The Snowball's Chance

Much was made about Sunday's NFC Championship Game, and all the pundits and 'experts' thought it was a foregone conclusion: the Green bay Packers charmed season would continue and everyone would get to see their favorite sentimental match-up in the Super Bowl - Favre vs. Brady; the weather would be too cold and inconsistent QB Eli manning was a disaster waiting to happen; the Giants formidable pass rush would be able to get no footing to pressure the savvy veteran Favre, whose short passing game and yards-after-the-catch big-play ability would overwhelm a banged-up Giants secondary.

Well, it was cold. Didn't seem to bother either team very much, however, and all the talk all week long about it being a major factor evaporated right away. Moving the ball wasn't a problem for either team and neither QB seemed to have a problem throwing the ball. Minus one big play for Green Bay - a 90-yard pass to Donald Driver -the Giants pretty much handled the Packers. Long drives by the Giants offense was only resulting in field goals, but that served to ice down Favre and that explosive Packer offense on the sideline, not allowing them to create a tempo in their drives.

What can you say about Plaxico Burress? The man had a career game. He didn't score any TD's, but he abused a top cornerback in Al Harris. Green Bay's defense relied on one-on-one coverage and to make plays through the pass rush, much like the Giants. Except the Packers have supposedly better cornerbacks: Charles Woodson got his ass RUN OVER in the first quarter by Brandon Jacobs and we never heard from him again, Al Harris got beat like a bitch all day, and all game continued to talk, and all game Plaxico made him look like a sucker. I was most surprised by Plax's success and Eli's no fear in going after him.

The Defense won the day again. I can't underscore how important the defense is, even if the stat sheet doesn't even explode at you. The pressure applied by the Giants front defensive four is the paramount ingredient, not so much getting a lot of sacks, but making the QB uncomfortable in how he throws - not being able to step in, when they step in knocking them on their ass, etc. You have seen in three playoff games three top-tier QB's in Jeff Garcia, Tony Romo and Brett Favre become unravled late in games, making bad throws even when there is not necessarily that much pressure. I believe the term is called ' happy feet'. In the play in which Favre tossed the INT to the Giants in overtime you could see Favre threw the ball before he was really ready to. How come? He heard the footsteps coming.
Corey Webster has been playing incredible lately, the injury to Sam Madison giving him the opportunity to shine. Not enough praise can be heaped on the front four though, especially in the second half of games during this remarkable playoff run: DE's Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyioura and DT's Fred Robbins and Justin Tuck. The pressure they apply without the benefit of blitzers is the reason we are where we are right now. That, and no turnovers by the QB.

How about Lawrence Tynes missing two potentially game-winning field goals in regulation, only to drill a 47-yarder in Overtime to give the G-men the win.

I love to see scenes like this. The team has really embraced Eli as the leader and it is all coming together at the right time. Eli has played like Peyton this post-season and I can't help but feel like we are goingt to be a competitive force in the NFC for years to come. Our last few drafts have been huge, with players such as Webster, Ross, Tuck, Jacobs, Bradshaw and the whole Offensive Line playing heroic, postseason football.

Oh yeah, Mike! Now, let's spoil the Patriots' perfect season!!!!
How comical is Eli's leadership now, Tiki? I'll tell you what's comical: The Giants are a better team without you. How dumb do you feel right now on the Today Show while the Giants are in the Super Bowl? Or sitting on that glib and tabloid set that they call NBC football. Because, as memory serves me, in the first game of the season (Giants vs. Dallas) Collinsworth and Costas and Tiki had a riot taking apart Eli and dissing him and saying he doesn't have what it takes. Well, all you motherfuckers, how smart and 'expert' are you now? You are a talking fucking head and you wear make-up. Karma has never been richer, cause now as Tiki schleps around NYC people look at him and laugh, "What a dickhead, he could be in the Super Bowl right now if he didn't run himself out of the locker room by dissing his coaches and teammates." Serves him fucking right in my Big Blue opinion.

I hope I see these faces all together for years to come. Strahan has at least two more years in him if he can get some training camp concessions. What a great year. Serious strides have been made on this team and it makes me happy, thinking back to my birthday four years ago when the Giants traded for Eli Manning, and here we are on the cusp of the Championship, up against the juggernaut Patriots. Of course, no one will pick the Giants to win because hardly anyone picked them to beat Tampa Bay. Then nary an expert except for Mike Ditka picked the Giants to upset the Cowboys. And then NOBODY in the whole damn country save for the Giants fans themselves gave them a SNOWBALLS chance against the Packers. This is just the way we like it. We'll travel to another continent to play a game, to Wisconsin, Dallas, Arizona, the Moon - it doesn't matter: 10 straight road wins! Bring on the damn Patriots!


Happy Fig!!!!! said...

Thanks Unruly!!!

This is fucking awesome!!!!!
I really appreciate the Blue touch, what a great tribute.

Write me an articles dudes!!!!

Unruly said...

Dude, nice recap. And your welcome for your tribute.

I think Farve choked...just as he has done in the past NFC Championship games (a la vs. the Eagles).

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Dudes, check out my MLK speech on www.ironhillssports.com

Val procrastinating even more from doing his Master's H.W. said...

My 2 cents:

- Favre did choke. I would have liked to see him go and beat the Pats and then retire (which is overdue). He's still good, but past his prime. But answer me one question: with that many years in the NFL, shouldn't he be at least as good as Brady??

- Eli has definitely matured. Is he as good as his big bro? Dunno. But I'll tell you one thing, he sure is uglier, and he still looks like he's 18 and has skinny arms.

- We will never see an old school NFC championship like we did in the days of Amici and Starr again. This is because of the sideline heaters they have now. That is why we were able to see the high scores we saw yesterday. If we want to make the weather a factor again, take a way the heaters.

