Does anyone care?????

The Jets put a beating on the Giants (a preview to the regular season) but does anyone on this blog give a shit?

Importantly, the outcome gives the Jets confidence going into the regular season and bragging rights (at least until the real game). However, Pennington didn't look at great (Washington did on that pass play), the Jets defense was shit on by Eli (of all people) and the Jets' running game without Jones was non-existent. That being said, Clemens threw the ball well and I'm not scared about Chad getting hurt anymore. And they still beat the cunty Giants, so that's good.

I was at a wedding so I missed the game, but it's only pre-season so I could care less. Honestly, pre-season is worthless to watch for me. I am looking forward to the regular season starting, but right now it's baseball season. (See the Mets blog for new post).

Go Jets!


Figger the nigger said...

I can tell that youn didn't see the game. If it weren't for three missed field goals, G-men get the W. Eli HANDLED the Jets defense, as did the G-men Offensive Line. Giants first-teamers dominated the Jets first-teamers, up and down the field. G-men D played great except for the very first play. Can't wait for the regular season matchup. Early indications are the Giants are moving up and the Jets will be hard pressed to make the playoffs.

Oh, but Revis looked pretty good. You have major problems in the guard spot vacated by Pete Kendall. Just so you know.

Fakeballs said...

Kendall smendell. Can't anyone block?

Revis is going to be good, as I have stated before.

The Giants missed 3 FGs? That is pathetic. No team makes it to the playoffs with a shitty kicker. Usually games come down to that. I'm glad the Giants don't have to worry about a FG kicker!!! Who is kicking for them these days, Scott Norwood?

Go Jets!

Figs said...

Nope, Vinnie Maguilli

Migs the Figs said...

And what is more worthless to watch - the NFL pre-season game that doesn't mean anything OR the stupid ceremony commemorating temporary love that turns into despisement in 3 years and ultimately won't mean anything but a bunch of wasted money?

I'll take the pre-season game, stay single and go to bed whenever I goddamn feel like it.

fakeness said...

Wow, the anger is amazing. Don't hate it just because it is an institution, you liberal bastard. Plus, there is free food and booze at the reception, along with a band, making it a great night for us.