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Aha! The Achilles heel!

Of course, my team totally shit the bed last week, so who am I to talk, but FINALLY a chink in the armor of the Dallas Cowboys. You take away the big play and make Tony Romo a pocket passer, game manager and you can win. Corralling Juluis Jones and Marion Barber is tough too, but it can be done. ESPECIALLY when the quarterback is being distracted by his new celebrity romance. I mean, c'mon, tell me he doesn't walk into team meetings and everyone is thinking about and joking with him about tapping that ass? Its Daisy Duke for Pete's sake!

Okay, enough about those fuckers. Let's talk Jets. I know last week is probably a sore subject, but it was a game! I didn't like all the Bard Smith though, he made a couple of nice plays, a few first downs, but he also looked like he would fumble or get picked when he threw the ball. You have to be happy about the way they played considering the first Jet offensive play was a pass that sailed right to the Pats' Eugene Wilson which he walked into the end zone with for a three-yard touchdown. In addition, Clemens was down for the count, a victim of a nasty sideways pancake courtesy of DE Richard Seymour. Here is where I realized something: playing Pennington is probably the better move. But who trots out series after series? Chad, the guy who beat them in Foxboro last year? Nope. Brad F'in Smith. I couldn't believe it. And they kept running the same three plays over and over again. It drove me crazy.

But despite all that, the J-E-T-S were still in the game. You gotta be happy about that. Tom Brady threw nary a touchdown, the Jets the first team in the league to do that.

Let's talk draft choice. Who do you think the Jets will pick? Will they trade down for more picks? Miami is going to have the first pick, but what do they do with it? You have Ronnie Brown for the next few years, and he was emerging as a big-time threat in the ground game and through the air catching the ball out of the backfiled. So do they take McFadden of Arkansas? The kid is sick, absolutely sick and loves big games. He beat LSU this year nearly single-handedly and LSU is one of the top defenses in college football and they were entirely keying on McFadden. Yet he still shredded them. I don't see how the Dolphins can resist him. They have an aging defense however, and could maybe select that Dorsey kid from LSU. Then again, their QB situation is a problem so whose to say that they won't pick Broehm from Louisville? Or, they too could trade their pick to someone else for more picks down the line.

Then comes the next pick, NO. 2, which is very up in the air still. The Jets, the Falcons and the Rams all have 3 wins currently. With two games to go that situation can change very quickly. Plus, there is the Ravens, Raiders, Chiefs and 49'ers with 4 wins at the moment. So if none of them win a game from here on out, they will be in the running for that No. 2 pick. I don't think the Jets are going to lose out the season either, so they could really be looking at draft picks 3, 4 or 5 probably. So I ask you, the Jets faithful, who do you draft? What position needs the most immediate help?

Bill Parcells appears interested in becoming the manager of football operations with the Atlanta Falcons. Fucking Damn it! It is sheer anathema to me that he is not in Giants blue. Come manage our shit! You and Coughlin are friends!

I think the Colts are going to give the Pats the ultimate run for their money this time round. They are getting healthier. Not having Dwight Freeney is big, and potentially no Marvin Harrison, but the field and weather conditions don't favor their games anyway. Its all about the Colt O line and Joseph Addai. He runs like a mudder, nimble and great vision and field awareness. The Colt D is very good and getting better for their playoff run. Bob Sanders is the shit. Tell me you guys aren't going to be Colts fans when the AFC Championship rolls around.

I realize the Giants are going anywhere, MAYBE past the first round because we are actually a good football team on the road, but I am sure we are dead after that. I am happy if we win at Buffalo to get in, because there ain't a snowballs' chance in hell we beat the Patriots the last week of the season. Though that is a great game to take Brady out in.

So if Blue can't do it, I'm a Packer fan all the way! Breatt Favre rescued my fantasy season for me. My original QB, Mr. Drew Brees, had me go 0-5 to start the season, then I dumped his ass and went with Old Man Favre. Favre got me to the 8th seed and into the playoffs I went against the No. 1 seed who had Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson AND Chester Taylor, Braylon Edwards, etc. And I won! Our league just ended this weekend and I finished third which means I get my money back. My girlfriend finished in second so she gets 100 bucks, so our household made out pretty well this fantasy year. I understand Unruly has been kicking ass too.

