Jets Shit the Bed Again and other stuff....

Wow, it wasn't even close. 34 to fucking 3? 3 fucking points? Kellen was shit, 12 for 27 for 142 yards with an interception and really never got anything going offensively. The one thing I thought he did that was pretty cool was when he was trying to avoid a sack he got a pass with his left hand to throw the ball away (he is right handed). That was pretty impressive. He did get sacked 3 times and basically rushed a little too much for him to deal with. I don't know about Clemens yet, he needs to beat Miami or the Jets may have to waste another pick on a QB next year. (Although I think they should go with the kid from Arkansas, McFadden, if he is still around).

Regardless, the battle of the Jones' brothers was somewhat anti-climatic, with Dallas's Julius Jones rushing for 64 yards on 14 carries (26 yards receiving as well) and our boy Thomas Jones only having 40 yards on 17 carries. TJ has STILL not scored a touchdown and the Jets have played 12 fucking games. How is this even possible? (Yet I still have him on my FF roster).

The only bright spots were that Kerry Rhodes made a nice INT and Revis played pretty well (minus the one play) on TO. TO didn't know who Revis was, which was a dis but TO is TO, so the statement itself doesn't suprise me. After the game Revis spoke to TO and said the conversation went "well." Next time they play Revis is going to be at the point where TO is going to know he his when Revis gives TO a fucking concussion.

Regardless, I thought the 'Boys were going to spank the Jets and I was right. But deep down I thought they would put up a little bit of a fight, which they did for the first quarter or so. But you know its bad when your coach challenges a spot on a third-down play, hoping to trim a yard or two off fourth and three. (The challenge was unsuccessful, by the way). The second half was a complete disaster, as the Jets didn't get a first down until there were 5 minutes 19 seconds left in the game. Awful.

All I can say is that the Miami Dolphins are frothing at the mouth hoping they avoid a "defeated" season when they play the Jets next week. Show us something Clemens!

Go Jets!


1. Did you guys know the Jets Cheerleaders are called "The Flight Crew". They are sort of hot, but it is hard to tell from this photo.

Maybe we should blame them for the Jets sucking so bad. I think during home games you can get a photo with them in the Bubble. At least before the Steelers game people could, and I have to tell you, there were more fucking Steelers fans than Jets fans getting pictures. Fucking ridiculous. I'm so glad the Steelers lost, but what the fuck? It's no wonder the fans were waving their gay "Terrible Towels" during that game, there were thousands of Steeler fans at the game. Shame on those Jets fans who sold their tickets to Steelers fans.

Anyway, I think the Cowboys cheerleaders could kick the Flight Crew's ass in a "Hot Piece of Ass" matchup as well. Here's one of them:

She is pretty easy on the eyes. However, it should be noted that the Cowboys' Cheerleaders have been doing this for a while and are pretty much the New England Patriots of NFL Cheerleaders.

Anyhoo, back to business...

2. Eli Manning is awful.

Honestly, he should have just stayed on the ground and starting crying. They should have carted him off the field for being a pussy lame-ass loser. How about these stats: 21 for 49 for 273 yards with 1 TD and 4 INTs, with three of those INTs run back for Minnesota TDs! Granted, it's not completely Eli's fault that 3 of his INTs were run back for scores, but it is pretty fucking pathetic.

This is a game the G-Men should have won, and they completely shit the bed. And they got slaughtered too, 41-17. (I wish I had MN's Defense on my FF team). It was just a disaster across the board. They have 8 million running backs, and all the good ones were hurt. Fucking Eli can't win a game if his life depended on it, their defense let Tavaris Jackson beat them (10 of 12 for 129 yards and a TD and 38 yards rushing on 5 carries) and did I forget to mention that the Vikings were 4-6 coming into the game? How can the Giants beat the Lions one week and look like a fucking Pop Warner team the next week?

Eli continues to disappoint, and I know Figs is going to defend him (again) but come on!!!! Eli's no Peyton, and he is not even close to catching up to his big brother. Speaking of Peyton, I like that guy more and more. He's a funny mother fucker with all those commercials, and he won his ring, so he can just chill out now.

Anyway, the GMen better step up against the Bears next week. I think they will most likely make the playoffs, but don't expect them to make it past the first round. (That being said, it is a hell of a lot better than the Jets are going to do, fucking Jets).

