I can't wait for the NFL Draft Saturday April, 28th.

I think there will be a good deal of movement and surprises too. I think the Raiders might trade the top pick and let Calvin Johnson go number 1 to Tampa Bay. Detroit would then decide on #2.

Who the hell knows what Matt Millen would do. I always thought he would be a meat-and-potatoes guy, but instead he has gone WR's the last three years in the first round. Only Roy Williams was worthy of that selection, Charles Rogers was let go while Mike Williams languishes in the doghouse. I think the Lions should take a QB. JaMarcus Russell is a sick talent, but Matt Millen would probably pick Brady Quinn. The reasoning being that Quinn might be the better pick to manage the games and give you a chance to in a few games in the relatively weak NFL North.

That would leave Cleveland at #3. Russell or RB Adrian Peterson? I think Cleveland should take Russell to light a fire under Charlie Frye. Russell to Kellen Winslow and Braylon Edwards for the next couple of years would sit pretty with most Browns fans. The Raiders may just as well keep the #1 pick and have Russell to themselves though, and then I would think the Browns would take Quinn (if he's still there), Peterson, or T Joe Thomas.

But if the Raiders trade with the Bucs that #1 pick, they land at 4. Who would Al Davis pick here? Joe Thomas must go here, and he could wind up the best pick of the draft. I think either the Bucs or Raiders would select him.

Number 5 is Arizona, who could really use T Joe Thomas. But if they don't make a deal I would be surprised if he was still on the board by this pick. The Cradinals could go defense, but T Levi Brown would be a surprise pick this high. Arizona has the skill positions nailed with Edge, Boldin, Fitzgerald and Leinart. Ken Whisenhunt is an offensive guy, but he was with the Steelers all those years and he could easily go defense. Gaines Adams, Amobi Okoye and LB Patrick Willis, as well as S LaRon Landry and CB Leon Hall, are all candidates to go here.

The biggest movers and shakers I suspect will be:

Denver Broncos - Mike Shanahan has been firing from the hip this offseason. We all know how many Broncos have died this year. There is a strong chance that the Broncos will deal for a Top 5 or 10 pick instead of waiting for 21. If so, look for Adrian Peterson, Joe Thomas or Adams or Okoye to go to Denver.

Minnesota Vikings - I don't know why I feel like the Vikes will come from nowhere and take a shot at one of the darling QB's of this draft, Russell or Quinn. They have the #7 pick so they may not have to give up the farm to get one of them. Tavarus Jackson starting at QB for the Vikings in 2007? Yeah right.

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Unruly Jets Fan: said...

Why would the Bronco's trade up for a RB? They can just plug anyone they want in, they've proved that for years.

Unruly Jets Fan: said...

Also, who cares about the Raiders? They are going to suck for the next 10 years. I am not trying to knock your post, I am merely trying to rouse some controversy. Plus my point is valid.

How do you guys like the look of the blog? I took down a lot of the flashy ads. Is this better? Any feedback is appreciated.

Figgythemick said...

The Broncos are desperately trying to trade up. Latest word is they are trying to get Calvin Johnson at 2.

Why would they take Adrian Peterson? Upside. Has the talent to be a 2,000 yard back in this system. True, 'anyone' can get a 1,000 yards, but why settle for that?

I think they would be better served choosing a D-lineman or a top tier O line guy.

Denver's O line is getting bigger. They have always been the lightest in the league, and you can tell when you look at the Broncos red zone stats. They score a lot from outside the 20, they are too small to be a good red zone O line where size and strength matter most. Cutler is great in the pocket, so I see the Broncos O line getting bigger.

My hope for the Giants now is a LT. Maneuver up for Jow Thomas or go with Levi Jones or Joe Staley from Mich State (on recommendation from Mel Kiper). Eli needs protection to get in rythym. San Diego's rookie Lt I thought should have been Rookie of the Year.

I like Unruly's thinking for the draft. Bill parcells always took care of O and D lines first, then developed the rest of the team. Get one side of the line outstanding from center to tackle and your running game blossoms.

Figgythemick said...

By the way, is it just me or does Russell have a little peanut for a head. Isn't it bad if your hands are way bigger than your head? Or is that just a joke so you smack yourself in the face?

Seriously, his brain case doesn't look big enough for a regular human. That is like a hablis africanus skull, early hominid.

Mookie McFly said...

Like the looks, actually love it. I taught you well, maybe a little too well! Don't lose your job farting around on the blog all day!

Besides it's baseball season! Time to relax, sit back, eat a hot dog and let Mangina take care of the Jets.

Mookie McFly said...

Hey, how come Ed lost his link...represent UJF!

Unruly Jets Fan: said...

Thank you Mookster. Nah, I am actually tired of blog design. I really have to focus on my job.

You did teach me well Obi Wan. Now I will avenge you against the feared Dearth Fakehead.

Shady Mckenzie said...

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