Quick Predicts

The Mick Returns!!!!

Endless well deserved props go to Fakehead! Great articles.

Here are my (very) early playoff breakdowns:

Lets get the easy part over with:


Dallas and Green Bay obviously have the first round bye. Seattle has its division wrapped up and Tampa virtually has there's. The Giants need to win vs. Washington and they're in as the first wild card and then Minnesota, one dangerous fucking team, looks hungry and headed for that 6 seed.

Predictions past there? I don't mind if I do. You heard it here first folks: Eli Manning gets his first playoff victory at the expense of the Tampa Bay Bucs. The Giants are road warriors this season, so its almost to our benefit to be a wild card. 6-1 right now with one road game to go at Buffalo. The only road loss was the first game of the season at Dallas, in a game that the G-men almost snuck away with. The Giants win at Tampa.
Seattle is a tough place to win at. But the Vikings are a downright nasty, physical football team. I like them to sneak it out at Seattle.

Of course, this is probably where the road ends for these two teams. Dallas is just bananas and lucky. Green Bay hopefully will get healthy and give them a run for their money in Dallas. I'd love it if Favre were in the Super Bowl again.

The AFC is considerably harder to sort out in terms of the Wild Card picture, but here it goes:

Pats and Colts have first round bye and the Steelers face Cleveland for the third time this year, but at Heinz Field where the field is ketchup due to contractural stadium obligations I think the Steelers will prevail yet again, though I love Romeo and what they have going on in Cleveland, Jamal Lewis is a mudder type of RB, but the Steelers win. Jacksonville at the Chargers is harder to call, I like the Jaguars. Of course, this is where it ends for the Steelers and Jaguars and the inevitable showdown at Foxboro between the Colts and the Pats. Addai is the superior runner in this game, but the Colt O line just isn't the same in pass protection this year on the left side, the Pats win, damn it.


Unruly Jets Fan said...

Figs, I think that is a fair accessment. At first, I thought you are going to say Eli and the Giants were going all the way. I think Dallas and GB are too good. I see them both in the Championship game too. I woiuld love it for Favre to get back to the SB.

But the Patriots will win it...unless the world ends by then.

Val Halla said...

Well, I think Dallas or GB def stand a chance against Belicheat and the Pats, anyway. It would be great to see Favre go out on top. The only positive in my book if the Pats win is that Seau finally gets a ring; in that regard I was kind of hoping they would win one last year for Testaverde anyway.

Val Halla said...

I say Dallas loses cause Romo is too busy banging and thinking about banging Jessica Simpson who is totally fucking smoking hot (see the Dukes of Hazzard Movie). GO FAVRE!!!

Unruly said...

Yes, and Romo just hurt his throwing hand. I hope Favre at least gets to the SB. But I dont see the Pats losing...as much as I hate admitting that.

fakehead said...

I fucking hate the Pats, but I'd be surprised if anyone stops them. Where is the SB being played this year? If it is pouring rain, the NFC has a chance.

Gooooooo NFC!