Finally, I had to admit loving watching the Dolphins/Ravens game this past weekend, where Miami earned their first victory of the year. I was rooting for them. It was a great, dramatic finsih too. A 60-yard walkoff TD pass. Scored by a fast white guy no less. Man, it was like they won the Super Bowl. I'm happy for them that they got that feeling for one week this season. So many teams win joylessly these days, it was really nice to see genuine thrill.

Then the Giants blew it, so I went back to being pissed off.

See you F'ers soon!


Unruly Farting Too Much guy said...

Figs, nice commentary. Actually the Star Ledger had an article today with the same thing you said about the draft picks. Miami is 1 and the rest of the teams you mentioned are fighting for number two.

There is a big defensive lineman who is on the draft board. I dont know what his name is nor do I care. I just want them to draft him because they need a big fat ass in the middle of their defense in a bad way.

Figgythemick said...

Anyone see a Head That Is Not Real around in here? Man is avoiding my blog! Perhaps as punishment for going silent so long.

The fact that the Star ledger had a similar article only vindicates what my mother has said all along about being a writer. Fuck, why don't I listen to her!

Draft ideas? Position needs? Input? What do you guys think?

How has the fantasy thing gone? Faker, what's your record? Unruly, did you win it all or are you about to?

fake sick said...

Ha! I have been sick as a motherfucker, but I have a few minutes to comment, I was not avoiding your blogs, good work figster.

You should have been a writer dude, why don't you try to do it out there. Start with the Denver Bee and move to the Denver Times or something.

As for the draft, the Jets need another RB, and some defensive help. They need to take the best player available in the draft when it is their selection, no questions asked. Seriously, unless they think the best player is a QB, they need to chill out on QBs at this point.

Speaking of, fucking Chad is starting this week. I don't see the point to be honest, unless Clemens is really injured, start the fucking kid. Clemens should man the fuck up and play.

As for FF, Unruly was in position to win it all but he shit the bed and got his ass kicked in the playoffs (Thanks to Romo's, TO's and Moss' awful games) so now he is battling for third place. I will probably finish in 6th place, but by some miracle I may take 5th.

Anyway, I'm glad the Dolphins won too. Now I just hope the Pats lose, those fuckers.
Speaking of, the Jets played well, but they should have FUCKING WON. I'm not even kidding. It's pathetic they couldn't score on offense and do something with the field position L Wash was giving them. Honestly I can't believe they didn't win, I'm not kidding. Revis played great, I love that fucking kid, but not in the gay way.

I hope that the Packers make it to the SB and win and Farve retires. I really like that guy, he has had some shit go on in his life, he overcame it, he sucked for a couple of years and now he is pretty damn good again, with not the best supporting cast in the world either.

Finally, the Jets play the Titans this week, and again the Jets have a chance to win. I'm starting Cotchery and Jones on my FF squad so hopefully they do something brilliant. I just hope Chad plays well and the defense is consistent and makes some plays. Of course, a win will fuck up their draft status, but being in the top 5 means you are getting somebody good (or at least you have the chance to get somebody good, as long as you don't take too much stock in the combos or wonderlific tests, etc., which don't mean shit in the real world).

Go Jets this week!

Faketits said...

Oh yeah, and Tony Romo is a fucking pussy. What kind of star quarterback can't perform when his girl is in the stands? What is he, RR of HP?

Romo needs to step it up, because from what I can tell, he has problem in pressure situations (see last year's playoff loss for proof, along with the Pats' game this year). I wonder if he can keep his dick hard when Jessica takes off her top. I would fucking explode at that point, but I'd be fine for round two shortly thereafter.

Goooooo Jessica Simpson's Tits!!!!!!

Val Halla said...

Brother...WORD on the JS tatas. If I was Romo I would just try and nail her down with a ring...or at least just nail her...

Unruly said...

I think the Jets should draft that big bastard who plays down lineman. You know the guy. He goes to that college where they play against those other colleges.

I have a real guy in mind but I sort of forget now.

Val Halla said...

you guys need anew post...i'm having fakecabeza withdrawal syndrome.

Val Halla said...

Giants of NY - 35

!@@$$%^&Pats - 38

Eli Manning sucks.

F- the pats.