...And To Hell With Clinton Portis Too.

I saw a news clip of Clinton portis, Washington Redskins RB, commenting on the recent situation with Atlanta Quartberback Mike Vick and the home he owned being used for illegal dog fighting. While smirking into the camera and beside a smiling friend, Portis lamented that the public should ease up on Vick, and said Vick was a 'good role model'. Portis asked rhetorically; what was wrong with dog fighting? He seemed to not even realize that it is illegal.

He called it 'no big deal' and filled us in on a little of his upbringing, remarking that he is from Mississippi and he knows the back roads and could go see a dog fight if he wanted.

What a fucking idiot.

I knew he wasn't that smart when he left the Denver Broncos after two breakout seasons. In the Denver running scheme, he could've been a 2,000-yard talent. He had games where he scored 5 TD's. When he chose Rosenhaus as his agent and dismissed any type of deal in Denver, I knew right then he was dumb. To choose the much more physical NFC East over the finesse offenses of the AFC West as a running back? Leaving a team that had a 6th-round draft choice become a 2,000 yard rusher? For a few more dollars (that gets sucked right away with the taxes and cost of living in DC) and a lot more injuries, frustration and losing and coaching changes in Washington DC?

He can wear his orange suits and ridiculous costumes and give himself stupid nicknames, all of that was just 'media personality', but you can see in that interview his true colors. Another spoiled athlete who thinks that the law doesn't apply to him.

The list of superstar punk-asses in the NFL grows, much to the chagrin of the Commish and the League. I have now soured on two of the standout players in the NFL and they have lost my support. Shit, I hate the Redskins anyway, so I lost all love for Portis when he skidaddled out of Denver. But I feel remorseful for not wanting to watch the human highlight, Mike Vick, work his magic.

I don't think the bad publicity is going to hurt the NFL financially though. It is as fixed a national economic expenditure as gasoline. The League just looks as if it employs criminals, however, and the role modeling for the legions of adoring youth is the real tragedy about this. Kids are 'Monkey See, Monkey Do' about such things, and now they glorify that life of an NFL baller as getting bitches at nightclubs and bars, watching dog fights, having firearms, doing drugs, financing illegal deals like a big shot crime boss, etc.

Like life is some movie.

There was this big 'Scarface' craze with kids recently, T-shirts, rap albums, they talk about wanting to be like Tony Montana. Professional athletes reference Tony Montana in interviews. Shaq has a Scarface-themed birthday party, Ron Artest has mentioned him. And I just want to ask all those people who think that Tony Montana had it all:

Did you see how the movie ended?


Unruly Jets Fan: said...

Figman, these gangser guys do take something away from the game. But for every one of these, there are 45 guys who are on the up and up. We can't forget about them.

Their are good guys in the league. These guys just hog the media and give a perception that brings the whole league down. I personally will never watch Mike Vick and for me he went from the Human Highlight to the Human Retard.

Figgythemick said...

You are totally right. Still, either the up-and-coming talents are just fucking assholes that come from shitty homes and upbringing, or the media just pays attention to the spoils of pro athletes more these days.

But I reiterate:

Fuck Clinton Portis.

And kudos for the NFL's fastest man: The Jets Justin Miller. Way to punch a woman in the face at a nightclub altercation. No one told you about the player conduct policy?

fakedead said...

I like your poignant ending to your blog Figs. It was good.

I never liked Portis anyway. I just like the Jets and their players. I like Drew Bress a little for some reason, maybe because I'm gay.

I root for Ricky Williams, because I think he is kind of fucked in the head and all he does is smoke pot, let the guy be. Unfortunately for him, he can't find another job besides being a football player. He is obviously an idiot because he tested positive, again, but I still kind of want to see the guy come back. Shit, smoking a little pot is child's play compared to some of these fucking idiots.

As for Justin Miller, I hope the media got the story wrong, I heard 12 different things about what happened, so maybe it was all blown out of proporation or he went to hit a guy and hit her, who knows. I know that the Jets need him, and she was probably some dumb-ass nappy headed ho anyway, so who cares if she caught a beat-down from the fastest guy on the Jets?

Do you guys know I am worth 425K dead? How much are you worth Unruly? Probably more you rich bastard. I asked the life insurance guy what happens if I kill myself, and he told me if I make it two years after signing the policy my family gets the money. I have the two-year marked off in the calendar.

Unruly Jets Fan: said...

You girls crack me up. I like Ricky Williams too. I wish he was a Jet. I am with you Fakey, let hte guy smoke his dubby and leave him be.

I am worth a cool mil dead. Plus another $25k from my company. I have 6 months before I can kill myself. That will be two years since I signed the papers. So I the plan will be to kill myself in 6 months and then move to Vegas and blow my million on drugs, gambling and nappy haired ho's. The insurance companies are so stupid to allow you to kill yourself.

fakey said...

A million! I think I'm going to work out a deal with your wife, I'll take 300K if I only have to live with the thought of killing you for the rest of my life (within 2 years).

Ha ha

MIggytheOrphanMaker said...

I'm going to kill you both and then enter into a scheme with both your wives. As lifelong friends, I would be proud to raise your children....into Giant fans!!!!


Unruly Jets Fan: said...

Figgy, you so funny white man.

fakedead said...

Dude, raising my son a Giants fan would make me rise from the dead and kill you, "Crow" style. I mean, that is as good as reason as any to rise from the dead. At least you like the Mets though.

Fakehead said...

I saw some video of dog fighting and I hope that one day, every stupid fuck that was involved in this henious sport gets eaten by wild animals or killed in some cruel, depraved manner, preferrably that involves torture. That included Michael the Cunt Vick. Fuck that ignorant fuck. I hope he loses his arms and legs in a car accident and lives the rest of his life in a wheel chair before he kills himself (or hopefully gets eaten by dogs).

By the way, I think I have to give up eating red meat soon. I have never eaten veal because of the way it is "raised" but I may have to extend it to cows in general. At least they don't have "cow fighting".

Unruly Jets Fan: said...

I am on a weight loss plan right now. I will let you know how it goes. It is all based on what is called cellular nutrition which is basically nutrition at the cell level. It sounds good. I already lost some weight. I will let you dog lovers know how it goes.

Fakehead said...

WHat the fuck do you eat? It sounds like a cult. Don't drink the Kool-Aid man! And don't kill people either, you sick fuck.

not fakehead said...

New posts on Overfloater and Mets blog. I heard they are amazing and brilliant, written by a pure genius.