Pack the Caa at Havad Yad!!!

Right now I am writing from my hotel room about a half hour south of Foxboro Stadium. I am definitely in enemy territory. I am sitting here thinking of how sweet it will be if my Jets can pull a win over the Patriots this weekend and how I would be able to rub it into the faces of my New England based co-workers.

As I sit here at my computer I am pondering that their are a few challenges in being employed by a Massachusetts headquartered company. The first thing to get used to is the fact that they do not believe that the letter "r" is in the alphabet. So it takes about five years of working with these people to understand their language.

The second is...actually the language thing is probably such challenge that it takes up to bullet points.

The third is being a Jets fan base in New Jersey dealing with the constant guff from the "three time Superbowl champion New England Patriots" fans! Puke!!!

I am really not sure where to begin and don't want to make this blog that long. Let me just run off on a tangent on Belechick's "system" and see where that goes. Patriots fans have no player loyalty. You have to hear how they callously just let players go. They didn't even care that Viniteri didn't get re-signed, they didn't even fain a protest when Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weiss take other coaching jobs and they practically packed Superbowl MVP Dione Branch's bags for him when he was holding out for more money.

These fans are completely bought into the fact that Belechick can just "plug in" another player. I think Belichick has gotten away with his "system" for a while but I believe his time will come up soon. I do not think you can let a clutch kicker like Viniteri get away. I hang my hat on the fact that their will be a game where the season will be on the line this year where it will come down to a missed field goal. I will wait to tell my co-workers "I told you so." until that date.

What the fans don't realize is that soon Patriot management are going to raise ticket prices by $50.00. The first hint of kibitsing, they will take their tickets away and sell them to some rich snot nosed half fan from East Boston.

At any rate, I know this blog is all over the place. I think I am too emotionally connected to this game to articulate anything other than that I want the Jets to pull a huge upset Sunday.

My prediction: Jets 21 - Pats 17.

PS: I have been here for a day and a half and three people on the street have called me "Sully". I AM NOT EVEN IRISH!!!


Fakehead said...

Hey Sully -
I'm not sure what your blog is about to be honest. Something about idiots from New England I gather. Seriously though, why can't your company hook you up with some tickets? If they don't advertise with the Pats they should, maybe talk to marketing. In the meantime, make sure your TPS reports are getting done.

Go Jets!

Oh yeah, let me know about Thursday Unruly, you too SGF! 6 pm or so, Famished Frog in Motown.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Hey Faker, I know my blog went in a few directions. I write my blogs by the skin of my chin sometimes as life is going at 150 mph at times.

At any rate, I am trying to get these Pats fans who are responding to my blog all excited.

At any rate, how about Borat tonight?

Caymus67 said...

While Unruly is pumped up on pure emotion, Caymus is taking this week's game as any other in our methodical journey to the playoffs. When was the last time the Jets made the playoffs? Would that have been around the time your pal Bill was defensive coordinator? I hope Chad's back-up is ready to play once the game is out of reach late in the third quarter.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Fakehead, you are right, Caymus does talk in the 3rd Person.

Caymus while your comments are factually accurate and your predictions are backed by your recent play I have one question for you? Go to hell!

The Jets are winning this one and I expect a $10 spot in the mail by Tuesday morning.

Caymus67 said...

Caymus only bets in $20 denominations. We can arrange a payroll deduction.

Shea Gadfly said...

NCAA basketball starts Saturday...Saint Peter's plays the boys from UMBC, Georgetown plays U of Hartford & SHU plays Caldwell College (isn't that a girl's school). In these 3 games, I'll take SPC, GU & SHU to win and probably with ease. These are the predictions that will make my weekend a happy one.

My Jets prediction will end the weekend on a sour note as I see a whooping coming...I hope I am wrong but I doubt it. We haven't played defense for a whole half or too many good teams all season. NE deserves a good defensive stand (they won't get it) & NE deserves a good team as a counterpart (the Jets can't provide that either).

