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Welcome to Monday, football fans. Why should we be happy that its Monday? Well, today is Monday the 6th of August - that means that NFL training camps are in full swing and teams are gearing up for their first pre-season contests.

The Jets are having a surprisingly quiet camp, and though their Big Blue brethren across town grab all the negative headlines with this Strahan business, the Jets have some issues as well. First round draft pick Darrel Revis' holdout does not bode well. Gang Green was counting on Revis jumping in there and improving a defense trying to crack into the Top Ten. Randy Moss and Tom Brady are looming on the schedule and even if Revis reported today, it is doubtful he would be ready for the steepest matchup challenge of the year.

Veteran Guard Pete Kendall is unhappy with his deal and wants more money. Is it just me, or didn't this same situation arise with Kendall while he was with Arizona and Denny Green, a 'player's coach'. Mangini hails from the Kraft/Pioli/Belichick school, who dangled like a worm on a hook in the trade waters Brady's favorite target and former Super Bowl MVP Deion Branch, never caving in on any holdout demands and letting Branch miss all of training camp and the start of the season before Seattle finally bit and took him. The Patriots parlayed that into draft picks which they in turn traded mostly away this year for more next year and spent uncharacteristically on free agency and trades of veterans like Moss.

Are the Jets management so shrewd? As training camp continues, the urgency builds more on getting the youngster into camp and ignoring Kendall's sour grapes, the Jets can squeeze in a decent guard and the O-line will be allright. Kendall has been pretty vocal in the media and Tannenbaum and the Jets front office do not appreciate THAT any.

Getting Revis in should be the biggest priority. Chad's looking good and with his accuracy and smarts he doesn't make many mistakes. If the defense can take that next step up into a top-10 unit and the Injury Bug doesn't bite too bad, the J-men and Playoff Bound again this year in the ultra-competitive AFC.

Sneaking a victory from the juggernaut Patriots will be a mighty task, but ball control and the fact that Mangini knows that system and those players so well only helps the Jets. Especially if they can beat them up in Foxboro. There will be no sleeping on Buffalo and Miami however. Ronnie Brown could blossom under Cam Cameron, remember what Cameron did with LaDanian Tomlinson all those years? And Trent Green taking over at QB gives the Dolphins a steady-hand game manager much like Chad Pennington. Green has great awareness and accuracy but not a great deep thrower. And the Dolphins have always had a stalwart defense.

Buffalo is going to be tough this year I tell you, as long as they have a running game. Marshawn Lynch looks good.

I'm sure you are all salivating, just like me. September 9th, across the country, there will be feasting and celebrating at thousands upon thousands of NFL Ticket parties. I'm personally pumped for the Thursday night kickstarter game, Saints vs. Colts. Could be a fantasy bonanza right off the bat.

Jets play the Giants TWICE this year! The annual bragging-rights brawl-in-pads that is the final pre-season game every year AND a rare regular season matchup for the Battle of New Jersey. The J vs. the G, in a matchup I would love to come home and see, and get jumped by the rest of my high school friends that are all Jets fans. Especially when the Giants win, Eli goes for 3 TD's, Plax 2, Shockey 1 and Brandon Jacobs ran the fuck over Kerry Rhodes (he's OK though - I really like Rhodes and am considering drafting him) AND late-to-training camp CB Darrel Revis on his way to a 50-yard touchdown romp.

Giants 34, Jets 27.
Mike: $5,000 worth of dental surgery, $10,000 hospital stay, wearing Eli jersey triumphantly in my hospital bed: priceless


Mr. Crackhead said...

The commentary above reminds me of the epidemic in Bejing. Not a lot of people realize but the Chinese food there smells like Cherry Farts.

Hope you dont mind if I do another few movie reviews:

10 Things or Less: Morgan Freemans escape from mainstream and entrance into the world of indy's. My favorite part...when it was over.

Indiana Jones (the 4th installment): Haven't seen it yet but I loved it. Harrison Fords best film. I think after this one he will enter into the world of elite actors.

