Can we get the Unruly Football League to play at the new Jets training camp?

Now that the Jets are moving their operations to Florham Park, New Jersey, it is my goal to get the annual "Unruly (his real name goes here) Football League Championship" (i.e., the one game we play a year at Thanksgiving and/or Christmas) played on an official field at the Jets training facility. We were already in the local paper, we just have to send that to the Jets with a letter from Unruly saying why we should be playing there once a year.

Of course, we will have to promise them we won't sue when somebody breaks their arm, but I can draft the waiver. And, obviously, we are going to need a crew of writers to make sure that Unruly's letter is spelled correctly and uses the King's English instead of the shit Unruly learned while at Holy Family.

Could you imagine? It would be fucking awesome! And while we're at it, we'll get Marissa Miller to be the cheerleader!

Unruly, I know you are crazy enough to take this idea and run with it. Speaking of which, I think we should start a football league with pads for older people, we would make a mint off of it! Flag football is for pussies and girls. To be honest, if you just get Marissa Miller to hang out with us it is a victory for everyone! (She may have a different opinion, but cash talks my friend!)

Random Notes:

There is a new post on our Mets blog, I'm sure none of you care.

One of my friends calls women "Stinkboxes". I find it highly offensive and I use it any chance I get.

Paul LoDuca rocks and he is nuts (see footage from when he got thrown out of a recent game).

Who cares about the NBA draft (and don't defend it Migs).

Go Jets!


Unruly Jets Fan: said...

I actually did a fair amount of research about the football league with pads. My thought is we could play 6 man teams. That way, you really don't have to practice.

And there is a good six man rule book that i found as well.

Uni's would cost about $300. I would be open to it. Perhaps the first years fee's would be like $25 more than the Uni's. We could all be a real pro team.

At any rate...that is a tought. If you are really interested we can talk more.

fake genius said...

There can't be any practice dude. You have to run it like my baseball team is run. And we'll have to employ refs, but you make the players pay the fees for the refs before the game. You make the teams pay for their own unis and you charge the teams 2 or 3K to play in the league. Then we have to get fields (league fields) for the games, but let teams try to get their own fields to play on as well. Give discounts to teams that secure home fields for all of their games. We can make a killing.
The guy who runs my baseball league lives in a huge house in Mahwah. All he does is buy stupid sports collectibles (and drink and smoke).
We need to have a website to have all the stats go in for each player and team. Of course, we will only keep track of QB, receiver and RB stats. And I guess tackles, sacks and interceptions. Each team is responsible for its own stats, so they need to have a stat person or a bench player to keep track.

I could go on, we'll talk on July 4th. I just hope it doesn't rain too much.

What about you getting us to play at the training facility? What about Marissa Miller? Marissa is a jewish name, isn't it? She ain't jewish, not by the look of her or her last name anyway. She is one hot stinkbox!

Goooooooooooooooo Jets!

Unruly Jets Fan: said...

I went out with a girl named Marissa in College...or shall I say after high school. And yes Fakehead, she was a Jew. But she was one fine Stinkbox. She was so hot I thought there must have been something wrong with her that she was hanging around me. I cant beleive how down on myself I was back then. Smell ya later Stinkboxes.

Calvin Klein Himself said...

Marissa Miller....too coke whorey for me