(Somehow) The Best Time Of The Year (We're All Champions)

And here we are. At the most tantalizing time of the year. Everyone's team is that darkhorse-in-waiting. The team on paper is looking damn good.

The schedule looks like Omaha Beach, but you can visualize how your squad is going to pull it out. Sure, you are but a second-tier power who could only hope to ascend through a fortunate tumble of circumstances, but every year some team does - see the 2006 Saints.

This past offseason there was a noticeable arms buildup, so to speak, in the NFL's best Conference - the American Football Conference. Three teams stood out, though there were other many notable moves by other quality clubs.

The New England Patriots. Like it or not, simply the best organization in the business. Perennial contenders, a reputation I think they share with only one other club - their nemesis - the Indianapolis Colts.

Now the Colts didn't make any real moves, in fact they lost a bunch of crucial cogs in LB Cato June, CB Nick Harper, Safety Mike Doss, RB Dominic Rhodes and others. But because of the fact that they still have the greatest quarterback to ever play in Peyton Manning, the Harrison/Wayne/Clark receiving crew and emerging RB Joseph Addai, plus Defensive anchor Dwight Freeney signed long term- the Colts are now THE team to beat.

The Pats have never been more fearsome. It looks like they will get the Assante Samuel deal done, sealing up the second best cornerback in the NFL long-term. They signed the best free agent on the market in LB Adelius Thomas to really bolster an aging defense into one nasty unit. Thomas is a Terminator, the guy weighs 270+ and runs like a DB. Stronger than shit, the guy is just an animal. Richard Seymour, Vince Wilfork, Tedy Bruschi, Mike Vrabel, Rodney Harrison and first-round draft pick Brandon Merriweather round out a savvy group of defensive stalwarts.

On the Offensive side, the Pats went out and signed deep threat/speed demon WR Lance Stallworth, solid all around receiver/special teams ace Wes Welker, and the serviceable WR Kelley Washington. Lawrence Maroney is the Man at RB, and though great all-around TE Daniel Graham departed for the greener pastures of Denver, the duo of Ben Watson and David Thomas will have the TE production not skipping a beat.

Oh yeah, on a sidenote, the Patriots also signed WR Randy Moss.

"................................................................................................................oh shit" went the rest of the NFL.

The third team that loaded up the arsenal was the Denver Broncos. Travis Henry takes the reigns as the lead RB, backed by the capable and gutsy Mike Bell. TE Dan Graham comes home to the sunny Rockies to play for his father's team and the team of his boyhood allegiance. Paired with the receiving specialist TE Tony Scheffler, the middle of the field will be a productive area in the 2007 season. Javon Walker leads the wide receivers, backed by the raw but potentially dangerous Brandon Marshall, veteran free agent signee Brandon Stokely and the still-going legend Rod Smith.

The biggest upside of the Denver offense is at the quarterback position however. Jay Cutler has an arm and a half. Faster trigger and harder, further passing ability than Brett Favre even. The ball just leaves Cutler's hand and is nearly instantly upon the receiver. Denver is a smaller market team to you New York mega-people and so you don't see them much, but get the NFL Ticket or pay attention on a Sunday or Monday night game and see what I'm talking about. Also a solid Fantasy pick up for you under the radar gold finders.

What about San Diego? Baltimore? Cincinnati? The Jets?

If Cutler can settle in and limit turnovers, Denver will again be humming along with their usual early-season success. Indy will be fine tuned and running fine on offense, but the Defense is an unknown quantity at this point. The Pats are just flat out the scariest team ever on paper, but they have yet to take the field to see how it will work. I just don't see Belichick or Brady having any adjustment problems, we can all only hope for some crazy locker room disturbance, bad weather that will cause lucky bounces and superb ball control offenses from our respective teams while engaged on the field with those Foxboro F__gots.

