Camp starts to wind down and there are a few sour notes in Jets land.

MRI on the big free agent's calf? RB Thomas Jones should rightly sit the rest of the pre-season and rehab that calf. Eat bananas maybe.

Darrelle Revis has missed all of training camp. He's acting like he's the No. 1 pick of the draft and then some. Jets may have another draft day lemon. I can't imagine what Revius is thinking, sitting at home while the whole NFL is going on around him. His agent , Tom Condon I believe (?), needs to meet a falling brick with his face while simultaneously stepping on a rake that pops up and hits him in the balls. Take the 6-year fucking deal and be just slightly less rich, is this kid just a dumb country fuck or what???

Read a funny camp report in a Sporting news magazine today. Laverneous Coles was quoted saying that LB Jonathan Vilma is the team's biggest suck-up, hands down. Suck-up is obviously another word for kiss ass. Coles said that the team calls Vilma "Little Penguin", an affectionate poke at head coach Eric Mangini's nickname. Interesting...wonder if Vilma would just pound Coles as he's going over the middle in practice one day for that.


Figgythemick said...

Gosh, I guess if even the Unruly Jet Fan has nothing to say, then that was a boring ass article.

Where are you fuckers? Buy the damn tickets, fuckers.

George Muha said...

Sorry Figs...I have been traveling all over the country. I think Coles and Vilma are buddies and that was an off the cuff comment. I am hoping at least. But Coles and Vilma are the two best guys on the team so I hope they feed off each other somehow. Although, Vilma does seem like a brown noser.

Revis finally signed his deal. It sounds like he did get an awesome deal. The Jets gave him a 6 year deal. And the Jets could buy out the last two years for over 30 million.

Now, he better be a fucking stud.

fakenuts said...

Unruly, we need to buy tickets.

I think the Vilma thing is a non-story, perpetrated by the stupid, bored cunty media.

Most of the Jets looked like shit against the Vikings. Kendall cannot play center. Revis needs to learn how to play and get out there. I don't care if Jones misses pre-season, but we need him playing in the real season.

I think Mr. A killed himself. The year ... 1965.

Figgythemick said...

I took a look at Mr. A's blog. It was okay but really busy. I told him I might submit something sometime, but it is a pretty busy site. I like how ours has the one feature article flllowed by archives. When 12 people all post articles, who has the time to read and comment on them all. We are small but mighty, in our own minds....the year- 2 B.C

And yes, find the tickets, I'll send you a check, you hoes.

fakefuckhead said...

Where is Unruly? Unrulers, we need to find tickets under 300 bucks a pop! I thought Figgy meant the scrimmage (preseason) game, not the real one! ha ha Kidding, we'll sort it out. Figs, you can hand over one of those big novelty checks for the ticket because it ain't going to be small, if you know what I'm talking about .... I'll be here all week!!!!!!

As a famous drunk guy once said, "Fuck around, screw around, one day I won't be around." The year ... 1994.

Fake not afraid to admit he watched Sex in the City said...

Hey, also, do Figs and Unruly want to be in a Yahoo fantasy football league with me? I would ask Mooks but he may as well be dead now that his work censors his internet. Anyway, the best part about this league, besides the fact that it is free, is that there is a board to talk shit. It is so awesome. I rule the board. Let me know if you fucksticks are in.

As a famous actor on "Sex and the City" once said to his girlfriend's voice on his answering machine, "Fuck you ... and FUCK YOU!"

Name the actor: (Hint - Office Space)

Beat it

Figs said...

I'm definitely in the on the yahoo fantasy league.
What do you think the Jets/Giants ticket will cost a piece, $100? I'm prepared, the plane ticket is bought so this and my NYC trip Friday night are my only expenses.
You chumps feel like throwing down with a football game on Saturday October 6th sometime? I could call and see if my cousins could make it.

Anyone happen to watch the Giants/Ravens game? The G-men O and D lines did very well against a great first-team Ravens unit. Jacobs looked good and Eli played extremely well. Too bad half the team got hurt in the process. Methinks that Jets/Giants match-up is going to be unbelievably close.

I am going to guess Ron Livingston, better known for his role as Capt. Nixon in Band of Brothers. Other than him I can't name anyone else in Office Space despite that, however, it is a great movie.

fakeilicious said...

Figs, you are correct on the movie actor guess. You are off on the ticket price. From my preliminary research, tickets are running up to 300 in the upper level. However, I need to check ebay and see what else I can drum up. I haven't heard from Unruly lately, I even actaully called the guy with no response.

I will keep you posted. I can't but help falling asleep when I watch the Giants play. They are so fucking boring and lame. I like the Ravens more than the Giants, except when the Ravens play the Jets. I like all-black uniforms.

I will try to get you the info about the yahoo league, I forgot the password to join, but I will email it to you and Unruly and Mooks when I get it.

Beat it.

Figs said...

I saw 4 tix going for $700something. There has to be some tickets less than 300, especially upper level. You can't even park at Giants stadium!

FAKECUNT said...

Fighead, Unruly has a plan, check your email. And join the ff league, I sent you the info. And don't be gay, you better join. Mr. A. is not invited, so you better not invite him. And I hope you post some derogatory things about me on the message board.

Side note: I rented the entire season of "Dexter" on DVD. I'll post my review on the Mets blog, since nobody reads that anymore. (Kidding, I'll do it on the Over blog).

Beat it mother fers!!!!


Unruly said...

You guys are going too crazy for these tickets. None of us will pay more than $50 a ticket if we go there that day. We might miss the kick off but who cares.