Man o man, what can I say? I'M LOVING IT!!

I am savoring these moments. And I hope our 'road warrior' mentality pays off yet again up in the Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field. Taking care of the football is of paramount importance in bad weather conditions.

There are many shout-outs needed, so let me gets these out of the way before all the pictures:

Eli- way to go, kid. Now everyone can shut the hell up. Especially if we sneak out a win in America's Siberia. His playoff performance has been impeccable and I couldn't ask for anything more. Great management of the game, not forcing bad throws, no fumbles, great job at making line changes, play audibles and taking what the defense gives you. And what can I say about the 47-second TD drive to tie it up at the half of the Dallas game? Elway-esque?

New York Giant Defense - unbelievable job. The QB pressure gives me a hard-on. We keep losing guys and the back-ups are stepping in and playing their butts off.

Offensive Line- though the Giants are not exactly mashing opposing defenses in these playoffs with the run game, and the big guys up front have let up a few sacks - overall, they are playing well and I cansee they are fighting for their quarterback.

How about the contributions of our young guys?!? Steve Smith (2nd round WR) has had several big catches in these playoffs. The rookie had a reputation for great hands, route-running and football IQ coming out of USC. Late in the season, he is finally making an impact. CB Aaron Ross, RB Ahmad Bradshaw, Safeties Michael Johnson and Craig Dahl are all rookies playing in must-win games.

What a 2008 playoffs for the Well-Dressed-One, all-time Giants receptions leader Amani Toomer.

Thank YOU, Jessica Simpson. And I appreciate the patriotism you display here.

Last yet foremost, let's give credit to the biggest free-agency pickup of the previous off-season south of Randy Moss: Steve Spagnuolo. With that said, here's hoping that he doesn't go be a head coach after this season. What a marvelous job this guy has done. Aside from the QB pressure that he is generating, I think his greatest work this year has come during halftime of games and the defensive adjustments he has made. A SUPERLATIVE performance this year.

I know you guys are Jet fans, but this is good for your area too. C'mon! Let's go Giants!!!!
No one but us loyally blind fans gave Big Blue a chance against Tampa or Dallas, so there is no reason why we can't pull another one off!


FAKENESS said...

Dude, what are you, giving an Oscar speech? I admit that Eli did okay in the first half, but the Giants as a whole didn't do that much offensively in the second half.

The defense was great though, and they are going to need to get to Farve if they want a chacne of winning. Their O-Line is fucking awesome, the RBs on the Giants rushed for over 1500 yards all told, and that is impressive.

I am hoping for a good game, but the Giants aren't used to playing in the freezing temps and it may fuck Eli up big time. Plax better do something (1 catch for 5 yards) this week too.

As for the Pats, they will be waiting in Phoenix for the winner if this game. Cunty Rivers is going down, but he better man up and play at least.


One Happy Fig said...

Dude, the Kid has arrived. Face it. Playoffs mean STRONG defenses, so you gotta take what they give you and make it happen that way, which is exactly what he's doing.

Tampa, Dallas, Green Bay - all the top D's in the NFL. Checkdowns, no turnovers, protection changes - the Kid is doing it all. The running game has really stalled the last two games, putting even more on the shoulders of the Kid. I don't think you guys are watching very carefully, you are still on the other side of the fence throwing tomatoes at the guy.

Kevin Gilbride (O coord) almost gave the game back to Dallas, calling 6 straight runs on two consecutive possessions which resulted in punts and then putting it all in the hands of the D.

I love the D. What more can you say abgout Spags? Late-round rookies are filling in and doing a helluva job.

I predict Favre has 3 INT's because the Giants away uniforms are white and grey - perfect camoflage for the snow! Sorry, Brett! Much as I like #4, not this year, Big Blue wants another shot at those Pats, who I definitely root for because the Chargers are a bunch of assholes led by their Alabama yocal QB Phillip Rivers, who has the smallest nose in the NFL and thus, probably the smallest dick. The way he talks smack with fans indicates to me a necessity to prove manhood to people who don't have the first right to judge you. So, by stooping down to their level only makes you more fucking inbred. Rivers, Your Aunt and your Mom are the same person.

fakefinger said...

Love the Rivers bashing, he is a cunt if I've ever seen one. We'll see how the "Kid" does this Sunday. Until then I am like the Apostle Thomas.

Fuck Rivers.

If the Giants do get to the Super Bowl, they better win. (These are the types of demands a Jets fan can make).

fakey said...

Oh yeah, the fucking Giants should have stopped being pussies and threw a pass at the end of the game, why leave the game to a D that had been doing it all game? THe O should have given them a break at that point. Luckily, the D came through. Still though, the O Coordinator better smarten up for next week.

One Praying Figger said...

Dude, I know. This is what its like being a Giants fan. Kevin Gilbride is the Offensive coordinator and I question his methods a lot. I don't know if the 6-and-out in the last two series were directed by Coughlin or Gilbride, but your QB has been playing lights out, making all the right calls, is very poised, and then fucking Jacobs falls down from nothing just short of the sticks. Tell you the truth, I am a bigger fan of Bradshaw. HE needs to be the feature back with Jacobs getting about 15 carries a game. A FEW games you can lean on him, but Bradshaw is a big play waiting to happen. His vision is phenomenal and the way he squeaks by in the creases reminds me of Tiki, but he's faster. Hopefully his running style doesn't get him hurt cause I fucking love it.

There is talk about Gilbride taking the vacant Head Coach position at Hawaii. Fucken twist my arm. I wouldn't mind him leaving, just so long as Spagnuolo stays put. This is Spags' first season as a D coordinator, he certainly learned his shit and produced in Philly for years though. LOVE the guy. I would line him up for whenever Coughlin steps away.

I am glad the Giants are not like so many other teams, pulling the trigger on coaches after one year or so. Accorsi and new GM Jerry Reese let Coughlin build the team and now look, all his draft choices are starters or are playing a lot: Eli, Jacobs, Smith, the whole Offensive Line minus Free Agent RT McKenzie (thanks Jets), Ross, Dahl, Johnson, Wilkerson, Kiwanuka, Tuck, Moss, Butler, Boss, Matthews, Bradshaw, and on and on and on. Sprinkle in a couple of Free Agents: Plax, Kawika Mitchell, RW McQuarters and so on. I am glad that we are finally playing up to our potential.

Plax will get back involved, though I think he tweaked his bad ankle in Dallas. Defenses are taking away Plax so Eli is just killing them elsewhere.

Fucken A, I am on pins and needles all week AGAIN. I was so fixated last week, now its worse. I am prepared for the worst. Whatever happens, we took steps this year and I think they really became a TEAM. Tiki was the problem last year as screwy as that sounds. How could they be a better team WITHOUT the potential Hall of Famer? I don't know, but we are.

I know (er, hope) you guys are wishing me luck. Truthfully, the Giants matched up really well against the Pats. We are more banged up in the secondary now, but I know we would love another shot at them. If that scenario were to come to fruition, tell me you wouldn't be a Giants fan?

Does anyone have contact info for Adams, preferably a phone number? I'd like to call him, when we were in High School and the Giants won it all, we were fucking ebullient over it. It was awesome.

fake said...

I have no idea what happpened to Adams. Maybe Unruly knows. I think he has a couple of kids and kennel of dogs or some shit.

Bradshaw is fucking good.

You are right about the patience of the Giants' GM/owners etc., it is paying off (article in Star Ledger about that yesterday or today).

If it were Giants vs. Pats I would root for GMen but that would bury them.

Good luck Figger