3. The fucking Pats won again. I didn't think the Eagles were going to make a game of it, but they did, with JO Feeley no less. If the Eagles had a good quarterback maybe they would have won. Fucking AJ just wanted to throw the ball to the Patriots last night, that stupid fuck. Fucking Tom Brady. I hope teams learned something last night and blitz the shit out of Brady and then maybe somebody will beat those fucks.

4. You who else blows, Keith Oberman. This jerkoff has his "Worst Person in the NFL" and I'm assuming he has the same stick on his "Countdown" show, and yesterday he blasted the K for Denver for kicking to Devin Hester. Maybe Oberman's right, but where does he come off saying somebody the "worst" in anything? This fucking jerkoff used to be on "Sports Center" and now he considers himself a real "journalist". Hey Keith, a real journalist writes articles for newspapers like the NY Times or the Washington Post, you fucking sit on a panel with Chris Collinsworth and talk about football once a week. Chris Collinsworth is one of the biggest tools in this world. I rank Collinsworth in the top 5 tools of the world, and that includes the leaders of Iran, North Korea and Venezuela. He is right up there. My ranking may go something like this:

1. Osoma Bin Laden
2. Leader of North Korea
3. Leader of Venezuela
4. Chris Collinsworth
5. Leader of Iran

Regardless, Oberman neglected the fact that there are 11 people on the field during a kick and everyone has the same job, tackling the fucking guy with the football. The guy with the least responsibility is the kicker, because he is the pussy of the group.

5. We played our annual Thanksgiving Football game and it was a lot of fun. We ended up playing against a bunch of in-shape younger guys who didn't have cleats, so we managed to beat them for a while until they just used their best player to run for a TD every time he touched the ball. The fucker was impossible to tackle. They ended up winning 13 TDs to 10TDs or something. I am still sore.

Regardless, Unruly threw the football like a champion, hitting almost all of his targets and not throwing any interceptions. It was the best I have seen him throw in years, and even though two years ago many in the MFL were calling for his retirement at the QB position, he stuck it out like Brett Farve and he proved the critics wrong just like Farve did. Way to go Unruly. I hope you bring it Christmas time when you are battling Figs. (We better fucking play). By the way, I can honestly say that the Mendham field BLEW and that we are going to have to move the game back to Florham Park where it is level and straight. We'll discuss that at another time, but I see a good game on Christmas Eve morning developing, me, Unruly, Figs, the cousins and nephews, Rupert, the Jew, McMahon, etc.



Mr Figs said...

Giants as a whole shit the bed. Eli's picks were because receivers ran the wrong route. Maybe one was Eli's fault. The whole team basically just shit itself, but we are still in good shape and Minnesota always plays us tough. What are you gonna do? 7-4 isn't terrific but I think 8-3 would be sitting prettier. O well.

For the record (which you obviously NEVER check before spouting off) Eli and Peyton have an identical record at this point in their careers. So how can you tell me he's nothing like Peyton. Here's a way he's unlike Peyton: you ever hear Eli blame someone else for losing a game? His offensive line? Receivers? No, he takes it on the chin. Peyton fucking cries when the Colts lose and then blames everyone but himself in the post-game press conference. You think Eli is going to dwell on this? Nope. Even Tom Btady has had games with 4+ INT's. This is just the first chance you have to jump on a porr performance, and it's Week 12 so I think everyone can just SHUT THE FUCK UP because your point is lost.
Eli-Franchise QB. Clemens-wannabe Jake Plummer throwing with his off-hand.
You team is in utter, complete shambles. Hoping for a win against the only team still to not have won a game.

I was rooting hard for the Jets, but Dallas is damn good. What can you do?

Jets need O-line and RB help.
McFadden would be great.

Turkey Day football was a good time but really crowded. 8 on 8 and it was tough to tell who was on whose team. My team wound up losing 24-22 because we couldn't convert one of our 2-point conversions. My stat line for the day: 11-16, 2TD's, no INT's, 2 sacks (can't block me, I was being double teamed), 1 drop (and it was a big one that cost us a TD). We were 6 guys away from 11 on 11 so it was a tough game.

fakey said...

8 on 8 is too much.

