Who cares about celebrities, and thank God the Jets don't have any wanna-bes.

I cannot stand celebrity worship and/or news. It makes me insane. "Oh my God, TOMKAT got married!!!!!" "Oh my, Rosie said some shit about Kelly Ripa!" "Holy cow junior, Kramer is a racist!" I made the mistake of paying attention to "Access Hollywood" or "Extra" (they are both the same show at different times on different networks from what I can tell) when it was on when I got home from work last night.

Why do we all give a shit????? It makes no difference on our lives whether Tom Cruise's baby really exists, whether Rosie said what about who or whether Clay Aiken is a homosexual or who cheats on who or who is getting divorced and blah, blah blah. It's all nonesense. There are big problems in the world, (I don't know, Iraq, North Korea, Iran, Crime, etc.) and most people want to know what is going on with Britney and that scumbag she married and decided to have 2 kids with. Who give a fuck? Don't even get me started on MTV, the network (videos, anyone? thanks anyway) that capitalizes on the fact that normal people are dying to be famous by being outrageous (aka - Real World, Super 16 or whatever it's called, Laguna Beach, etc).

That being said, ESPN tries to do the same thing. They run their highlight shows and love to show fights, homeruns, touchdown dances, stupid things people do or say, and so on. They try to make athletes into celebrities. Granted, they want people to watch their show. I don't have a problem with that. What I have a problem with is the athlete who becomes a wannabe celebrity. Case in point: T.O. The guy is so controversial and nuts he got thrown off the Eagles and now every single story (besides the recent QB controversy) is about Parcells and TO. "Did TO piss off the Tuna?" "Did Parcells take a shit and smell up the bathroom and TO got upset because he went in after him?" Fucking play football!!!!!

That is the one good thing about the Jets. They don't have any wannabes. L. Coles is a solid guy who isn't showy. Chad could be more showy if you ask me. Curtis was the man, a solid citizen. (Now they don't have a RB). At least the Jets can say that they don't have an idiot who tries to take all the headlines on their team. And that, my friends, is a good thing.

As for the celebrity nonesense, Kramer is an idiot and not funny if he can't handle hecklers without dropping the "N" bomb, Rosie is a fat loser for saying Kelly Ripa is homophobic because she didn't like that Gay Aiken put his hand over her mouth to stop her from talking(who would, the guy probably touched a little boy with that hand, even if he isn't gay, (not that there is anything wrong with it) the motherfucker is Michael Jackson, Part 2, a creepy motherfucker indeed), and I hope that everyone who hosts, produces and directs Extra and Access Hollywood gets cancer and dies. The only problem is, like zombies, there will be more idiots to take those idiots place when they are finally dead. It will never end. I could go on about how "Celebrity" is bringing this country down, but why bother. My buddies don't want to hear it and I probably just turned off the other guy who reads this blog.

Go Jets!

My predictions:
Jets: 27 Texans: 20

Clay Aiken: Gay

Tom Cruise: Straight

Rosie O'Donnell: Fat bigmouth (Sorry, that's just a fact).


Unruly Jets Fan said...

Whoa...where did this one come from. I agree with everything you said but I am a bit floored by it. And I am even more floored that you tied in that blog in with the Jets.

At any rate, I agree. There are like huge genocides going on in the Sudan and that region. And we dont give two shits because their is not oil/money there for us to care about. When I say us I mean our government.

At any rate, back to Rosie O'Donnel, she is probably pissed becasue Kelly Ripa wont sleep with her. I know how Rosie feels. But she is just a nosie loser.

As for Chad, he will have to throw 4 touchdowns for me to wear his jersey again. Tomorrow for the Turkey Bowl I am wearing Steve Youngs jersey.

At any rate, the Florham Park Eagle will be there so you better make yourself pretty. Smell you later.

jet titties said...

Tom Cruise is a psycho!!!

Fakehead said...

Unruly, I hope Chad doesn't play QB like you did in the Turkey Bowl. Luckily for you, you steped it up and your team won the Turkey Bowl and you ended up playing well at WR (not as good as me, but that's a lot to ask - at least your team could throw a pass). I'm looking forward to the Christmas Bowl. I want MC or you on my team so I can have somebody throw me the ball.
Anyway, I hope the Jets win tomorow. It is definitely a must win game.

And Cruise may or may not be nuts, but he is rich son of a bitch.