super Bowl - Favre vs. Brady; the weather would be too cold and inconsistent QB Eli manning was a disaster waiting to happen; the Giants formidable pass rush would be able to get no footing to pressure the savvy veteran Favre, whose short passing game and yards-after-the-catch big-play ability would overwhelm a banged-up Giants secondary.

Well, it was cold. Didn't seem to bother either team very much, however, and all the talk all week long about it being a major factor evaporated right away. Moving the ball wasn't a problem for either team and neither QB seemed to have a problem throwing the ball. Minus one big play for Green Bay - a 90-yard pass to Donald Driver -the Giants pretty much handled the Packers. Long drives by the Giants offense was only resulting in field goals, but that served to ice down Favre and that explosive Packer offense on the sideline, not allowing them to create a tempo in their drives.

What can you say about Plaxico Burress? The man had a career game. He didn't score any TD's, but he abused a top cornerback in Al Harris. Green Bay's defense relied on one-on-one coverage and to make plays through the pass rush, much like the Giants. Except the Packers have supposedly better cornerbacks: Charles Woodson got his ass RUN OVER in the first quarter by Brandon Jacobs and we never heard from him again, Al Harris got beat like a bitch all day, and all game continued to talk, and all game Plaxico made him look like a sucker. I was most surprised by Plax's success and Eli's no fear in going after him.

The Defense won the day again. I can't underscore how important the defense is, even if the stat sheet doesn't even explode at you. The pressure applied by the Giants front defensive four is the paramount ingredient, not so much getting a lot of sacks, but making the QB uncomfortable in how he throws - not being able to step in, when they step in knocking them on their ass, etc. You have seen in three playoff games three top-tier QB's in Jeff Garcia, Tony Romo and Brett Favre become unravled late in games, making bad throws even when there is not necessarily that much pressure. I believe the term is called ' happy feet'. In the play in which Favre tossed the INT to the Giants in overtime you could see Favre threw the ball before he was really ready to. How come? He heard the footsteps coming.
Corey Webster has been playing incredible lately, the injury to Sam Madison giving him the opportunity to shine. Not enough praise can be heaped on the front four though, especially in the second half of games during this remarkable playoff run: DE's Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyioura and DT's Fred Robbins and Justin Tuck. The pressure they apply without the benefit of blitzers is the reason we are where we are right now. That, and no turnovers by the QB.

How about Lawrence Tynes missing two potentially game-winning field goals in regulation, only to drill a 47-yarder in Overtime to give the G-men the win.

I love to see scenes like this. The team has really embraced Eli as the leader and it is all coming together at the right time. Eli has played like Peyton this post-season and I can't help but feel like we are goingt to be a competitive force in the NFC for years to come. Our last few drafts have been huge, with players such as Webster, Ross, Tuck, Jacobs, Bradshaw and the whole Offensive Line playing heroic, postseason football.

Oh yeah, Mike! Now, let's spoil the Patriots' perfect season!!!!
How comical is Eli's leadership now, Tiki? I'll tell you what's comical: The Giants are a better team without you. How dumb do you feel right now on the Today Show while the Giants are in the Super Bowl? Or sitting on that glib and tabloid set that they call NBC football. Because, as memory serves me, in the first game of the season (Giants vs. Dallas) Collinsworth and Costas and Tiki had a riot taking apart Eli and dissing him and saying he doesn't have what it takes. Well, all you motherfuckers, how smart and 'expert' are you now? You are a talking fucking head and you wear make-up. Karma has never been richer, cause now as Tiki schleps around NYC people look at him and laugh, "What a dickhead, he could be in the Super Bowl right now if he didn't run himself out of the locker room by dissing his coaches and teammates." Serves him fucking right in my Big Blue opinion.

I hope I see these faces all together for years to come. Strahan has at least two more years in him if he can get some training camp concessions. What a great year. Serious strides have been made on this team and it makes me happy, thinking back to my birthday four years ago when the Giants traded for Eli Manning, and here we are on the cusp of the Championship, up against the juggernaut Patriots. Of course, no one will pick the Giants to win because hardly anyone picked them to beat Tampa Bay. Then nary an expert except for Mike Ditka picked the Giants to upset the Cowboys. And then NOBODY in the whole damn country save for the Giants fans themselves gave them a SNOWBALLS chance against the Packers. This is just the way we like it. We'll travel to another continent to play a game, to Wisconsin, Dallas, Arizona, the Moon - it doesn't matter: 10 straight road wins! Bring on the damn Patriots!



