Oh Tittilating Saturday

As the draft approaches the news wires have been going crazy with chatter, as expected. How much of it is real or rumor though?

Teams like the Patriots never leak shit, e.g. the Jets will not leak anything either.

Then there's an organization like the Broncos. Mike Shanahan has got the greatest job, just playing with someone else's money, spending like a drunken sailor, tearing down and rebuilding as if an NFL franchise were Lincoln Logs in his childhood living room. Shanny is manically maneuvering to acquire WR Calvin Johnson.

Now it appears the Raiders would rather go with a veteran QB and take Johnson with the No. 1 pick. JaGottamakefunofmypeanuthead Russell would then get snatched up by someone else, Detroit through Tampa Bay. I still like Brady Quinn to the Browns, but like any good Belichick disciple, Romeo isn't letting on what Cleveland will do with that No. 3 pick.

Both New York teams are behind-the-scenes angling for Chicago disgruntled LB Lance Briggs. But Tightass Bears GM Angelo isn't budging, expecting Lance in uniform come training camp.

I think both New York teams could go with an Offensive Line pick in the first round on Saturday. The Giants may take a LB or S or RB (if Marshawn Lynch is still available), but we lost out on the Left Tackle free agency wheel and there are three great prospects for the first round in Joe Thomas, Levi Brown and Joe Staley.

We all know who the Unruly Jets Fan is 'grubbing' for:

Ben Grubbs, Guard from Auburn.

Solid, solid selection. I think the Jets should go for Troy Smith, QB and Heisman Winner from Ohio State in the second round. He is small, but he is a gamer. Drew Brees barely measures 6 feet and he's a pocket passer and having MVP-type seasons. Smith's mobility is a plus, opening up bootlegs and QB sneaks for the Jets offense. He could even do a little Slash duty and create opportunities for trick plays, end arounds and WR passes. Mangini learned from the trickiest, remember.

I think there will be a LOT of movement this draft. I expect a decent shake up of the top 5 picks. Ahhh, football.

In the meantime:


N U G G E T S !

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Unruly Jets Fan: said...

I think there will be a lot of movement as well. I will be happy if the Jets get that Bears Linbacker.

I think it would be wise for the Raiders to take Trent Green and KC's number 1 in exchange for number 1 overall.

I would take the Ohio State kid in the second round.

tired fake head said...

I just hope the Jets get what they need and maybe the players they choose make an impact next year.

It looks like only the Pats have a tougher schedule than the Jets, as the Jets are playing 7 teams that made the playoffs last year and the Pats are playing 8.

Figgythemick said...

The Raiders would want the house for the No. 1 pick. Looks like they may stay pat and grab JaMarcus Russell.

I hear KC is looking to trade Larry Johnson, he'll want everything a team has. He thinks he's the best ever.

Though I wouldn't mind seeing that guy in Blue.

Unruly Jets Fan: said...

I'd like to see him in green...gang green.

The Figgiest Mick said...

Yeah right, after just getting Thomas Jones?

No way, LJ is going to ask for 100 mil I'm sure, and with 3 400+ carry seasons under his belt at 27, how much longer can he run like that?

He's not worth his asking price, and I'm SURE Drew Rosenhaus is his agent. Maybe he'll go the the Raiders or the idiot Redskins.

There is so much cahtter about this draft it seems, much more so than any previous year I can remember. I think there will be a lot of activity with dealing clubs.

Figgy the Riled Up Mick said...

I bet the Unruly One will be rubbing his Jets Titties come Saturday's first round selection.

What do you think of for Greg Olsen, TE from Miami as a 1st round pick. John Clayton from ESPN thinks that's where the Jets will go.

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