- Barber was right about one thing: Coughlin is an asshole. The way he hollered at Tynes yesterday when he missed that first potential game winner was bullshit. It's a fucking 40+ yard field goal and it was freezing fucking cold out.* Find me another kicker that could have done so. BTW: no opposing kicker before Tynes had ever made a postseason field goal over 40 yds at GB. Give the kid a break. Coughlin was just lucky he actually sank that 47yder afterwards. Now that, to me, shows that Tynes has more character than most.

- On that note, Coughlin reminds me of that guy in HS or college who always had to win at everything, you know the type, not particularly athletic, but overly involved in sports, and would try to cheat (or just get angry) to make up the difference. Well, just picture what that guy woul dbe like at Coughlins age and head coach of the Giants...

- I hope Strahan finally gets his ring and the pats and Bellicheat choke on their perfect widdle season.

- Tiki is broadcasting because he can. I don't think their are too many players in the NFL with his abilities in that regard. He was a class act player until that shit at the end there. Perhaps, though, the G-Men are a the SB BECAUSE Barber left (one of the reasons). Just a thought.

*I know this seems to contradict my previous point, but I was speaking earlier about the WHOLE game not just kicking. ;)

fakey said...

I am totally rooting for the Giants.

I agree that Peyton is better looking than Eli.

I think Tynes blows cock and if I were the Giants I would never even attempt a FG. I disagree with Val because the fucking guy needs to make kicks and it was a fucking miracle he made the 47 yarder in OT. The 36 yard miss was awful and I highly doubt it was the snap's fault, just run and kick the fucking thing. Either way, they are going into the biggest game of their lives with Doug O'Brien Jr. at K. Good luck with that one Figs.

Other than that I really think the GMen have a chance but don't forget they were winning the last time and shit the bed worse than Chris Farley when he OD'd. I believe they were up 28-14 and lost 38-35 to the Pats? They need to sort that shit out for next time. I'll tell you what, the fucking Pats are going to light it up in the perfect AZ weather. I hope the Gmen can get to Brady and keep up with their scoring.

All that aside, I am definitely rooting for the Giants. Figs, you should head to AZ, you aren't that far away. My bosses are clamoring for tickets, but I have a feeling they will be there.

I hate the Pats and if the Chargers could score a TD they wouldn't even be in the Super Bowl. I have some respect for Rivers now, but he still is an ugly motherfucker.

RW McQuarters better not be allowed to touch the ball in the Super Bowl either.

I won't say Go Giants because that will be worse for them than the SI jinx. If SI has the Giants on the cover then they are feeding into the jinx thing, because they know the Gmen are underdogs and it would be easier to feed the jinx theory by putting them on the cover.

I guess that's it, but Val has something when he mentions the Gmen getting to the SB without Tiki, the guy was the Stephon Marbury of the Giants last year.

Random Note:
I know the NBA has nothing to do with the SB, but I was so happy to hear that the Bulls players voted to have Yakim Noah sit for a game for telling off an assistant coach. Fuck that arrogant cunt Noah. He is one fuck who should be killed in a drive-by or break-in.

fake finger said...

Oh, and Tynes doesn't pay attention to the game, he didn't even know what Giant intercepted Farve's pass in OT. Are all Ks that detached? Maybe they are, I don't know. Tynes comments after the game did not impress me. Plus he looks like a homo.

As for Farve, he may have choked but I like his guts. He leaves it all out in the field. I don't know if there is a throw he isn't afraid to make. That of course is what hurts him half the time. The guy is a legend in my book though.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Dude, you are as Fake as your Head. You talk about how you hate the Giants all year than then in a little girls voice you announce, "I am totally rooting for the Giants". You are fucking gay!

So is Tiki. I am glad they did it without Tiki. It is kind of Coughlin's way of saying fuck you to him. I dont mind Coughlin. The guy always has a stupid look on his face, but the guy just freaking cares. Their play calling really impressed me...along with their execution.

Beat it!

fakenuts said...

Dude, talk about gay, you turned this into a Giants blog! I don't think our sponsors would approve. Plus you are going to give them the Jets' bad luck. And the reason why I am rooting for the Giants is because I fucking loathe the Pats. If the Packers won I would have said, "I am totaling rooting for the Packers" because I hate the fucking cunt Pats, I hate Bill Bellicunt and I am just jealous of Brady, who is a good looking superstar QB who gets to bang one of the hottest women on earth.

On a side note, it would have been fucking awesome if the Colts played the Giants in the SB, pitting the brothers against each other. That will never happen, trust me.

Goooooo anyone but the Pats!!!!!!

Val procrastinating again said...

Hey, it could happen...manning v manning. Peyton would win though because Eli is an ugly mofo. But he's like "Humpty" from digital underground...he still pulls ass.

I like Favre's guts too, probably the gutsiest QB in the NFL. Too bad the Jets could never get a QB like him.

Totally unrelated, but the wife and I watched that movie "Hot Rod" over the weekend...its a goof cross between Napoleon dynamite and Jackass...it was ok but I think we should get the protagonist to play QB for the Jets. It would just fit the rest of our fucked up shit. Oh well next year...


Unruly said...

Fakehead, You couldnt give the Jets any more bad luck.

I am jealous of Brady too. But you know what, Gizelle is probably crazy like the rest of them.

As for Val, if you went to the year Favre was drafted, he was probably available when the Jets had their pick but they probably drafted Dan Wilkenson or someone like that instead.

Val Puking said...

Rules...dammit don't even tell me that kind of shit. The Jets could of had Favre!!!???? I think I am going to be sick.

Vamos los Gigantes del Nueva York!!

Carlo said...

Good Job! :)