First of many important posts from #1 Jet fan Living in Beantown - Tough , Real Tough

If your reading this blog then your either a die hard Jets fan like myself, die hard Jets hater, a huge NFL football fan like myself who can't wait for training camp to begin or just someone who came across this link by surfing the web. Well either way. I hope you enjoy.

Let me first state that I have been a NY Jets fan for as long as I can remember. Starting out in the early 80's going to the Meadowlands on my birthday with my dad, uncle and cousin to go see my first NY Jets game, a preseason game vs the Denver Broncos. I can remember like it was yesterday. Sitting a couple rows from the front row and their they were, just like on TV, #14 Richard Todd, #24 Freeman McNeil and a bunch of guys who I had no idea who they were and remembering asking my uncle who was the huge Jets fan and his reply was their trying to make the team. Good chance they won't be here when the season starts so don't bother trying to remember their names. All I can remember from the 80's was my main man Ken O'Brien. Guy could have had hall of fame #'s if he didn't spend half his career on his back. I remember shutting off the TV when Kenny O and Wesley Walker single handedly led the Jets come back in dramatic fashion in what would be one of a couple Miracles at the Meadowlands , Jets vs Dolphins.

What can we say being Jets fan. I think I can sum it up like this. We are the team of , would have, could have and should have. If this didn't happen or that didn't happen. I must say like my colleague Unruly Jets fan I am a very excited Jets fan. If your any wheres near my age and you grew up in NJ than you remember how tough it was being a Jets fan. It was always about the Giants. The Jets are like the Rodney Dangerfield of the NFL / football teams in the Metro NY area. They get no respect. And even when they do something bad usually happens. Can you say, 1999 Vinny T goes down in the home opener. I believe Tom Tupa a punter made it in as our backup at one point in time. I remember sitting in the parking lot of the Meadowlands with my neighbor who if you could do a google image search of a Jets fan he would most likely show up. Shirt off, big belly hanging out, drunk out of his mind and why because like everyone in that parking, we were all saying, this is the year. Well as you know or can search the record books, we have some good years, a bunch of bad years and never " that year ". I'm really hoping it happens some time in my lifetime. Living up in Boston, being a die hard Jets fan as my name states is " real tough". Yes, the Pats have picked up a lot of talented free agents, have a foundation that's built of brick and mortar, coaches, players, owners and fans and every odds maker in Vegas saying their the favorites of winning the Super Bowl, but I really think we, the Jets are headed in the right direction, again. After watching many disappointing seasons, either because we have lost in the playoffs, most recently Oakland, Pittsburgh and New England to name a few. This 2007 team has a couple intangibles that I will happily point out to you.

1. An owner that has a ton of money, keep buying JNJ products folks, who listens to the football experts. Mangini and his coaching staff, Tannebaum and their scouts.

2. A coach, yes young, but wise beyond his years. If your a huge Jets fan, yes it hurts but admit it Parcells and Belichick know the game of football and what it takes to win. How to take charge of a bunch of guys making good or great money for a game they love or once loved.

3. A smart talented leader on the field, who has been under allot of pressure since replacing Vinny T and is due " for that breakout year " if he stays healthy.

4. Finally, a hard nose, fast , powerful running back that can take those 25 - 3o carries a game averaging more than 2.5 yds per carry. Instead of the dink and dunk 2 yard swing pass that could potentially blow up in your face which wasn't tricking anyone. Not even my 89 yr old grandma.
Can you say change of speed back, Leon Washington, enough said.

5. LC, just shut your mouth and go to camp. That's what we pay you to do. Such a talented, player who plays at 150% all the time. Definitely no fear crossing the middle. J. Cotchery, thank you Tannebaum. Well deserved extension as well. McCarreins, the apitamy of this is his year. Keep hearing great camp, now just show us.

6. O-line, give Kendall the extra $$ he's looking for. One of the young cornerstones goes down, we don't want to be scrambling looking for a talented fill in. Has shown hes a leader on and off the field and can play center, G, and T.

7. Defense, still nervous. All I can see is L. Moroney and Corey Dillion getting 8 yds on their first down carries, T.Brady completing timing pattern after timing pattern and a D-back biting at the wrong time, TD bad guys. Only time will tell with the new defense, one year in, and our new bunch of new D-ends, LB's and DB's. All I can say I hope it works. I remember doing that switching people frequently thing and still getting burned. LB's, what can you say. Tough when your D-linemen can't stuff the run. Young and talented, great pick up of Harris. I think Kiper was sporting wood on draft day with that pick. DB's, lots of supposed talent, just need them to mature and develop some shut down capabilities.

8. Special teams, good day mate. Ben Graham, great weapon. Nugent continues to get accurate. Need more touchbacks on kickoffs.

