Our First Pick of the 2007 Draft: Darrelle Revis

You got to give it Manninbaum to have some balls. They felt this was a weak draft and decided to go after quality vs. quantity. They started the day with 8 overall draft picks, including 4 in the first three rounds. By the end of the day, they ended up having only two picks in the first round in which they picked up Darrelle Revis, CB Pittsburgh with the 14th pick. And also traded picks to select David Harris, MLB from Michigan in the second round (47 overall).

Both of these guys were not on my draft boards, only because I didn't we'd position our other draft picks. But I am happy non-the-less.

Revis is a big smart guy from Pitt who can help our weak CB position. We had a revolving door on the other side of Dyson at the CB spot. Revis is well built and tough at 6.0 and 197 lbs. He also can return punts as evident in the video below. He had been critisized about being slow but at the combine he ran a blazing 4.39 40. You watch this video and tell me if you think he is slow.

I like the David Harris pick as well. He's a second team All-American and shared the Bo Schembechler Awared Most Valuable Player Award with Michigan's tailback. He's 6'2" and 239lbs. The reason they got him is to help Vilma and crew to stop the run. This pick will also probably help Schlegel, a 2nd Round pick in 2006.

Schlegel is an Ohio State boy who didn't live up to the expectations. In fact, the Jets privately admitted they made a mistake by drafting him at all (according to nj.com). I hope this lights a fire under his ass and helps to keep everyone honest at the LB position. Especially because him and Harris are college rivals. But according to the scouting reports Harris will eat Schlegel up for breakfast.

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Figgythemick said...

Amazing clip. However, I think Mangini lost his minddrafting LB Harris. You list him as 6'2" and 139lbs. He'll never be able to stop the run at that weight, he needs to gain 100 pounds with Jets training staff, then.

And why would you draft Shmeagol as a LB. He goes by Gollum and he is less than 100 pounds too. Who's your Right Tackle, Frodo?

Seriously though, solid selection for the Jets, when they moved up I thought they would snag Brady Quinn.

Like the Broncos and Giants picks too. B-men got two quality DE's and NYG got a good cornerback, good receiver and a big guy for DT.

Unruly Jets Fan: said...

Once again Figgy, thank you for pointing out to the world of my mistakes!

I thnk the Browns made out the best. I dont think Quinn is a bad QB like the doubters say. So they got him and the best Tackle in the draft. Good for Crennel.

Unruly Jets Fan: said...

This is a pre-emtive strike against Caymus. Screw your Pats with all their stupid receivers. And I'll bet you right now that Moss will be arrested by the time training camp is over.

fakeilicious said...

I think it's a good pick. Guy from Michigan should be good too. Not sure about the rest though. We'll see how it all shakes out. Gotta stop the run next year, but the fucking secondary should be better with Revis. That run was amazing.

Go Jets.

Happy Birthday Migs. I put a picture of Unruly's imaginary girlfriend on Overfloater. It is R rated.

Miggythefick said...

Thanks for remembering the birthday. Today April 30 I turn 32.

Played golf. 50 on a par 37. Going to Nuggets playoff game tonight. Good day.

Unruly Jets Fan: said...

Happy B-Day Figger