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Let me just warn you that this post will make barely any sense to anyone reading it so if you have gotten this far you are just as insane as me. So moving right along, what is with all this losing? If there is a football game, the Jets will make sure they lose it. I mean lets face it folks, this is worse than the Rich Kotite era.

And last year I started out not liking Eric Mangini. Then by the end of the year I thought he was a little genius. Now I am back to hating him again. I just don't get him. He has no emotion. Just like Eli Manning. If you lose, act like you are pissed. When you show no emotion you scare everyone.

The only bright spot is David Harris. This guy is one bad motherf*cker. He is all over the ball. Between him and Vilma, we are stacked for the next 5 years. But they are going to trade Vilma his year for no reason except the fact that we are the Jets and we haven't done anything completely retarded in awhile.

As for Brad Smith...in my opinion this guys should be the quarterback. I think he is a total spazz but something about him I like. He seems to have the smarts to be in the right spots. He just drops too many balls. But I say, let him be the QB for the rest of the season and see what he can do.

I like what the players are saying about Sean Taylor. He was a great player. But these young players get hooked up with these idiot hanger ons who cannot do anything with their lives except mooch off people like Taylor. This even makes me feel bad for Michael Vick because it reminds me of these jerkoffs that only care about mooching. Although, I still think Vick is a complete dick.

I am not sure what to say about Roger Clemmens except, you better start fucking winninng. But the way, I never used to swear on this blog. But Fakehead just brings it out in me. And it actually is very theraputic when taking about the Jets. At any rate, I am so sick of losing. I actually want to throw my Pennington jersey in the garbage.

Chad thinks he is a starter in the league. I am not sure if he is or not. I think his mind and body are. But his arm is very suspect. Just looking at Chad completely disheartens me. Because he was supposed to be our salvation. But of course he spends his whole time here injured.
And finally, if it were not for Fantasy Football I wouldn't even watch the NFL. Actually Fakehead got me into this league with all his lawyer buddies and I am kicking ass. I have won 7 games in a row and I already clinched a playoff spot. I have TO and Randy Moss as my receivers. Romo is my QB. I don't even need anyone else on the team. I don't see myself losing any more games.
At any rate, I guess this was not as random as I thought.
Trivia Question: Who is Fakehead's favorite character in the feature film "Two Girls, One Cup"?


Unruly Jets Fan said...

ANS: The Crap Ice Cream Cone.

Fakehead said...

No, my favorite character is the hot chick who eats shit. Dude, you have fucking problems!!!!!

As for your post, it was pretty good dude, I enjoyed it. I laughed, I cried, I even took a dump in my pants.

Anyhoo.... I feel bad for Taylor, it's a little nuts what happened to him, to be killed in your own home. That's fucked up. At least his kid wasn't hurt.

I agree, if they get rid of Vilma they are completly and utterly retarded. I wonder when it's going to happen.

Harris is great so far.

I think you have to give Roger Clemens a chance, and this is it for the season, he can make it or break it. Brad Smith sucks at QB, almost as much as he does at WR. Speaking of, the WRs don't do shit anymore. Clemens better fucking step it the fuck up this Sunday.

I agree about Mangina. I hate him again too. It pisses me off he has no emotion, even Bellicunt gets pissed sometimes (for a zombie). I think he needs to get fired up and fucking do something so the Jets win, like fire the defensive coordinator and get rid of the 3-4 because it blows.

Fakehead, out.

Anonymous said...

Question, hoe many people got on Joe Montana's ass when he didn't show any emotion?

Emotion, especially anger, clouds rationality. It is true, ask any physician, neurosurgeon or psychiatrist - the human brain cannot be be cognitive and emotional at the same time. I'll take my quarterback and coach to be even-keel every time. How else does someone let a bad play go? They have to be emotionaly detached from it.

Panicing and yelling doesn't win games. Does anyone ever get on Tony Dungy for not yelling enough? When the Giant receivers play with their heads up their asses and turn the wrong way on a pass and it gets picked off, does Eli run over to them and point the finger and yell and bitch and blame, blame, blame?

No. He's smart and he's classy and he gives it all. Everyone with a problem with Eli just has a problem. Go find an endangered species to kill, go push around some old people in a senior citizen home, go drop a bag of your own shit off an overpass of a busy highway because all of those are just as in character as bashing someone who has not done a single thing to offend you. You just hate for hate's sake. You smell that odor? That's your karma burning.

Jets go O-line and D-line and they will start winning games.

Nobody back out of the football around Christmas time! It's been too long since we all played together.

Faker, people going over to Peggy and Terry's this year? If so, try to get Pat there, I want to hang out with that fucker.

It's a secret that I am coming to jersey, my family doesn't know, except my cousins that want to play ball with us.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

OK, fair enough Anon. By the way, who are we supposed to tell you are coming to see your mom when we dont even know who you are?

fakehead said...

Hilarious comment Unruly, who the fuck is anon?

I don't hate Eli, okay? I don't think I hate anyone, really. Maybe Osoma Bin Laden, and terrorists in general, but I don't hate anyone else. Oh wait, I hate Chris Collinsworth, that guy is a fuckface.

Anyway, what are you, Eli's bodyguard? Maybe you are right about showing emotion, it doesn't always help, but Eli just looks confused and sad out there. It's kind of pathetic. You might want to mention that to Eli the next time you bang him Figs.

I agree about Christmas football, it's on, in Florham Park by the way. I am 0-1 on the road.

Goooooooooo Football!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Shhh...don't tell anyone but I am gay! I am going to suprise my family on Christmas!

By the way, you are right Fakenuts, that guy Chris Oberman is a fucking idiot. By the way, I love swearing. It just gives me so much power. Thanks for opening up that door for me.

Anyhow, didn't you say Chris Oberman sucked? I thought you did in an earlier post. All the guy has to do is look at the teleprompter.

NOTES: I rented Transformers tonight from my On Demand button. I fell asleep 10 minutes into it. Then I woke up to see Optimus Prime catching the main character from the falling building.

I wish I didn't fall asleep.

I have posted live results on the Iron Hills blog. You can catch all the action at www.ironhillsblog.com.

fakey said...

The chic in Transformers is so fucking hot. Not sure about her tattoo but she gets a pasedena because of her hotness. Will post a photo of her next time I do a post.

Gooooo Transformer hot chic!

And Go Jets thsi Sunday!

Fake Figs said...

Anon is me, except for the 2nd post. And F whoever that was and F you sickos for not seeing whats in front of you. Who wouldn't look sad after throwing four picks, 3 returned for TTD's?

Optimus Figs said...

Transformers fucking ruled. And it especially rules with a 50+ inch high-def TV.

Bumble Fig said...

Man, I wish my car was transformer.

fake said...

Stop smoking pot Figs.

ha ha

I actually wish my car was a Transformer too. I would order it to kill Eli Manning because I hate him so much.

hardy har

Val Halla said...