Jets 10 NE 36

PS - Guys, I went to Dallas for an extended weekend this past week and I attended the Dickies 500 at Texas Motor Speedway. Tony Stewart won it. He climbed a fence. Some rednecks cheered. Some booed and cursed. But that's not my point. I saw a lot of similarities between hardcore NASCAR fans and NFL fans. I liked the event yet even still (as I mentioned to FH the other day), I don't think it's a sport like football is...I'd go again if I can because where else can you see 400,000 people in one place. The energy was electric. Not even a superbowl or a World Series carries off those types of numbers.

Hopefully I can write a post tomorrow about the almost crazy similarities between NFL fans, NASCAR fans and most bizzare of all...Grateful Dead fans! I've been real busy at work but I'm nearing the middle of the month at work and that's usually the slow time. Anyway, good stuff keeping the blog rolling. I go to Ireland at the end of next week so I'll try to keep up my end before I leave. I've been slacking off big time!


PSS - If we lose this game & next weekend's game against this week, it might be time to start thinking about lottery picks and/or draft picks. Looking at the schedule, I think the Jets will more than likely finish 7-9 or at best 8-8.
It's better than what most thought but still not good enough to be considered "good".

Shea Gadfly said...

I meant to say against the Bears next week...oh well. You get the point.

My Predictions for the Rest of the Season

NE (road)= L
Chi (road)= L
Hou (home) = W
Grn Bay (road) = L
Buff (home) = W
Minn (road) = push...L
Miami (road) = W...a close one
Oak (home) = W

If I'm right we are still only 8-8 and not going to the playoffs.

Fakehead said...

At this point, I'm sure the Jets belong in the playoffs. I think 8-8 is a success, no doubt about it.

As for this weekend, New England is going to make sexy time with the Jets' defense and it's not going to be consenual.

NE 31
Jets 17 (I hope Cotchery scores 2 TDS)

SGF, you are going to Ireland? What about the possible Bears/Jets game? Can you come back for that? I mean, who wouldn't want to see the Rex Grossman and (insert Bears' running backs' names here) rack up 500 yards of offense against the Jets in a 38-10 drubbing? I will talk to you in person about this at the social club later tonight.

Go Jets!

Fakehead said...

I meant to say, "I'm NOT sure the Jets belong in the playoffs."

Some people may say that is a bullshit statement coming from a Jets fan, but I stand by it. Their defense is awful and they will get embarassed if they stumble into the post-season. That being said, I will be going nuts watching the game if they do make it there.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Oh man, Gadfly is really taking this Mets loss bad if he is going to the "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer 500".

Oh well, I guess it is popular. Good for you. But I am glad your back.

F-Head, I am seriously predicing an upset this week. I smell it in the air. Plus I would love to rub it into our freind, Caymus, face.

Oh well...smell ya later.

Caymus67 said...

The Pats were a mediocre team in the 90’s just like the Jets are now. Be patient Unruly, your time will come soon enough, perhaps by 2015. Caymus is sitting in the lower level where the visiting team enters the stadium. I will say hi to Chad and the 30th run defense in the NFL.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Tell them that they should not worry because the Pats just played the 32nd run defense in the Colts and were passing on it.

You know Caymus, all odds are against the Jets. All of your points are definately well supported.

However, I would love to see the Jets pull an upset in front of their fans. And the fact that you will be one of those fans that day, is the icing on the cake.

I am sticking to my 21-17 upset prediction.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Hey Sully (and by Sully I mean Caymus)! How was the game?

Did you say hi to Chad for me?

How was the ride home from Foxboro?

Yesterday Chad said that we will probably see the Pats again this year in a post game interview. I was suprised to hear him say that, because I don't think you guys are making it!!!

Shea Gadfly said...

Hey, UJF? I think your buddy Caymus has gone missing...maybe we should look where Bill Belly-chick left his class & integrity? Did you see the lame hand shake he offered his protegee on Sunday? Boy I am so glad I was wrong about that game...it was definitely the highlight of their season so far...now we need some consistency.

Oh well on to the Bears I guess...

Unruly Jets Fan said...

shea, i saw the lame handshake. more and more is being revealed about Belli-ache.