I hate the NFL but I'm glad the Giants won for NY's sake. And because I hate New England. I mean there teams used to be cute. Awww, Boston is so cool. Not anymore...they shall receive no quarter from me from this point forward.

But I digress...

It's just gotten ridiculous. Football teams can have like seven guys (starters mind you...not borderline bench players) fail drug tests on the same team and yet the media only wants to talk about Clemens' wife's breast augmentation & baseball's supposed "black eye". God forbid they say anything about the holier than tho' NFL. Who, mind you, is officially the most greedy sport in America. Oh, how's that you say?

Well, for instance, their NFL network is just a blatant money grab. They're trying to make the cable companies look bad for not picking up the package and putting their costs on the rest of us who couldn't care less about replaying the Arizona Cardinals vs the Detroit Lions from the week before last. Now the satelite companies have announced that they are cutting the regions that receive the NFL network in half. This all means that out of the 300 million homes in America that have televisions only 3 million of them feel the need to pay for the NFL network. But the cable companies are a bunch of meanies for not wanting to put that cost on their customers. That's a crock of shit in my opinion...

The NFL already swindles their players (past and present) but altogether with their tax exceptions from the government, their insane antics from players and coaches, and all the ridiculous self promotion it has become completely unwatchable to me. Look at the NBA...I see a league at a crossroads and they aren't exactly that far off from deserving a similar type of derision, a similar type of attendance, and a similar type of unwatchability.

Baseball has it's problems, I know. But at least I can see them and they've stopped trying to sell me on how I'm lucky to be a part of it like the NFL. Or do you guys like watching doogans prancing like peacocks? I know all about Jose Reyes last year. It killed me but it also killed him. People were willing to give him away after his antics last season. He admitted an error. When was the last time you saw an NFL player act like an idiot without getting rewarded for it? Or apologize for bad sportsmanship? You can almost predict the penalties but the guys still do it. Fines? Who cares...I'm going to pull out my cell phone after a TD, call my ho and still get a deal pitching NIKE. Yuck, I just can't stand the NFL.

Sorry for the rant...but...
I just watched a great Seton Hall road win last night. With Coach Gonzalez, the Pirates are a step away from becoming the premier basketball program to go and watch in the New York area (they have the #6 best player in the nation locked up for next year, the reigning Big East rookie of the year in Eugene Harvey, a first team All Big East player in Brian Laing, the next big scorer in the league in Jeremy Hazzell, etc., etc.). And yet I turn on the FAN for my morning commute and I have to listen to idiots talk about what they think of the Jets releasing Justin McCaraeins. It really just stuck all up in my craw. And if I called Fatso & the Angry Puppy and told them how I was excited about the program and the growth SHU has shown you know what they would say? It's not relevant because they aren't as good as Louisville or Georgetown, how UConn is better, blah, blah, blah.

It's really sad. In my opinion, It's the NFL and it's glossy magazine cover self image that has distorted people's perspective on what is rational and reasonable dialogue and what should be news. People want fries with that shake. They're sad and shallow. I'm not saying that SHU should be the lead story in the sports section today. Or that it should be headline news that we have two of the three best high school basketball teams in the nation playing in our backyard (St.Benedict's and of course St.Anthony's). Maybe that is what I'm saying. And as always, that's why I will take baseball or hoops over the NFL. I'd rather read a good novel than a glossy magazine.

PSS - I think this means that I won't be blogging about football too much in the coming months.

PSSS - If I shat a turd that looked like LaDamian Tomlinson, do you think Roger Goodell would try to sell it to you guys? Do you think you'd have enough to buy it? If you did, do you think he'd still keep a share of the aforementioned crap because it was part of his league? Yeah, that's right...I called you guys a bunch of dorks for still supporting the NFL. I still love you though...



Fakehead said...

You are smarter than me Mooks, because I'd take an easy read like Spin over War and Peace anyday. (That being said, I would rather wipe my ass with a Rolling Stone than read the fucking shit that is that piece of garbage magazine).

I like college hoops, but don't compare the NBA to the NFL, it's no contest. The NBA blows cock. So fucking boring since Jordan retired, they should beg him to come back. I read LaBron may come to Jay-Z's Nets when they are in Brooklyn, but fuck that because they are leaving NJ. Fuck the NBA.

I can still watch a random NFL game, it's still cool to see the hits. I usually only watch Mets baseball games religiously, every once and a while the Yanks if Mets aren't on, and only rarely the random baseball game, it all depends.

My ranking (all bets are off in postseason, maybe one day the Jets and Mets will make it there):

1. Jets games
2. Mets games
3. Probably NCAA March Madness
4. Any NFL game
5. Other baseball
6. Gay porn
7. The NBA

Number 6 is a joke, but you get the point, I'd rather watch Unruly blow Mooks than the fucking Knicks play the Magic (do they even field a team anymore - who gives a fuck).

GOoooooo Mets!!!!!!!!

Valsy H said...

Fakey, I'm dyin' ova hear!!!

Mooks, NBA over NFL?? Aw hell naw!

...and you can't even compare the fucking number of criminals in the NBA to the NFL, shit I bet the NBA has more felons than any other pro-sport this side of prison walls. Hands down.

The NBA has had so many problems in the past they have implemented a shit load of little rules as risk management. The NFL has these rules too, but they haven't had as many problems until recently, but still don't approach anywhere the level of your best NBA team...unless you are playing for the Bungles.

But, what the NFL needs to do is lay the smack down, that's all. Kinda like a whiz quiz is a condition of employment. Right in the contract...you know...for all players. Fuck it up and you are gone.

Speaking of which, you are right though. I think NFL players get a pass on steroids. Hopefully that will come to an end soon in light of all the scrutiny in baseball. And then average size white guys like Welker and Chrebet will have a shot again.

There definitely needs to be some moral accountability...now I think I am going to go watch debbie does dallas...but where did I put that DVD??? hmmmmmmm....

Odelia said...

Good words.