The Jets Rock and the Giants BLOW!

Hardy fucking har to all those Giants fans!!!!! They lose to a rookie QB and now they have the same record as the New York Jetropolitans!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Jets!!!!!!!!

It was a great game all around, but Kerry Rhodes did it again! The man continues to impress. Of course, another great game by Coles AND Cotchery (quickly becoming a great WR) showed why the Jets are no joke.

On to Green Bay and that old man QB!!!!

Go Jets!


Unruly Jets Fan said...

Great game for the Jets. The Giants suck.

Caymus67 said...

The Jets are officially the best team in New York.

FiggytheMick said...

It would seem obvious to me that all this shit-talk gives you some rewarding karma. You people were ready to commit ritualistic, group suicide before the season started, so afraid of the new coach, rookie lineman, hurt Curtis Martin, etc. Way to jump back onto the band wagon.