The Media should be ashamed of themselves...

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Regardless, I'll be quick...

Question - what does every psycho who goes on a rampage want? Publicity? You got it! Whether they are dead or alive, they just want to be recognized, on earth or from hell (every once and a while when this shit happens or after 9-11 I hope that hell exists, even though according to my religion I am headed there too).

The fucking media should be ashamed at themselves for using that crazy cunt's "Media Manifesto" to boost their ratings last night. This jerkoff kills 32 people and the media celebrated him by putting his image and rantings on every fucking station in the country (and probably world). Oh, but they say they were doing it to "try to figure out why he did this." BULLSHIT!!!!!! Who cares why he did it? I have a guess, because he was fucking insane! Do we need a further explanation???? What normal person does something like that? I don't give a shit what his motive was, because it doesn't help anyone or give hope that "we can prevent the next one." More bullshit. It just gives the next crazy fuck more reason to load up his glocks and hit the hallways. "I can be famous like that crazy Asian guy!" "I will send my manifesto to every network, not just NBC!" This media coverage does the opposite of helping prevent future rampages. It encourages. It lauds and almost deifies these crazy cocksmokers.

The media played it (and I'm sure NBC execs creamed their pants when this package showed up at their headquarters) because they wanted ratings, and you can't beat morbid curiosity for fucking ratings. It's why there are traffic jams for rubbernecking. This society has a need-to-know when it comes to sensational cases (be it murder, teachers fucking students, etc.).

I have to wake up and get my newspaper and see this stupid crazy fuck pointing two guns on the front page, as did probably everyone in America. I have an idea, put a fucking picture of the Professor who blocked the door to his class with his body so his students could escape when he got executed (after surviving the Holocaust, no less!!!!!). He is a hero. I would appreciate the fact that the media tried to put a good spin on this story. Instead, I see this stupid fuck looking at me, like I had to deal with watching it (if I wanted too) all last night on every station.

The media is destroying our society. They fucking flocked to V Tech like vultures to a carcass the day it happened. It is a fucking travesty. But last night topped it all. I leave you with this, how would you feel if you lost a child in this massacre and you wake up today and see your child's killer staring back at you on the front page of every newspaper in America? Or you have to hear or see this cunt's nonsensical rantings about how "they made [him] do this." Would you want to see that? It's insult to injury. It's a slap in the face to every single victim and their family. It's this cunt rubbing the fact in that he killed all those people. It's a fucking joke and every goddamn fucking media outlet should be ashamed of themselves. Fuck them.


Unruly Jets Fan said...

Dude, I cannot believe we posted at the same time again. That is really amazing!

Not Hawaiian said...

Just delete mine, I don't care.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

No way man! Freedom of speech as they say!

At any rate, I hear ya about the media. Matt Lauer this morning was that they felt they needed to let America know or whatever. All they wanted was the publicity.

I never ever had the feeling of shooting my school mates.

OK, I cannot imagine what those parents of those kids are going through right now. It is a total tradegy.

Shady Mckenzie said...

I agree it has made the news down in this part of world as well but with a slightly different tone.

It was likely this guy got the piss taken out of him in High School by some drunk bastards who drank from party balls after school and called him Fakehead.

Anyway it fucked him up and he decided it was pay back time.

What I find fucked up is that George Bush goes on TV and defends firearms. Then you have the NRA saying this could have been avoided if students were allowed to carry fire-arms on campus as he would have been taken out by another student. Does that sound logical to you?

In regards to the Media yes are a bunch of wankers that should been shot. They are vultures who will do anything to make a dollar. But what is worse the people who peddle it or those people who sit back, watch it, say how horrible it is and then ask what is for dinner tonight and don't demand better.

And while we are on it TV sucks all you can watch now is Reality TV, CSI version 17.6 and Dr. Phil Morality it's all shit.

Figgythemick said...

Hoy Mckenzie!

I agree with Faker. If they ignore these losers then it will stop happening. Copycats already have sprung up all over the country. Its in the friggin blotters in the paper.

Instead they post his dumb ass in 5 minutes on CNN. People in this country do need to wake up and start being a little nicer to each other in everyday life. It is the disappearance of support structures that cause this to happen. From reports it sounded like he was this crazy antisocial fucker all through high school too. He was like Herm Buhrig or any of those Wings of Terror kids. We were lucky to grow up in NJ where the guns are more or less better controlled. It is so easy to buy an arsenal in Colorado, its a little scary. The Wings of Terror could've easily reached worser heights. And why? Because we were all mean to him for one reason or another? To know that we weren't the bottom of our little social circles? Whether we were peer pressured into it or not, we've all been mean to kids as kids, even claimed to have hated them - but its all stupid. The spouting off of a mouth that has next to little world experience.

But all generations in all societies go through the same stuff. There are bullies and jocks and nerds and wimps and weirdos. But the time has arrived where information and technology are at a fingertips tap.

If we just get a little nicer to each other than no one would WANT to shoot people up. The change only happens individually though. Like Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world." To me that just means recycle and think hard about whenever my next big purchase for personal transportation will be.

I know a few people out here who are 'off the grid'. This former cameraman for Mel Brooks owns a great house and plot of land on the Western Slope of Colorado. Orchards, huge gardens where they grow tons of vegetables, solar panels and a small wind farm provide his electricity. The coolest place I have ever seen.

Ramble out. Time for another gravity.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Wings of Terror, that was their name. I was trying to remember what they called themselves.

Those guys were just like those Columbine kids.

As they say, I will smell ya later.