What's In A Name?

The ultimate DOH!

Bridget Moynihan had Tom Brady's baby last week. Okay, everyone knows that. The bouncing baby boy had not had a name up until yesterday.

My good friend, Trey Wingo, from NFL Live called and gave me the scoop yesterday afternoon. The boy's full name is (apparently) Julius Edward Thomas Moynihan. For those of us that are slow, that translates to JET Moynihan. J-E-T.

Guess Bridget is pretty cool with being broken up and him banging the 9 other hottest women in the world.

Now, if she had named the boy Dolphin, Brady would really have been upset. That's the team that has given him the most trouble over the years.


fake blah said...

Go Bridge! Her stock just went up in my book. God, I wish I was that kid. Actually, that ship has sailed for me. I bet my kid wishes he was that kid. Father is an NFL player and bangs models. Mother is a working actress. He is one lucky motherfucker. Although I'd be quick to change my last name to "Brady" when I got the chance, especially before Pop Warner starts.

Unruly said...

Is the kid really named JET?

Figgythemick said...

Yes. Trey Wingo wouldn't lie to us, er, me.

Email me BK's phone number, I lost it and have been sending pics of my dog over the phone to some stranger in Jerz.

fake said...

1. Figs, send me photos of your dog, I have been figuring out ways to post my pup's photos on the Mets blog. She is the best dog, actually mammal, in the world.

2. I changed my mind, Bridge is a cunt, fuck her. She should get the fuck over it. She hates Tom Brady because knocked her up and is now fucking one of the hottest women ever and she will make his life miserable for the rest of it. I can only hope that it affects his play against the Jets. So, it could be a blessing in disguise, but she, like 99.9% of all women, is deep down just a cunt.