Free Agent Freefall

Do you like my workout for the Denver Flag Football Combine coming up in mid-May? Pretty intense, huh?

The New York area needs to be the 800lb. gorilla in NFL free agency, starting pronto. As the biggest financial, media, entertainment, cultural and sports center of the USA I don't understand why the jets and Giants just don't go Steinbrenner or Dan Snyder and spend out of their minds. Their teams could absorb the luxury tax hit and replenish that penalty by the simple fact that they have stoked their fans fires and they will come in droves. Right off the bat their are suckers like me, who bought a LaVar Arrington jersey last summer and now look.

In the first day of free agency, ESPN was a blur to watch, with all the leads, moves and rumors. I will always hate the 49'ers because of the intense rivalry between them and the Giants in the late 80's, and because Joe Montana was so friggin' good. But I wish I was a 49'er fan right now. They have a very promising young team, head coach and the most money to spend in free agency. My prediction is that they win their division away from the Seahawks and Rams next year, that is if Norv Turner's departure doesn't hamper the strides QB Alex Smith has yet to take. What the hell is Norv short for anyway? Norvin?

Randy Moss to the Packers? Dre Bly acquired by the Broncos to play opposite Champ Bailey. Joey Porter cut by the Steelers (go Giants). Willis McGahee and Thomas Jones seeking trades at RB. Daniel Graham at TE is looking elsewhere (go Broncos, he's a Denver guy). On Defense, Dwight Freeney, Lance Briggs and Assante Samuel were all hit with the franchise tag immediately, but that could mean that one or two might not get the deal their looking forward this year and move elsewhere. Still, Pat Kearney (DE-ATL), Robaire Smith (DT-TEN), Nate Clements (CB-BUF), Nick Harper (CB-IND), Deon Grant (stud Safety, JAX), Ken Hamlin (Safety-SEA) and Jay Feely (K-NYG) could be important impact guys for other clubs.

And I know that the Jets would love to see McGahee running in green. Or Thomas Jones. My hope s that the Giants Stadium clubs get both, either or on either team would be fine by me. Jamal Lewis from Baltimore is on the down side, plus I think that prison took a lot out of him. Todd Sauerbrun (P-NE) is a hell of a kicker, but he takes steroids for some bizarre reason, maybe his leg is nothing without them, he had the dream job of punting at altitude here in Denver and then got suspended for testing positive for a banned anabolic substance.

Jake Plummer, Jeff Garcia and Matt Schaub are the best available QB's, which isn't saying much. Schaub has the most upside of all of them because he's played well in limited opportunities and is young. How much longer can Garcia perform, he's 36 I believe but he looks like a freakin' mummy-in-progress on TV. Has to be the ugliest guy in the NFL. Plummer can still do good things...then turn right around and do something crazy. I like the guy still, I kinda wish he would stay in Denver because Cannon Cutler is still young and may absorb some big hits trying to deliver a tight throw. But is Tampa or Houston offer him a starting spot, he would go.

I think that the Jets could grab a couple of guys if they can get them for the right price. I don't remember their cap space off the top of my head, but a RB should be the priority. I was happy to read that the Jets locked up Jerricho Cotchery to a long-term deal, he's good.

Football Lives!!!!


Anonymous said...

My first question - is that your dog? What is her/his name?

Second - I agree that the Jets need a damn RB. I would freaking love it if McGahee or Jones ended up in Green and White! I still remember the game when Magahee was injured while playing for Miami U. That was brutal. But he sure bounced back from that!

Third - how the hell could you have bought a LaVar jersey? That would be like me buying a Kevan Barlow jersey! Insane.

To be honest, it isn't even worth buying name jerseys these days. Nobody stays on the same team for more than a few years, unless they are a good QB, then they might stick around.

Plummer will not be in Denver next year. And San Fran is still a couple of years away.

As for Garcia, I agree. For a gay guy he is an ugly motherfucker. Usually those guys try to make themselves look presentable. (Not that there's anything wrong with that).

