Yeah Boy

LET'S GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Unruly I want Chad Back in '08 Fan said...

Figs I must say, Coughlin just secured his job for another year. I hope you werent counting on Bill Cowher.

I actually like the Gints chances against Dallas. You have a few factors in your favor:

*8-0 Road Streak
*Romo thinking with the wrong head
*Giants finding their running game
*The Giants D
*T.O. on a bad ankle

Figs, I am pulling for you. This could be a Giants/Green Bay NFC Championship game. And I like their chances vs. GB.

But first things first. They are going to have to take care of Big D.

Figgy the Ever Lovin' Mick said...

Thanks dude! I'm so excited I can hardly work this week. My phone was blowing up on Sunday with everyone calling with congrats. It was a great day.

I fucking motherfucking LOVE the 1-2 punch of Jacobs and Bradshaw. WE are going to pound our way all the way to Phoenix!!!! We are going to pound the shit out of Dallas this weekend and you are so very right about the defense. I think D Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo was the pick-up of the year for us! And LB Kawika Mitchell who is playing outstanding.

C'mon you guys, LET'S GO GIANTS!!!!

not telling said...

Dude, you crack me up Figger the N*****.

I am rooting for you all the way dude.

You are so pumped. Dude, Plex is a good receiver. I wish Steve Smith was in the league two more years right now because he looks like he will develop into a nice receiver.

Okay, smell you later.

Chad don't go away mad, just go away said...

Go Gigantes!!



Bring Cowher to the J E T S and replace Mangina.