October's Promise

The New York Giants and Jets meet in the regular season! Come early October, this blog may be bitterly divided. United, we bring football fans cutting-edge pigskin news, divided, the blog turns into a nasty, mudslinging affair. Good for ratings, but bad for team chemistry. It will be Fakehead, Unruly Jets Fan and Mookie McFly opposed to the ever-loyal Figgythemick. Come to think of it, this sounds a little like 7th grade. But I digress...

So I propose that the Just NY Jets blog writers acquire tickets to the game and do our smack-talking in person. Of course that requires some travel arrangements for me, but I am more than willing to do it. Our press credentials should provide us with the ideal sideline perspective. I may even decline my engraved inivitation into the Mara's and Tisch's executive box seats, just to mingle in the mirth and mayhem of the crowd. Tiki may want to catch up and chat behind the scenes but, again, I will politely decline in favor of taking nonsensical abuse for three hours from my Green comrades.

And then, when the curtain falls on the contest and the white and green depart the field with their heads bowed, the classy Blue fans won't rag on our counterparts. No, when one KNOWS one is superior, one only lowers oneself to a lower level by gloating. Of course, I would expect no such gentlemanly conduct from the Jets fans, and I am sure there will be a fair share of fights.

Provided the gum, spit and masking tape that is holding Chad Pennigton's 'surgically-repaired' throwing arm together holds for the entirety the game, it should be a close one. Methinks the game will come down to a singular turnover, an unfortunate fumble or interception. Field position will be of paramount importance and field goals will be very valuable as well. The Jets have a very sound defense, but I like the Giants playmakers like Plaxico and Shockey to snag some high-thrown passes over jet defenders. I think the first half will e low-scoring and a battle of the running games. Droughns and Jacobs will be a big load for the Jets D. Thomas Jones, while good, is not the bruiser the Giants RB's are. Plus the pressure the Giants should produce from their very deep Defensive End position should harass the Jets passing game. I gotta give the edge to the G-men here, but the Jets are a dangerous team simply because their coach may have a trick or two up his sleeve. The Giants secondary is in shambles at this time, they are slow and they suck. Gibril Wilson and Will Demps are the only two decent players, and they play the safeties positions. We have no CB's whatsoever.

Giants 23 - Jets 21.


Unruly Jets Fan said...

That score is funny. This will be the year that Lorenzo gets his share of snaps. He should be the QB over Eli. I don't think Eli will last this season before being laughed out of the QB position. Dave Brown was better.

If the Giants even score a point in this game I will have Fakehead go postal on your ass.

Mickstrodamus said...

So are we on or what, then? Lets put your money where your mouth is.
October 7th baby. I'll buy my plane ticket in May if we can figure out how to get tickets.

By the way, Eli will have all of you feeling pretty stupid these next few years.
Come on., had the Jets had the chance, wouldn't you have wanted him as a draft pick?

Unruly Jets Fan said...

I wouldn't have taken Eli. I would have drafted Ben Rothlesberger and I would have won a fucking SB by now. That is the kind of foresight I have bizatch!

Figgis said...

Unruler, you are right about the never getting married thing. I've been back for less than a day and already there has been two arguements. What is the point?

Shady Mckenzie said...
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Shady Mckenzie said...

The Unruly Jets Fan throws like a girl

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Shady, you must have an inside track to know that.

I hear you kick like a girl.