Should he stay or should he go now? Plus, who is our RB?

Brooksey - in or out?
Well, he'll get his shot on Friday, but I'm sure that he already has his bags packed for a team that scouts the game that night. Either he is on another team or he is on the next season of "The Bachlorette."

Let's face it, he's not that bad. He had more TDs than picks last year, he is mobile, and he has some determination that Ramsey is clearly missing. But I don't see how they can keep him on the squad. While he is certainly more prepared than Ramsey to run the Jets offense, for some reason they think Ramsey is worth a contract extension, so Ramsey is staying put. The other kid isn't going anywhere, and no matter who fragile Chad is they aren't going to keep 4 QBs. This seems like a bit of an injustice.

But to be honest, they would not have had these problems if didn't draft Clemens in the first place. I'm so glad they did though, because Curtis didn't tell them to draft a RB in this year's draft, they thought they needed another QB. (Right, Curtis is a team player and a gentleman, he knew he wasn't going to be ready for the beginning of the season and he let the Jets know that). The real problem with the Jets comes when you let a bunch of good RBs go by in the draft when you KNOW that your main RB is injured and that, with all due respect to Mr. Martin, he is getting OLD. A running back ages in dog years. How could they not have picked up a RB? There were a few talented ones in the draft this year, not even including the next Marshall Faulk, Reggie Bush.

Listen, I know they need OL and I'm glad we got the best in the draft, but come on! An OLineman doesn't necessarily change the outcome of a game like a RB can! Look who the Jets have, Barlow, Blaylock, Huston, blah blah blah. We got NOBODY. I'm hoping I am wrong, but the reality is that Manjerkoff and Tannanballs fucked up the draft, fucked up the team and now we are left with a bunch of guys who won't be able to do it offensively. I give Chad to week 4 and he'll be pumping gas at at an Exxon in Tennessee (after his 10th surgery that is). The running backs are a joke at this point. Kevin Barlow? PLEASE! The worst part is, the Jets tried to get an injury prone never-met-expectations back when they traded for Suggs and he couldn't even pass the physical. Hey, Jets, there's nobody good out there! All the good RB are taken or were in this thing called a "Draft" that happened before the season started. Guess what, you shit the bed on that!

The bottom line is, you need a good RB to take the pressure off the QB. Now with no running game in place, it is going to be open season on Chad when he has to throw 40 passes a game because the Jets can't run the ball. I mean, I don't know shit and I'm only posting because my buddy keeps asking me to write crap, but I know that it's all connected. You have to have a good ground game to open up the pass game, and having a good passing game leads to some big runs. The Jets, to their detriment, have neither at this point. 10 yard outs are going to cut it, and 1 yard up the middle isn't going to open any passing game up.

With all this having been said, I am still a Jets fan and I will root for them every week, win or lose. I sincerley hope they sort out the the RB situation and somebody proves themselves to be worth enough to step in Curtis' shoes. For what it's worth, I hope they keep Brooksey around too. The guy has some grit.


Eric Meningitis said...

Where's the funny pic you you promised, C.O.?

Brownie Nagel said...

I am with you on Brooksey. The Redskins are laughing all the way to the bank on that trade.

This season is going to suck!

By the way, are you some kind of professional blogger or something? You smell!

Shea Gadfly said...

I like Brooks too...and he's a winner (or was in college). I'm not ready to count Curtis out until he retires. The guy is just always full of surprises and as soon as people count him out he farts 1,000 yards.

Fakehead said...

Well, he went. They tell him he is starting the last preseason game then they trade him the next day. Let's hope we got somebody who can play nosetackle for God's sake.

Brooksey said...

thanks for the love guys, but i am going to be the next Fran Tarketon in MN. Smell you later.