This was a great blog, specially about the whole tangent on the Giants. My favorite Giant, W.A. Tittle. Why? Becuase he looks like my dad.

My favorite Jet? Mark Gastinau. Why? Because he looks like my mom.

I like the Jets to go all the way this year...the year...1922.

George Muha said...

Figs, I agree with you assessment that the Jets managements should stick to their philosophies.

In this cap crazy sport, you cannot sell out to one player. The cap smart teams like the Pats and Eagles, sacrafice a potential for a hotshot player for the good of the team. And it seems to never bite them.

I would like Revis in camp but I trust in my head coach and GM. I think Kendall is being an ass. He is like 40 years old. He is going to end up retiring and getting nothing.

But he is practicing with the first team now.

I just went to camp last week and will be reporting in the next day or two on this blog with pics.

fake pecs said...

Can we just decide to go to the game? We'll get fucking tickets.

As for your blog, what happened to your teeth? I need to call you Figgy. I'm a dick, I know. I have been crazy lately, and I'm getting ready to go on vacation. It's like I'm leaving for fucking a trek across the Sahara with all the supplies I am bringing.

As for the Jets/Giants. The Giants are going to suck this year. Jets win, not easy, because of the rivalry, but they win. Who cares about the preseason game, as long nobody on the Jets gets injured.

Kerry Rhodes is also an actor, did you know that?

As for Revis, they need to sign him and they need to do it asap. If he is worth the millions he is signing for, get the motherfucker in pads and start him Week 1. Why the fuck do they need six years? And why is it taking so long? Fuck Kendall, they can make due without him.

Go Jets.

Fakehead said...

Oh yeah,

Unruly and Figs, can you please check out our "Summer Home" because it's still the fucking summer.

And can we ban Mr. Accountable, he is starting to creep me out and annoy me (again). The thing about Mr. A is that he goes back to the well too often, with his random comments and movies and year references. If he were normal 50% the time then his bizzare quotes would be easier to take. I don't know. It's just my two cents. It reminds me of the time when Fakehead went to Uganda when he was 57 years old. The year....1963.

Figster said...

My teeth? They were kicked out by a beserk short guy who I've known my whole life because my predition will come true.

I'm telling you, Giants will be good this year.

I like mr accountable. It would be nice if he were slightly more serious, but I love the year thing. Like the time I was on Safari in Antartica with Cindy Crawford and Ernest Shackleton...the year?...1878.

dead or dying sports blog troll said...

I'm still cracking up about that care bear comment.

Week 1 is coming soon, so I have written a chart about New England's contribution to New York:

New York is a great economic city and thus relies on other areas which have come to dominate various sectors of the economy of the city itself.

Florida = cocaine
Indiana = the New York attitude
Toronto = culture
Pennsylvania = a place to go on vacation
New England = Wall Street

Do you need a computer, or do you need an MBA?

dodsbt also said...

New Haven = a place to change from diesel to electric. Or is it the other way around? IDK. I forget.

Sooner or later Tom Brady will have to leave the Patriots and New England will then, to compensate for years of underpayment, will then have to prepare and deliver the Ted Williams treatment for Tom. It consists of a lifetime of very favorable media culture and some lucrative local lifetime commercial endorsements.

There are more people in New England than in Illinois. It is larger than North Dakota.

Until the year he died, Ted Williams was on TV every day selling Nissen Bread. This slightly non-traditional payout structure is more or less understood to be in place.

Williams usually appeared in a sportsman's setting, like driving in a pickup truck to a lodge at the lake. We'll have to see how Tom Brady looks at the end of his career. I'm sure he'll actually look pretty good.

eastern seaboard media guy said...

"Hi, I'm Tom Brady. I'm sitting here at the beach in Nantucket drinking a Sam Adams Summer Ale."

"Hi, I'm Tully Banta Cain. Those are some serious waves out there today, Tom. Hope I didn't look like a big shot."

"You can say that again, Tully."