With all this said, I hope I convinced you I am a die hard Jets fan. I have lived through many tough seasons, have had times where I have cried for joy and with great sadness. I leave you with this, my next blog will be of my breakdown of the this years upcoming schedule with predictions. In the past, I have been either spot on or 1 off, besides 2 seasons ago disastrous year. Not even Nostradamus's could have predicted that. I hope you enjoyed my first brain dump of my trials and tribulations of being a long time Jets fan and my thoughts of this years team. J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS. #1 Jet fan Living in Beantown - Tough , Real Tough


Anonymous said...

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fakey said...

We need to talk about the Jets parking situation. Xanadu fucked everything up. It is going to be a nightmare. Forget tailgating, or being able to walk from your vehicle into the stadium. I'll do a post on it later, but be warned!

As for the above post, it was good one, perhaps a little too soon after Unruly's major post, but it is what it is. I think I get the point that is "real tough" to be a Jets fan in Boston though. (ha ha Just busting balls!)

George Muha said...

Good post #1 in Beanville! I really feel Chad will have a break out this year too. I remember Vinny having an awesome few seasons with Baltimore before he became a Jet.

Chad's arm is looking stronger. I think he only needs it to be a little bit better than last year to be very effective. OK, maybe a lot better but I think he will be. He has the most important part and that is the smarts.

Jeff George could throw the ball through a brick wall but was about as smart as that same brick wall and look how effective he was.

I really think you will see our passing game go nuts this year. Especially as you say, #1, with a real running game which we lacked last year. If I see one more fucking swing pass this year I will make green chocolate marks in my underwear.

Good post!

Figgythemick said...

Excellent post, displaced Jets Fan.
You hold down all those Massholes up there and I will take care of Colorado.

How's your hew? You know, that stuff Ron used to poke and go' "Heeeeewwww"? Probably no longer there, no?

Mr Accountable said...


I don't know. I went to this school in Connecticut, that has produced two 2007 NFL coaches - Wesleyan University - and in picturing the football fraternity (DKE), the hockey fraternity (Chi Psi), the weekend beer parties, the commons, the quad, the eating clubs and the classroom buildings, it occurs to me that this might create some uncanny insight into Bill Belichick and Eric Mangini. Maybe.

If Beantown really listens to WEEI, its obvious (if one naps through the show and has an epiphany about it) that NWE has a pass/fail line of not splitting with the Jets this season in Weeks 1 and 15. In other words, if NWE takes two, call it a good one.

The dudes from DKE used to come to our parties and exude a sense of command, trying to get in for free. It cost a buck, every time. As a result I once found myself ripping off a keg from their house once during one of their parties. Year = 1984.

The key to the Belichick era at Wes would have something to do with Carly Simon, the Grateful Dead, and Orleans' song "Dancing in the Moonlight". What a fine and natural sight. The Mangini era, I am guessing had something to do with De La Soul and their own alternative rap coaching tree that was to develop: Atmosphere, Hieroglyphics, Aceyalone A Plus, etc.

The guy who put together the big salsa musical on Broadway is from Wesleyan, that's the culture of this school these days. Or in football terms, maybe Luis Castillo SDG.

Mr Massachusetts said...

More information

Forgot to mention, Wesleyan football culture is dominated by Irish guys from the Boston area.

Newburyport, Salem, Lincoln-Sudbury, Boston Latin, Chelmsford, et cetera. Stoughton, Sharon, Canton, Hingham.

Massachusetts has 351 cities and towns. Rhode Island has 39. North to south, Rhode Island measures 880 football fields in length. That's 880 x 100 = 88,000 yards. Divide by 1760 = 50 miles.

The new weekend guy at ESPN Radio, Andy Gresh, commutes from PVD to Bristol CT every Sunday. In RI, he does the daily morning show at WSKO The Score.

Among the people who vacation in the Cape and the Islands (Kennedy Country) are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Clinton, Stephen Spielberg and Seinfeld's Larry David.

Do you need a computer?

mr douchebag said...

Actually it's not Greshy who works at ESPN Radio, it's Zolak:

Scott David Zolak (born December 13, 1967 in Monongahela, Pennsylvania) was an American football player who played quarterback in the NFL in the 1990's and played in a Super Bowl. He attended Ringgold High School in the Monongahela, Pennsylvania at the same high school where his father had coached Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana. He played college football at the University of Maryland. His eight year pro-career was spent with the New England Patriots, with whom he went to Super Bowl XXXI, and the Miami Dolphins.

fakebored said...

What the fuck?

George Muha said...

Fakehead: I dont know what those guys are say...its hard to understand their codes.

But I am grateful for the traffic. I am going to Hempstead on Wednesday night to Jets Camp.

I will have a report to follow, of course.

mr. annoyed said...

I don't think he is a real person, but a virus that looks like a human. It's so annoying. He popped up on the Mets site too. I have no idea what he is talking about and I can't bear to read his comments.

