Get up and throw a touchdown pass you wuss!

I will write a little more about the game this week, but all I can say is that the Jets should have won!!!!! They had a couple of oppotunities and their defense (for once) stepped it up!!!!! I was proud of they way they hung in there, they were just waiting for the offense to do something. It failed them.

A few notes:

Kerry Rhodes continues to impress. The guy is a gamer with heart.

I forgot how good L. Coles is. He makes some amazing moves after he catches the ball. I'm glad he's back in green and white.

Cedric Houston? I don't feel like looking up how to spell his name, but for some reason he got a lot of touches and he wasn't that bad. Mangini must have read some scouting reports. It just goes to show that he doesn't have confidence in any of his backs, no matter what they do in the week prior.

Chad. He blew. Again. Can he please step it up? The Jets should have beaten the Colts, Bears and for God's sake the Browns. I blame Chad for two of those three losses. (Of course, my opinion means nothing).

I'll try to write about the behind the scenes stuff later, like how the drunk Bears fans got tossed and how I almost threw a little kid off the upper tier. (I would of course never do that, but I'll explain later).

All I can say is, they better beat the fucking Texans next week!!


Unruly Jets Fan said...

I hate Jet losses. I hate when Chad shits the bed too. It is games like this one that I wish we drafted Jay Cutler. But I am getting more and more impressed with Mangini's preparation and game plan.

I hope his global game plan will get us deep into the playoffs sometime in my lifetime.

At any rate, I am more interested in the whole throwing the kid off the upper tier story.

jet titties said...

When you were at the game where their more Bears fans than Jets fans? Everytime I go there that is the case. But it is usually the case when the play New England or Miami.

Pennington is not the titties. I am with unruly, is lousy play is getting discouraging. He is too spotty for my liking.

Fakehead said...

Yes, there were A LOT of Bears fans there. It was ridiculous.

Speaking of ridic, I know I like when Mangini takes chances but an onsides kick when the score is tied 0-0???? It doesn't make sense. The "D" was doing well, he should have not hampered them by having the Bears start out on 45 instead of whereever Nugents lame kick would have ended up.