Enjoy Jets Fans

Pictures courtesy of Val Halla who had to smuggle these photo's out of Patriot Nation!


FiggytheMick said...

Fuckin' A!

These are great!!!!!
I like the one that says "somehwere in South America a village has 19-0 Patriots shirts. Toooooo fucking funny.

Oh yeah and the 'cheaters never win, the Manning brothers do." I can scarcely believe the shit I am seeing on TV. It's almost like a dream, like "did the Super Bowl really happen that way?"

Crazy. I keep hearing World Champion New York Giants on TV and sit there blinking in disbelief. It occurs to me now that my sports year has now been made. This is the top, this is it. The Nuggets beat the Celtics last night: ho hum. The Mets got Johan Santana to bolster their pitching and hopefully take them deep into baseball's postseason: well, okay - that's fairly exciting. But now if those teams lose, the sting will not be there because every year at this time I am trying to forget about the Giants end of the season, knowing that I had another year of defensing my team, coach and quarterback against the world. But that won't happen this year. Weird....

I actually want to print some of these things out big, like psoeter size, frame them and then sneak into my buddy Joey's house where he has this room downstairs that's kinda like an office and it is filled wall-to-wall with Red Sox and patriots stuff, championship shit, etc. I want to put a couple of these up in that room and not tell him and see how long it takes him to notice them. I think I would derive many laughs thinking about how he would be thinking to himself, "Who the fuck did this?" and probably yell at his wife. Then when she tells him it wasn't her his mind will automatically go to two suspects: Me and this guy Brian. And I am much more the person to do something like that, but man that shit would be funny.

fakey said...

That Tshirt one is fucking great.

I still don't think Brady has bad Karma, the guy won 4 Super Bowls (3 or 4) and bangs a hot piece of ass. His only problem is his baby's momma sounds like a jilted bitch (his own son didn't go to the Super Bowl? although better not to see it). Just because he lost this game he ain't no loser.

Figs' feeling must be nice, I wonder if I will ever live to see a fucking team I like and root for win a fucking championship. I wouldn't care if the Cubs even won one, as long as they didn't beat the Mets.

Anyway, fuck the Pats, thank God this site is Green again and now it's time to move to the Mets blog (and IHC of course!). By the way, F the World Champion Giants too!


Since I am staying at my job, I bought some sports shit to hang on the wall, who else but Walter Payton and Jim McMahon (I already have an autographed framed photos of the man Eric Dickerson). I also got some photos of the Mets' celebrations from 86 and 69, waiting for one in 2008? That shit may be a waste of money but maybe my kid will sell it one day and it will be worth something. Unless, of course, zombies take over the world. I don't think zombies care about sports memorialbia. Fucking zombies.

Finally, Figs you should cut off a horses' head and put it in your Boston fan buddy's bed when he is sleeping, that usually freaks people out worse than a poster making fun of the Pats.

Goooooooo Jets!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I really like animals. I think I'd sooner cut a person's head off, they probably did something wrong in their lifetime....
I seriously want to blow these pics up poster size.

I hope the Mets win this year, that would make it a great year for NYC.
Although you are back to your Fake self, I know that 'F the Giants' comment just didn't have that hateful ring to it. You love them and Eli Manning for surprising the living shit out of you and for knowcking down the goddamn Patriots. You dyed your Pennington jersey blue, didn't you?

fake said...

Then cut off Bill Bellijerk's head and leave it in the bed.

Regarding the G-Cunts, I'll fully admit that I rooted for them that day, but no more. And I don't have a Pennington jersey, (only Martin - thank God I can always wear it - and Vilma, who Unruly wants to throw off the team yesterday), but if I did I would dye it greener. I respect the Giants and Eli but I'm back to normal now. It's like Russia and the US teaming up against Germany in WW II. Now I resume my hatred of my former friend.

Gooo Mets!

Val Halla said...

Guys I've been throwing potshots at all the Pats fans at work and they just want to talk about baseball.

Even though I am a Jets fan, I would like to have an autographed picture of "The Play"...with Tyree, Manning, and Harrison's sigs...it would be like my prized possession. I hope Canton was right there and took the Jerseys and ball for those three after the game and it is enshrined forever...

Oh and I still need to get me a damn Chrebet Jersey...cause Wyne is the f-ing man.

unruly said...

Figs, check out the new look to my hs site. www.ironhillssports.com

I wish you would come over and write for me.

fake said...

Of course the Pats fans are done with football for now. I was the same way when the Mets shit the bed last year and all I had to talk about was the fucking awful Jets! What a shitty sports year!

Crebet is the man, I just bought his "Starting Lineup" figure on ebay for 99cents, what a deal (shipping was 4 bucks though)! I have him, Al Toon and Curtin Martin. They are for my son but I play with them. I'm not a big believer of leaving things in their packaging.