Have fun at Jets camp, maybe you can try out for Pete Kendall's spot.

Mr Accountable said...

Dolphins over Jets and Jets at 8 Wins, what are the casinos doing, those lines don't make sense anyway.

And this is a great blog, but I'm not a troll.

Take care.

George Muha said...

Mr. Accountable, you are nuts. It is like you are a savant the way you talk. But you are welcome here anytime because you talk sort of like Figgy the Mick.

Mr. Accountable, what do you have to say about my Chad Pennington interview? I'd love to hear your ramblings about that.

Mr. Accountable said...

That interview with Chad Pennington gets a 321 rating in the WES chat room. I once had sex with Bill Belecheck at my fraternity bc he didn't pay his buck to get in.

The bear who cares says the Jets will go 10-6 this season and they will beat the Pats twice and lose to them three times with Randy Moss playing QB.

I once climbed the Applician trail four times in six years...the year, 1986.

Hickory dickory dock, I just shot myself in the head and the blood dripped on my keyboard. Dont call the cops...the year...1973.

fake mr. account fan said...

Dude, Mr. Accountable officially rocks. He is the most insane commentor I have ever seen. Nothing beats " ... the year ... 1973" Genius.

George Muha said...

I think that guy is awesome too. Click on his name and you can see all his blogs. They are totally nuts.

I hope he comes back to our blog.

The year...1997.

Mr Accountable said...

The catbird finds a robin's nest with some eggs in it. The catbird waits until the robin is a way and descends to the nest from the branch where it has been perched, watching, for several days. The time is early spring.

The female catbird cruelly rolls the extant robin eggs out of the nest onto the ground. Over a period of a few days it lays its own eggs in the robin's nest. The robin raises the young catbirds as its own.

It's a great system.

So consider the New England Patriots point of view, and the New England computer and biotech industries. The computer industry in Massachusetts has had a profound effect on Manhattan.

I know some people who worked on this in the 1960s, and I will say that:

Cold calling all the Mr Pitts, Penguins, Riddlers and Jokers in the city of Manhattan, getting them to buy a 1960s mainframe, is both seemingly easy and impossibly arduous.

Mr Accountable said...

I have all this serious stuff on my blog about Sudan and Darfur and I can't really do my normal movie reviews. Is it ok if I do them here?

Orgazmo - By the Stone/Parker team. The Los Angeles film industry has been looking for an effective pre-audition for a long time now, as the yellow brick road is way too crowded. Orgazmo is that pre-audition.

Uniform - This 2003 Chinese movie is like what Adult Swim would produce if it were in the PRC. It's real good, the world is flat.

Munich - The medicinal effects of this movie are so good, so strong, that I haven't even watched it yet past the Main Menu and I feel very much more politically correct. Maybe later this week. And I do remember this happening when I was 10.

Sad Movie - Korea's romantic comedy mainstream is so effective and poised, and nicely self conscious of its own success and its role in Asian and world cinema. Out of all these movies, it is difficult to say which is better than another because all these movies seem like they're going somewhere. It grows like the Tokyo subway system. Non-romantic comedy movie fans can try "KSA"; Korea has universal conscription and their military movies are very populist, and confident of their appeal and reception.


So, thanks a lot. Sudan is the Ron Howard/Clint Howard of today's geopolitics, and the disastrous political gladhanding/oil corruption situation has a measurable momentum, even considering what has happened, so maybe as the seasons change, my blog will redegenerate into something more useless than it is now. So I can post there. Hopefully. I'll see if I can't pick these up later.

mr on my way to class said...

Well, leaving the comment section at "Sudan" maybe isn't suitable; everyone has got problems at work that maybe don't have to do with Sudan.

To take a nicer topic in African Studies, I think maybe P Diddy, Def Jam and all the rap moguls aren't really flying all the way to the Seychelles anymore, to really take a load off. La Societe Petroliere Gabonaise and the people in Malabo at Guinee Equatoriale are "giving away swimming pools and Cadillacs;" ha ha; it's probably a serious rap party going on, with all the new oil and superboosted per capita GDP. Infrastructure improvement opportunity cost has just hit the bedrock. Those guys are trying to build new dorms and fund physics chairs as fast as they can.

And maybe my reading of the recent edition of the Wesleyan Alumni Magazine, featuring the exciting new salsa musical, was inaccurate. Youtubing "wesleyan" one finds the band "I am no feeble christ" performing during the middle of the day in front of the student center. Not sure why this is an 8 minute video, but nothing has changed. It brought me right back. I need a beer.

Valerie said...

I live in Boston too and have been looking for other Jets fans to watch the games with. Everywhere I go there are Pats fans (of course). But even the Eagles have a large contingent at the Sports Depot. And the Bills (of all teams!) have their own bar at the Harp. Please tell me there is somewhere I can go in Boston where other Jets fans hang out.

Anonymous said...

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