I will make you this promise: Eli is never going to amount to anything. Write it down Figs, write it fucking down. I'm not saying Peyton is a cry baby either, but at least he won a Super Bowl. Plus, he's not scared of his players, like Eli is. Peyton runs the show in Indy, Eli is a spectator in New York (as evidenced by the fact that Tiki sold him out after leaving the team - that being said, Tiki is still a prick for doing that).

I'm not denying the Jets are in shambles, but the Giants now have higher expectations, and the pressure that comes with them.

And Brady is in another statosphere than Eli, and is allowed to have games with 4 INTs at this point.

Finally, I'd rather have Clemens than Eli, but to be honest I really would like a real QB, who can play and lead like a champ, aka a Peyton, Farve or a Brady. Not many of them out there.

figgest said...

OK, but you had to wait till week 12 to rag on the guy. Week 12 to finally have a stat line like you have been predicting all season. Like the old saying goes, "even the sun shines on a dog's ass twice a day."

I have no idea what that really means or how its possible, but it just seemed to fit. And I am glad you would rather have lefty Clemens, cause you got him.

Migs said...

Unruly, don't you even check this blog?

Fakestrike said...

He only cares about Iron Hills Sports now. We are chump change compared to that. I am the only one who posts on this stupid site and I am pretty much getting bored with it. Whatever happened to the Mets blog and Overfloater? Doesn't anyone else care or feel the need to post something.
I'm going on strike as of today.

Val Halla said...

F-ing Eli manning sucks moosecock.

The Jets embarass me daily. Shouldn't we consider throwing the game vs MIA so we can get the draft pick? I dunno. I'll tell ya I'm tempted.

It'll all be worth it if we beat New England though.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Hey, easy killers. I am going where the money is. And you guys are coming with.

We cannot abandon these blogs but you know what, you also need to go where what we said is heard. We need a bigger stage.

I just interviewed Tyson Ambrose. You remember him? He was an awesome b-ball player for Bayley. Well, he is actually trying to get into the MLB. It is a really awesome story. Wait till you read this story. If you don't freaking cry then you are just cold mother fuckers.

Also, you have to check out the movie "Two Girls, One Cup". It is probably the best movie of all time.

Val Halla said...

oh and I AM Definitely playing the turkey bowl next year. even if they have to fly me home on R&R from shitblockiSTAN. I love to throw elbows to delby queers...especially ones who left the mendham/chester system to go play ball for Delby. F-ing treasonous bastards (of course that is, only if they were the kind of talent we wanted). shit eaters. may they join brutus in the 9th ring.

Fake disgusted said...

Unruly, you are fucking sick. I don't believe it except for the puke part though. It's probably ice cream or something. I don't believe 99.9% of the shit I read and see on the internet. Although that puke looked real.

Anyway, good for you finding that smut over the internet. Thank God you don't have a government job and waste the taxpayer's dime Unruly. Sick.

Val Halla said...


good list

My top 10 tools might be: (not necessarily in order)
1. Katie Couric
2. Mymound Imadinnerjacket (Iran)
3. Osama bin Laden
4. Loogie Chabez (Venezuela)
5. Hildebeast Cleanton
6. Arec Badween (the "actor")
7. Tim Robbins
8. Susan Sarandon (nice tatas though)
9. Mikhail Moore-on (aka Fat bastard)
10. Danny Bonadouchebag

Unruly said...

Val, you can make up for missing the Turkey Bowl by playing in this years Chrismas Bowl. Fakehead is in and Figgy the Mick just told me his cousins are in.

So Val, we need you and Stephon Marburello as well. Right now here is who is in for the xmas bowl.

Figgy the Mick
Figgy Cousin #1
Figgy Cousin #2
Val Halla
Val Halla's nephew

Right there is 10 people. Perfect! Perhaps T-Mac will play too.

Val Halla, we play tackle too. Also, you have to have cleets...it gives you a big edge.

Also, I hope I heal from my soreness from the Turkey Bowl by then.

And finally...Fakehead, after the game we can throw up on each other and lick each other's shit. I'm cool with it if you are.

Val Halla said...

dont know if I can let the nephew in - if he gets hurt its my ass and then I'll have to foot the bill for his college (instead of the athletic scholarship) which would basically bankrupt me and force my kids to eat PBJs until they are 18. but then I doubt he'd resist the temptation to beat up on some delby kids too. tough call.

Val Halla said...

btw...fake, what is the going rate on canal street for a plate job these days? just curious.