Jet Notes

He's Baaaack!

Vinnie Testeverde's wife kicked him out of his house for the second straight November. Last season he came out of his retirement to join the Jets after Pennington and Jay Feidler got injured. This time, he comes out to join...and get this...THE PATRIOTS!!! Hey, no love lost here. Good for Vinnie! I am glad he can still find work. I loved him and 1998. I did not like him so much in 2005. The reason the Pats picked him up is they really have no back up QB. They have one other QB besides Brady on the roster. A second year guy from USC. His name doesn't matter at this point, ok.

The Patriots Game

No need to throw salt in their wounds, but that was fucking awesome!!!

The Bears Game

This is going to be trouble. I don't know how the call this one. So if any betters are relying on this blog for betting advice, I would hold off on this one. The Bears do have an awesome Defense. And their Offense is getting it done. But what's worse is the Jets are playing all over the map. I know they just beat the Pats, but don't forget they also lost to the Browns. They should have won that game.


Hey, he looked good last week. And my man, Leon Washington was very quiet. Barlow looked like a real NFL back last week. Lets hope he keeps it up.


His little lob passes to the left are just a tinsy bit nerve racking. But he is looking ok.

Gadfly, your on the fan, what are your thoughts?


Fakehead said...

That game was awesome. I listened on the radio on the way home from MA (visiting friends) and I almost got into an accident when the Jets scored, the Pats scored, and Brady was driving them down the field again until he got laid out and fumbled. It was f'ing awesome!

I was completely surprised but I am thrilled that Mag beat that asshole Bellijerk. How much of a loser is Bellijerk? The guy has no respect for anyone. F him.

I can't believe they dug up Vinnie. That means one thing, there is a complete lack of quality QBs in the NFL.

Barlow looked great. I still think Leon is the way of the future, but we'll take a win by any means necessary.

The Bears- they kicked the Giants' ass. It's going to be a tough game to win. Well, I'm make a prediction later in the week on that game. One thing the Jets have in their favor - Rex Grossman. Down deep, he knows he sucks.

Go Jets!

Fakehead said...

By the way, "tinsy"? Don't ever use that word in this blog again, ever.