Another headache for Vick

The Off-The-Field issue is really coming to a head. Reports have come out that Mike Vick's cousin was living in a house under the Atlanta quarterback's name. The house was raided by police in a drug search. Instead they found 60 dogs in various states of hunger, squalor and injury but suffering all.

Illegal dog fights.

Cruelty to animals is abominable, especially to man's best friend. Each and everyone of those dogs was born eager to please their human pack leader. Dogs remind us of important lessons about loyalty and unconditional love.

And when certain people you know are into such things as dog fights, as a professional athlete you have to steer clear and disassociate yourself from them. I know it is so easy to say. If I somehow made it big and I gladly gave a guy I've known all my life a house, I can understand that situation.

The NFL has to have mandatory meetings for all players drafted, and then those who make a team undrafted later. They are at the pinnacle of American money-making sports. BILLIONS of dollars are made every year off of it, legal and illegal. The athletes themselves suddenly become flush with money every week during the duration of their season. They are young men, pushing the envelope of human physical prowess, and they don't always come from nice backgrounds with lots of opportunity, work ethic, stable families or many role models. This in no way gives them an excuse though. You are playing a man's game now.

Counseling for incoming and young players should be implemented. Mandatory for rookies and available by choice thenafter throughout their careers. Seminars on managing their money, free agency, the salary cap and risk factors in social circles. Make the orientation in smaller groups so their attention is better. Pose such questions as: "You discover that your cousin, whom you love and have known all your life, is operating a meth lab out of the house you purchased for him and is still currently under your name. You had no idea he would do such a thing? What do you do? "

Take that Jamal Lewis business a few years ago that he had to serve time for. He just got paid from a new contract and threw his boy a couple hundred grand to go make himself some money off of. Quickest route? Buy some dope, push it all, make a nice profit and hope not to get sucked into that life. I think the big problem was that Jamal Lewis gave the guy his cellphone, or Lewis was on the phone. I don't exactly recall. Regardless, the sirens should have went off.

Give your cousin the money and then get the hell out of Dodge! You then can clear yourself of involvement because you had no part in what he did with it.

I hope to Hell that Mike Vick didn't know about the dog fights. If he did know, I lost all respect for the guy. I'll still be amazed by his abilities on the field.

I would not be surprised to see new Commish Roger Goodell tag Vick with a game or two off for the rash of episodes he has had recently. Remember the Atlanta Airport incident, in which his water bottle (Duh! They only tell you a hundred times with signs and recordings on the security line that you can't bring your water bottle!)? Vick said he hid his jewelry in the secret compartment, but reports were that it smelled like weed. The security tapes have disappeared.

Cover-up City. Good thing they don't want his ass in jail, but on the field, even the cops, security at the airport, etc. He's the franchise and a once in a generation talent.

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Unruly Jets Fan: said...

Vick is a retard. Not for having the dog fight house. But for getting caught. When I had my dog fight house, it was under a totally different fake name, "Unhappy Jets Fan" and I never got caught. If I were Mike, I would have had my dog fight house name under Roger and some other guy would be getting all the heat. Am I wrong about this? What names do you guys have your dog fight house names under?

Figs said...

Yeah Right? That's rule number 1A in the Get Rich book.

My house is under the psuedonym 'Faggythemack'.

Unruly Jets Fan: said...

You are a funny man, Figgythemack!

Unruly Jets Fan: said...

Also, Ficticious Head, you should call Michael Vick and let him know about your criminal defense skillz. You got to jump on that.

Unruly Jets Fan: said...

Oh by the way, you guys have to check out that Dannish Jets Blog.

It is so cool. It is actually a great looking blog but it is entirely in Dannish (or whatever you call it).

You cannot understand what the articles are about but you can sort of tell. All of their blogs are about the TE from Miami. I guess they want to draft him.

If you post, they reply in English though.

Unruly Jets Fan: said...

The link is on the left side of this blog.

Figgythemick said...

Dude, I think its Dutch. And when I was in Amsterdam that had sports bars that were exclusively American sports, NFL, NBA, MLB. Amsterdam has an NFL Europe team so I know that they like American football.

Now imagine arriving in the airport and all the signs are in Dutch. You can't even pronounce ANYTHING.

Shady Mckenzie said...

To quote an Austin Powers movie. "there are two things I hate in this world; it is intolerance and the Dutch". I've been to A-Dam as well and I agree they need to do something about the signs and sharpen up there lanaguage. you try to pronounce a word and it is like you have flem in your throat. The bike thing and continually pissing on the streets got on my nerves as well.

in regards to the Dog fight while I totally disagree with it. If I were to have a dog killing psydoneum it would be crack head

Unruly Jets Fan: said...

Shady, nice to see you aboard