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The Jets signed a rookie wide receiver named Jesse Pellot-Rosa this week. The Jets think highly of him for a guy who didn’t even play a down of football in college. Pellot-Rosa was a 6’4” power forward for the Virginia Commonwealth basketball team. He was instrumental in helping his team to eliminate Duke out of the first round of the NCAA tournament this year. But that is not why the Jets like him. Apparently he has good hands and quick feet. He was also heavily recruited for football after deciding to play hoops at VCU. Let’s hope picking up a b-ball player works out here. It is panning out for the San Diego Chargers who drafted former b-baller Antonio Gates, a few years back.

John Dockery, former Jet defensive back, is being sued by a former secretary for sexual misconduct in the work place. Dockery, 62, who put his secretary in uncomfortable situations with lewd jokes and even asked his secretary to type an “ode to a penis” is being sued for $300,000. I didn’t realize asking your employees to write poems about penis’s is considered sexual harassment. Fakehead, remember when I encouraged you to write poems about penis’s and post them, as long as something about the Jets was tied into it somehow? Well, pretend I never said that. In fact, forget when I asked you to not wear a shirt to work. We need to keep it professional here. Actually, the no shirt thing is still on.

The Giants / Dolphins game at Wimbly Stadium sold 40,000 tickets in 90 minutes this week. The international event is supposed to be played in front of a sold out crowd of 90,000 people and tickets range from $90-180 US dollars. I am not certain who I want to win in this game yet. It would be great to have a AFC East team to have a check in the loss column. But if the Giants do win, we’ll have to listen to Figgy the Mick’s smack talk for a freaking week.

I have decided to officially back http://www.nj.com/ ‘s Jets beat writer Eli Gelman as my candidate for best Jets writer. I also like Andrew Goss from the Jets Journal. Rich Cimini is good too. Actually Cimini is pretty thorough too. He is good because he has all the details on the major stories. My knock on him is he is informative about the big topics but only glosses over the back room topics that I want to know. But Gelman thinks like a true Jet fan. His scouting report of Darelle Revis and David Harris from Rookie Camp is just what I am looking for. Goss is good too. Goss writes almost every day so he keeps you in the loop. His posts are usually short and sweet. The other knock on Cimini is that he writes for the New York Daily News whose website is cluttered with pop up adds. The site is always slow too. That alone is enough to drive you nuts. It actually prevents me from reading his blogs because I know by the time http://www.nydailynews.com/ comes up, I would have already read his blog, posted a comment and would be on another blog. Go Eli, if you can't do it no one can! By the way, if you are reading this I am curious how your dad likes working with Regis and Kelly.

Chicago Bears coach, Lovie Smith is moving special teams sensation Devin Hester to offense. He will be plugging him into a wide receiver role along with some running back time in certain situations. Good move Lovie! Why not put your best athlete in the spots that can best help your squad? I have always felt the Atlanta Falcons should use Michael Vick in a way that could maximize his talent. Like line him up as a WR on some plays and RB on other plays. I don’t know how you do it, but it seems you are just wasting that talent by keeping him as a QB.

By the way, just for the record, I think Michael Vick is a retard and should be severely punished for his dog fighting house. If I were Goodell I suspend him for a year. My boy Fakehead summed it best in the comments section of the post below. The gist of his rant is that Vick and his loser brother are being abused like little puppets from their gangster "friends".

Newark airport closed down last night due to thunder storms. I normally wouldn't write about this but I was stuck in the Charleston airport trying to get back home. I was in the air port for six hours of being notified my plane was being delayed four different times until they ultimately cancelled the flight. It wouldn't have been fine if they just told me when I got their that the flight was cancelled. But I had to hang around for a long time before they told me that. So I went back into town for the night and wrote most of this blog. It's ok, since I was on assignment for this blog, I can write the trip off on my income tax return next year. Plus, I got some good content out of the deal. Stay tuned.

Keyshawn Johnson is looking for some work. Normally I wouldn't care so much but I think he would not be a bad option for us to pick up, as long as we could get him cheap. He would be a great leader for our young receivers and be a good complement to Coles. Who knows though.

Ricky Williams was going to be released from the Miami Dolphins before he failed a routine drug test. He would not be a bad guy for us to pick up, if it weren't for that failed drug test. If I were Goodell, I would slap him on the wrist. It is not like he is killing dogs or anything.

Thanks for tuning in!

Blog format was completely plagurized from Ed from Westchester. Don't worry Ed, no one reads out blog except us.

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Figgythemick said...

Great, great article.

It is expansive, the scope is broad and interesting.

It displays the personality that columnists establish after a while. I like that you cite other experts in the filed, your competition in a sense. But you guys are in the information-sharing business. I like the 'other' side of that business that we never see, the behind-the-scenes life of a reporter. Stuck in an airport, musing on the various NFL tidbits and Jets players (no matter how obscure). Planes, trains and automobiles, baby. Ahhh, the travel hazards of a beat reporter.

How was Carolina Panther country?

The era of infatuation of college basketball players making the leap to the NFL and becoming stars at Tight End is dimming methinks.
Tony Gonzalez and Julius Peppers played football and basketball in college but were primarily football players. Antonio Gates is the lone example and he didn't exactly fade last year, but he didn't sneak up on anyone either. People game-planned for him (cause the Chargers are weak at WR) and that really slowed him. I don't think primarily basketball players -as a whole- are suited for the contact of football. They are too used to being protected by the referee's whistle. While in football there are ten or more guys in a pile, on top of the ball carrier and half of them are twisting and gouging at you. Guys like Brian Dawkins, Roy Williams and John Lynch getting 15 to 20 yard headstarts and just unloading on your ass as you are reaching up for a high pass? The pussies that some basketball players are?

Charles Oakley could've played in the NFL. Charles Barkley too. Basketball players with mean streaks and/or criminal records. But good luck to your prospect there, Gang Green.

Fig on that

fuckhead said...

I liked your blog Unruly.

I agree with Figs on the bball prospects. The two sports are so different. I could see going from hoops to baseball or vice versa, but there is no where near as much violent contact in basketball as there is in football. We'll see what happens.

I don't think Keshawn (whatever spelling) is worth it.

Michael Vick should make use of his talent by being a bitch in prison. Let's see how tough he is there (the fuckstick).

Go Mets!

Unruly Jets Fan: said...

Figs and Fakes, thanks for the props. I love my job as a journalist. Yeah, it sometimes leaves me in airports in strange cities but that goes with the territory. Plus it gives me the opportunity to go to gentlemen's club for some investigative reporting. When I was in SC I called my investigation, "Perferts who go to Strip Joints by Themselves". I found some real duzy's in there.

As far as this B-baller, I just like the idea of being able to watch and see how he does. Kind of like watching Vince whatever the fuck his name was from the Eagles who Mark Walberg played on that Movie.

fake boobs? said...

Dude, guys who go to strip clubs by themselves are not called "perferts" (some would say perverts), they are called MEN. I look forward to those stories on your "Sexytitted bitches" blog.

Unruly Jets Fan: said...

I know you probably think I mispelled pervert. But a "perfert" is something totally different. And now that you tried to be all smart, I will never ever ever tell you.