How Well Thou Fared, Romeo

Draft grades are coming along now that the weekend is over.

I must admit, there was less movement in the first round than I thought. I was stunned that Detroit hung on to that second pick and took Calvin Johnson. Him and Roy Williams make a fearsome tandem, but I would've traded down a few spots and taken Brady Quinn.

The subject is making me sick it's so taken over the sports waves. I am happy that Cleveland got Quinn, though. They had an awesome draft. San Fran, I'm telling you, is going to sneak up on everyone this year. When the standings shake down next season I want you all to remember my 49'ers predictions.

For a minute or two there, I thought the J-E-T-S were trading up to grab Quinn. But Mangini blindsided me with the cornerback pick. David Harris in the second round is a starter. Jets went defense here, methinks that means we will see a lot of running game for Gang Green. Defense and a clock-burning running game are the only thing that can take care of the very-scary New England patriots. It almost isn't fair that Brady and Randy Moss get to be on the same team. Fantasy picks, anyone?

My beloved G-men had an OK draft. Nothing spectacular. I wanted Joe Staley, LT. We need to protect Eli if we want him to keep progressing. Though Aaron Ross I couldn't fault them for selecting. Sam Madison and RW McQuarters did not get it done last year. Ross is big, physical and fast. We don't need CB's to face off against the Colts every year, so they don't need to be Champ Bailey. Steve Smith, WR taken in Round 2, confused me- but I guess it makes sense because Eli lost a dependable option in Amani Toomer last year. The other WR's couldn't get open to save their lives, the passing game consisted entirely of Plaxico and Shockey.

I would love to jump all over the Eagles, Cowboys and Redskins. The Eagles had some very curious selections and I think that Andy Reid sent a message to Donovan by drafting Kevin Kolb, QB with their first pick: McNabb has to stop getting hurt.

I can't diss Andy Reid though, because they have the best organization in the NFC. They are like the Patriots of the NFC. Fuck Dallas and Washington though. Goddamn LaRon Landry with Sean Taylor will be a nightmare twice a year for Big Blue. But that's what running game's are for.

The Raiders had a good draft but got zilch for dealing Randy Moss to Conference-competitor New England. They will still suck next year. The Dolphins shocked everyone by selecting Ted Ginn, Jr. But I wasn't so shocked. They have to get more out of Culpepper before calling it a failed experiment. He's not rehabbing his knee so good though and may be months away from any real playing time. I think they should have taken Quinn too.

Minnesota got Adrian Peterson, but Tavaris Jackson as the starting QB? Did Brad Childress lose his mind? They also should have taken Quinn.

The Draft always gets me pumped up. We are facing the warm summer months now, when we will scour the blotters for mini-camp news.


Unruly Jets Fan: said...

Cricket, cricket...

Micks said...

what does that mean? Where are you losers. Everybody so mum after the draft.

Unruly Jets Fan: said...

Sorry dude, I have been away for the last few days and read your blog and was expecting a bunch of replies and there were none.

I loved your recap. I love all your posts bc you have a good knowledge of what your talking about.

At any rate, I hate how good the Patriots are. At least Miami looks like they will suck again.

Buffalo looks like they will be good too.

Figgythemick said...

Duh, I get the cricket thing now. No one around.

All quiet except the Western Front.

I wonder if mountain air and a pretty cush job makes one write more.

Thanks for the compliments there, Unruler. I wish I followed one of my first career ambitions, beat writer for the Giants. My mom encouraged it, but I didn't listen well enough. I wrote for The Daily Targum at Rutgers, but I was so busy with the environmental thing that all I did was movie reviews and little events and functions. Then I wrote for the CU paper in grad school, just for fun. Did social justice, political, environmental and op/ed pieces. But I was working full-time and had grad school, so I did it on a lark. That was a good time though, the editor of the paper was an interesting chick. I used to bop in the office and she'd be in her chair, editing or writing on a computer, with her trusty (and huge) thesaurus/dictionary two-in-one. I was wondering how to ask her out for a couple of weeks and it hit me one day.

I asked her if I could borrow her dictionary and then asked she would lend me her opinion on a couple of words.

The first word was 'sushi'.
She said that she liked sushi.

I then turned to the word 'Wednesday'. She looked up at me a little puzzled, so I asked her with my eyes while saying, "So, how about it?"

It may be a bit on the corny side but it was actually very well planned. I asked her out with one of her favorite possessions. It was original at least.

On to another gravity...

fakeheady said...

I agree that you are a good write Mooks. Jsut think, if you got a job with the Giants you would be going to every game, banging cheerleaders, hanging out with the Strahans before it all went to hell, and interviewing geniuses like Jeremy Shockey. I don't know, besides the cheerleaders I think you are better off in CO.

I think that was an interesting way to ask out a girl. I'm going to try that on my next mistress.

I went to a wedding in VA and it was a lot of fun last weekend. My buddy regaled me with stories of how he just met this girl and on their first date he banged her in the ass. I wonder if these girls exist, and where they were when I was dating girls. Either way it was funny to hear. We called him "Mr. Anal" the rest of the trip, and contiuned to make up jokes and songs about him banging girls in the ass. Should I be discussing anal on a family blog like the Jetsblog? Sorry Unruly, you can delete my comment if you want. I don't think the Jets and anal mave much to do with each other.

Go Jets! Fuck the Pats!

fake fuckup said...

OH YEAH, I MEANT, "I THINK YOU ARE A GOOD WRITER, FIGS" I think Mooks is too, I just got my names mixed up.

Unruly Jets Fan: said...

I won't delete it. We need all the help to get the Google high ranking. I actually just typed "Jets Anal" and we were number 5 on the list. Way to go Fakeheah!

I hate stories like that anyhow. They just make me pissed that how us nice guys like us finnished last. Where nice guys like him get to have anal with strange chicks. Actually, I dont think I am missing anything there.

At any rate, Figs you are too freaking funny with your Wednesday Sushi pick up line.

At any rate, I just interviewed Chad Pennington's foundation today and will be posting it up in the next day or so.