Remember Barry Sanders?

Look at this fucking photo from his college days below. I remember cutting this thing out of Sports Illustrated and taping it to my wall, where it lasted until well after I finally moved out of my house.

I just put a copy in my office at work. The guy was awesome (although no Eric Dickerson) and could have probably been the best if he just kept playing. I wonder if never having won a championship bothered him. I bet it did. Fucking Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl and Curtis Martin never did? The list could go on, but the Jets better do something and start winning again, because I want to see some of those guys holding a trophy like the fucking Giants did as soon as possible.

Fucking Go Jets!


Anonymous said...

I remeber that picture up on your wall.
People are compaing Darren McFadden to Eric Dickhead. So what's on your wishlist then jets fans, draft and free agency-wise?