Hey everyone -
First of all the Jets are really great and I'm glad Chad doesn't have to fight for the starting job next year. Now that the Jets part of this posting is out of the way, I want to tell you why Paypal is a fucking joke and there should be a class action lawsuit against those cocksucking fuckjobs.

I bought some items on ebay. A month later, I received the items, and they were broken, shit was missing, shit didn't look like the photos of the items, it was a fucking disaster. (The packaging was awful, everything was awful). So I emailed the buyer, tried to work something out whereby I returned the stuff and paid for the shipback, along with a credit to him just because I knew he had to relist it and I was being nice and blah blah blah. The seller admitted that he didn't send some shit that he said he would, but still didn't want the stuff back. Sooooo, after trying to work it out, I filed a "dispute" with paypal. Paypal says they resolve claims within 30 days, and that sometimes they ask for info from the parties, etc. etc.

So I fill out the dispute form, follow up with a couple of emails, and wait. Almost 2 months go by, and still no decision. I call paypal, because I would rather talk to somebody then get a pussy email 3 days after I ask a question. After waiting for 15 minutes 3 times (2 of them I hung up) I finally spoke to a human cunt there. This stupid, motherless fuck told me that I should take the items to a person for "third party verification", meaning a third party would look at the items, write me a letter, and I would send that letter to paypal to show that I was right. This would cost me money and time, but I was considering it. Two days later I get an email from paypal, and they tell me that they resolved the dispute in favor of the seller. They never gave me a reason. They never asked me for any additional information, they never asked to see the items in dispute, they never asked for "third party verification." I of course called but I was put on hold for 7 minutes and I was so pissed I couldn't wait any longer and hung up. I emailed them and I'm sure I'll get a bullshit response in 3 weeks. I basically want to throw my computer through the wall.

The point of all of this is that paypal doesn't protect you. Ebay is bullshit, and I fucking hope that all 3 people working for paypal's customer service get testitical and/or cunt cancer and die a horrible, agonizing death, alone, because their families will have deserted them by the end because they are such worthless people to begin with. Actually, I hope they get trapped and burned but not die and that they have to live the rest of their awful lives with that searing pain for the rest of their lives, along with the pain of countless surgeries so they look somewhat like a human and people don't puke when they look at them.

Fuck paypal, it's a racket.

I think I'm definitely going to get testitcular cancer or get burned after I finish this blog, but it was worth it.

By the way, did you clowns join my yahoo group for NCAA hoops? Come on!


Unruly Jets Fan said...

Dude, if the guy shipped you something and they did bad packaging and admitted stuff was fucked up, they should refund your account. Unless I am missing something, PayPal is not at fault the shipper is.

As for Yahoo, I am up and running and I am getting the guy I work with on here.

Fakehead said...

Email me his email address, I will invite him if I have to.

Also, when the claim goes to dispute resolution paypal decides the outcome. I should have just worked somehting out with the seller, but he wouldn't give me what I wanted. You see, paypal decides disputes about shit, that is why it is ultimately their fault.

It's like if somebody shoots you and they get prosecuted and the jury is retarded and says not guilty, despite the overwhelming evidence against the guy who shot you. You are pissed at the guy for shooting you, but what about getting justice? The only option is for me to kill and/or sue the seller now. And, unfortunatley, I have no idea who the seller is or where he lives, so obviously I'm not going to kill him, and I probably won't sue him either. I can only wish for him to be on the same bus the paypal people are on when it crashes into a gas station and explodes, burning everyone inside beyond recognition, but leaving them alive.

You can delete this posting tomorrow if you want Unruly, I know it is bad for business.

Fakehead said...

Oh,and for the record I would NEVER kill anyone, I am totally kidding. (Wishing them dead and/or injured is different and only has karmaic (sp) consequences).

Figgilus Miggilous III said...

They should hang. Go get them. Society will rebel and we will rise up like the suppressed proletariot that we are and the streets will flow with the blood of...Capitol One, GE, Exxon and Johnson and Johnson. Or not.

Our Friend In California wouldn't approve of you besmirching the Ebay name. Does he still do that?

Unruly Jets Fan said...

I am not going to delete your post. This blog is for the people and by the people. Plus, if it comes from the heart, its art.

By the way, what did you buy from ebay in the first place, a glass dildo? I mean, why would you buy something valuable from ebay that could break? Plus, leave the guy a bad feedback. Did you check his feedback in the first place?

Fakehead said...

His FB was okay, I checked it. I left him bad FB, big whoop.

Yes, T still does ebay, I think he hawks his wears on this site.

Thanks for inviting me to Overfloater Miggy (3 times I got invited now, nice).

The Overfloater said...

Unruly reigns at his Adminisrtator post as Goebbels did over his Ministry of Propaganda in Nazi Germany.
If you are not careful Fakehead, you may wind up in a concentration camp working on the Jets blog day and night on 100 calories per day.
Despite your formidable legal skills, it would mean nothing in that kangaroo court. You would be dubbed 'an enemy of the state' and deported.
And when you are too feeble to keep up production on those hand-sewn Al Toon jerseys you will be eliminated and replaced, perhaps even by me. They say that you walk in the door there but you leave through the chimney.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Fakehead will not be able to post anymore until he molds 500 more Jet Hard Hats so stop asking him questions until he is done.

We feed him fine. He is the heaviest employee we have here at 121 lbs.

fakecunt said...

I wish I weighed that much. My suits barely fit these days. I am a fat fucking loser.

Go Mets!

FAKESTER said...



Mookie McFly said...

FH wanted to get the unrated version of Mr.3000 on ebay but they just sent him a clay mold of Bernie Mack's cousin Leroy's cock...and it was broken.

Hey FH, wouldn't it be funny if the seller was UJF!!!

Hey, I've got a Honus Wagner card to sell you...sure, it's really a Lee Mazzilli 1982 card when he was on the Pittsburgh Pirates but send me some money.

f said...

That's some funny shit Mooks

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Hey Fakehead, Jets Dildo I will sell you on my eBay site. I will sell it real cheap too.

Quillan said...

Paypal claim that they only hold their limited account user monies for 6 months to make sure that all payments are cleared from fraudulant activities. http://www.infyecommercesolution.com/

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