Happy Wednesday

Hola Jets fans! Let's talk about the Jets' mysterious drafting powers, how on Earth can so many drafts come up bust?

Remember this guy? Bonus points to whoever can resist reading further down this sentance to find out the answer. Hint: he's your top 1991 draft choice, suppossed to be the Franchise QB - may I re-introduce you to Mr. Browning Nagle.

This particular individual you may not recognize (but I think should be a first-round pick at DT, what a run stuffer). This furry fella came off the back of Eli Manning recently. It wasn't a monkey on there, it wasn't a gibbon, a lemur or a baboon either. That shit was a gorilla.
The level of ass-kissing currently commencing on ESPN has me in blinking disbelief. I've waited years to hear the things that they are finally saying. It felt like I was on an island defending Eli for all these years. Especially from casual football fans who could be watching a game and not realize what they are seeing. Sometimes taking a sack is a smart thing, sometimes the receiver runs the wrong route (ummm, Jeremy Shockey 1 out of 3 routes) and the ball gets picked off - but oh, wait THAT was the quarterback's fault!
Especially all the tabloid football broadcasters (you hear me Collinsworth, Costas and ESPECIALLY Tiki Barber?) who trounced this guy at every turn, every slim opportunity. The ESPN guys have been less 'sensational' about it, correctly analyzing plays and noting when an INT is the QB's fault or not. But more than not, they have always put the Kid down.

Fuck off, critics! All the hard work is paying off now.
In other news, TO's bonus option will be picked up. He's another year older and I hate that he is still in the NFC East, but at least it's not Randy Moss and Tom Brady. I have to admit that the guy is a fierce competitor though. When he was crying 'about' Tony Romo I think he was just in total shock that his season was over. The Cowboys just KNEW they were going to the Super Bowl this year. It is hard to be Lead Dog all year long and to keep it up.

Sad ro hear of Heath Ledger dying. I wasn't a big fan or anything, but it sucks when talented people die young from their own recklessness. And weird when someone who 'has it all' does that and dirt poor motherfuckers living in a slum in Calcutta drink effluence, eat rats and would never think of taking their own life.


fakester said...

I don't know if Ledger offed himself, is that what happened? Stupid if he did. If he accidentally OD'd I feel sympathy for his family, but I could give a shit because it doesn't affect me. That is, of course, as long as Batman is completley finished filming. That movie looks pretty fucking awesome. People love dead actors, it is going to set records at the box office.

Browning Nagel, I wonder what him and Rick Meir are doing now.

TO is good, but let's face it, the AFC was a million times better than the NFC this year, except for I guess the Cowboys and Packers. I spoke to a Giants fan and he thinks the GMen are going to get rocked come Feb. 3. The Pats have all the advantages, especially in AZ. I hope the secondary can keep up with the Pats' WRs or else it is going to be another 34-7 blowout.

As for the Super Bowl itself, nobody normal can go. The tickets cost thousands, the airfare, lodging, etc., etc. My boss has a lead on tickets and with everything (if he even finds a place to stay) he figures it is going to cost him 4K. And that is cheap!!!!!!! It's bullshit, all the real fans watch at home or at a gin mill.

Anyway, I'm still pulling for the Giants, but the last good Super Bowl I saw was Titans/Rams? It's always a blowout and the Pats are going to be pumped.

By the way, Brady's foot isn't hurt or he only had to wear a walking boot for a day. The fucking media was all over him when he went to visit Giz the other day. Fucking paparazzi, I hope they all die of cancer.

Workin Figs said...

Brady has a high ankle sprain. I'm email;ing SDpagnuolo now about putting the pressure up the middle, make Brady roll out of the pocket where his completion percentage goes WAY down, especially if he''s a little hobbled.

If the Giants don't turn the ball over, and force a turnover themselves they will win the game.

I am not afraid of the Pats at all. We are ON FIRE. The defense will win the day for us if Eli can keep the ball the way he did in the Green Bay game.

I'm telling you dudes, we got a 50/50 shot. That other Giants fan is a fucking fair weather fan. He probably didn't believe we'd win at Dallas or Green Bay either. And they won in SPITE of his beliefs.

And since every expert shy of Ditka predicted the Giants to lose to BOTH Dallas and Green Bay, I think this is the perfect situation for us.

crazy unruly said...

Oh man, Ditka picked the Giants??? That guy is nuts. I think the Giants will give them the best game of anyone. Because of their D. Favre would have thrown too many interceptions. Cowboys dont have the D.

That being said, it would really be great for this franchise if the Giants pull it off and Coughlin will be immortalized...which is kind of funny.

Also, I didn't know Ledger died until this morning. And if you think he didn't kill himself, yoru nuts. Wouldnt you kill yourself if you were a gay cowboy?

Val distracted again said...

Couglin is still an ass, so it would be ironic. Maybe if he wins he buys some plastic surgery to wipe that dumb shit look off his face.

If Ledger killed himself it was because all of his HS buds have been harassing him since he made Brokeback for playing a gay cowboy. I hated when Gandolfini played a homo in The Mexican...that really pissed me off.

The media is all saying he was depressed this and saw it coming that...fuck that shit. Give me your money and I'll take on your depression, you can keep the fame. All these fucking pansy-bitch actors all want is fame and money and then they think they can ditch all the baggage that comes with it. Fuck the paparazzi but fuck these punk-ass actors more.