"Hi, I'm Tom Brady. I'm sitting here in Stowe drinking a Sam Adams Winter Brew."

"Hi, I'm Mike Vrabel. I caught some pretty serious passes, for a linebacker. What do you think, Tom?"

"You can say that again, Mike."

Something like that.

Mr Accountable said...

Muha, I am glad you brought up the Eagles' perspicacity. I think it's funny about Garcia and McNabb. Funny for the NFC East, NFC North and the AFC East. I don't often get a chance to talk about Philly. I think w/o Garcia, Detroit Lions are the only sure thing on their schedule.

But that's old news. Jeff Garcia is in Tampon Bay. That's great. Michael Vick is not playing for Atlanta this year. It smells like a Tampa year - what a nice thing to say.

Garcia is a Tibetan, like Craig Ferguson is an American. I know the Tibetan culture well from my unofficial postgraduate Asian Studies work.

The fake meaning of "Tibet" in street Chinese is "Contraband Warehouse". Antithetically, the giant, squeaky clean pirate ship sitting right on the Tampa field works to promote Garcia's Tibetan power, kind of like Craig Ferguson's being cute and nice in LA really helps out his true, hilarious prior life as a pub crawling British vulture clown socialite. Obversely, kind of like Grunge Rock brings out the true nature of Seattle and San Diego. It's....symbiotic.

I hate to absorb real criticism from fake heads for expaining stuff like "Tibetan Power". What's the point of that? There's no way to make it funny enough to present to other people in this setting, and I don't see anyone else bringing their job to this blog. So nuff said.

How about 200 srirignanos on TB getting an NFC wild card, if they get some pole position out of Month 1? It makes a lot of sense if one is bored with football and I really hope Garcia has a good year.

I respect Tampon/Man Utd ownership and I treasure this chance to successfully rationalize to myself the presence of that gigantic plastic ship.

His High Figness said...

Ah, the are NFC South fan.
Garcia will have some deja vu this year. Remember how successful he was wioth the Niners? Well, what happened when he went to Cleveland and then Detroit? He was washed up without a great system to be in.

The Eagles are the Patriots of the NFC, he had the best organization in the NFC around him and THAT is why they went on a tear at the end of last year with him at the helm. Andy Reid, Jim Johnson and that coaching staff are awesome.

When Garcia has to carry the team on his back, he is very mortal. When there is a strong running game and a stalwart defense and special teams, Garcia is a good game manager. But Tampa's O-line is not Philly's and Cadillac Williams has a long way to match the productivity of the Eagles' Westbrook. No runninggame means the pressure is squarely on the QB, and at 37, how much gas does Jeffy the Freckled Fucker have left in him?

This is all sour grapes because the Giants almost beat the Eagles in the playoffs last year, but........

Peyton Manning said...

This is a nice blog you guys. I really appreciate your enthusiasm. It's people like you driving this thing that got me my huge contract.

I like this snippet about the Jets/Giants rivalry. I'm rooting for my bro on the Ginats. Plus, you Jets are in the AFC and that means I need to go through you to the Big Game again. And don't think I forgot my first playoff experience, versus the Jets and we got murdered! That lit a fire under my ass! Good luck this season, I'll see you when I am dissecting you in the playoffs.

Mr Accountable said...

That's so true, High Figness, I have gone as far as I can go in talking up the 2007 Tampa Bay team.

It remains an interesting NFL team:

- Malcolm Glazer
- Manchester United
- Jon Gruden
- Jeff Garcia


What do DNC Chairman Howard Dean's family and the Glazer family have in common?

Answer: Watchmaking.

The Bucs have a very nicely integrated cheerleading squad, but they don't really have a Spanish language website, apart from their ESPN Espanol page. The Dolphins have a big Spanish site. Raymond James' company site has no Spanish page. It is a very big consumer investment company. I just checked both sites.

Unruly said...

Was that really Manning or what?

Fakehead, I like Mr. A. He's cool.

acc'table said...

I'm watching Bucs Pats now. 10-10 3Q.