Anyway, I can't wait for Mets baseball to start! And for spring!
Beat it.

Unruly said...

Yes, I agree with Faker and Over/Figgy (By the way, I like Figgy the Mick so much better - it just flows better. And on that note, Fakehead, you better never change your name.) in that Willis Mulcahy would be great for Gang Green. Mulcahy has the best stats while playing in E. Rutherford. So it makes sense to me.

I would give up both our Round 2's for him. No problem. Or just one round 1.

Jones doesn't thrill me but he is young enough that I would take him. But only for one number 2 pick.

As for buying Jersey's, you should only buy guys who have retired like LT or Leonard Marshall. Or someone like Brett Favre who will never leave GB.

Good blog Figgy.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to change my name to "Murray Sparkles" or "Chuckie Sue"

If you don't know who they are, you don't watch enough "Elmo"

Hey, I'm thinking of getting the band "Bloody Sausage" back together. Oh wait, it was just me. Good news! Bloody Sausage just got back together guys!

Nice blog Figro.

Caymus67 said...

Curtis Martin will run for the Jets in 07!

Unruly Jets Fan said...

That is a good point that Caymus makes. Despite the fact that he has no knees and can't walk, he still hasn't formally retired.

I still say we trade for McGahee. Maybe we should trade Curtis.

Caymus67 said...

Forget about McGahee or Jones, focus on Pats cast-off Corey Dillon as the Jets featured back.

The Overfloater said...

Yas, this is my dog. Her name is Blondie. She was named after Clint Eastwood's character in the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. And the best part about it is that it really fits. She was a 'dog with no name for a while'. Born in New Mexico, she traveled to Wyoming and Colorado before settling with us at 6 weeks old. Now she's 6 months. Her brother and litter mate is named Jackson (another name in the Good the Bad and the Ugly) and a third dog we call 'Tuco' so it all makes sense.

"there are two kinds of people in this world, those with loaded guns, and those who dig."

Corey Dillon is a good inside-the-20's guy, but you need someone to handle the bulk of the field outside the 20's. The Pats will be tough to beat again, Adiulus Thomes, Kyle Brady and Wes Welker seem to be new additions, all three phases of the game. The best part is now Tom Brady's jersey will have a T. in front of the Brady.

Unruly, you can post your carzy poems on the Overfloater blog, that's kinda what its for, to put stuff you want up that doesn't really fit for this one. When is Three Times up and running?

figgythemick said...

Figgy's back, guess who's back, guess who's back?

Get figgy wit it.

Used to run around the restaurant/bar I worked in in graduate school known as Figgythemick. Story: Had a gravity bong in the dairy cooler of the restaurant basement for three years. Me and a buddy used to love have to wait till like 10pm on Fri and Sat nights before we could go downstairs and get rocked. We were always so excited and looking forward to that time of the night so we used to run around during our shift yelling 'gravity!' across the place to each other, especially when it was busy. But that was too obvious, so we started toying with new phrases, so then we thought of Sir Isaac Newton, then Fig Newton, so gravity bong hits actually came to mean 'fig'. Then someone called me Figgythemick and a nickname was born.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Good, figgy fits you better. Especially the mick part. I dont know why I am friends with so many Micks now that I think about it. All three of you are freaking micks.

I know I am more Mick than a few of you but at least I have a hungarian name so I can go incognito.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

btw...is Kyle Brady really still on the Pats? That guy is still playing? He sucked 10 years ago. But good for him for finally landing on a good team.

Too bad he will lose to his former team, the J-E-T-S!!!!

Anonymous said...

First question -
You have three dogs?

Second question -
What happened to the picture of your crazy apt.? I guess you pretty much gave up on getting the security deposit back, huh?

The Overfloater said...

hah, painted over it before I left.
I have one dog, but there are two others that I see. One is the brother of my dog, Blondie.