Shanahan plays the Patriots better than anyone. Belichick's record against him is terrible, 2-10 or something, and Shanny and Jake Plummer were the first people to beat the Patriots and Tom Brady in the playoffs in their recent Championship years. It must be a mental thing with Belichick because the adage in football is "Defense beats Offense" and Belichick is hailed as the best defensive mind in football, as Shanahan is also called on the Offensive side.

Dungy and Peyton have bested their ultimate nemesi the last four times against the Patriots, playoffs included. But THESE, the Brady To Randy Moss Patriots are going to be a different story.

Is YOUR team the David to the Patriots' Goliath? Will your Defense loosens a chink in the armor and will YOUR quarterback be the one to hurl the fateful rock?

It's all possible, right now, the most tantalizing time of the year.


fakenuts said...

Today my wife and I were talking about moving to Colorado. I told her to talk to you (Figs) and we'd end up in Colorado in a week. I don't think I would mind it either, except for two things: The Mets and the Jets. (And it is just as expensive to live out there, isn't it?) How could I live without seeing every game (of course, I could spend the $ for the Ticket and MLB whatever, but we'd be poor because I have no marketable skills besides being an attorney).

Getting back on topic, I agree that Pats are going to be rough this year, but we'll see what happens. The COlts are NOT going back to the Super Bowl. Trust me on that one.

Cutler better become more accurate, because it doesn't matter if you can throw it 90 yards if you are throwing it to the oppossing team (or nowhere near the receiver). I don't think the Broncos are there yet.

How about the fucking Falcons? Those stupid fucks traded away a good QB, are about to lose their current cunty animal-torturing sick-fuck QB and are now left with Joey Harrington. You know what, I hope he does okay. Fuck Michael Vick though. He's a jerkoff even if he had nothing to do with the day-to-day ops of the dog fighting, it was still his house and he knew about it. I still don't understand why they had to hang, drown, electrocute these dogs when they all have their guns and love their "gats", just fucking shoot the dogs and put them out their misery. It is pathetic and disgusting. Of course, I'm sure slaughterhouses aren't much better, but at least that serves a purpose (tasty burgers,steaks, etc.). Michael Vick should be made to fight his co-defendants to the death, that is the only real way to deter this type of shit.

All that being said, since the Federal Government is involved I can only question the validity of the charges. The Feds are cheaters and pussies and conduct trials by ambush. So I hope they have some proof to back up the indictment. (And no, an indictment isn't proof of much, it just proves there was some evidence available to charge Vick and his co-defendants).

Go Jets

George Muha said...

Nohting will happen to Vick. Even though he is a craphappy dog beater.

Good blog figs. I think the Broncos look very good this year. I think the Giants are going to blow.

FiggyTheREalEastateMOgul said...


Were you serious about that Colorado bit?
Well, it costs half as much here as it does in NJ and you get half the people and twice the quality of life. Most active state in the Nation is Colorado. 310 days of sunshine a year. The snow is misleading, everyone always thinks we are buried. When it does snow, the sun comes right out and it's lucky if its on the ground for 24 hours. February is generally gorgeous with temp's in the 50's and sunny every day.
NFL Ticket solves your probs with the Jets, I never miss a Giants game. Mets are available too, and now are featured a lot more on national TV.
Plus, you can get a gun with a middle school ID and go on that rampage you have been cooking up since 6th grade.

By the way, I almost bought a shotgun last weekend. I want to shoot some dumb nigger gangsters in my neighborhood. I am going to buy it next paycheck though, a Remington 12-guage, black and holds seven rounds at a time.

Ooops, I said Lance Stallworth, I really meant Donte Stallworth. Lance is a Hall-of-Famer who played receiver for the Steelers in the 70's.

Faker, give me a call I will give you the real low down, but asa runner/exerciser you would love this place.

Figgythemick said...

Just kidding about that WANTING to shoot some of the worthless gangsters that crawl around. Of course, I live right next to Downtown, a 15 minute walk from Coors Field, home of the Rockies. But it would be nice to have more protection than the 25-pound dumbbell.

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