Yes, the Jets can beat the Chicago Bears, just like they beat the Pats last week. How will they get this done? Well, the first thing that needs to happen is Chad needs to play like Patriot game and Titan game Chad, and not Jacksonville game and Cleveland game Chad. Chad needs to step it up, becaues the Jets "O" lives and dies with him. Maybe Mangini mixes it up a little more with Barlow and Washington this week, whatever works!

The second thing that obviously needs to happen is the Jets need to pressure Grossman so he fucks up. Blitz him at least 2 out of 4 downs so he feels some heat. Grossman cannot take the heat, so he is going to get the hell out of the kitchen. AKA, he is going to throw picks, made bad decisions and look like, well ... Rex Grossman. The guy isn't good and never was. The Bears win despite him most weeks. Regardless, I am going to the game and I'm write a report, win or lose, after the game.

In the meantime, Go Jets!!


Unruly Jets Fan said...

We need Chad to come through. And he needs to do a "tinsy" bit better than he did vs. the Pats. I dont think the Pats are as good as everyone thinks.

I am not predicting a win here, but would love to see one.

jet titties said...

Barlow was the titties last week. Leon Washington was very quiet. Washington looked like a rookie last week.

If Pennington plays like he did last week and Barlow plays like he did last week, then we have a chance.

The Jet Defense was great last week with their movement on the line. It was an awesome win for them. If they beat the Bears then the Jets will be taken seriously around the league.

sick mets fan said...

Where's the Gadfly???

Fakehead said...

GF is on a plane to Ireland as I write this. He is finally visiting his motherland. He'll probably come back with a brouge (sp).

I agree with the titties, if the Jets can pull this off they will finally be taken seriously. To be honest, I still don't take them that seriously, as they shit the bed against Cleveland and good teams win the games they need to win. They should have beaten the Pats and the Colts as well. Anyway, that is all in the past now, and if they play a tough game against the Bears and capitalize on their opportunities, (which will be few and far between with the Bears "D") then they have a chance.


Unruly Jets Fan said...
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Unruly Jets Fan said...

I had to delete the last comment bc I said Gadfly's real name. With all the traffic we get at this blog, if someone didn't like what he said they would hunt him down and kill him.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

BTW...all I said what that since he is gone we should talk smack about him. I dont know what it is about him but i love busting his stones.

BTW...is that picture of him with that Mets hat?

Caymus67 said...

Glad to see Jets fans optimistic about this week's game against the Bears. Your Super Bowl was last week. Now it's back to reality.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

What did you just wake up after a week long coma???

Yeah, we didn't want to touch this game. Although our expectations our usually unrealistic, we couldn't go nuts and picking a win against the Bears Defense.