Tom Brady Owes Mo a Ring!

I am calling out Tom Brady right now to give a little credit where credit is due. Back in 2001, our own Mo Lewis laid a hit on Drew Bledsoe so hard, that the Patriots were forced to put their unknown, second year quarterback in to fill his shoes. The moment Mo laid made that hit in Foxboro, a dark cloud immediately covered the stadium. As they wheeled Bledsoe off the field on a stretcher, every Pats fan and their brother thought the next 10 years were going to be filled with futility.

On the contrary, the next 7 would bring 3 Superbowl Rings (soon to be 4). And the most dominant quaterback in NFL history.

When Mo made that hit, he was not trying to kill Bledsoe. In fact, he thought Bledsoe was going to run out of bounds. So Lewis just held his ground to protect a possible first down (that he didn't think Bledsoe would be stupid enough to try for). But sure enough, Bledsoe tried to make Lemons of Lemonade and the rest was history.

After that play, Bledsoe went to the hospital for a three day stay to get fluid drained out of his body and such. And in came the unknown Brady. And of course, Brady went on to take the Pats to their first Superbowl win that year. Then won two others. And is on his way to winning his third (unless the G-men pull off a miracle).

In a recent article on Yahoo (or something) Lewis said he never has spoken to Brady, except the second time they played the Pats after his hit on Bledsoe. During that game, Brady broke out of the pocket and went to run for a first.

Lewis was about 10 feet away and Brady went down into a slide. After the game, Mo went to ask Brady why he went down so fast. Brady responded that his coaches told him that if you see number 57, immediately fall down. Mo laughed.

But here we are. Brady has everything in the world. He's got the hot chicks, the big money endorsements and is on the verge of his fourth ring.
My question is this: Does he think of Mo? Does he every think of what would have happened if Mo didn't make that hit? Does he ever think of how obscure he would be right now?
He would probably be a back up journeyman right now. He'd probably be backing up Brad Johnson somewhere.
What about Mo? I think he lives in Texas or somewhere down south. He goes fishing. He helps the poor. He does charity.
But he never got a ring. After 13 years as one of the best linebackers in the NFL, he never won a Superbowl. Never even got to one. In fact, Mo will not even watch the Superbowl. It is too heart wrenching to watch, knowing that he never got to one.
So, I am calling Tom Brady out. I am here by announcing to the world (by world I mean, Figgy the Mick and Fakehead...and possibly Val Halla) that Tom Brady should donate one of his Superbowl Rings to Mo Lewis. In fact, I think he should give him his first one. That is the one Lewis really deserves.
Without Mo Lewis, there is no Tom Brady. So Brady, if you are reading this (which I know you are), give a brother a bone. And I think you should not just give him one. But rent a hall and invite all his friends. Make it a suprise. Tell him that it is a charity event, but at the beginning of the party, get on the microphone and give your speech and hand over the rock.
That is the way to do it. In fact, invite me and my buddies.
So Brady, you are making history. But don't forget who buttered your bread!


Val lovin' Mo said...

Rules - Nice.

Those guys up here in NE think the world of Mo Lewis and thank their local Jets fan (Me) early and often for that hit on Drew.

They know the score bro.

However I do have to say, chances are pretty good he'd be a very good QB somewhere else if not NE. Probably wouldn't have 3 rings like he does now but he'd still be good like, I dunno, Peyton caliber. He'd have gotten the nod somewheres.

All that, he should definitely grease Mo if they win Sunday.

BTW, I might be in town this weekend...cold beer?

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Vally Hally, thse fucking Pats fans should be blowing Mo.

Definately, lets get together.

fake hate disney said...

If I were a Pats fan Mo would be my favorite Pats player ever.

Brady will call Mo when he stops getting bjs from Giselle and winning football games and being good-looking. If he is as half as confident as he seems, he would never think he needed Mo. Hey, who does Tony Romo have to thank for Bledsoe getting benched?

One Praying Fig said...

Fuckin A. The Ptriots owe the Giants all their rings. Every damn good thing that ever happened to them happened because of Giants coaches. Parcells, Belichik, Crennel, Weis.


Stay tuned for my recipe for success for the G-men in this, the greatest Super Bowl of all time. Either the victor goes undefeated or SPOILS the only undefeated season. To say it is going to be a herculean effort would be understating it.

Unruly said...

Figs, where the hell have you been. You guys have got to check out my Wrestling Predictions at www.ironhillssports.com. I have no idea what I am talking about and people are getting all preterbed. It is funny.

But I am money as far as hoops is concerned. I pick like 95% of the games.

Pats blow said...

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