An Interview with Chad Pennington

In an off season break between mini-camp and training camp, New York Jets quarterback Chad Pennington took a few minutes to answer some questions with Just NY Jets' own Unruly Jets Fan.

Reports out of Spring camp have indicated that Chad is looking better than ever and he seems to be recovering just find from his two back to back shoulder surgeries. All indications point to Chad having one of his best seasons yet.

Chad talks about his off-season workouts, his relationship with Randy Moss, the Jets chances this season and much more as he discuss's life as a Jet with Unruly. Enjoy!

Unruly: How awesome is it being a star quarterback in the greatest city in
the world?

Chad: It has been a lot of fun, and jet fans are the best fans in the NFL.

Unruly: What would surprise people about being an NFL player that most
people would not know?

Chad: I think people would be surprised by the amount of hours we work during the season. For me, I put in about 55-60 hours between Monday and Saturday to prepare for Sunday. It is definitely a grind for 6 months.

Unruly: This spring, Coach Mangini has reported that your throws have been
stronger and crisper than he has ever seen them. How do you feel about
your shoulder coming into this season?

Chad: I have been working hard this off-season, and I have enjoyed working with my teammates on and off the field.

Unruly: What in the off season that you do, do you think helps you out the
most for the upcoming season?

Chad: Reviewing last year’s films helps me the most mentally because I can analyze the things I need to do better to help us win.

Unruly: How do you feel the Jets did in this year's draft?

Chad: I am excited about the young players we have brought in this year. I hope they will play a major role in helping us win.

Unruly: What did the signing of Thomas Jones do for team morale?

Chad: We are excited to have Thomas on our team. He is an exciting player who has been very successful in the NFL. He works extremely hard and is very versatile.

Unruly: How is it for you having a head coach that is almost the same age as

Chad: At first, it was weird, but Coach Mangini is extremely smart and very detailed in his preparation. He is always looking for ways to get better.

Unruly: Do you have any feelings about facing your college buddy Randy Moss
two times this season when you play the Pats?

Chad: I look forward to facing him and I am glad he is in a better situation.

Unruly: How great would it had been if he ended up as a Jet?

Chad: I enjoyed playing with Randy in college. He is an amazing athlete. Our receiving corps is extremely talented and will be very exciting to watch this year.

Unruly: From a Jets fan perspective it seems many of the stars are aligning
for the Jets; the tactical head coach, the QB is feeling healthier than
ever, the big FA runningback is looking awesome, the cornerbacks are big
and tough, the offensive line is full of young studs, Brad Smith's
trickery, etc. I know this may appear to be a loaded question, but do you
see this as a Superbowl caliber team? (please say YES!)

Chad: Every year brings about different challenges. As a team, we know that last year’s success has no bearing on the 2007 season. We must work extremely hard and stay healthy to have a chance to be successful.

Chad also spends time working to help build better communities in New York City, West Virginia and Tennessee. His foundation, The 1st and 10 Foundation raises money help children and families in those areas. The 1st and 10 Foundation proudly boasts that every dollar that gets donated to its foundation goes right back to the community and all costs to run the foundation are paid by Chad and his wife.

Just NY Jets would like to thank Chad Pennington and the folks at The 1st and 10 Foundation for their time and courtesies in making this interview possible.


Figgythemick said...

Unruly, you are the man.
Great little interview. I like how you asked questions that he hears all the time in a fresh way, and I thought his answers were fresher too.

You touched on it, if the Jets MANAGE games (meaning: ball control, stout defense and winning the turnover battle) then they can beat you. Randy Moss can't do shit if Tom Brady only has dump-off passes to complete. That fearsome Pat defense can wear down, remember that they are mostly old at LB. A good running game will grind them down, even Adalius Thomas can only play so effective at the running game for only so long. Basically, the O linemen just get down to mauling and their technique and brains are better than D-linemen's.

-Sigh- the J-men will really need it this year. Still, anything can happen to anyone anytime.

George Muha said...

Thanks Figger! I thought this would provide much more commotion.

Fakehead said...

Great job Unruly. Where are all the Jets fans? Don't they know this is a real interview? While some of his answers are stock and seem robotic, at least he answered your questions. Props to Chad for that.

He seems like he is a nice guy and would actually say most of the stuff he said in his replies to yoru questions though. I think he really believes all those answers. Although, I wish he spoke a little more candidly when he responded. He could have added a "Fuck the Pats" at the end or something. Or, "Fuck yeah we are going to win the Super Bowl this year." All in all though, I am impressed. I don't see any other Jets blog with an interview with Chad Pennington on it!!!!!

Go Unruly!

The one question I would have asked is, "Chad, are you an ass man or a tits man?" He probably would have answered, "I don't refer to the parts of a female in such derogatory terms, but put a check in the "tits" column for me." ha ha ha! Just kidding! I'm sure he would like all parts of a female equally.

Go Jets!

George Muha said...

He would have probably replied by saying, "All of our receiving corps worked really hard this year" and then under his breath said, "tits".

At any rate, I dont know where everyone is. I know we did get a ton of hits.

We got over 200 hits in two days. That is not bad as we usually get about 500 hits a month.

George Muha said...

He would have probably replied by saying, "All of our receiving corps worked really hard this year" and then under his breath said, "tits".

At any rate, I dont know where everyone is. I know we did get a ton of hits.

We got over 200 hits in two days. That is not bad as we usually get about 500 hits a month.