All I can think of when I think of Ledger now is that song "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous".

Val respecting the dead said...

...of course, God rest his soul though and look after his little girl.

Why Val is an ass too said...

speaking of respect for the dead...I remember one time when I was living in Mississippi (don't ask) I had to return a video to Blockbuster or they were going to tap me with a $3 late fee again...and as I was racing down the road, there was a funeral procession blocking my path...of course a cop was leading the procession, but it was really long and these people were going to cost me $3, so when the cop turned I cut into the procession and raced around everyone and made it to the video store on time saving me 3 bucks!!

Val feeling bad said...

But Ledger certainly seemed the least of the hollyweirdo types. It's too bad, definitely a tragedy.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

I can see Fakehead pulling one of those Funeral procession moves. He would do it for $.50 though.

I didn't know Ledger had a little girl. Now I hope he rots in hell. What a selfish fuck!

On Caughlin, I dont know how he can make that same expression over and over after every fucking play. It is amazing!!!

The only good thing about when they show Caughlin is they also show Murph in the background.

Fakehead, didn't Murph have some kind of weird alcoholic episode one night with you guys when you were in college?

Miggy the Figgy said...

What's an alcoholic episode?

I ALWAYS see Murph on the sidelines. I tell my friends that he is a cop in my town, but I'm not sure that they believe me.

Coughlin has earned his contract extension. To you guys on the outside, you don't see the job he has done. To weather the NY media, primadonnas like Tiki and Shockey in the past, to building a franchise QB, to even changing his ways a little bit and being more open with his players. Dude, the guy has somewhat re-invented himself in terms of player communication. His rules and stuiff are real rigid, but look what it has done.

The Giants under Jim Fassell were very mouthy and undisciplned on the field (see the 49'er playoff game in 2002), they hired Coughlin to tighten up the ship and he has.
I wouldn't mind the guy for another 5 or more years. Stability is helpful to football teams. His drafts have REALLY payed off this year. I was THRILLED with his pickup of D Coord Spagnuolo. Even though the Giants started 0-2 and gave up 80 pts in those games, they have totally turned it around.

I am not all that wild about Kevin Gilbride, the Off Coord, but he has done a pretty darn good job in the playoffs, mixing up the run and pass for offensive balance. And its gonna be Jacobs and Bradshaw as a 1-2 RB punch hopefully for a while.

I was watching Inside the NFL on HBO last night and it was awesome to see Strahan seek out and find Eli after the green Bay win, grab him in a bear hug and say "thank you, thank you man" and Eli was saying to him "I'm gonna get you one! I'm gonna get you one", refering to a Super Bowl ring.
That type of talk is just what I want to hear.

While that was happening one of the Giant defenders was picked up by the microphone yelling, "I got icicles in my nose!" That was pretty funny.

I really like HBO's coverage of the NFL. They let you hear the swearing and stuff, some of the meaner stuff like after theplay hitting and such. They did a documentary on the KC Chief's training camp last summer. It was damn good. You watch these bubble guys work and work and see if they get cut. You get to see the meeting where they get cut and have to turn in their playbook. Some guys get fucking pissed and emotional. It's very real, best 'relaity' show short of sports broadcasts. In that show they would show Gunther Cunnigham, the D Coord, talking to guys on the sideline and in practice where he is just in their face like, "You tear his fucking head off! You fucking kill that sonofabitch till you hear that whistle." I remember liking that as one of the best parts of the show. And when KC came to denver to play later in the season this guy from the show was playing FB. He reminded me of Steve Donahue but with a mohawk and his name was Rocky. I was saying to my girlfriend, "Hey look! It's that guy from the show! He made it!"

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Fakehead can give you more details about that. Actually, I am not sure he was there either.

But he had some kind of weird flip out where he was hanging out with soem Bennigans people and brought them to the First Aid Squad in EH and then on the way back he stopped in the middle of R10 and did something weird...not exactly sure. But it was like weird...that is all I can say. I wasnt there so I really dont know and perhaps we shouldnt be blabbing about it on the internet.

Unruly said...

You guys have to stop over the www.ironhillssports.com. I am writing gems.

I get emails all the time from parents and kids. You guys should get in on that action. Figs, all you have to do is read the dailyrecord.com and you will have all the knoledge you need.

Check out my basketball awards now. They are freaking gold.

There is a code in the awards to see if Fakehead is paying attention.

fakes said...

I really doubt Ledger killed himself Unruly.

I think they have to keep Coughlin on now.

I was hammered so my recollection of any Murphy story is suspect. I know he stretches the definition of "policeman" though. He is a cop like the guy with the shorts in Reno 911 is a cop. Not saying he is gay because he's not, but he doesn't do much.

Anyway - what else? Oh yeah, I agree with Val about these pussies who hate fame, fuck them. Kurt Cobain was a pussy if he off'd himself because he was too famous or whatever and he couldn't take it. Eddie Vedder always said that (or at least alluded to it). Speaking of Eddie V, he got robbed by not getting an Oscar nom for his music on Into the Wild.

Unruly Mets Fan (Go Santana) said...

I don't know enough about Ledger to say he killed himself. But I thought he was going to be a good actor...that is until he made that movie about the queers.

One of my favorite actors is Hoffman Symore Phillips or whatever his name is. He was fucking awesome in that Tom Hanks movie about the Afganistan shit.