Man o man, what can I say? I'M LOVING IT!!

I am savoring these moments. And I hope our 'road warrior' mentality pays off yet again up in the Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field. Taking care of the football is of paramount importance in bad weather conditions.

There are many shout-outs needed, so let me gets these out of the way before all the pictures:

Eli- way to go, kid. Now everyone can shut the hell up. Especially if we sneak out a win in America's Siberia. His playoff performance has been impeccable and I couldn't ask for anything more. Great management of the game, not forcing bad throws, no fumbles, great job at making line changes, play audibles and taking what the defense gives you. And what can I say about the 47-second TD drive to tie it up at the half of the Dallas game? Elway-esque?

New York Giant Defense - unbelievable job. The QB pressure gives me a hard-on. We keep losing guys and the back-ups are stepping in and playing their butts off.

Offensive Line- though the Giants are not exactly mashing opposing defenses in these playoffs with the run game, and the big guys up front have let up a few sacks - overall, they are playing well and I cansee they are fighting for their quarterback.

How about the contributions of our young guys?!? Steve Smith (2nd round WR) has had several big catches in these playoffs. The rookie had a reputation for great hands, route-running and football IQ coming out of USC. Late in the season, he is finally making an impact. CB Aaron Ross, RB Ahmad Bradshaw, Safeties Michael Johnson and Craig Dahl are all rookies playing in must-win games.

What a 2008 playoffs for the Well-Dressed-One, all-time Giants receptions leader Amani Toomer.

Thank YOU, Jessica Simpson. And I appreciate the patriotism you display here.

Last yet foremost, let's give credit to the biggest free-agency pickup of the previous off-season south of Randy Moss: Steve Spagnuolo. With that said, here's hoping that he doesn't go be a head coach after this season. What a marvelous job this guy has done. Aside from the QB pressure that he is generating, I think his greatest work this year has come during halftime of games and the defensive adjustments he has made. A SUPERLATIVE performance this year.

I know you guys are Jet fans, but this is good for your area too. C'mon! Let's go Giants!!!!
No one but us loyally blind fans gave Big Blue a chance against Tampa or Dallas, so there is no reason why we can't pull another one off!


Real quick -

There are a few things I need to discuss - (what the fuck is all this advertising shit before you get to the post Unruly? What has happened to this site while I have been on the DL?)

1. The Jets got the worst pick in the draft for a 4-12 team, that is so fucking lame. I'm still glad they beat the Chiefs. I bet Herm Edwards lost on purpose, he is the type, fuck him.

2. Chad vs. Kellen Clemens - it's a toss up, but Clemens blows. I have a feeling the Jets are going to use Chad as trade bait though. We'll see.

3. Speaking of Clemens, I almost like the guy now, and I'm talking about Roger. I love the fact that he is going down fighting, taping the rat, suing the guy for defamation, going on 60 Minutes, the shit is bananas!!!!! I think he is the poster child for roids (throwing a bat at somebody after you hit them = roid rage) but I also have a huge problem with the fucking feds getting involved and basing their case on the word of a guy trying to save himself from jail. It's bullshit.

4. The writer's strike is killing me. How many more fucking reality shows must I endure? I really wish they would legalize the public executions of anyone on MTV or reality shows that blow. I don't have a problem with shows like the "Biggest Loser" because it encourages something good, so no need to put them before the firing squad (I do NOT watch that show, by the way) and the Home show where they build houses for kids with dead parents and shit, that's okay. But, any reality show on MTV and pretty much every other reality show needs to have the contestants killed. I say put on the Yule lug year around or maybe MTV can play some fucking MUSIC VIDEOS. Tina Tequila should be publicly raped and killed. The Hills stars should be put in a gas chamber. Paris Hilton should be shot in the knees and eaten by a tiger, and so on. OR, since I believe that all reality TV is completely FAKE and scripted, they should just admit it's not "reality" like the WWF and the like admitted it's not a sport. I would be okay with that because then they are just bad regular tv shows and you can blame the writers. Speaking of reality TV, last night I watched part of two reality shows, Celebrity Apprentice and Celebrity Rehab. First of all, everyone on each show should be beaten, maybe killed. Regardless, the Apprentice isn't bad but only for one reason ...

