How To Squander Supreme Success...nice blunt too

It is appearing that Mike Vick not only had knowledge of the dog-fighting operation at a home he owned that he gave to his cousin, but that he was an ardent supporter and regular fixture there.

This makes me mad and sad for a few reasons.

I'm mad because I look forward to the NFL season like its a waiting lottery ticket with its number about to be called. My buddies and I, we are going on out 5th year of the NFL Ticket, which everyone knows is needed so that you may watch any and every game. Never any commercials.

So there are several designated stops that are required each week. All favorite teams get screen time for the group. So that means there is a lot of Cleveland Browns, New England Patriots and New York Giants going on. In addition, us Romans living in Rome over here have obtained a taste for the Denver Broncos. After that there were only 2 other mandatory stops.

One was the Indianapolis Colts.
-Dr. Manning, please report to the 33-yard line for open field surgery.-

And the other was the Atlanta Falcons. We never wanted to miss the human highlight pull off another jaw-dropping play. But I tell you this:

No more. This dog fighting business is a despicable one. As a dog owner I see on a daily basis the character of these animals. Self-sacrificing, wanting to please, eager to learn and work, would give its life for yours with nary a thought. There was a story in Australia or New Zealand about a couple of marauding pit bulls that came upon a 7-year-old boy and his pet Jack Russell Terrier. The pit bulls jumped the boy and the Terrier, from the reports of rescuers on the scene, was fighting like an animal possessed. And in some way, that Terrier managed to distract the pit bulls enough and inflict enough damage that the boy was rescued and the dogs were killed. The Terrier died there on the scene from its severe mauling at the jaws of the pit bulls.

Dogs are Man's Best Friend. Voyeurism of a fight to the death by sweet animals is despicable. And now I kind of despise Mike Vick. The fucking Taliban does shit like that.

I could live with all the other incidents; the hash in the secret compartment of his water bottle (duh, they don't let you on the plane with water bottles anymore), the crabs episode where he checked in under the name 'Ron Mexico' (hmmmm, pretty good), etc.

It's such a shame because he is the most talented player in the NFL. He signed a new, huge contract and this is how he spends some of that money. A dog-fighting operation.

Mike Vick is hurting the NFL with this type of stuff. When he plays like he does and is capable, he is one of the crown jewels of the NFL product out there. Everyone makes money when he is on the field. And only the NFL does when he is not.

Mike, don't waste your one-in-billions luck and opportunity. Get some therapy.


Unruly Jets Fan: said...

Your article makes a good point but you also almost have an arguement that Pitbulls should be used only in dog fighting cirlces with that whole story about the 7 year old boy.

At any rate, I agree that Michael Vick has lost my respect and/or patience. He really should be highly punished. These guys never hit any kind of bottom that straightens them out. I really hope Goodell sticks to his guns and puts a big punishment on Vick.

fakey said...

Fuck therapy. The guy is fucking jerkoff scumbag, so his little brother. They should just go back to Hotlanta and try to be what they are trying to be: gangsters. Guess what, I know real gangsters, we represent them all the time, and they are smarter than this fucking clown. Vick is a punk-ass trick and he is getting used like a stupid pussy by real thugs. The guy is a joke. And anyone who thinks dog fighting is cool should get eaten by fucking dogs. What a cunt Vick is. Fuck him and his family. I could care less if this dickhead has talent. A lot of people have talent. A lot of people who are in the ghetto have talent and guess what? They never get the opportunities that Vick got. So they are stuck. Meanwhile, this cunt has all the opportunity in the world and he blows it. Fuck him. I hope he dies in a car accident.

Unruly Jets Fan: said...

I share those same sentiments Faker, I just can't articulate them quite like you. You are the freaking man.