Dude, Ivanka Trump is pretty hot. And she sounds smart, for some reason I keep thinking she will sound Swedish or something, but that is her mom I guess. Regardless, the more Ivanka the more I watch. But the term "Celebrity" Apprentice is pushing it. I don't know any of the celebs on the show except a Baldwin, Pussy and some sports people (not real sports, shit like fighting, boxing, softball?). That cunt Omorosa is on again, which is a joke, but even worse (and a clear example of why reality isn't real) is that when she fucked up the first mission and was a cunt to everyone the Trump didn't fire her because everyone loves to hate her so he needs to keep her around in case somebody is watching. Well, it made me stop watching pretty much, except for the Ivanka Watch. (Oh, Trump's son is on as well, the kid is a fucking ugly idiot and clearly is resting on his (dad's) laurels for the rest of his life). Anyway, Baldwin is annoying as fuck but I am rooting for him.

Speaking of Baldwins, Daniel Baldwin is on "Celebrity" Rehab. That show is one for the ages. First of all, "Dr. Drew" is as much of a doctor as "Dr. Nick Rivera" on the Simpsons is. What are his credentials to run a rehab? Right. The good doctor is in over his head and clueless and I hope nobody EVER lets him diagnosis or go near a patient after this show ends. The hands down best part of the Rehab show was when the guy from Grease and Taxi (the old show) can't even speak and Dr. Drew shits his pants and calls real medical professionals to take care of him. I wish that guy died (either the doctor or Grease guy), it would have been awesome. There's a porn star who tries to smuggle dildos in the rehab AND used to fuck one of the loser musicians (one-hit wonder band) who is also there - gee, what a surprise!!!! Speaking of losers, China and Bridgette Nielson are there, of course, as they are making their reality show rounds, as are some stinkbox from American Idol and finally, "Jamie Foxworth" from the Erkel show. Her mother's last name is Foxx, but I guess there is only room for one Jamie Foxx in Hollywood, especially when the loser one is a somewhat hot but pothead loser girl. One great thing VHI did (please, please let their corporate headquarters get bombed in the next 9-11) was show "Home Video" of the celebs doing drugs and going out. Except, they must think America is a bunch of dumb fucks because the "home video" is professionally shot with a cameraman!!!!!!!! Reality????? Please.

From clips of the season to come, it looks like Daniel Baldwin calls out the doctor on what a sham the rehab program is, the porn star gets strangers to come into the facility and get naked with her, and Dr. Drew walks out on them at one point. I swear to fucking God, Mary Ellis-Burham is in the 7th Circle of Hell right now ( I think that stinkbox died of cancer, thank God) for what she hath released upon the world. I think Reality TV is to blame for global warming and 9-11 as well. Anyway, Dr. Drew should have the license he got out of a cracker-jack box seized from him and he should have his stupid glasses shoved up his ass before skinning him alive. All of the "celebrities" on the Rehab show should be strapped with explosives and dropped from a plane on Afghanistan, except Daniel Baldwin. Why do I give the Baldwins a pass? Alec saves them. I think Alec is fucking great, funny as shit in real life, as evidenced by the message leaked by his cunt ex-wife to the press, and on 30 Rock. Anyway, that's my two cents.

5. The Giants vs. the Cowboys - enjoy it Giants' fans. When I say "Enjoy it" I mean the drubbing the Cowboys are going to give your precious team. My prediction is 'Boys 34 - Giants 13. Eli is going to wear brown pants (with the permission of the NFL) to hide the shits he will be taking when he get sacked and picked off. Two okay games in a row for Eli when it matters? Not going to happen. And then there's the secondary of the Giants, which did a great job on whoever the Bucs' receivers were. Now they have to face Tony Romo, who is not gay nor a shitty QB like Jeff Garcia is, and TO, Terry Glenn, even Crayton isn't bad, throw in Jason Witten and there is a situation. And Kevin Boss is no Jeremy Shockey (as evidenced by the fact I picked up Boss for my FF team one week and he didn't even catch a fucking ball!!!!! But Romo is banging a certified hottie, Jessica Simpson:

Plus the Cowboys have the Cowgirls, aka hot cheerleaders, as evidenced below:

The GGirls don't even have cheerleaders (fags).

All that being said, for the Giants fans that I actually like I wouldn't care if the GMen won. I just hope it is an entertaining game because I plan on having a few beers somewhere and watching it.
I will have more on the Jets later, but there isn't much to say until draft time ...
Happy New Year!